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An elderly man walked among the ruins of the ancient village. Vines covered the remains of buildings and weeds sprouted from what were once cobbled streets. Centuries ago, this village had been a power to be reckoned with. Now, it stood empty, the ghosts of the past haunting every step the elderly man took. The man smiled as he leaned against what was once a ramen stall.

"You always did love this restaurant, eh Naruto?" the elderly man spoke to his long dead friend as he wiped a tear from his eye. Tears used to be a sign of weakness to the elderly man; now they were just a sign of battles lost. The elderly man was lithe and muscular; white, spiked hair framed his wrinkled face. He wore a white tunic with black hakama pants; a sword was strapped to his back and seals could be seen along his arms for ancient jutsu.

Weariness emanated from the elderly man as he mused over the past few centuries. Uzumaki Naruto, the only hope the world once held, had died early in the war. The Kyuubi Jinchuuriki had fallen in battle against Uchiha Madara, the ultimate enemy and grand deceiver. The Yandaime Hokage's legacy would have won the battle but for the fact that Naruto was the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki. Madara had used his eternal mangekyou sharingan in conjunction with the rinnegan and had gained control of the Kyuubi from Naruto. The Kyuubi wreaked havoc on Naruto's mind until the powerful shinobi was but a living vegetable. Madara then extracted the Kyuubi from Naruto, killing the son of Namikaze Minato. It was Naruto's death that opened the eyes of the elderly man to Madara's schemes.

Uchiha Sasuke spat to the side as he stared at the imprint of the sharingan on the moon. That bastard had succeeded in achieving his moon eye plan; however, it had the negative side effect of turning every living creature without a doujutsu into man-eating zombies. The Hyuuga Clan had attempted to fight back against Madara; but with the power of the Juubi Bijou, he was nigh unstoppable. The Hyuuga were wiped out, never to rise again.

Sasuke grimaced as he remembered the time when he had realized that he was the only living opposition to Madara. The rival of Naruto had taken on his former team-mate's burden and had devoted his life to learning how to stop Madara. For centuries, Sasuke had learned and created techniques that would have frightened even Orochimaru. It was when Sasuke was searching through the old Uchiha hideout that he had stumbled upon a very interesting scroll. The scroll stated that if one could amass the power of a hundred sharingans, then that person could use the power of Izanagi to reshape the entire world. Sasuke smirked. He would infiltrate Madara's hideout in the former Hokage Tower and gain control of what sharingans remained. The Uchiha would then use Izanagi to send himself to the past where he could make it so that Uzumaki Naruto never became the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki.

For the past fifty years, Sasuke had devoted himself to the calculations and ramifications of this jutsu. He had decided that he would allow the Yandaime Hokage to perform the Shiki Fuuin technique; however, he would not allow the Yandaime to perform this sealing on Naruto. Rather, Sasuke would see to it that the Kyuubi was sealed into the baby version of himself. With the sharingan, his younger self would be able to control the Kyuubi better than Naruto had. This would also mean Naruto's growth as a shinobi would not be stunted and he would have a much better chance of defeating Madara. Sasuke knew that he himself would not stand a chance against Madara of that time. Using this technique would take away at least half of his chakra permanently, as well as making him blind. While blindness would not prevent him from basic shinobi skills, for Sasuke had long ago mastered the skill of sensing chakras, it would prevent him from using his most powerful techniques.

The elderly Uchiha continued walking towards the Hokage Tower. Madara had no doubt sensed him by now, yet it was obvious the Juubi Jinchuuriki did not consider Sasuke a threat. Sasuke nearly laughed as he walked into the Hokage Tower, unimpeded. The elderly Uchiha walked down to the basement where he knew the remaining sharingans were placed. He quickly began drawing seals along the floor, knowing that Madara's curiosity would soon drive the ancient Uchiha down to the basement to see what was up Sasuke's sleeve.

