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This is set after the honeymoon but there is no baby, nothing bad or anything. I wanted Bella and Edward to be living together with the family and Bella to still be human so this was the easiest way to do it. Just pretend that they had a wicked Honeymoon, Bella didn't throw up or anything and they just came home super happy. : )

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I was pushing our luggage trolley towards the exit gate, holding Bella's hand, as soon as we through the automatic door, I saw a spiky haired head making her way towards us. I could hear the frustration she was thinking at having to walk human speed, she had missed Bella, and myself, but mostly Bella, dearly.

"Beellllaa!" she cried before enveloping her in a hug.

"I missed you so much! Did you have a good time? Did you like Isle Esme? How was the flight?" She was speaking so fast Bella had no idea where to start.

"Alice, let Bella get her bearings first!" Jasper tried to calm his wife.

"Alice, I had a wonderful time!" Bella replied smiling. Alice pulled her in for another hug, while Bella mouthed a thank you to Jasper over Alice's shoulder.

Jasper gave me a handshake and a knowing look, I could only grin back, he could feel my love for Bella radiating from me.

"I have never seen you so relaxed Edward"

"We all know why that is!" Boomed Emmett, laughing while he said it. I gave him a pointed look. Oh Come on, you can't say you didn't miss me! I smiled at him.

"Emmett!" Bella squealed! Emmett grabbed her in a bear hug and lifted her off the ground. "Emmett, human needs air…"

"Oh, right. I just missed you Bellsy!"

Esme made her way over to us, followed close behind by Carlisle and Rosalie. Esme Gave Bella a hug and kiss on the cheek, they started chatting and Bella was thanking her for letting us borrow her Island. Carlisle gave me a hug and asked me about the flight and what not. He switched places with his wife and gave Bella a hug while Esme gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek. We missed you both, but I am glad that you have had a good time, Bella looks so happy, you look ecstatic Edward, I don't think I have seen you this Happy! I smiled at my mother and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Rosalie smiled at me and hugged Bella, she was a bit awkward about it but she tried. "Thank you Rosalie," my Bella replied, she was always kind to everyone.

I wrapped my arm around Bella's shoulders and we started towards the car park.

"Can I push the trolley Edward? Please?" I could see in Emmett's mind that he wanted to ride around on it, I laughed and gave it to him, as long as Bella wasn't hurt, I wasn't bothered. He took it and started running human pace towards the car park and then pushed himself up. Rosalie simply shook her head, muttering to herself how she was married to a child. Bella giggled.

As we were walking Bella begin to lean against me slightly, she must be tired after the long flight. I lowered my arm around her waist, trying to take her weight so she wouldn't have too. Lets get her home so she can sleep, you two ride with Jasper and Alice, and we will take your luggage in the M3. Carlisle had noticed Bella's fatigue. I simply smiled at him.

We made our way to the cars; it was hard to miss the bright yellow Porsche parked beside the Red M3. Emmett was loading our luggage into the M3. I opened the backseat door to the Porsche, and helped Bella in, she was tired, she was struggling to keep her eyes open, but she was stubborn and fighting off sleep. I slipped around to the other side and pulled Bella toward me. I whispered to her "You can sleep Bella, it's a long drive. Sleep my Love" and kissed the top of her head. I hummed her lullaby to her and she nodded off. I kissed her head. I just loved her so much; I would always make sure she knew it.

Alice turned around in her seat. "Awww, you guys are so cute!" she all but squealed while grinning at me. "Shhh, she's sleeping Ali." I said but I was grinning at her. "Sooo, how was it?" She asked, I gasped at her.

"What? It's not like it was bad, right?"

"Well, yes it wasn't bad, not bad at all"

Jasper laughed, he could feel my embarrassment.

What did Bella think?

"Alice! You will have to ask her!"

Jasper laughed again. "Alice, I know you are excited but give Edward and Bella a chance to settle in, they have been travelling for a while and Bella will be tired."

"I know, I just missed them so much"

I leant forward and ruffled her hair, "Love you sis"

She whipped around and poked her tongue out at me. I couldn't hold back my laugh.

I carried Bella to our room, being careful not to jostle her too much. She needed to sleep. I laid her on our bed, took off her jeans and tucked her in. She rolled over and reached out, while I was closing all the curtains.

"Hold on my Love," I ran over to her and stroked her hair and she instantly relaxed. I climbed into bed with her and she curled up against my chest. I wrapped an arm around her, and with my other hand continued to stroke her hair and her face. I just love her so much; everyday my love grows for her. I will tell her everyday how much I love her. I will always protect and care for her. I have a wife; I don't think there is a better feeling in the world.

There was a knock on our door. Can I come in?

"Of course Jasper."

What are you thinking about? I have never, ever felt you this happy.

"Just the fact that I have a wife, and how important she is to me."

The love you have for her is strong, stronger than any I have felt before.

Wow, I gasped. I knew I loved her with my whole being and that I would do anything for her but the strongest love Jasper has ever felt off someone else? Wow. I smiled up at Jasper, not needing to say anything.

She is starting to wake up, Alice will be happy. With that he walked out to find his wife. Sure enough Bella began to stretch out her legs and opened her eyes.

