A dude that looked like a gothic freaking biker. I didn't even know they allowed people like this at camp! From what Percy explained, we have to be wearing our camp shirts on Tuesday through Thursday, and it is Wednesday! The man glared around the cabin and bellowed, "Where's the Apollo cabin? And my daughter!" Percy spoke first.

"Uh, I don't know…. The Apollo cabin is probably at archery, but as for Clarrise, I sure as heck don't know, what do I do? Stalk her?" Oh… so this guy is Ares!

"Thanks," Ares said, looking slightly embarrassed. But, like, I would be too if I burst in a cabin like him! The God left and we all mumbled something like, 'that was odd,' or 'random!' (Don't forget were still on IM. Anyway back to seriousness.

I know the whole, 'how do you know you're a demigod', speech was coming so I decided to just cut to the chase. "Dad, Mom, Percy, well Mom, you actually know how I know I'm a demigod because you were there. Here is the story; Smelly Gabe was actually off his butt one day and out at the store buying beer. About five minutes after he left, a hellhound broke in followed by about a dozen automaton birds. That does not mean I automatically knew I was a half-blood, but then an Iris-Message formed in the air. Through it I saw a whole army of monsters and a few humans. A sandy haired guy walked up and said, 'Hallie Hisker, daughter of Poseidon, we're coming for you. Join Kronos Army or die a painful death.' Which I now understand because Percy explained the whole saving Olympus thing on the way here. Okay, I guess you now know my story! Bye, love you Mom and Dad!" And with that sentence I swiped my hand through the IM.

Percy could see that I was bored of sitting here explaining stuff, and I hated the memory, so he whispered, "Come on, let me give you a real tour," in my ear and I smiled. This is the best day I've had in two years.

He showed me the canoe lake, archery, Thalia's pine, sword arena, track, stables, forest, and all the cabins. Now we were looking at the rock wall, "Don't try that yet. It's off now but it spits out boulders, lava, and other things. I tried that on my first day and it did not, absolutely not, end well." I was going to ask what had happened when a black haired, goth-ish, twelve year old looking boy walked over to us. "Hey Nico, what's up?" Percy asked him.

"Nothing. Who are you?" Nico asked me.

"I'm Hallie. Percy's younger, whole sister." I felt I had to get that whole sister part out so they didn't think I was his half sibling.

"Whole? Where there is a big surprise for your brother. I'm Nico as you might have guessed. Not usually this formal. The Apollo cabin put a spell on me too. Just not as bad as they put on the Ares cabin." He shuddered. "Nice to meet you. This will wear off in another hour. Then I will be back to my usual sarcastic self." He walked away.

"It is true; he usually would've made a big joke full of sarcasm about this. I miss that Nico, well anyway, now you have seen everything. Let's go back to our cabin before dinner. I want to show you something cool."

We raced back to our cabin and I beat Percy by a few feet. So going to hold this against him. We walked in and he told me to stand on the wall, so I did, completely confused. He lifted a picture of him, Annabeth, Nico, and Thalia all laughing with their arms over one another's shoulders by Thalia's pine. It was a really Kodak worthy sample picture. Minus the fact that there was a dragon behind them. I turned my attention back to my brother. He pushed a big blue button and the floor started moving, creating a big five by five square in the middle of the room. There was now a passageway down into what I suspected an underground cave. "Go in." He told me, so I walked down the stairs.

About halfway down the stairs turned into this big twisty slide. I screamed in delight and when I made in to the bottom, Percy a few seconds behind me I said, "That was so cool! Who else knows about it?"

"Well," he thought for a moment, "You, me, Nico, Thalia, Annabeth, the gods, and a few people from the Hephaestus cabin."

"Awesome. What's through that door?"

"Oh, follow me." Confusion taking over, I did.

"Seriously? A game room? Indoor swimming pool? Living room? Hang-out room with couch, ten feet by 10 feet flat screen TV and more? Elevator straight to ANYWHERE?"

"That's not all, also a stocked, walk-in, closet that is however many floors, each floor a different article of clothing. I do not know how big each floor is, designed by Aphrodite herself, one closet for each camper that lives in the Poseidon cabin. She talked Chiron into making us only have to wear a Camp T-shirt on Monday's and Wednesday's. This means there is already a closet for you stocked with the latest fashions. There is also a master bedroom for each camper that lives here, so you have one of those, you will get to decorate it yourself later. Top room just for show. Has a bathroom so you do not have to use the camp's portal-potties."

"Wow." I was stunned. "Hey I am going to go explore the camp on my own. How do I go back up?" He pointed to an elevator I did not see, so I used that and was back in the top floor of the Poseidon cabin.

I found myself walking to the Hades cabin. Hey, I thought to myself, Nicos formal curse has worn off by now! I decided to pay him a visit. I walked up to the door and knocked. "Nico open up, it's Hallie!" I screamed. It took him a few minutes to open up, plus me pounding on the door loud enough to make a god deaf. Well, probably not, but it was loud. When he answered the door, I didn't know that he did, so I screamed 'It's Hallie!' again, in his face.

"No, it's Zeus!" He replied sarcastically, as the sky rumbled suspiciously.

"What took you so long? And I see that spell has worn off."

"Yeah, I'm me again. And I was sleeping!"

Now that I realized it, and was having a normal conversation with him, Nico is pretty hot. I was saying words before I even thought of them. "I need to decorate my room under the cover up Poseidon cabin, do you want to, I don't know, help me?"

"Um, sure. Let's go."

I didn't know it then, but I had my first date that exact day.

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