Sasuke smirked as he finished up the last of the seals. He could see the scores of sharingan eyes along the wall spinning and glowing. Now all that was required was to form the hand signs that would activate the seals. Sasuke's hands began moving faster than even the sharingan could keep up with. This technique would require scores of hand signs.

Sasuke was just finishing up the last of the hand signs when Madara entered the basement. The ancient Uchiha spoke in a gravelly voice,

"Still playing at shinobi, Sasuke? I thought you would have given up by now."

"Tch, we both know I am stronger than a hundred kage's. I think I stopped playing at shinobi centuries ago," Sasuke replied as he continued forming the final hand signs.

"I don't recognize these seals or those hand signs. I wonder what you could be using it for?"

"Watch and find out."

So saying, Sasuke formed the last hand sign and smirked as Madara and the whole world faded away.


"What is this feeling?" Itachi wondered as he sat on the doorstep of his house. The air felt suffused with a heavy chakra. It felt…evil. Why did mother and father have to be gone at this time?

"WAAA!" the baby cried.

"Shh, Sasuke, I will take care of you. Big brother is here," Itachi reassured his younger brother. The young Uchiha prodigy smiled as he watched his younger brother. The young boy would become great, he just knew it!

Itachi's thoughts were cut short as he felt an intensely powerful chakra behind him. The young Uchiha turned and was greeted with a fist that knocked him unconscious. And elderly man stood over the young Uchiha's body.

"Sorry, my brother, but it had to be done," the elderly Sasuke spoke in a sad voice. The elderly Sasuke grabbed his younger self, and disappeared in a cloud of smoke.


Minato sighed as he stared at his son. Half of the Kyuubi had already been sealed into the Death God, but now it was time to seal the other half into his baby boy. "How can I do this?" Minato thought, "How can I condemn my son to a life of such hardship?"

"Minato, I know this is hard, but please finish it!" Kushina yelled.

Minato nodded his head and was just about to form the hand signs when a wrinkled hand grabbed his wrist. He looked to his left and stared into the glassy, blind eyes of an old man. The man spoke in a gravelly voice,

"If you seal that demon into your son, you will be condemning your son to death. He will never become the prophecy child foretold by the Toads."

"How do you know these things?" asked Minato in confusion.

"The Toads themselves told me. Now, I have an alternative for you; seal the Kyuubi into this child here, and I will watch after both of them."

Minato took in the sight of the baby in the old man's arms and asked,

"Who is this child that I would be condemning?"

"Uchiha Sasuke; but do not worry, he will have the strength to control the Kyuubi."

"Very well," Minato decided after a moment's hesitation.

The Yandaime Hokage quickly formed the hand signs and sealed the Kyuubi into the young Sasuke. As he was slowly sucked into the Death God, Minato asked,

"What is your name, old man?"

"You may know me as Taka."


Sarutobi Hiruzen grimaced as he watched an elderly man walk towards the shinobi outside of the barrier. In the man's arms were two children; one child Sarutobi immediately recognized as Naruto from his gold hair. The other child looked very much like Uchiha Sasuke, yet Sarutobi knew for certain that Uchiha Sasuke did not have red streaks in his hair; unless…

"Halt!" Sarutobi yelled out as the man drew closer, "Identify yourself and your purpose!"

The elderly man smiled as he sensed Sarutobi. It had been centuries since the Sandaime Hokage had died, yet Taka still remembered him with kindness. The ancient Uchiha spoke,

"Greetings, Sandaime-sama. My name is Taka, and my purpose is to watch over the two children you see before you."

"Why?" one of the shinobi standing next to Sarutobi asked harshly.

"My reasons are my own. Now, I must go; but I will return every now and then to keep an eye on the young children's progress."

Sarutobi nodded, this man was far older than himself and such age likely meant that Taka was from a time before shinobi villages. To have lived so long meant that Taka was extremely powerful. The Sandaime Hokage knew that any attempt to confine the man would be met with resistance; resistance that Konoha could ill afford after the death of Namikaze Minato.

