Zim's POV


I've spent too much of it on this planet.

Time and time again, I created a genius plan, a plan that would surely bring the end of the filthy humans inhabiting on this worthless, filthy planet.

Only to be foiled by that…




After each failed plan, I tried to approach the problem in a new and creative way, but no matter how hard I tried, how much TIME I put into it, that filthy Dib-worm always managed to thwart my plans!

I smiled to myself at that thought.

It was a game; one big game of cat and mouse.

Zim and Dib.

And one day, I'd get him.

I'd get that mouse.

I enjoyed the chase.

I enjoyed the Dib's challenge.

But one day, the challenge stopped.

When the Dib-thing entered class, I immediately sensed a change in him.

There was something… missing. Something in his eyes, the way he walked, the way he talked.

I knew the chase had stopped.