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"Why hello little Bella."

I heard the growling in Edwards's chest grow louder; soon I wouldn't be able to hear over it. I could barely see the black-cloaked figure, as three huge vampires stood between us.

"Have you reconsidered my offer? You can come join the guard and your 'family' will be safe or else…" He said family with malicious tone.

Before I could answer Edward slipped out of Emmett's grasp and lunged at Aro. Then he dropped to the ground as Jane glared at him, while still managing to smile. I screamed and then my vision went blank, like a white page.

"Bella! Love, wake up!" I heard Edward cry out. "Please. You are safe. It's all right. I am here." He continued to croon while stroking my face lightly. I opened my eyes to a bright room and an extremely concerned Edward.

"The power came on and the sudden light, kind of woke you up. It's alright, it was only a dream, you are safe."

I nestled further into Edward's side. He held me tight.

"Everyone, we are okay, Bella had a bad dream." Edward said to the house, he must have had questions so he was reassuring everyone. Did I really scream out loud?

"What time is it?" my voice was rough.

"Around 3 in the morning. What was your dream about Love?"

"Nothing really…" I didn't really want to explain it to Edward.

"Bella, I have never heard you scream in your sleep. Please tell me."

"Are you sure you want to know?" He nodded. "Okay, we were all here hanging around and then Alice had a vision of us all being in different places. So everyone was on edge. All of a sudden you bolt outside to the driveway, closely followed by Emmett, Jasper and Carlisle. Esme tried to stop me but eventually I made it out onto the deck to see six or seven hooded figures standing behind Aro. I could hear Carlisle was trying to reason with them but it wasn't working. When Aro saw me his face lit up and you growled so loudly I could barely hear myself think. Then Aro asked if I wanted to join him, if I did you would all be safe. Then you, being you, lunged at Aro but before anything happened you were on the ground and Jane was grinning her evil smile. That's when I woke up." I looked up at Edward, his eyes were black and I knew he was trying very hard not to be angry. I could just make out the sound of a few other growls coming from around the house.

I sat up and stroked Edward's face, trying to calm him somewhat.

He turned to look at me and held my face with both his hands. "Bella, please don't be frightened by this, it will never happen and I will always keep you safe." He slowly kissed my forehead and then lay back down, pulling me with him. I curled into his side and spent a long time trying to get back to sleep.

- o -

When I woke it was lighter outside than it had been in days. I could see through a gap in the curtains. I got up and opened them fully, relishing in the light. The storm had made it quite dark for the past few days, even though it was still raining and there were no rays of sunshine, I was happy. I could hear Edward in the shower; I hopped back into bed and grabbed my book.

I was reading the final chapter of Withering Heights when Edward emerged from the bathroom wearing only a towel.

"Like what you see, do you?" Edward said with a smirk. He had caught me staring at him.

"We are married, I have no shame." He just laughed as he made his way into the wardrobe.

As I started to read again he called out to me. "Esme wants everyone to look nice today."

I thought that was a little random. "Why?"

"We have guests arriving today and Esme is the ultimate hostess. Everything will be perfect." He said while buttoning up his dark blueish-grey top and sitting down on the bed. I had forgotten about this visit. I wasn't so sure about how ready I was to meet my new cousins.

"Love, what's wrong?" He pulled me into his lap and stroked my face. He always knew exactly how to comfort me.

"I just, um, I don't know Edward. I am nervous and worried."

"There is nothing to be worried about, they are all vegetarians. You will be safe."

I would have rolled my eyes if I were in a better mood. Sometimes he was so on to it and knew exactly how I felt, other times he was really just clueless.

"I know that Edward. That is not why I am nervous."

He just looked at me with a blank expression.

"I have barely meet these people Edward, what if they don't like me or I embarrass you or the family. So much could go wrong."

"Oh Bella, you are a funny wee thing. Carmen loves you already. I think she may even be a tad envious of Esme as she gets to cook for you. I am sure that if Carmen loves you then Elazna won't be far behind. Kate is like a mix of Emmett, Alice and Rose - if that is even possible. I am sure you two will get along just fine."

I waited for him to continue but he didn't. "Edward, you are clearly missing two pieces of the puzzle. The two that I am most worried about." I thought I heard him whisper to himself 'why do I even try' but I couldn't be sure with my limited human hearing abilities.

"Well, to be honest, I have know idea about Tanya or how she will act toward either of us but I assume she will be polite. And Irina? No one even knows if she will even come."

I let out a breath. I was still not feeling the best about the upcoming visit.

"Why don't you go and have a shower, and we will take it from there?"

I gave my man a kiss.

- o -

I got changed into a dress that had been hung up on the wardrobe door, presumably by Alice. It was pale blueish-grey coloured flowy, slip type dress that landed just above my knee. It had fabric flowers up and around the left strap and neckline. It had a piece of ribbon in the same colour to be tied around my waist. It was made of the softest material but didn't look shiny. I added black stockings, black flats and a black cardigan to keep warm. As I started to pull my brush through my hair there was a soft knock at the door. I called out and Rose came in. My eyes bulged slightly when I saw her.

"Wow, Bella. That dress looks amazing on you." I smiled.

"Thank you Rose. You look rather stunning yourself." She was in a very expensive looking dress. It consisted of a red, silk, skirt that sat on her waist. It showed off her figure and looked amazing. The top part was rather crazy, it was a piece of pale pink coloured silk that wrapt from her back up over her shoulder, trough a loop in the skirt and back around to the back. It was very cleaver. But also rather daring as it left her side, rib area, exposed. She had high heels coloured to match the top of her dress and gold drop earrings. She had curled her hair and clipped part of it up.

"Thank you Bella." She said while smiling. I loved seeing Rose smile, it made her look even more beautiful if that was possible. "Bella, could I help do your hair?" She asked timidly.

"Of course!" I was rather glad for once to play Bella Barbie. I wouldn't mind looking nice when I meet the girl who has tried to peruse my husband many times.

As Rose worked on curling my hair we talked about the guests and what to expect. She told me not to worry about Tanya, at all, as she would deal with her if need be. I smiled; I loved having a protective big sister. After Rose had finished curling my hair she did a quick make up job, as I didn't was to wear a lot.

"Thank you Rose!" I said while reaching up to hug her. She looked a little taken a back from my forward gesture but I wanted to let her know how I felt about her kind words. I think she knew that I was thanking her for more than just the make over.