"Very well," the Sandaime replied, "But before you go, would you mind telling us which child is the new Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi?

"Uchiha Sasuke."

And Taka vanished in a puff of smoke.


The people of Konoha mourned the loss of their leader. Namikaze Minato had been beloved amongst all the villagers of Konoha. Slowly, their grief turned to hatred; hatred of Uchiha Sasuke and the clan that spawned him. To prevent skirmishes from breaking out, the Sandaime Hokage relegated a district to the Uchiha Clan where they were required to stay. Many of the Uchiha protested the move, but could do nothing against the combined might of Konoha.

Uchiha Itachi, despite his failure to protect his brother that night, became the light of the Uchiha Clan. The young Uchiha graduated the academy at the age of seven and mastered the sharingan at age eight. At age ten, the prodigy became a chuunin. Four years later, Uchiha Itachi became an ANBU Captain. Despite all this, Itachi spent the majority of his time with Sasuke, playing and training with the younger Uchiha.

Uchiha Sasuke was a happy child, despite the fact that the majority of the village hated him for reasons he did not understand. The young Uchiha was happy though, for he had the love of his clan. Uchiha Sasuke knew nothing of what had happened that night; the Sandaime Hokage had placed a ban against speaking about the Kyuubi attack and decreed that any who broke the ban would die.

As time passed, the hatred against the Uchiha Clan grew to the point that most Uchiha refused to leave their district unless on missions. Equipment that would normally cost only a few ryo, would cost ten or twenty ryo for an Uchiha. Slowly, the Uchiha Clan became resentful of Konoha and began to plan a coup. It was in these dark times that Uchiha Sasuke lost his childhood...


A six year old Uchiha Sasuke smiled as he read the scroll on chakra control. Despite the fact that Sasuke had only recently started the Shinobi Academy, the young Uchiha was already quite skilled for his age. In terms of taijutsu and weaponry, none of the other children could match his skill. However, when it came to feeling chakra and using it, young Sasuke had a difficult time controlling it. He continued reading and felt like something was off. The scroll described the chakra networks of a shinobi as river that would slowly begin to trickle as the shinobi used a technique. Yet for Sasuke, when he felt his chakra, it felt more like an ocean that became a river when he used a technique. "I need to ask Itachi-niisan about this. I am sure he will know what I am doing wrong," the young Uchiha thought. Sasuke dashed out of his home's library and ran to the training ground where he knew Itachi would be.

Uchiha Itachi nearly smiled as he sensed the chakra of his brother approaching. It was nearly impossible to miss the young Uchiha's chakra with how large it was. "Perhaps I need to teach him to hide his chakra..." Itachi mused. Itachi quickly packed up his weapons and waited for his brother to appear.

"Niisan!" Sasuke yelled as he entered the training ground. He noticed that there was no sign of his brother, but Sasuke knew that this was where his brother trained during this time of the day. Something was not right...

Sasuke quickly dodged to the side as plastic shuriken hit the ground where he had been standing. The young Uchiha watched in amazement as his brother appeared in the blink of an eye where Sasuke had previously been standing. The Uchiha Prodigy spoke,

"Good reflexes, Sasuke! I threw those at one-fourth the normal speed this time. You are getting better!" Itachi praised. Sasuke felt himself blush under the praise of his normally stoic brother. Itachi noticed this and smiled, Sasuke was not used to getting praise either from his teachers or his father. Despite the fact that Sasuke was number two in his grade after Namikaze Naruto, the teachers never gave the young child the slightest hint of approval. And it was the fact that he was only number two, that brought on Uchiha Fugaku's ire.

"Um, Niisan?" Sasuke broke Itachi's musings.

"Gomen, Sasuke. I was lost in my own thoughts. Now, what did you come to see me for?"

"Well..." Sasuke began, "In the scroll I was reading, it said that chakra is like a river. Yet when I try to feel my chakra, it feels like an ocean. Am I doing something wrong?"