"Sleep well my Love?"

"Good Morning" she replied and briefly kissed my lips.

"I will take that as a yes, but it is actually 4 in the afternoon"

"Oh right, jet lag will do that." She stretched out her arms and scrunched up her face "I need a shower" with that she hoped up and went into the bathroom.

I wanted to make her dinner; pasta was something she always liked. I went down to the kitchen to make a start; Esme walked in Can I help?

"Of course Mum," with that her face lit up, as it always did when any of us called her mum.

Bella was coming down the stairs just as we were finished. I heard her feet stumble, I ran full speed to go catch her but Emmett was already there.

"I see you are still as clumsy as ever, Bellsy" Emmett laughed

Emmett then threw Bella up into the air and caught her. Bella was squealing and laughing. "Put me down Em!"

"Bella, dinner is ready for you." I said hoping that Emmett would understand that he should stop now. He put Bella on her feet and she was blushing.

Haha, she is red! I missed my sister so much but I am glad she had a good trip. I wonder where Jasper is; I want to try out our new video game.

Bella was wobbly on her feet after being thrown around by Emmett so I scooped her up and carried her to the dinning room. She complained that she could walk all by her self but I ignored her, I preferred carrying her. I sat her on her chair and I sat beside her. Alice ran full speed into the room and sat across from Bella, grinning.

"Hi, Alice!"

"So what shall we do tonight? We could watch a movie or go out or play cards or something…"

"I would rather we stayed home tonight, but other wise I don't mind."

"Family movie night! Yay, this will be so much fun! I will go hunt down our newest movies. You can pick the first one Bell!" with that she was out the door.

"Will you stop watching me eat Edward?"

"No way, you are beautiful, I want to look at you all the time"

Bella blushed bright red, I kissed her cheek.

Bella was sitting on the couch, I was up running to get the warm blanket from the couch in our room. I came down and wrapped her in it, and then let her snuggle up to my chest. Alice flew into the room with a bowl of popcorn and placed it on the table and then sat on Jaspers lap. Esme had made Bella a hot chocolate and came and sat beside her.

"Thank you Esme! I was craving something sweet," Bella gave Esme a hug and then sat up while she sipped on her drink. Carlisle sat next to Esme, taking her hand. Emmett and Rose came down and sat on the love seat.

"What are we watching first?" Emmett asked, never one to wait.

"I believe it is Bella who gets to choose the first movie," Jasper said.

"What how come! I want to watch Kick-ass!" Emmett moaned. This made Bella giggle and then Emmett made a puppy pouty face at Bella which only made her laugh harder. I grabbed her hot chocolate so it didn't spill.

"Emmett, Bella gets to choose the first movie because she has just got back from holiday and we are happy she is back," Alice explained to Emmett. Bella grinned at Alice and Emmett.

"Hey! Glad to know you all missed me too!" I pretended I was hurt. I understood though how much our family had missed Bella, she was so very special to all of them.

"If you chose the movie, you would have just chosen what Bella wanted to watch, and she would have felt guilty, Bla, bla, bla… this way Bella chooses what she wants to watch and you are both happy." Alice explained super fast, she just wanted to start watching the movie.

I missed you Edward. We all did. Esme reached over Bella and rubbed my arm. I smiled at her.

"Okay, Okay. Now what are we watching?" Rosalie cried, frustrated that we weren't doing anything.

"Umm, do we have Valentines day on DVD yet?" Bella asked.

"Of course we do silly Bella, I knew that you would want to watch it when you got back," with that Alice jumped up, put the movie in and was back in her seat before Bella could say a thing.

Bella had been laughing through out the movie. I love to hear her laugh. I wasn't concentrating on the film, instead watching my Bella.

Half way through the movie Bella fell asleep. She rested with her head on my lap and Esme had pulled her feet on to her lap. Esme was stroking her feet, relishing in her youngest daughter. Carlisle was Happy that Esme was happy. Rose and Alice were enjoying the film. Jasper was semi-concentrating on the film while just enjoying everyone being together and the positive emotions coming from us all. Emmett was enjoying the comedy in the movie but was complaining about how it was too mushy for him. When he voiced this Rosalie simply smacked his head, telling him to be quiet.

When the movie finished I lifted Bella up, said our goodnights to the family and took her up to our room. She was still asleep so I had to dress her in her PJs and tucked her into bed. I quickly got changed and slipped into bed with her. She snuggled up to my chest and I wrapped my arms around her. I loved the feeling of having her safe in my arms.

"Edward" she whispered. My dead heart swelled with Joy. I kissed the top of her head.

I waited for more talking to come.

"Put me down Em," I could hear Emmett's laugh from down stairs.

"Aahh – cchhooo!" Bella sneezed! She moved around a little bit and then fell back to sleep. Was she sick? I felt her forehead, she felt the same as before. What if she was sick, what would I do?

Just let her sleep Edward, we will see what she is like in the morning, Carlisle thought.

Edward enough with the worrying, you are driving me crazy! It was just a sneeze. Jasper could feel my worry.

"Sorry Jazz" I whispered.

Bella snuggled up against me and I kissed her head. I loved her so much; I do not want her to be sick.

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