I grabbed my locket and put it on. Rose then passed me two little grey bows on clips. I looked at her confused, why would she not put them in my hair herself?

"They aren't for your hair, they are for your shoes. Shoe clips!" She said smiling. She then took them and clipped them to my shoes, breaking up the black.

"Oh, Edward is getting mad because I am keeping you from your breakfast. We should head downstairs."

I was surprised to see that the fort that Angela and I had made was still standing. I could hear Emmett and Jasper inside playing, what sounded like, battleships.

I was meet by Edward at the landing of the stairs. "You look beautiful my Love." Which of course made me blush, which made him chuckle. He took my hand as we walked to the dinning room. I laughed when I noticed that we matched. He was wearing a dark blue/grey coloured button down top. My dress is a pale version of the same colour. He also laughed when I told him.

Once again Esme had gone to far to much effort for me and had bagels with cream cheese and raspberry jam ready for me to have for breakfast, or brunch, as it was now late morning. Edward simply rolled his eyes when I tried to tell him of this.

"That dress looks so pretty with your hair colour." I blushed again.

"Rose looks amazing, like she is going to head off to a posh, city wedding or something."

He laughed, "Rose will use any excuse to wear her expensive dresses. She doesn't get many opportunities to do so while repeating high school over and over again."

"How is it Sweetie?" Esme walked into the room and asked. She had a very pretty pale yellow dress on. It hugged her waist with a floral bow belt. The same floral pattern was used at the bottom. Her hair was slightly curled and framed her face.

"Delicious, thank you Esme."

"Oh good. I realised after I made it that I never asked if you if you like bagels."

"I love bagels." I said with a smile.

She took my plate after I was finished. As I was standing Emmett ran into the room, looking like someone had stolen his puppy.

"Bella! I have horrible news." Edward seemed to be annoyed and slightly confused by Emmett.

"What is it Emmett, what's wrong?" I asked, becoming increasingly worried.

"We have to take down the fort."

I sighed in relief, nothing major. "Oh Em, that's okay. We can always build another one."

"You are right. It is loads of fun though." He then picked me up and ran into the other room. I may have squealed.

"Gee's squirt, you need to become more prepared for things like that."

"I know Em, I have been trying." He then some how swung me up on to his shoulders.

"What are we doing?"

"Well I thought you could undo the top bit, so you get to go up on my shoulders."

I laughed, while trying to hold on the best I could.

"Emmett! What are you doing! Put her down!" Edward all but yelled at his brother.

"Eddy, calm your farm. She is fine, nothing will happen. We are vamps… remember?"

Emmett then started walking towards the fort, ignoring Edward's protests. I started undoing the knots and pegs. Slowly the fortress came down. Every so often Emmett would jump or spin around quickly to freak me out. I have no idea how Edward had managed to stop himself from intervening. I would have bet on him stopping Emmett by now.

"What is going on? Bella's emotions are all over the place!" Jasper walked down the stairs and started laughing when he saw us. I put my hands on my hips and scowled at him. He tried to hide his amusement but failed.

"T-minus 20." Alice yelled from the top of the stairs. She smiled when she saw Emmett and I before disappearing. Again. From what I saw of her dress, it was very pretty and very Alice. It was a champagne colour, which contrasted against her white skin perfectly. It had a few black stripes around the middle and the bottom, which was covered in a fine lace. She looked like a fairy, especially with her short pixy hair slightly curled.

With the help from Emmett, I had undone all the sheets and pegs, now we just needed to put everything away. Emmett once again surprised me by swinging me down and then throwing me in the air before setting me down on my feet.

I picked up some cushions and set them on the couch that had been pushed to the far side of the room. When I turned around everything was gone and all the furniture was back in place bar the couch I was by.

"Gees, I'm never going to get used to it." I whispered to myself.

"Sure you will Sis, now sit down before I have to pick you up again."

I rolled my eyes and quickly sat on the couch. Emmett and Jasper then lifted the couch, and I, to its rightful place. They then both sunk into the couch either side of me. Emmett wrapped his arm around my shoulders and I leant into him. Jasper sent me relaxing waves of peacefulness; I reached over and squeezed his hand before closing my eyes. I felt safe with my family.


Alice announced that we had less than 3 minutes before our guests arrived. They would soon be making their way down our long driveway. Bella had been sitting on the couch with Emmett and Jasper for a while. She was feeling calm and relaxed, thanks to Jaspers gift, for which I was grateful. I also think Emmett and Jaspers presence made her feel secure. After finally realising why she wasn't feeling comfortable about the visit and the stress of her nightmare, I was worried she may have been anxious all day today but our brothers were the best brothers I could have asked for.

"Bella?" I called.

"Mmm?" She looked up to me from Emmett's shoulder with tired eyes.

"Do you remember what we talked about? About the turtles?"

"Yeah…" She looked confused. As did Emmett and Jasper.

"The turtles may make a reappearance today…" I said hoping she may finally catch on.

She suddenly smiled. "Oh yeah, that's right."

What the hell?

Turtles? Did he get her a turtle or something?

They both looked at me strangely. I just smiled at Bella and tapped my nose.

Everyone else made came downstairs and stood at the foot of the stairs, near the door. Esme beckoned us over to them. I stood and waited for Bella. Emmett gave her a peck on her head before she stood and took my waiting hand. We walked towards the rest of our family. Emmett and Jasper stood beside their wives, whilst angling themselves to be between Bella and the door. They just wanted to help any way the could. They seemed to have picked up on her stress.

"The cars are coming down the driveway now." I commentated for Bella. She smiled a half smile. I put my arm around her shoulders and pulled her close. She fit perfectly into my side, her shoulder fitting securely under my arm. She wrapt her arm around my back, holding on tightly.

"You will be fine, they will love you." I said and then kissed the top of her head.

"Some already do Bella." Jasper commented. He could feel them already.

Esme opened the door and went to great our guests with Carlisle. We could hear Esme excitedly greeting everyone and asking them to come inside. Bella started to primp and pick at her dress. I pressed my lips to the top of her head and with the help of Jasper she calmed down.

Where is she! I want to meet her! Carmon was yelling her thoughts she was so excited. Jasper became a little excited as a result. Carmon made the way around the group of us, kissing each side of our cheek and giving Alice and Rose hugs. As Kate, Tanya and Elazna came inside Carmon made her way round to Bella and I She smiled at Bella, unsure how to proceed.

