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Epilogue – Love: Acquired

~~~7 Weeks Later~~~

Sasuke Uchiha could not believe it. He almost just killed Tsunade and Shizune after they examined him. They were liars, and they were crazy. They were crazy liars. Who in their right mind would suggest Sasuke was…pregnant?

Sure, he was throwing up often, usually in the mornings, but that doesn't mean pregnant. Guys don't get pregnant. It could be some rare cancer for all he knew. It was more likely a bug going around, though. Naruto had been throwing up since Sasuke started, and it's not like even Shizune or Tsunade are crazy enough to suggest that we're both pregnant.

That would be about as silly as…well, me being pregnant at all!


"So what are your symptoms?" Shizune asked.

"Well, I've been throwing up a lot the last couple of weeks," Sasuke said. "Um, I feel kind of tired most of the time, especially on missions. My chest has been sore for the last few weeks, and I have to take a leak almost ten times a day."

"Is that all?" Tsunade asked.

"Well, I did faint once," Sasuke admitted. "And I've also had this weird craving for peanut butter sushi. I've also put on a little bit of weight."

Tsunade and Shizune looked at each other with confused and shocked glances.

"Shizune," Tsunade said, "go get the book on the Tailed Demons."

Shizune left and reappeared minutes later with a large book in her hand. They put it down and flipped through pages.

It didn't make sense to Sasuke. He was in this boat because of Naruto? Well, the blond had had some of the same symptoms right before Sasuke did, so it was probably a bug going around. Could it have been created by the Nine-Tailed Fox?

Shizune started reading aloud. "'When the male container of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox is a dominant in a homosexual relationship, the Nine-Tail's need to reproduce must be fulfilled, so he mixes his own sperm with that of his holder. This demon sperm can rearrange internal organs and cause a pregnancy in the submissive partner. These pregnancies tend to be dangerous and result in a Caesarian section to remove the baby at the end of the gestation period.'"

"You're saying I was knocked up by Demon sperm?" Sasuke deadpanned. "Are you crazy or are you just high?"

"Neither," Shizune insisted.

"When dealing with Demonic powers, you can never be sure of reality," Tsunade explained. "It seems like the Fox's sperm has 'knocked you up', as you said."

"But I'm not even submissive!" Sasuke yelled. "How could that…" he trailed off when he had a realization, his eyes going wide. "That one time," he said aloud. He looked back up at Shizune and Tsunade. "You can't get pregnant after only one time, can you?"

"Of course you can," Shizune said.

"Just fucking great," Sasuke muttered.

End Flashback

Sure it was possible, but it was entirely unlikely. Even if it sort of made total sense, it didn't mean that it was true. Heck, it would be more likely for Naruto to be pregnant, he bottoms so much.

That's when Sasuke got worried. Seven months ago, Naruto promised to marry him in seven years. Would he change his mind because of the baby? If not, their child would be over five years old by the time they get married.

That's when another thought occurred to Sasuke – what if the blond didn't want kids? Sure, Sasuke had always wanted to rebuild his clan, but Naruto and he never talked about it because they had no need.

Sasuke knew he had to tell Naruto, though. And no matter what, he'd stand by his child.


"You're kidding me," Naruto said as he looked at the two doctors who were standing in front of him. "You're telling me, that the Nine-Tailed Fox and Sasuke knocked me up?"

"That's the gist of it," Tsunade said, trying to hide her smile. "Since the Fox wanted to reproduce, it did it through you, giving you the necessary organs for reproduction."

"So in a few months, I'll have a baby?" Naruto asked.

"Exactly," Shizune said. After getting some vitamins, Naruto left the hospital, leaving the two medical ninjas to discuss their patients.

"That was ironic, wasn't it?" Shizune asked Tsunade.

"Ironic, and fucking hilarious!" Tsunade said.


When Sasuke got home, he found a letter from the blond.


Went to hospital to find out why I'm sick. I'll be home for dinner.

Love, Naruto

Sasuke smiled, and decided to cook Naruto dinner. He wanted everything to be absolutely perfect for when he made his announcement.

He quickly got to making his favorite meal, and then hit himself in the head. Since when would Naruto appreciate fine Japanese cuisine? He decided to keep what he made for himself and he left the house to get Ichiraku takeout.


It was perfect.

When Naruto got home, he was treated to a mixture of smells in his apartment ranging from the incense that were lit, to the exotic meal Sasuke had prepared, to…was that…it was!...Ichiraku ramen. Naruto was in odor heaven.

"You're home," Sasuke said when the blond appeared in the kitchen.

"You're cooking," Naruto said, furrowing his brows. "I didn't know you knew how to cook."

"Well, there are, like, five restaurants in the village, and I lived alone," Sasuke said. "I had to learn eventually. Not everyone goes to Ichiraku's every day."

"Speaking of Ichiraku's," Naruto said, noticing the takeout bag on the counter.

"Well, I'm sure you'd appreciate it more than this," Sasuke said, motioning to the food he'd prepared.

"What's the occasion?" Naruto asked.

"I have some news," Sasuke said. "Now, set the table, and I'll tell you the news during dinner."

"That works," Naruto said. "I have some news for you, too."

Naruto obediently set the table while Sasuke turned off the stove and put the food on the table. They sat down and began to eat.

"So what's this news you wanted to tell me?" Sasuke asked.

"No, you go first," Naruto said.

"No, you," Sasuke insisted.

"You go first," Naruto repeated.

"You go first," Sasuke said.

"Fine, we'll say it at the same time," Naruto said. "One…two…three."

"I'M PREGNANT" two voices said at the same time. "WHAT?" They both repeated.

"Your little friend put some demon sperm in me and knocked me up," Sasuke said.

"I guess he got tired of waiting for me to get pregnant," Naruto said. "But I guess right before he knocked you up, he had you knock me up."

"So wait…" Sasuke said.

"We're both…" Naruto continued.

"This is just too weird," Sasuke said.

"Well, weird is my little name," Naruto said.

"So do you…" Sasuke trailed off, twirling his noodles with his fork.

"Do I what?" Naruto asked.

"Do you…do you still want to wait a few more years until we get married?" Sasuke asked.

"Yes," Naruto said. "Won't it be nice having our kids at our wedding?"

"I guess you're right," Sasuke said.

"See, it all worked out!" Naruto said. "You were able to kill Itachi, and now you can revive your clan!"

"I guess," Sasuke laughed. "Now how do we tell everyone?"