Itachi nearly grimaced. It was that damnable fox causing trouble again. Damn that old man who had taken Sasuke that night! Of course Sasuke would not be able to control his chakra like a normal shinobi. It would take months of training to make certain that the young Uchiha learned to control his chakra to the point all shinobi could from their first day. "On the upside," Itachi mused, "Sasuke will almost always have more chakra than his opponents. And if he awakens the sharingan his chakra control will only improve."

"No, Sasuke," Itachi spoke, "You are not doing anything wrong. You are just...special. One day I will tell you why, but not now. Just know that I am going to have to work extra hard with you to make certain you learn to control your chakra."

"Hai!" Sasuke said with a smile. He loved training with his brother. Itachi never berated him or yelled at him when he did something wrong. The Uchiha Prodigy was always patient with his brother.

"Well, let's get started! First we need to begin with meditation..."


"Itachi, what word do you bring of the Uchiha?" Sarutobi asked wearily.

"They plan to try and overthrow Konoha," Itachi replied in a strained voice.

Sarutobi sighed as the rest of the Konoha elders began speaking all at once. Quickly, two sides emerged; one side led by Danzou and supported by Hyuuga Hiashi calling for a preemptive strike. While the other side, led by Nara Shikaku and supported by Akimichi Choza, called for diplomacy.

"The time of diplomacy is over! These Uchiha will know the wrath of Konoha!" Danzou yelled, "I will not let them destroy all we have worked for all these decades!"

"The Uchiha have always been a source of great strength for Konoha, why should we harm them when war has yet to break out. Diplomacy is the key!" Shikaku spoke calmly.

"Hokage-sama, if I may?" Itachi spoke up.

"Go ahead, Itachi."

"The Uchiha Clan is corrupt. They will not listen to anything you have to say. I have a plan, I will destroy the Uchiha Clan for you; I only ask one thing, and that is: let Sasuke live. He is purely innocent in this."

"I agree!" Danzou immediately spoke up. With the Uchiha Clan out of the way, Danzou could finally take Sasuke and train him to be the perfect member of ROOT.

"Danzou-sama, so long as I do this," Itachi spoke in a cold voice, "You will not lay a hand on Uchiha Sasuke's head or I will kill you."

Danzou nearly cowed before the killing intent the young Uchiha brought to bear. Itachi truly was powerful, and he had not yet even gained the Mangekyou Sharingan yet. The ROOT leader turned to Sarutobi, upon whom the decision would ultimately rest.

"The Uchiha Clan will die, save for Uchiha Sasuke. So mote it be," Sarutobi finally spoke.


"How did the meeting go, Itachi?"

"How do you think, Madara?" Itachi spat.

"Hehehe, according to plan then. Remember our deal; so long as you serve me, I will not harm Sasuke. I will not attempt to extract the Kyuubi from him until you die."

Itachi nodded. He would have to do his best to live as long as possible so that Sasuke could gain enough strength to fight Madara on his own. For now, however, it was time to play the act...


"Niisan! Can we train today..."

"Perhaps another time, Sasuke..."

"I am sorry Shisui..."

"I sicked of this clan. Your vessels are weak..."

"You and I are flesh and blood. I'm always going to be there for you, even if it's only as an obstacle for you to overcome. Even if you do hate me. That's what big brothers are for..."


Sasuke swallowed nervously as he and his father walked out onto the board walk. For the first time, Uchiha Fugaku had decided to teach Sasuke a jutsu. The Uchiha Clan Head spoke as they reached the end of the board walk,

"This jutsu I am about to teach is a rite of passage for all Uchiha. Once you have mastered this jutsu, you are officially considered an adult. Now watch!"

Fugaku slowly formed the hand signs so Sasuke could see; Snake, Ram, Monkey, Boar, Horse, and Tiger. As he finished these hand signs, Fugaku yelled out,

"Katon: Great Fireball Jutsu!"

