Body Language

It still amazes him the things he knows about her. The things he can tell about her moods just based on her body language.

The position of her head is always her biggest tell.

When she tilts it to the side, he knows she wants something. When she tilts it to the side and back a little, it means she doesn't really understand something, but thinks it's stupid anyway (and the snort that usually accompanies this particular head tilt will always turn him on, just a little).

When she buries her face in his chest, he always knows she is scared, whether of having a conversation with him or of the monsters in her closet. He knows that the nightmares still haven't quite gone away, and though he can argue as much as he wants, she'll never agree to see his therapist.

He also knows that all he has to do is tilt her head back and kiss her silly, and there will be no more monsters for at least a few hours. It doesn't seem like much, but he'll take what he can get. No one else has been able to keep her demons at bay for as long as he has.

When she looks up at him, her lips pouting out, he knows she wants a kiss, usually because she's realized she's wrong about something, but isn't really ready to admit it. When she just plain wants a kiss, he doesn't have to use her tells to find out, she just takes it.

When she buries her face in his shoulder and bites down, he knows she is about to come, and then he looks forward to seeing her head thrown back, her eyes closed and mouth opened in ecstasy. Then he has to stop thinking about it, because that image almost makes him lose control.

When she buries her head slightly higher, in the crook of his neck, it means that she's embarrassed, and he always knows to carefully hold the back of her neck and kiss her hair, because there is nothing for his beautiful girl to be ashamed of. She's wonderful.

But his favorite?

When she lays her head on his chest in bed, because he knows she is content. It is in this moment that she is most open to him, with him; the most vulnerable. This is the moment she lets all her walls tumble to the ground, and just lets herself be happy for a second. He knows that in this moment, she has a little smile on her face, because she's thinking that sometimes, cuddling can be the best part.

It always brings a smile to his as well, because, well…

Five years of being married to Veronica Mars have taught him that sometimes, she's right.

(Then he proceeds to try to prove her wrong anyway.)