~~~7 Years Later~~~

"Sasuto!" Sasuke yelled at his son. "Stop chasing Naruke!"

"But dad," the blond haired, onyx eyed boy whined. "It's fun." Sasuke sent a light glare at his spawn, who pouted. He so did not inherit that from Sasuke. Naruke stuck his tongue out at his brother and smiled a huge, goofy grin. That was another Naruto trait.

"Are you ready yet?" came Shikamaru's voice from the couch. "Waiting for you is so troublesome."

"Daddy," asked the raven haired, blue eyed boy named Naruke. "Why does Uncle Shikamaru always say 'troublesome'?"

"Because he's a lazy bum," Sasuke explained, straightening his tie. He turned around to face his boys and the lazy man chilling on the sofa. "Is everyone ready? Naruto's been a real bridezilla. The last thing we need is to be late." He walked out the door as Shikamaru stood up.

"Uncle Shikamaru," Sasuto began, "what does 'bridezilla' mean?"

"It means that the wedding fell on Naruto's time of the month," Shikamaru said, following the raven haired adult out the door.

Sasuto turned to Naruke with a quizzical look. "I heard Aunt Sakura talking about it with Granny Tsunade," Naruke stated. I think it has something to do with blood."

"Do you think Daddy is on a mission?" Sasuto asked worriedly. Naruke didn't have time to answer because Sasuke yelled at them from outside and they ran out.

The four men walked through the Leaf Village until they finally made it to the Hokage mansion.

"It's about time," Naruto said, stomping his foot.

"Shut up, dobe," Sasuke said, kissing his groom on the lips in a heated kiss. "Just get inside."

"Pushy teme," Naruto muttered under his breath.

The five men made it inside the door. Shikamaru found Sakura, and the two of them sat down together, Sakura proudly showing off her new engagement ring to anyone who would look. Half the town was there ready to see the Uchiha orphan marry the new Hokage. Heck, if Kakashi were still alive, he'd probably be on time for this event. It's not every day that your two students marry.

The ceremony began, and it ended. Naruto and Sasuke were husband and…husband. They began walking down the aisle out of the mansion to go to their honeymoon when Naruto looked back and told Naruke and Sasuto to behave with Auntie Sakura and Uncle Shikamaru while they were gone.

"I love you teme," Naruto said as they were leaving.

"I love you too," Sasuke said, kissing Naruto's cheek. "Dobe."

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