39 Warriors

I do not own the 39 clues or the Warriors series. The authors who wrote (write) these books are doing a fantastic job.

This is a story of the 39 clues and Warriors smashed together into one. See what happens in a story of love, betrayal, etc.


Leader: Colorstar- She-cat. A yellow cat with 2 blue streaks down her back and 2 red "eyebrows." Apprentice: None. Mate: None.

Deputy:Crystalclaw(Amy)- She-cat. Jade eyes and light brown fur. Apprentice: None. Mate: None.

Medicine Cat: Lavenderwhisker(Nellie)- She-cat. A lavender fur-colored cat with green eyes. Apprentice: Leopardfire.

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Leopardfire- She-cat. A light brown tabby with dark brown spots. Mentor: Lavenderwhisker.


Echoeyes(Ned)- Tom. Brown cat with darker brown rings around his eyes. Apprentice: None. Mate: None.

Peppermask(Ted)- Tom. Identical to Echoeyes only without the brown rings around his eyes. Apprentice: Goldenpaw. Mate: None.

Slashtail- Tom. Black and white with a scar across one eye. Apprentice: Blackpaw. Mate: None.

Paleheart- Tom. White, creamy fur and amber eyes. Apprentice: None. Mate: Flowerwish.

Flowerwish- She-cat. Pretty black tabby with black tail and ears. Hazel eyes. Apprentice: None. Mate: Paleheart.

Swiftfoot(Dan)- Tom. Dark/light brown fur with jade eyes. Apprentice: None. Mate: None.

Silverflower(Sinead)- She-cat. Silver fur with blue/white eyes. Apprentice: None. Mate: None.

Icecloud- She-cat. Silvery-gray fur and dark grey ears, paws, and tip of tail. Icy-blue eyes, small for her age. Apprentice: None. Mate: None.

Firepelt- She-cat. Orange tabby. Apprentice: Starpaw. Mate: None.

Moonflower- She-cat. Grey and white. Apprentice: None. Mate: None.

Shrewface- Tom. Brown with black markings. Apprentice: None. Mate: None.

Wavepool- Tom. Black and white. Apprentice: None. Mate: None.

Thrushtail- Tom. Dark green eyes, brown with black markings. Apprentice: None. Mate: None.

Naturemask- She-cat. Blue eyes, black fur, and white paws. Apprentice: None. Mate: none.

Firesky- Tom. Reddish fur, brown paws, and striking black eyes. Apprentice: None. Mate: none.


Blackpaw- She-cat. All black. Mentor: Slashtail.

Goldenpaw- Tom. Orange tabby. Mentor: Peppermask.

Starpaw- She-cat. White Siamese with black star on her head. Mentor: Firepelt.


Lilyfang- She-cat. Green eyes with white fur and brown paws. Mate: Stormfang.




Darkdust(Alistair Oh)- Tom. Gray cat with small dark speckles. Disabled in legs, he can walk, but he can't run.

Rosethorn(Aunt Beatrice)- She-cat. Dark greenish-brown with rose-colored eyes.


Leader: Swanstar(Cora Wizard)- She-cat. Beautiful white cat with silver eyes. Apprentice: None. Mate: Flashclaw.

Deputy: Flashclaw(Broderick Wizard)- Tom. Handsome black cat with hazel eyes. Apprentice: None. Mate: Swanstar.

Medicine Cat: Tenderheart- She-cat. Gray tabby with black stripes. Apprentice: Lightfeather.

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Lightfeather- She-cat. All white, except for front right paw, left ear, and tail, which are black. Mentor: Tenderheart.


Moonpelt- She-cat. Yellow-furred with blue eyes. Apprentice: Smallpaw. Mate: None.

Crystalrush- She-cat. Orange tabby. Apprentice: None. Mate: Swiftclaw.

Lightfur- Tom. Yellow eyes and black fur. Apprentice: None. Mate: None.

Swiftclaw- Tom. Gray stripes and scar on his neck. Apprentice: None. Mate: Crystalrush.

Badgerclaw- Tom. Brown and white fur and his ears have a V shape on it. Green eyes. Apprentice: None. Mate: None.

Tigerheart- Tom. Orange and black stripes. Has a bite on the tip of his tail. Apprentice: None. Mate: None.

Icesong(Jonah Wizard)- Tom. White cat with black paws and nose. Apprentice: None. Mate: Blossomwhisker.

Fernstep- She-cat. Pale grey. Apprentice: None. Mate: None.

Jadepelt- She-cat. Pure white with very green eyes. Apprentice: Honeypaw. Mate: None.