"Aunt Carmon, this is my beautiful wife and mate, Bella." I introduced her.

"Hola Bella. I have heard so much about you, I am so happy to meet you properly." Carmon greeted with a huge smile, her topaz eyes swimming with delight.

"So am I." Bella smiled back.

I slipped my arm down and took hold of her hand once again. Elazna came over and stood beside his wife. We exchanged greetings and shook hands. I had always admired Elazna, he had a great sense of right and wrong and where to draw the line. He was a good man.

"Elazna, this is my wife and mate, Bella. Bella this is Elazna."

She is still human. No good can come of this.

Maybe now wasn't such a good time for having a strong sense of right and wrong, seeing as we were bending the rules…

"Gees Woman! What is wrong with you?" Emmett yelled. Bella had flinched slightly at the loudness. Kate had shocked him lightly, after he had asked her to, and he was now complaining.

"Emmett, what is happening for you to create such noise indoors?" Esme asked in a rather annoyed tone.

"She shocked me!" "You asked me to!" Kate and Emmett were arguing again.

"Boys luggage. Now please." Esme stated to separate Emmett and Kate's bickering. I knew that neither of them were mad at the other, but they both just enjoyed arguing and annoying the other.

Esme linked arms with Bella and took her to sit on the small couch with her. Alice, Rose and our guests followed to sit while Emmett, Jasper, Carlisle and I went outside to retrieve the suitcases.

Emmett and Jasper went to Kate's blood red, convertible Audi TT RS.

How many bags do they need?

This nearly rivals Alice!

Kate and Tanya had brought many things with them and my brothers were not impressed.

Carlisle and I managed to empty Elazna's Black Lamborghini in one trip to the guest room on the second floor.

Bro, don't worry about it. Just go to Bella. Emmett thought as I came back outside onto the deck. It won't take long anyway.

I heard Bella laughing before I saw her. Kate had told a story about something Emmett had done long ago. I stood behind her and Esme and placed a hand on Bella's shoulder. I couldn't bear to stand near her with out being able to touch my Angel. She seemed to have relaxed somewhat, which was good.

Everyone continued chatting and laughing for a while. Jasper and Emmett soon joined, Kate told Bella more embarrassing stories about Emmett and Jasper, mostly Emmett though. Bella and Kate were getting on well, bonding over Emmett and his ability to make every thing funny.

Esme politely excused her self. She wanted to make Bella some lunch. Carmon and Bella joined Esme in the kitchen. When Bella stood and started walking she stumbled slightly, catching her foot on the coffee table leg.

What does he even see in her? She is a human for crying out loud! Can't even walk properly.

I went and sat beside Alice. Avoiding looking at Tanya, as I wasn't sure I could continue being polite.

Haha, what has she done now? Hating on Bella?

I slowly looked up and pretended that the ceiling held some interest to me before lowering my head back down.

Man, if she voices any of her opinions aloud, she will have seven very angry vampires ready to shred her to pieces.

I smiled casually to let her know I agreed and then rest my hands on my knees with all but my thumb visible to Alice.

Nine? Kate and Carmon love her already don't they… Classic Bella, she is just so loveable.

I put my arm around my sister; we had perfected our secret conversations. We both then tried to engage in the conversation that was happening. I was failing miserably; I was always distracted by Bella.


I had learnt a lot about Carmon, while she, Esme and I had cooked pasta, and I had eaten it. Carmon and Esme are quite similar and they act very sisterly towards each other, it was very sweet to see them both talk and laugh together. Carmon was eager to cook, even though she hadn't tried since she was human, which was a while ago. She told me all about how she and mother would spend the day in the kitchen. Her brothers went to school but she did not and stayed at home with her mother, who taught her how to keep a home.

After having cooked lunch with Esme and Carmon and then finally eating the yummy pasta I went in search of something to do. I walked into the living room to find Jasper, Emmett and Kate playing some kind of video game on the huge screen. I sat beside Jasper, who wasn't currently playing. He slipped an arm around my shoulders and gave me a half hug.

"You know Bella, you are doing far better than I expected you too."

"What were you expecting? Super shy Bella who hides away like a hermit all day?"

"No not at all." Jasper said with a smile. "You are far to polite for that, I was expecting you to put on a brave face and add a couple of fake smiles here and there, but you are not faking it." "As far as I can tell." He added and glanced at my face, silently questioning me. I shrugged.

"What was that Cuz? You thought that Bella was going to freak out because of me? Am I really that mean and scary?" Kate announced, fake outraged.

Emmett gave her a bit of a shove with his shoulder. "Not you Katie, you were the least of our worries." He laughed. She paused the game and gave him a smack on the head when he called her Katie. I laughed at their antics.

I was growing very fond of Kate she was, strangely enough, a mix of Emmett, Alice and Rose. She was playful and excitable like Em, loud, dramatic and fashionable like Alice and I assumed she was quite fierce and protective like Rose, but I was hoping I wouldn't have to see that side of her.

"Here Jazz, your turn." Kate announced while throwing the control at him. "Bella, do you want to go for a walk with me?" She stood up and looked hopefully at me.

"I would love to Kate, but uhh, it's raining outside."

"Soooo? It's just water."

I didn't really know what to do. I wanted to do something with Kate but I wasn't such a big fan of the rain.

"Kate, the human thing means that going out in the rain for no real reason isn't good for her." Emmett answered for me.

"Plus she is still recovering from a nasty cold, so it is best for Bella not to go outside." Jasper added. I was always a little surprised to hear my big, playful brothers get all antsy about me, I guess I was going to have to get used to it.

"Cold + wet = bad for human." Emmett added in a caveman voice. He laughed when I poked my tongue out at him.

"Oh right, human." Kate said with a slight distaste. I ignored her but I may have heard a growl from upstairs. "Okay, well lets do something else then, how about we paint each others nails or something? I am sure I brought some polish with me." She quickly asked.

We started walking towards her and Tanya's room, as we made our way up the stairs Rose meet us asking if she could join in.

When we got to the room I was shocked to set it set up as if it was used as a bedroom for years. The shelves were covered with all sorts of nail polishes, shoes, magazines and other bits and bobs. It certainly no longer looked like a barely used guest room. The three of us settled on the large bed closest to the windows. Rose wanted to paint my toes while Kate was content painting my fingernails. I should have known I would end up being the doll.

