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Watanuki's date part three: Understanding


"Let's go."

"And where exactly are we going now?" Watanuki rudely asked.

Doumeki looked at him. "My place."

Watanuki blushed with nervousness. "W-why would we go there?" He took his bag and stood up nonetheless. Then he saw the faintest smile he has ever seen on Doumeki.

"The night's not over yet."

[A little while later]

For one reason or another Watanuki soon found himself following Doumeki to his place; while holding hand with him of course. He just couldn't wrap his head around what the stoic teen had just said. Why on earth would he go to Doumeki's place of all places….not that he wanted to but was nonetheless curious.

"Hey, Doumeki…" Watanuki finally spoke up as they entered Doumeki's front yard. "Just what exactly do you mean when you said 'The night's not over yet'?"

Doumeki pulled out his house key and unlocked the door. "It means what I said moron." He ignored the shouting he received from Watanuki for that comment as he pushed the front door open. "Besides, I have something for you."

Watanuki stopped shouting as he heard the other teen. "Eh? You got something for me." He shook his head. "Wait, you got something for me? It must be 2012 right now. Shizuka Doumeki is actually giving me something for a change." It would have been very funny to hear if Watanuki didn't sound serious at the statement.

Rolling his eyes, Doumeki pulled Watanuki inside his house. "Don't make sound so unbelievable. I can give back; I don't feel like it." He tossed the key somewhere as he led Watanuki inside his house. "So, this is my house. Feel free to do whatever you like."

Grumbling, Watanuki took a look around the main part of the house. "Wow Doumeki, for a lazy slob, this place actually looks clean and decent." He took a seat on one of the cushions chairs that the stoic for some reason had while said person went into the hallway; probably to change into something more comfortable. While he waited for Doumeki to return, he looked around the room and saw some pictures hanging on the wall. Upon closer inspection, he saw that they were pictures of his family when he was young.

He knew it was because he saw a young kid with the same expression as him on most of them.

However, the longer he looked at those pictures, the lonelier he felt. He didn't have much pictures of his own family. His parents died in a car wreck when he was young and the fact that he had this faint ability that no one else had wasn't helping either. At elementary school he would often get teased or ridiculed at; from as little as name-calling to as grand as bruises and black eyes. His foster parents never knew of his grim ordeal but even if they did; they wouldn't help him. They would just say something like 'Buck up sport; things will be alright'.

But from elementary to middle school, it wasn't alright. In fact, it was getting worse.

It got up to the point that Watanuki was questioning his value of life; wondering why he was still breathing and enduring all of that pain. Eventually; that thought became into action as he was going to end it all by ending this so-called great life he lived. So, on a rainy day some odd years ago, he was standing on a bridge over a flowing river. With fear but at the same time fierce determination, he closed his eyes and started to lean forward.

And that's when he came into the picture.

[Years ago]

"What are you; some kind of moron?"

Feeling a twitch in his eyebrow, Watanuki opened his eyes and looked over at the side of the bridge to see another boy (more or less his age) just staring at him with weird look on his face.

Glaring at the intruder, Watanuki huffed. "What's it look like? I'm killing myself you idiot!" He didn't know why he told that person that bit but the sooner he get this out in the open the sooner he can go back to what he was doing in the first place.

What Watanuki said to that kid didn't disgust the kid; more like it made him curious. "Really? I wouldn't have figured it out." He said in a sarcastic tone. "It was so obvious since you're a coward and just quit while there's still hope."

"DON'T YOU DARE TELL ME ABOUT HOPE, YOU JERK!" Watanuki snapped. What that kid said made him so mad that he jumped back on the walkway of the bridge with dark eyes. "I've been made fun of ever since I can remember! For years, I have been alone and I have had it! I have no friends to talk to; no family to love me and no one understands how much I'm freaking hurting inside!"

A clash of thunder was heard as Watanuki was finished with his yelling and was now deeply breathing with watery eyes; however on one could tell since it was raining outside. He then looked at the kid who didn't even have a reaction; if anything he just raised an eyebrow.

"Are you done?" When Watanuki nodded, the kid sighed. "Look, I wasn't trying to piss you off or anything. I was just curious. I mean, it's not every day that a kid like you would choose a bridge of all places to die; and a low one at that. So I figured; 'hey, why not'?"

"So what, I'm just some kind of entertainment to you?" Watanuki angrily asked. He had enough of this kid. Who does he think he is; just being here and talking as if he knows everything? He doesn't! No one does; that's why he's better off alone.

The kid shrugged. "Dunno. Maybe I just wanted to talk to you. I've seen you before in the hallways of our school sometimes. I just didn't think we meet under the rain like wet dogs."

Watanuki looked down as a small wave of sadness rushed through him. "Yeah, well nobody asked you to be out here in the rain." He grumbled. "So why don't you just go home and have some sweet treats or something?"

The kid seemed to think over that proposal before nodding. "Yeah, you're right." Then out of nowhere, he grabbed Watanuki's arm and started walking. "Come with me."

"Hey wait!" Watanuki shouted. "I said you should be home eating sweets not us!" He tried to pull out of the kid's grip but to no avail. Finally, Watanuki sighed and frowned. "Can I atleast know the annoying jerk who's taking a stranger to his own house?"

The kid slowly stopped; making Watanuki stop as well. He turned his head and gave him the faintest smile Watanuki has ever seen. "Name's Shizuka Doumeki."

Watanuki blushed as an unknown feeling took over his heart. "Um…Mine's Kimihiro Watanuki."

"Ah. As in 'April 1st' Watanuki (1)?" Doumeki asked; earning a brighter blush from the other kid. "I see. Nice to meet you Watanuki."

