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Watanuki's Date part one: loving

[After school]

Watanuki was waiting patiently (or as patiently as he could) in front of Doumeki's locker. He crossed his arms in mild irritation as he saw other students walking down the hallway but couldn't see the stoic teen in sight.

"Come on you jerk!" Watanuki muttered out. "I know that Kurogane-sensei should be done talking to you by now!" He checked the hallway clock and sighed as the hands were barely moving from their position ten seconds ago. "Are you trying to make me angry?"

"If I wanted to, I wouldn't be here now."

"WAH!" Watanuki jumped a good two feet into the air before falling to the tile floor. He groaned in pain and glared up at the person who would dare make a comment like that out of the blue. "Doumeki….."

Doumeki raised an eyebrow. "Yeah?"

Shaking his head, Watanuki sighed in defeat; not in the mood to scream and yell like he usually does. "Nothing. It doesn't matter anymore. You'll just piss me off anyway." He then frowned. "What took you so damn long?"

Doumeki leaned his head just slightly in the direction where he was. "Kurogane-sensei was talking to me about a certain issue and he had to repeat himself because Himawari's cell phone went off and she almost chatted for a half hour." Then he rolled his eyes as Watanuki's expression went from mild anger to surprise. "Don't tell me that it never occurred to you that Himawari can be like that right?"

Watanuki scowled at that sarcastic question. "Oh shut up! I was never thought she would do that is all okay!" He then huffed as he noticed that they might be the only students in the school at that point. "Fine! As long as you didn't do anything stupid; then I'll let it slide."

"No; doing something stupid is your thing, moron." Doumeki stated.

Growling at the stoic teen, Watanuki grabbed him by the collar. "What was that, you jerk!"

Then sounds of gigging reached their ears. They both looked down the hallway and saw Yuuko covering her mouth while trying to look professional. As if she was professional at any point during the school year.

Letting go of Doumeki, Watanuki nervously smiled and bowed to the chairman as she was making her way toward them. "Ah! G-good afternoon, Yuuko-sensei."

Doumeki dust his uniform off and nodded. "Yo."

"Ah, good afternoon you two." Yuuko smiled. "I trust that you had a great day at the academy today?"

Watanuki nodded. "Yep!" Then he glared at Doumeki. "But it would have been better if this dope wasn't pissing me off!"

Doumeki made a small noise before looking at Yuuko. "I was with Kurogane-sensei. He wanted to talk to me about an issue he was having. He just had to repeat the whole thing over because Himawari was chatting to someone on her phone."

Yuuko nodded. "I see." She then turned her attention to Watanuki. "I wouldn't worry about where Doumeki is or what he's doing. It's not like he's out with some girl." She smirked evilly at the thought. "Unless….."

"NO!" Watanuki cried out. "THAT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN SO GET YOUR EVIL HEAD CHECKED!" He the gasped suddenly as he felt arms wrapped around his chest. He also felt a warm body pressing against his back. He looked behind him and saw that Doumeki looking as blank as ever but saw a bit of calmness in those eyes. (1)

"Calm down; Yuuko-sensei was only kidding." Doumeki said. "Besides why would I want a girl when I have you?"

Watanuki stiffened. "…..Don't say things like that. You know I don't like it when you say mushy things like that." Despite the obvious lie he just told Doumeki, he had a small smile on his face.

Yuuko cooed happily at them. "I see that you two are as happy as ever." She then smirked. "So where are you two going this evening~?"

The spazzing teen suddenly looked up and saw the knowing look that the chairman gave him. "Uh…well you see…it's like—I mean-um…" For some reason he just couldn't get his words out.

So Doumeki decided to talk for him. "We're going on a date tonight."

Watanuki looked up at Doumeki in utter disbelief. 'A date?'

Yuuko's knowing look then changed to a slightly surprised expression. "Oh, a date you say. And where is this date going to be at?"

"Wait! What are you talk-"

"It's a surprise." Doumeki interrupted swiftly.

"Oh-ho~! Trying to spice up the outing huh? Nice move Doumeki." Yuuko praised the stoic teen.

"Hello! Am I freaking invisible here!" Watanuki yelled out but was ignored…as if that never happened before in his life.