"So Bella, what's it like being married to a vamp?" Kate blurted out. My face reddened instantly. Rose just smiled and shook her head.

"Well come on…" Kate started after I hadn't said anything.

"Um, it's awesome. Edward is the best husband in the world."

"What made you decide to get married?"

"It took a lot of persuading on Edwards part, because of my age I didn't want to as I didn't want people to make assumptions about us. But then I realised that it wasn't about anyone else except Edward and I. I love Edward and I will until the end of time, so why shouldn't we get married?"

"What about the vampire part. Doesn't it freak you out a little that we are all vamps?"

I laughed. "I am pretty sure it freaks Edward out more. He is far to over protective, but once I am a bit more durable I am sure he will calm down a little." Rose laughed. I looked at her, questioning her.

"What? You truly think Edward will stop worrying once you are a vampire?"

"Well he should, I can't get hurt or be eaten or get sick or anything like that."

"Well yes but Edward is a creature of habit. He was raised to be fiercely protective of the women in his life. His wife, even more so. So I doubt you will be getting out of that one ever."

I rolled my eyes. Kate and Rose laughed even more.

"What about you Kate? How is your romantic life going?"

"Just fine thank you."

"Haven't found your special someone yet then?" Rose queried.

"If I had do you think I would be here with out him?" Kate replied with a smile. We all laughed but I sensed that Kate wasn't really laughing.

We continued to talk and laugh until there was a knock on the door.

Carlisle came in. "Bella, your father is on the phone for you."

I replied with my thanks and headed out into the hall to talk. I had to walk on my heals because my toenails were still wet, it must have been funny because I heard three voices chuckling.


Bella. It's Charlie.

"Is everything okay?"

Well I just wanted to ask you not to head up Seattle or the area up there.

"Why, what's going on?" I asked. Edward came from the stairs and looked at me with concern.

I can't say too much Bells, but there have been a few mysterious cases of missing people in Seattle recently. All the surrounding towns have been notified to be on the look out for strange behaviour. I would just rather you weren't near there.

"Oh okay, I see." Edward motioned that he wanted to speak to Charlie. "Dad, Edward is here and would like to speak to you. Could you tell him? Please stay safe."

I gave Edward the phone and he tucked me under his arm as he spoke with Charlie. I zoned out and closed my eyes, the stress of today catching up with me.

I followed as Edward lead me downstairs to a couch, I curled up and lay my head on his lap as he called for a family meeting to discus what was going on.

Esme placed a cosy quilt over me and sat at the other end of the couch, pulling my feet onto her lap. Carlisle sat beside her, as always. Everyone else, including our guests, found somewhere to sit, perch or stand as they talked about the phone call. Edward stoked my face and hair gently, which encouraged my eyes to drift shut.


"It must be something big if Charlie is breaking the rules to tell us." Esme added. She was worried for her family, she didn't want us to have to fight again.

Charlie had told me more than what he had told Bella. He didn't want to scare her but it seems as if many people we going missing or being found dead in a horrid state.

"If it is newborns again. I doubt they are coming for our coven, rather fighting for territory, like in the south." Jasper said.

We were discussing what the chances were of another new born situation, a group of vampires or just a case of evil humans.

"There isn't a whole lot we can do anyway." Carlisle pointed out. "We should keep our eyes and other gifts," he said glancing at Alice and I, "on the situation. We are moving in a few weeks, we can always leave sooner if need be."

"I don't think Bella would like that." Esme said to her husband. "But if we need to leave we can…" I tapped into her thoughts; she was very concerned how Bella would cope leaving her last human connections behind when we move. She knew that Bella would worry about Charlie and miss him dearly and if we left early it would hurt Bella. I was shocked that I hadn't thought about this.
My gaze returned to the beauty who was currently asleep in my lap. The woman who consumed my every thought. The girl who held my heart. She was sleeping very lightly and I felt like she would be better off in our room. Her sleep, last night, was disrupted by her nightmare as well as the stress of the day and her own anxiety weighing upon her. I stood up, excused us and took her up to our room. I lay her down, slipped off her shoes and tucked her in bed before lying with her.

As she slept my thoughts wandered and I found myself scolding myself for thinking about the future, when she will no longer be able to escape to sleep. I did not want to think of these times, I wanted to cherish the time I had now. Preserve the memories of her worriless face, the way her eyelashes settled comfortably on her cheeks, the sound of her breaths when she was in a deep slumber, even the funny way her eyes moved around under her lids when she was dreaming. These were the things I was to think about right now.

- o -

Come on! She has to get up soon anyway, other wise she won't sleep tonight… Emmett really wanted to hang out with Bella, he thought that I was hogging her. Emmett wanted to watch a movie with her. Come on! She won't even be doing much, just sitting down and relaxing!

"How about I bring her down and you put the movie on, if she wakes then she wakes. Deal?"

Sure thing bro. Living room stat.

I carefully picked up Bella; I kept wrapped in our duvet. Emmett was looking through the DVDs, trying to decide what to watch. He was leaning towards one of his, and Bella's, favourite Disney Pixar movies. We had all found it odd that of our family members, Emmett loved the Pixar movies the most. We had all gone to the opening night of Monsters inc. and Up! with him. He really was a big softy.

I carried a still sleeping Bella downstairs and lay her down on the long couch; I placed a small cushion under her head. Emmett sat down beside her after finally deciding on Finding Nemo. He looked down at her - she was still napping.

Can I please wake her? She will miss the movie… Emmett looked up at me with pleading eyes. Was Alice holding classes now?

"Just start the movie, she will wake soon."

He played the movie, skipping up to when Nemo is going to school, past the barracuda at the start, he thought it was too sad and scary for Bella. I gave Bella a kiss and went to see Esme and Carmon. They were in the dinning room looking through blue prints and books, about the new house from what I could tell. I sat and talked with them.


I woke to find myself in the living room. Nemo was playing. I loved this movie.

"Wakey wakey! Nemo is on!" Emmett said smiling down at me. I could have guessed that my bear of a brother was behind this choice in movie. I sat up and starched out my legs and arms while letting out a yawn.

"How long have I been asleep for?"

"Um, I don't know, a while. Now are you ready to watch?" He was really keen for the movie. I smiled at him and sat back into the couch, pulling the duvet around me. Emmett started the movie again. Skipping past the first part, which he knew I didn't particularly like. I don't think he liked it all that much either. He put a giant arm around my shoulders and I snuggled into his side. We sat and enjoyed the movie.