Out of the Uchiha Clan Head's mouth flew a fireball the size of a small house. Sasuke watched in amazement as his father held the fire ball for close to twenty seconds. This truly was a powerful technique! Fugaku ceased the jutsu and turned to Sasuke, motioning for him to try. The young Uchiha stepped forward and slowly formed the hand signs. As he finished the hand signs, he felt a huge amount of chakra running up his throat. The young Uchiha quickly brought up his fingers to his mouth and blew out a fireball twice the size of Fugaku's.

Fugaku watched in amazement as he saw the strength of his young son. Sasuke would truly be a force to be reckoned with as he got older. Natural skill coupled with the power of the Kyuubi would bring great glory to the Uchiha Clan.

"That's my boy!" Fugaku said in pride.

And Sasuke smiled.


The next day, during class, Sasuke was on cloud nine. He had performed a jutsu better than his father! It was unthinkable, yet he had done it! His thoughts dimmed slightly, however, as he wondered why such an advanced technique came easily to him yet techniques like the bunshin jutsu eluded him. "Niisan said I was special. Maybe he meant I have a lot more chakra than what is normal? That would explain why I am able to use such a chakra intensive technique like the Great Fireball Jutsu yet have trouble with the fine tuned requirements of the bunshin jutsu." Sasuke mused.

"Uchiha! Stop day dreaming!" Erih-sensei yelled out.

"Hai," Sasuke replied in a bored voice.

"Now, we are going to be having sparring matches today. Do your best not to hurt your opponent, but still do your best. Now here are the match ups..."

Sasuke smiled; he loved sparring. He had yet to spar with the one he truly wanted to fight, Namikaze Naruto. The Yandaime Hokage's son was the top of the class and considered by many to be just as skilled as his father was at his age. Sasuke grimaced, he would defeat Namikaze Naruto and show everyone that he was the best!

As luck would have it, Sasuke was paired up with Naruto, who looked upon Sasuke with disdain. The orphan did not know why, but he felt an intense hatred towards the Uchiha. How dare that insolent dog have a family when he did not! It was not fair! He would pound the boy into dust!

"Naruto-san! Uchiha! Your turn! Remember, Taijutsu only!"

The two shinobi-in-training stepped out onto the training floor; Naruto in the basic horse stance of the Iron Fist, while Sasuke stepped casually into the stance of the Uchiate style, the style developed by his clan and based upon the ancient martial art of Aikido. So far the young Uchiha was only on the first tier of the Uchiate style, but even the first tier was more advanced than the advanced tiers of the Iron Fist.


Sasuke stood still, using his chakra to enhance his reaction time and strength when Naruto attacked. The Namikaze heir rushed forward and threw an elegant punch where Sasuke had been standing. The young Uchiha had merely leaned to the side and grabbed Naruto's out stretched right fist with his left hand and used an elbow strike to Naruto's ribs. Naruto grimaced in pain and jumped backwards as Sasuke had loosened his grip on Naruto's fist.


"Idiot," Sasuke calmly replied. On the outside Sasuke appeared completely calm, but on the inside he was jumping up and down; so far, he was winning against the best academy student!

Sasuke's thoughts were interrupted as a punch flew towards his face and sent him to the ground. Sasuke used the momentum of the punch to fall into a backwards roll and came back up standing a few feet away from Naruto. The young Uchiha stepped back into his stance, he would have to remain calm if he wanted to win this fight.

"C'mon Naruto! Beat that loser!" yelled some of the Academy Students.

Sasuke grimaced, it was nothing new to hear the other student cheering Naruto while ridiculing him, but it still hurt emotionally. He would just have to prove who was better once and for all! Sasuke rushed forward and threw a punch towards Naruto's face while stomping down with his foot on Naruto's foot. The Namikaze Heir blocked the punch, but did not see the stomp and winced as he felt some bones in his foot break.

"Uchiha! How dare you harm Naruto! You monster!" Erih yelled at Sasuke.

