The sun glistened down onto my face as the breeze sweetly kissed my cheeks. I sat patiently waiting, as I felt a slight nudge on my face. "M-master," I said with a slight laugh. That tickles!"
"Hey teach." I heard a voice say as I felt a light knock on my head.

"A-ahito!" I heard him giggle as I said his name."D-did I say something wrong?" I asked confused.
"No, nothing." As he tousled my hair. "Anyhow, are you ready to head into town?" He pulled down his glasses to let me peer into his metallic eyes. I gazed into them and unknowingly, I stood there idly looking into them. Just then he pushed his glasses up onto his face and gave a cocky smile. I realized, just then, that I probably was looking onto his eyes waaaaay to long. I blushed a little at the thought.
"I-I'm sorry!" I bowed to him and being the klutz that I am,I trip over my own two feet. I felt the warmth of two hands around my waist.
"Are you alright?" A voice whispered into my ear every so softly. That voice echoed through my mind. My face began to feel hot. "Teach?" I heard a faint voice say as those words continued to echo through my mind."Are you alright?" I snapped back to reality as I heard those words spoken again.
"I-I'm F-fine,...!" the words seemed to come quietly and awkwardly from my mouth. As I said those words I felt the warmth of the hands that caught me slowly release me.
"I see," he laughed as he started to walk into town. I just stood there dazed about what had just happened. "Are you coming or what?" he said as he looked back at back at me.
"H-huh? O-oh! Coming" I chased after him, trying my hardest not to trip before I caught up to him. Although I wouldn't mind if I fell as long as I could feel the warmth of his arms once again.

End of chapter one :)