"Well I hope that you two have a wonderful time tonight, but don't stay up too late. From what I heard young people like you two need as much sleep as possible. Don't want to be tired the next day like a certain cooking teacher at this academy." She playfully warned them.

With Watanuki still in his arms, Doumeki nodded. "Okay."


Yuuko and Doumeki looked at Watanuki who wanted nothing more than to scream.

"Who the hell said anything about a date! And what's with you telling these things at the last minute!" Watanuki wiggled his way out of Doumeki's arms. He then turned and glared at the other teen.

Doumeki raised an eyebrow. "So you don't want to go out?"

Watanuki frowned as his face started to turn red. "T-That's not what I'm saying here!"

"So you do want to go out."


Yuuko-sensei watched the argument with a smile as Watanuki started to wave his arms frantically at Doumeki who in turn plugged his ears; promptly ignoring the shouts and yells that came his way. Not wanting them to miss out on their date, Yuuko sighed loudly; catching the two teens' attentions. "As much as I want this funny charade a while longer; I'm sure that you two students don't want to be in a school at night; am I right?"

Huffing in disbelief, Watanuki crossed his arms. "I guess. Since the jerk did plan this thing all by himself; it would be dumb of me not to accept the invitation." He then pointed at Doumeki accusingly. "So you better damn appreciate it, you jerk!"

Doumeki's eyes widened for a mere second before slightly smirking at Watanuki. "Whatever you say."

Yuuko smiled. "I guess I'll be leaving the building as well." She then walked away with a wave. "I hope you have fun tonight~!"

Watanuki sighed but smiled. "Have a good night Yuuko~!"

Doumeki just nodded.

When the chairman left their sights, Watanuki turned to Doumeki with a raised eyebrow. "So, are we going or not?"

[Several minutes later]

The two teen were walking from the academy and were en route to the city. Surprisingly, Watanuki didn't say a word to Doumeki.

Though with Doumeki holding your hand in a loving manner, it was hard to speak regardless.

Unable to take it anymore, Watanuki sighed; making Doumeki look over at him. "Do you have to hold my hand like that? It's not like I'm going to run away from you or anything." He grumbled out.

Doumeki raised an eyebrow. "Do you have a problem with it? If so I can just let go—"

"No!" Watanuki suddenly cried out as he tightened his hold on Doumeki's hand. "It's not that. I'm just saying why do you have to, okay?" Then he shook his head. "Never mind; forget I said anything." He then looked away.

Sensing Watanuki's inability to say what he knew he was thinking, Doumeki leaned over and kissed him on the head. "There's nothing wrong with just holding hands. But I wouldn't let other people's opinions get in the way of your happiness."

Watanuki looked at Doumeki incredulously. "…Doumeki…"

"Besides, it's rather sad to see you go into your emo corner anyway." Doumeki added in.

"I DON'T HAVE AN EMO CORNER, YOU JERK!" Watanuki shouted out while still holding to Doumeki's hand. "Besides why should I care what other people think; I'm with you aren't I?"

"…." Doumeki couldn't argue with that logic. But with every piece of logic, there is a flaw. "That may be true but do you value it?"

Watanuki shifted his eyes. "Of course I do."


"What's with you? I just said I do." Watanuki didn't know what was going on with Doumeki. He just doesn't understand the guy.

Finally giving up on the argument, Doumeki sighed. "Fine."

[In the city]

The two finally got into the city with no further discussion. They stopped a couple times to view several stores, landmarks and a couple of malls. As the sun was setting on the horizon, they continued to walk further into the area.

"So, where are we going? It feels like we're just moving in circles." Watanuki stated.

Doumeki looked around. "We're almost there." As soon as he said those words he suddenly stopped.

Watanuki, not knowing the other teen's sudden stillness continued to walk until he was pulled back roughly; feeling a bit of pain on his shoulder joint. "OW! What the hell you jerk! Are you trying to kill me!"

Doumeki didn't respond but pointed up with his free hand for Watanuki to see.

Reluctantly, Watanuki looked up to where Doumeki was pointing. It was a sign; a sign that filled the top half of the building but it wasn't what surprised Watanuki. No, it was the name that surprised him. "It's—it's—"

Doumeki nodded.

"Yep, the 'Cat's Eye café'."


(1)- just an FYI i really don't know the actual color of Doumeki's eyes. They could be white for all i know. (and the anime didn't help much either)

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