Sasuke looked at the teacher in confusion. Was he not supposed to harm his opponent in a fight? That was what both Itachi and Fugaku had taught him. Win at any cost. Do whatever you have to to stay alive!

Erih walked forward and slapped Sasuke across the face. The teacher immediately turned to Naruto and began offering apologies. Naruto merely grimaced and sent Sasuke a glare. He would get that Uchiha dog back!

Sasuke, however, noticed none of this. The young Uchiha was in a daze. The teacher had slapped him! Sasuke slowly left the room and ran towards the forest where he could be alone. He needed time to think...


That night, Sasuke slowly walked home, anger apparent in his steps. He would see to it that Erih-sensei paid for his humiliation. Niisan and Otousan would not stand for such disrespect against the Uchiha name.

As Sasuke entered the compound, he felt his anger dissipate and fear enter his heart. There, on the ground, lay his aunt and uncle, their throats slashed open. Sasuke quickly ran through the compound towards his home. He had to know his family was alright!

Sasuke ran into his house and tried to find his parents. Finally, he looked in their room; and what he saw would forever scar him. There, standing above his parents beheaded bodies, was Uchiha Itachi.

"Niisan?" Sasuke asked in confusion, "Who did this?"

"I did."

And Sasuke ran out of the house, trying to get away from the monster that had taken over his beloved brother. He ran down the street until he tripped over a body. He turned and saw his brother standing over him.

"Why!" Sasuke screamed.

"Because their vessels were weak. Your vessel, however, is not. Inside of you lies the truth. Inside of you lies the Kyuubi! That is why I will spare you."

"What!" Sasuke asked in confusion.

"The night the Kyuubi attacked, the monster was too powerful and the Yandaime Hokage sealed the monster inside of you. But that is not the only reason I spare you, I spare you because you have the same capacity for the same eyes I wield. The Mangekyou Sharingan!"

As he said this, Itachi's sharingan eyes turned into a pin wheel shape. The Uchiha prodigy spoke,

"There are only two who currently wield his eye. You could be the third. Here is a taste of its power! Tsukiyomi!"

Sasuke entered the word of darkness and watched his clan die before the blade of Uchiha Itachi. Some put up a fight, but none could stand before the power of the Mangekyou Sharingan. Sasuke felt tears enter his eyes as he was overwhelmed with grief. Slowly, that grief built and turned into hatred. Hatred for his brother, and for the Yandaime Hokage who had placed the monster inside of him. He would gain power and one day destroy both the Yandaime's legacy and Itachi! As well as whoever would help them!

Itachi walked away as he assumed Sasuke had fallen unconscious, but slowly, he felt the the dark chakra of the Kyuubi surround his younger brother. Standing in the Kyuubi's cloak, Sasuke stared at Itachi with blood red eyes and a single tomoe in each eye.

"I will kill you!" Sasuke roared.

The young Uchiha shot forward, but was stopped when Itachi flickered and appeared behind him. The Uchiha Prodigy quickly pulled out a tag with a seal on it and placed it on the back of Sasuke head. The cloak slowly receded and Sasuke fell to the ground unconscious.

As Itachi fled, he sensed a powerful chakra nearby. Just as he was about to throw several shuriken towards the source of the chakra, a voice cried out,

"I mean you no harm, Uchiha Itachi. I merely wanted to say, I know why you did what you did and I will protect your younger brother for you."

"Who are you!" Itachi asked angrily.

"You may call me Taka."

"Tch, look after my brother then, Taka, but know if you harm him I will skin you alive."

"I could no more harm him than I could harm myself," Taka cackled.

For some reason Itachi thought the elderly man's words very strange, but shook this premonition off. The young Uchiha fled to where he knew he would be safe for the moment, Akatsuki's hideout.


Sasuke awoke to white. He stared at the ceiling above the hospital bed where he was staying. The young Uchiha walked out of bed and over to the mirror. As he stared into the mirror, he forced chakra into his eyes. As he saw them turn blood red, he said,



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