After a while, Edward ran in, asking how I was, Emmett told him I was fine. With that Edward gave me a peck on the forehead and dashed up the stairs. I got the feeling that Emmett added some other things that I did not hear. Soon after Jasper, Esme and Carmon came and joined us.

"You so totally rock, Squirt! So gimme some fin. Noggin', Dude!"

"Squrit! That's your name!" Emmett said looking down at me.

"Em, my name is Bella…" I teased him. I knew he called me Squirt.

"I knew I had got it from something, I just couldn't remember where I had heard it." Emmett continued as if I hadn't even said anything.

"Maybe I should start calling you Crush then!" I smiled.

"Sounds about right, he crushes everything he touches!" Jasper added from the other couch. Carmon smirked slightly while Esme both hid her laughter and tried to scold Jasper.

"I do not! This is so unfair!"

"It's okay, I won't call you crush. Em is just fine."

Emmett gave my shoulder a squeeze and we turned back to the movie. By the end everyone had come and joined us.

"I just love that movie." Emmett said. There was a chorused "we know." In reply. I laughed a little.

"I love it too Em, thanks for choosing it."

"No problemo, Squirt." He ruffled my hair. I narrowed my eyes at him and got up to get a drink. I turned and smiled before I left the room, to let him know I wasn't mad.

I was feeling really thirsty, I managed to drink two glasses of water. Then I started to crave something sweet, but I have had enough cookies for a while. I opened the pantry to look around. I knew I had left some chocolate in here somewhere, but I could not find it. I wanted to climb up to look on the top shelf but to get a chair I would have to go into the dinning room and everyone, including Edward would see me carrying a chair. I don't know how happy he would be that I wanted to climb up to look for chocolate, of all things. So I went with climbing the shelves. I was just about to get to the point where I could see the top shelf when I felt a pair of cold hands lift me off the pantry shelves and up so I could see. I spied a packet of peanut butter M&Ms. For that I was thankful. I was then set on the ground.

"So that was what was so important that you…" I clamped my hand over Jasper's mouth before he could finish. He gave me a confused look, wanting me to explain.

I pointed into the lounge and then pretended to play air piano.

Edward? Jasper mouthed. I nodded and then mouthed I don't want him to know that I climbed up the shelves.

"You know he can read minds right?" He whispered. Aahh, that's right. My husband was a mind reader and had just seen everything Jasper had. Understanding must have shown on my face, and in my emotions as Jasper chuckled. He then took my M&M's from me, which alarmed me, I had spent so long hunting them down. He quickly opened them and then passed the packet back to me before lifting me up on to the bench, he then jumped up beside me. I sat and ate the chocolate, peanut buttery goodness. That made Jasper laugh.


"You. You're so funny. Your emotions fly all over the place, just for the most random reasons."

I narrowed my eyes at him. Why was I so entertaining to people? Can't I just live my life?

"No, it's not a bad thing Bella. I am just not used to hanging around humans. Sure the girls emotions jump around a lot but it's more like content to mad, usually because of Emmett, then laughing then content again." I ate some more yummy coloured chocolate. "Easy to predict and they ease into each other."

"Where as…" I looked over to my brother, daring him to mock me.

"Where as you, my sister, will be content and then very happy, then all of a sudden be embarrassed for a second then be happy again. Then you might, lets say, walk out of the room and be confused, then worried, then devious, then determined, then ecstatic, because you found chocolate, then alarmed and then content again."

"Really? All of that in a few minutes? I am pretty sure even I didn't feel myself feel all of that."

Jasper laughed. I loved hearing him laugh. After all the time he spent away from me or super stressed around me, it was so nice to see him relaxed. "Yes you do. But I like it."

"Why? Isn't it a lot to deal with?"

"Na, not really. I like it because are such a change to some of the things I have felt in my life. Almost always positive you are." That was rather surprising for me. We ended up sitting on the bench for a while, we chatted and laughed about all sorts of things. Jasper had even found me another packet of M&M's.


I had watched as Jasper had snuck up on Bella and stopped her from falling as Alice had seen. I also had to stop myself from laughing as she tried to stop him from speaking out loud. She didn't want me to know that she had climbed up the pantry. While Jasper and my Girl spent time together in the kitchen, the rest of us continued our family meeting about the unknown situation in Seattle. While Emmett wanted to head up there, Esme reminded him that it was Bella's birthday. She used this as an excuse to not split up the family. Elzana wanted to call the Volturi, which none of the Cullen group wanted at all. Carlisle then retold the story of Bella, Alice and my visit to Voltrea. Elzana could barely believe the way that we were treated.

"Aro has a thing for collections. He wants to add Alice, Bella and I to his own collection of vampires."

Elzana was starting to loose some of his respect for the Voltouri. As were Tanya and Kate.

"Oh and they have sent Bella things." Esme added. "A few days ago Bella and I were home and we had a package arrive. It was a 'wedding gift' with the note 'I can not wait to meet the new Mrs. Cullen." Esme was starting to become visibly upset. She was not dealing with the stress of her 'baby' daughter being in danger. Carlisle pulled her into his embrace and soothed her.

"Oh my goodness! Aro make me so mad sometimes!" Carmon was becoming flustered. She had become very attached to Bella over the last day.

"I haven't even meet the guy and I am ready to shred him!" Emmett yelled.

I heard my Bella's heart beat speed up. The noise of Emmett had given her a fright.

"Em, who do you want to shred?" She said while walking into the room. Jasper was glaring daggers at Emmett over her head. They stopped to the side of the fireplace. I got up and gave my seat to Bella, which surprisingly she took.

"The weather guy. Apparently it is going to rain on your birthday." Emmett tried to cover up our conversation.

"Aww, it's okay Em. We can hang out inside." Surprisingly Bella believed him. "Not that we are going to be doing anything special. Right!" She added while looking around the room. Everyone avoided looking at her. They were all really excited about everything they had all planned for my princess.

"Man, do I have a story for you." Kate started. "This one time we came to visit the Cullens, I think we were living in Europe at the time, and anyway, Emmett had decided to throw Rosalie a surprise birthday party. He organised all sorts of things, bought her new clothes, a new car to fix up and stuff like that. But the best part was, he caught and killed a huge bear and put candles on top of it instead of a birthday cake. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen. The bear nearly caught on fire before she got there too." Kate shared and effectively made everyone burst into laughter. Apart from poor Emmett who tried to justify that it was a good idea. Jasper looked like he was about to cry from laughing so hard.