The blushing kid just nodded. "Yeah, yeah just take to your home or something….I'm getting cold." He wrapped one arm around himself as the dampness of the rain and the chill in the air finally sunk in.

Doumeki nodded. "Right. Come on then." He then continued to drag Watanuki to his house where their odd friendship started to develop and eventually even an odder relationship was formed.

Watanuki shook his head with a bittersweet smile. "Doumeki; you insensitive lifesaver. Never thought in my wildest would a person like you would be my freaking angel from who knows what place you came from."

"Would you prefer if I was a woman at the time?"

The boy yelped as he looked up and saw Doumeki wearing a plain t-shirt and shorts. He blushed as he found out that he was staring at him a bit too intently. "Yeah, like that will make me feel any better that day." He then leaned back on the seat as he sighed a bit tiredly. "So….?"

Doumeki raised an eyebrow. "So what?" He dodged a cushion pillow that was thrown at him. "Oh, you mean that." He then said smartly as he went back into the hallway.

Watanuki grumbled under his breath. "That damn jerk." He then smiled as he heard loud shuffling coming from he should guess Doumeki's room. "I wonder what that idiot got me." He placed a finger under in his chin as he thought. "It could be some sort of food….nah he must have ate it before school; knowing him and his appetite." He then narrowed his eyes. "Or maybe he made me something." He then scoffed in disbelief. "Yeah right; the closest he has ever made was that cake in cooking class that looked like some sort of monster."

As Watanuki was pondering what was Doumeki was going to give him, said person finally came out of the hallway with a big box in his hands. The stoic teen just stared as Watanuki was still in what most people called 'thinking mode'. Suddenly feeling a bit humorous, Doumeki walked up to Watanuki and graciously dropped the box on the teen's lap.

"Ow!" Watanuki screamed out as he felt a bit of pain from that course of action. "What the hell Doumeki?" He glared up at the person only to see a small smile on his face. "….what?"

"Nothing." Doumeki shrugged. "It was just hilarious to see you yell like a girl sometimes." As quick as that smile was on, it was wiped off when he took his seat next to Watanuki. "Well, what are you waiting for? Open it."

Still glaring at the stoic teen, he started to open the box. He took the lid and was surprised to see what was inside. "No way…." Watanuki then had the biggest smile on his face. "You got my favorite manga series in here! And a couple of cook books too!" He then looked at Doumeki with a confusing expression. "But….why?"

Doumeki rolled his eyes. "I figured that you didn't much from me in the past couple of years so I wanted to make it up to you."

With Eyes widening, Watanuki smiled fondly at the stoic teen. "R-really?"

"Plus, with this I wouldn't get nagged out from you when Christmas comes around."

"YOU GOOD FOR NOTHING JERK!" Watanuki yelled out as he shook his fist at the teen. "Seriously, what's wrong with you?" He grumbled as he took one of the books and started reading it.

"Hard to say. I guess it all started when I took home a suicidal kid that rainy day years ago." Doumeki crossed his arms and he leaned back. "By the way, where is that kid nowadays? He seemed to have disappeared."

Chuckling, Watanuki gently wacked Doumeki on the head with one of the books. "Hard to say. Maybe you pissed him off way too many times and left. Then for some reason this person came along and thought 'yeah, I think I'll stay for a while'." He then placed the box on the floor and scooted over to Doumeki's side. He then laid his head on the stoic teen's shoulder; sighing tiredly.

"Sleepy?" Doumeki asked.

"….Yeah." Watanuki responded with a yawn. "That so-called date you dragged me to have drained more energy out of me then school would ever do. You're a whole new problem altogether."

Ignoring the last part, Doumeki placed a hand on Watanuki's head with a loving manner. "Want to sleepover here?" He then blinked when Watanuki looked away and muttered about something. "I'm sorry; what was that?"

"I said 'are you sure you want me in this house?'" Watanuki angrily said. "You never even invite me to your place since that day; it's always my house we go to for almost anything."

"You never really asked." Doumeki softly answered. "So, did you want to or not?"

Sighing, Watanuki got up and stretched. "Yeah, yeah. I'll stay for the night…as long as you don't try anything funny. I'll kick you where the sun don't shine." Watanuki playfully warned.

Doumeki nodded. "Sure." He then got up and started walking side by side with Watanuki down the hallway. "I got some spare clothes for you if you want."

Watanuki scoffed. "Let me guess; they're from your dad right?"


"You're really an insensitive lifesaver, you know that right?" Watanuki then blushed as Doumeki's hand seemed to have slipped quietly into his. "And a hopeless romantic."

"I don't see you complaining about it." Then Doumeki blinked. "Then again, you have been complaining a lot anyway so it wouldn't be surprising."

"….You just wanted me to explode, do you?" Watanuki muttered out loudly. Then he gasped when he felt cool lips touching his forehead. As those lips went away, Watanuki can only gap at the guy before him.

Doumeki then nodded. "Yep, that shut you up." He then let go of Watanuki's hand and went into one of the rooms leaving a silent Watanuki behind.

Finally letting those words sunk in, Watanuki blinked before growing. He then stomped to where Doumeki was with an angry aura surrounding. "YOU JERK! YOU DON'T JUST KISS AND LEAVE ME HERE! HEY ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?"

Eventually, the two dozed off in Doumeki's bed. The stoic teen had his arms wrapped around Watanuki's waist as the slightly shorter teen had his head on Doumeki's chest. They slept peacefully as the moon rose to its peak and the only sounds that were heard were crickets chirping in the distance.

However just behind the window of Doumeki's room, there were two shadows leaning on the glass as hands barely touched the surface. As those shadows saw Watanuki smiling in his sleep, both of those shadows had smiling faces. They looked at each other before they hugged in joy. Then they slowly faded away into the night.

Silently content that their only child was happy at last.


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