"Em, did you really?" Emmett nodded slowly. "Oh my gosh that is hilarious."

"It's the thought that counts, right babe?" Emmett said, looking at Rosalie.

"Sure is Hun." Rose replied. She was mildly embarrassed by the story but also was holding back her laughter. She really did love Emmett.

"That's when the no animals inside rule had to be introduced. Up until then it had been common knowledge." Esme said with a giggle.

- o -

What is Bella doing? Esme, her and I could work on the new house ideas before she sleeps.

Rose and Esme were currently looking over blue prints, Esme wanted to move some walls, make bigger rooms and replace walls with windows. Rose thought it was a good time to work together.

"Shall we go and find Rose and Esme, they want to work on the new house with you." Bella and I had been cuddled up in our room, I am pretty sure Bella was still feeling a little over whelmed by having so many people in the house. I had also noticed that neither Elzana nor Tanya had spoke to her yet, which wasn't really helping either.

Bella nodded. I picked her up and took her down in the dining room. Esme had blue prints stretched out across the large table; she and Emmett were discussing renovations. Rose was at the other end of the table with and her laptop and more magazines than before; I was unsure where she kept getting them all from.

I put Bella down beside Rose and then sat beside her.

"Bella! Here is your scrapbook," she said while handing her the empty book. "Here are your magazine pages that you have collected so far. So what colour are you guys thinking of?"

Bella just sat and looked at Rose, Rosalie had been speaking very fast.

"Rosalie asked what colour we were thinking about for our new bedroom." I said to her. I hadn't given the topic much thought. I would be happy with what ever Bella choose, except maybe pink. I started trimming the pictures Bella had collected so she could put them together in the scrapbook. We hadn't put anything in it yet.

Bella looked at me, she also realised that we had not talked anything about our future room.

"Bella, I don't really mind, except for maybe, pink."

Bella laughed. "I don't think that I would pick pink, I am not really a pink girl."

"We know," Rose said while laughing.

"Oh Bella," Esme looked up from the paper on the table, she smiled fondly at us. "And Edward, I have drawn up what your room will look like. I assumed that you two wouldn't mind being in the same kind of place as your room is in this house, plus it is the closest to the library. Here is the birds eye view," she said while passing us a piece of paper. "And here is a sketch from the door and one from the other direction."

We looked at the pages, our room is shaped like a large square with a smaller square attached to the left side of it, that's where the door from the hall way is.

It looked like it would be a bit bigger than our current room and much larger than Bella's old room.

"Wow, what are we going to fill the room up with?"

"Well a bed, for you to sleep in." She rolled her eyes at me, I unsuccessfully tried to hold back a smile. "We could get a couch and a nice chair. We will need shelves for books and music." I suggested.

"Emmett wants to get a TV for our room." Rosalie said with distaste.

"Hey, I want to be able to watch TV when there is a fashion show on for once. With eight people under one roof, we are bound to want to watch different things at the same time." Emmett said. He was right though, there were a few fights regarding who got the remote.

"Anyway," Rose said. "You might want a desk to do college work at or maybe you will want to put in a bath or something. People are doing that now."

"I don't think I want a bath in our bedroom." Bella added, I agreed with her, I found it odd.

"What colour are you having?" Bella asked Rose.

"I think we are going for medium green this time, Emmett is sick of the purple room apparently." Bella laughed. Whenever Emmett had mocked Bella she always brought up the purple room, he could never come up with anything to retort back, it wasn't the purple that annoyed him, it was that we mocked him for it.

"What about Alice and Jazz?"

"I think they might be leaning towards orange." Rose believed. Alice always liked bright colours so the choice of orange did not surprise me. They currently had a bright green room with black furnishings.

"Edward, how do you feel about cream walls with a blue wall paper feature wall?"

"Sounds wonderful my Love." I was happy with her choice.

I wonder how he would react if he didn't like it, everyone knows he could never deny her anything. Rose mused.

"Bella, that sounds so nice, it's so you guys!" Rose smiled at us. "We need to find pretty wall paper for the room! Here lets google it!" Rose excitedly opened up her laptop and started pulling up images of different rooms and wallpapers. Bella was pointing out which ones she didn't like and which ones she did. I loved watching her and Rosalie laugh and get along. For a long time I had worried that Rose would spend forever ignoring Bella and that they would never form a sisterly bond, I was so relieved that I was wrong.


Rose and I had been working together on our new rooms together. Carmon had helped us pick out pretty furniture while Emmett and Esme spoke about renovation and gardens. I wanted a drink of water, I excused my self and left Carmon and Rose to go to the kitchen, they didn't really seem to notice my absence as they were very absorbed in the conversation about side tables verse shelves. I returned with my glass and stood behind Rose to look at her sketchbook. She had drawn up her and Emmett's room but she was still deciding on colours.

"KATE! STOP!" Someone yelled. I turned around to face the lounge room, where the sound came from; I was so scared of what I was seeing that I barely noticed that I sloshed water all over myself. I watched as Edward tackled Kate, who was only a few meters away from me.

I felt like my vision was moving in slow motion. I saw as Kate attacked Edward with volt after volt of electricity. I watched as Edward's face contorted in pain. I could hear screaming. I felt a large set of arm wrap around me and block my Edward's perfect face from me and then it all went black.

EPOV (over laps with bpov)

"I think I can do it, all the way through this time. Being around Bella constantly has given me far better control."

Yes it has, I believe in you son, of course you can try. If it proves to be too difficult you can always stop. But I believe you can graduate med school this time round.

"Would there be some way to make it so I can start at year 3 or 4? By the time I finish the six years, we will have to move again."

Most likely, talk to Jasper about that he is good at finding the right papers and talking to the right people.

"I can't wait to see Bella enjoying colle…" My sentence was cut of by a thought of Kate's. She wanted to test her ability on my Bella. Why would she even think of doing that? I was out the door before Carlisle could even ask what was going on.

"KATE! STOP!" I tried to yell, I don't know how much of my anger could be heard, I was trying to hold it back.

Bro, what's going on… Jasper turned to see me launch myself at Kate who was far to close for Bella for my liking. As I hit the now broken floorboards, Kate had spun her self around and was unleashing the full force of her gift on to me. I instantly let go but the pain did not subside. I felt my body contort with out my permission; all I could think of was not opening my mouth, I didn't want scare Bella by yelling. But I could hear her, she was screaming. Had Kate got to her too?

"Learnt your lesson yet Eddy?" Kate taunted. I didn't dare open my mouth.

"Kate, enough!" I heard Esme yell.

The pain stopped. I was cautious to move suddenly, I didn't know whether she was going to try again.

"Oh get up already." She said, she wasn't happy.

I quickly got up only to see my Bella being cradled by Emmett with Rose crouched protectively in front of Emmett and Bella. I bolted to Bella, Emmett quickly but carefully handed her to my waiting arms. Then the yelling began. Rose started but with in seconds every voice was speaking. My thoughts were focused solely on my wife, who was looking very pale and fragile. I sat in the corner of the dinning room and tried to coax her awake.

"Bella, you are safe. Everyone is safe. Love, please wake up, I want to see your beautiful eyes." I crooned over and over while stroking her face and hair.

I could hear Carlisle in the other room calming everyone down with the help of Jasper. I could also tell that Esme was on the verge of breaking down, she didn't take well to conflict. I whispered a warning to Carlisle before my focus was all on Bella once again. I was becoming increasingly worried as each second passed and she was still to wake up.

Edward, her mind is just protecting herself. She will wake soon.

Protecting her from what? She wasn't in danger when she passed out, she was in the cage-hug of Emmett's arms.

Edward, please take her upstairs to be comfortable. I don't want her to be around when this all gets explained.

I followed my mother's advice and moved her up to our room. I lay her on our bed and did a quick check. As far as I could tell she wasn't hurt and I knew for sure she wasn't bleeding, I would have known that instantly.

"Edward!" Bella's panicked voice called.

"Bella, it's okay. I am right here." I had her in my arms before I had the thought to move. She snuggled her face into my chest.

I held her as tight as I could, with out hurting her. I felt her tears escape onto my shirt. I kissed her head softly before loosening my hold on her slightly.

"Love, what's wrong? Are you hurt?" she gave her head a slight shake but she was still holding onto me tightly.

"Please Bella, tell me what's wrong. I can't stand to see you like this." I tried to coax her to look at me with kisses to her head.

"Edward, I…" She stopped there, her tears escaping down her cheeks again. I gently wiped them away with my thumb.

"You can tell me Love."

"I was just so scared Edward." She started crying heavily. I hugged her tight again.

"Oh Love, I will always protect you, I will always be here, never to far from you."

She pushed herself away from me looking into my eyes.

"Edward, I was scared that Kate was hurting you, the look of pain on your face was the last thing I saw. It scared me so much to think she was hurting you and I couldn't do anything to help you." Bella said, she was mad.

I was not surprised she never worried about herself.

"I am fine now love," just worried about you…

"I know. I just do not like seeing you hurt."

"Love, that is how I feel about you. It hurts me to see you hurt, even if it just a stubbed toe." I would give anything to take all the pain she ever felt. She should never have to hurt. "Do you know why you passed out? You had everyone a little worried back there." I said with a peck to her forehead.

"I don't know. Haven't I done this before? After graduation, after the new born war…"

"Yes but I accounted that to the fact that you were beyond stressed and had seen some horrid things that day."

"Oh I think I know," she said guardedly.

"Please tell me. Love I need to know." I said while stroking her rosy cheeks. "Seeing you like that made me relive the day we spent…" she paused like she didn't want to finish. "In Voltera." She spat out.

I couldn't help the growl that started in my chest. It was now automatic when ever I thought about something that was a threat to Bella.

"No, you don't get to be mad, you made me tell you." Bella said while poking me in the chest. She was so adorable when she was mad but I did stop growling.

"Sorry, my sweet girl." I hugged her tight to me again. I could tell that she was starting to relax slightly. We had been lying together, letting one another calm each other, for a while when there was a very light tap on the door.

Is she okay? Can Carlisle and I come in please?" A stressed Esme asked.

"Of course." I sat Bella and I up, I leaned against the headboard while Bella leaned into my side.

Oh she fits perfectly, isn't that so sweet? Esme looked up proudly to Carlisle. He took her hand, glad she had finally clamed down.

"Bella, how are you feeling?" Esme sat on the bed close to Bella. I gave Bella a kiss on the head and then stood up by Carlisle.

I watched as Esme worried and fussed over Bella, Esme was in her zone, mothering her 'baby' daughter.

How is she, I heard what she said.

"Yeah, that had me a tad worried. Is she scarred from that trip to Italy?" I barely said. No one except Carlisle, and possibly Esme could hear me.

I don't know, I really hope not but the amount of stress she is holding onto isn't particularly healthy for her.

"I know, I know. But there isn't a whole lot I can do about it. You know I would have if there was a way."

Of course. Now how are you? He looked at me seriously.

"I'm fine. No damage done to me. I could kill Kate though."

Rose just about did, Emmett managed to hold her back which was distraction enough for him not to. Luckily Jasper was overwhelmed with all sorts of emotions that he didn't try. I had a tight hold of Esme too. She was ready to tackle Kate off you. He chuckled slightly, adoration shining through his eyes.

Of course they were about to attack Kate. They all love her so much.

"Did she give an explanation as to why she was going to shock Bella?"

Well she said that she wanted to see if Bella's mind would protect her. I growled a little, Bella looked at me and I shook my head. And that she was only thinking about her gift and Bella's gift and imagining what might happen. According to Kate, you jumped to conclusions, she says she wasn't about to do it. So when you tackled her, her reaction was to shock you. Which is understandable.

I sighed. It was all a big misunderstanding. But she can't think about hurting Bella and then be surprised when I react.

Esme is still upset. He said with a chuckle. That was surprising to me, Esme was so quick to forgive. She thinks that Kate took it too far and is mad that she taunted you. Also because Kate upset Bella. No surprises there though. We both laughed. Everyone knew that Esme was very much a muma bear around Bella.

"You haven't had dinner yet have you?" Esme responded when Bella's tummy rumbled. "I will fix you something."

"Why don't we all go downstairs?" Bella suggested.

We did just that. Esme, Carmon and Bella cooked together and talked happily while Bella ate. I did notice that Bella seemed a little on edge. She often poked her head around the corner to look at me. I smiled at her and she went back to doing what ever she had been doing.

I decided that I needed to relax. Bella always picked up on my stress and added it to her own. For me this was not an easy task. Knowing that Bella was not a hundred per cent did not sit easy with me but if it would help I would try or at least make it seem like I am.

I went to my piano and poured out my stress, love, devotion, anxiety and everything else in me into the song.

I heard footsteps approaching but couldn't tell who it was. I continued to play.

"You always did play rather well." Tanya's condescending voice rang out.

"Now isn't really a good time Tanya." I said, not bothering to stop playing.

"Why? Because your weak, little girl passed out…"

I didn't think it was possible but I lost the small amount of respect I had left for her. I turned to face her, doing rather well at not getting angry. My over active temper would not do anything to help right now.

"She is just a human. Why do you care for her. How a human feels shouldn't matter to a vampire."

"How a woman feels should matter to a man." At that I walked out of the room. I have had enough of Tanya and her need to break down others.

I sat on the couch beside Jasper, Emmett and Elazna were on the other couch currently playing each other in car racing.

"Good work bro, you handled yourself well in there." Jasper said. "You didn't even get angry."

"She isn't worth it. Not a second of time. And it's sad because I was willing to be friends with her, because deep inside there is a nice person but when she can't keep her thoughts of Bella to herself, I can't be around her."

"So true. She doesn't even have any right to think about Bella like that. She hasn't even said a word to her. Which by the way, I have a feeling is also upsetting Bella."

"I thought that too."

"That goes for you too." Jasper said while throwing a pillow at Elazna.

"Okay, okay. I will talk to her."

"If you dear say, or even think, one thing that will upset her, I swear I will cut you." Jasper and I cracked up at Emmett's choice of words.

"What! It's true!"

"We know that Emmett, but you need to lay off the rap and bad TV. Elazna is a vampire, he can't be 'cut' as you put it."

Emmett rolled his eyes and got back into the game. Elazna seemed to think Emmett was funny but also knew his threat was not empty.

"At least Carmon and Bella are getting on right?" Jasper said to me.

"Yeah, that is good. Carmon is so jealous of Esme!"

"I know right! I bet she is hoping that one of the girls mates with a human like you did."

We laughed and then high fived.

"What are you two giggling about?" Bella said while walking over to us.

"Bella, screen!" Emmett yelled. "Seriously, how many times do I have to say it?" he then muted to himself.

Bella rolled her eyes and started stepping towards me, she squealed when I pulled her down on to me, she fell on top of Jasper and I giggling.

Jasper and I both looked at each other, knowing what to do instantly. We both tickled Bella. She was laughing so hard I thought she might wet herself.

"Stop! Please, come on!" She managed to choke out after a good few minutes of intense tickling.

She knew the one word that would make me do anything. I scooped her up and sat her on my lap facing Jasper.

While she was getting her breath back, Jasper and I high fived. We were on a roll today.

"How are you going Bella?" Jasper asked while she snuggled her side into my chest. I automatically wrapped my arms around her.

"Better, now that I can breathe, thank you." She said giving Jasper her best evil look. He suppressed a laugh and then ruffled her hair.

"Ready to sleep my Love?" I kissed my girl on the head.

"Yeah, I am pretty tired. Let me go say goodnight to Esme first." I set her on her feet and she went back into the kitchen. Emmett kept his annoyance about her walking in front of the screen to himself. I still threw a pillow at him.

"Night everyone," she said when she returned to the room.

Faster than he thought about it, Emmett jumped over the back of the couch, ran and swung Bella around. He then set her on her feet and gave her a squeeze.

Jasper then gave her a gentle hug. Helping her calm back down.

I picked her up and started up the stairs.

"I want to see Alice. I haven't seen her all day." She announced. I swallowed.

Edward, you should let her. She thinks Alice is upset with her right now.

Alice had asked, well told, us that Bella was under no circumstances to see inside her room as she was working on her birthday present for her. Which she had been working on for days now, which Bella has taken offence to.

I set Bella down out side Alice and Jasper's room. Bella knocked. "Alice? Are you there?"

"Of course I am Belle! Goodnight, see you tomorrow." Alice said and was back in her room before Bella could even blink.

I quickly took Bella up to our room and sat down on our couch with her. She quickly got up and went into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. I could smell her salty tears. I got up and gently knocked on the door.

"Bella, can I come in please?" If she wanted space I would give it to her, but it wouldn't be easy for me, knowing she needed comfort.

"I just need a minute Edward…" She choked out, I could here her voice was shaky. She was really quite upset.

I leaned my head on the door; I could feel that she was sitting on the floor with her back on the door. Her shaky breathing making the door tremble slightly.

"I am about ready to shave off your eyebrows Alice." I said mostly to my self, but I wanted Alice to know I was not happy that she had upset Bella. I heard a small giggle from the other side of the door.

"Edward, would you really do that?"

"For you, anything." I simply stated.

I heard her move away from the door, before I realised that I had even moved, I had her in my arms. She was curled up in my lap while I now leaned against the door, effectively locking us in. I wasn't sure how much time passed as we sat. I couldn't stop stroking her face and hair. She rested her head against my chest, I hoped that she was able to relax. I stood and carried her to our bed, sitting on the edge with her. She stood and went into the wardrobe to dress for bed.

"I love wearing jamies but I also love matching with you!" she called from the wardrobe. I laughed, she was so cute but secretly I also loved it when we matched. I quickly changed into blue and white flannel PJ pants and laughed aloud when Bella came out and we were once again matching. She climbed over to the far side of the bed, her side, and climbed under the covers. I followed suit.

"Now, you aren't actually going to shave Alice's eyebrows are you?"

"After the way she treated you, I am ready too."

"She wouldn't let you get close enough…" She said keeping the conversation light.

"I would have to catch her, which wouldn't be too difficult but fighting off Jasper at the same time would make it a little more challenging. I would get it done though."

Emmett and I would take him, if it meant Alice was finally taught a lesson on manners. I smiled at my sister's thought. She was joking but there was a slight seriousness to her thought.

Bella yawned. I pulled her close and she snuggled in. I watched as her eyelids closed, hiding her beautiful chocolate eyes from me.

"I love you so much." I said planting a soft kiss to her forehead.

"I love you even more." She said while yawning. I laughed, she was far too adorable for her own good.

"Sleep my Bella." I said and started humming her lullaby. She was asleep within moments.

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