Runningclaw- Tom. Dark brown with one white ear. Apprentice: None. Mate: None.

Shrewtalon- Tom. Pale brown cat. Apprentice: None. Mate: None.

Leaffire- Grey with black stripes. Apprentice: None. Mate: None.


Honeypaw- She-cat. Dark ginger furred with green eyes. Mentor: Jadepelt.

Smallpaw- Tom. Very small (hence the name) and black and white. Mentor: Moonpelt.


Blossomwhisker- She-cat. Brown with tufts of orange fur. Mate: Icesong.






Leader: Ravenstar- She-cat. Gray-ish black with white spots on her chest and forehead. Blue eyes. Apprentice: Amberpaw. Mate: None.

Deputy: Emberfire(Hamilton Holt)- Tom. Dark orange with red spots. Apprentice: Sparkpaw. Mate: None.

Medicine Cat: Jaggedpelt- Tom. Dark golden eyes, and chocolate brown stripes on light brown fur. Apprentice: Aquapaw.

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Aquapaw(Reagan Holt)- She-cat. Dark blue covered on her paws, yet completely white at the top. Mentor: Jaggedpelt.


Hawkclaw(Eisenhower Holt)- Tom. A dark brown tabby with ember eyes. Apprentice: None. Mate: Scarflower.

Scarflower(Mary-Todd Holt)- She-cat. Pale brown cat with dark brown stripes. Apprentice: None. Mate: Hawkclaw.

Mintwhisker- Tom. Brown and black furred. Apprentice: Thistlepaw. Mate: None.

Mousedeath- Tom. Very pale brown. Apprentice: None. Mate: Cloudfur.

Cloudfur- She-cat. Fluffy white with bright blue eyes. Apprentice: Rosepaw. Mate: Mousedeath.

Ivyleaf- She-cat. White with black ears and very dark brown : Berrypaw. Mate: None.

Nightstorm- Tom. Completely black. Apprentice: Hollypaw. Mate: None.


Sparkpaw(Madison Holt)- She-cat. Light brown tabby with pale yellow spots, like sparks. Mentor: Emberfire.

Rosepaw- She-cat. Dark brown with a black striped tail. Mentor: Cloudfur.

Amberpaw- She-cat. White with ginger patches. Mentor: Ravenstar.

Thistlepaw- Tom. Black and white. Mentor: Mintwhisker.

Hollypaw- She-cat. Orange, black, and white patched. Mentor: Nightstorm.

Berrypaw- She-cat. Blue eyes, silver fur, and has black around her eyes. Mentor: Ivyleaf.






Featherwhisker- She-cat. Fluffy and white.

Raincloud- Tom. Grey but blind after a Windclan warrior slashed his eyes.

Bluedust- She-cat. White fur, blue eyes.


Leader: Bloodstar(Vikram Kabra)- Tom. Dark brown with bloodshot eyes. Apprentice: None. Mate: Silvershadow.

Deputy: Loudfur(Ian Kabra)- Tom. Dark brown tabby with ember eyes. Apprentice: None. Mate: None.

Medicine Cat: Flowerstem- She-cat. Light silver cat with white eyes. Apprentice: Squirrelpaw. Mate: None.

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Squirrelpath- She-cat. Pale ginger. Mentor: Flowerstem.


Silvershadow(Isabel Kabra)- She-cat. Dark brown with silver belly. Apprentice: None. Mate: Bloodstar.

Auroraheart (Nataliya)- She-cat. Dark silver with multiple colored spot on her chest that is in the shape of a heart. Apprentice: None. Mate: None.

Coldstep(Bae Oh)- Tom. Dark, dark brown with a scar over one eye. Apprentice: None. Mate: None.

Moonfang- Tom. Silver tabby. Apprentice: None. Mate: None.

Sunflower- She-cat. Ginger, the same age as Moonfang. Apprentice: None. Mate: None.

Brightfur(Natalie Kabra)- She-cat. Medium brown tabby with ember eyes. Apprentice: None. Mate: None.

Blackpetal(Irina)- She-cat. White cat with black paws and yellow eyes. Apprentice: None. Mate: None.

Snowbird- She-cat. Beautiful and white. Apprentice: None. Mate: None.

Ravenflight- She-cat. Black with a white tip on her tail. White tuft of fur on her chest. Apprentice: None. Mate: None.

Hawkbelly- Tom. Dark brown with black markings and a torn ear. Apprentice: None. Mate: Mistshadow.

Bramblesky- Tom. Black. Apprentice: None. Mate: None.

Dovefeather- She-cat. Very pale grey. Apprentice: None. Mate: None.

Otterbreath- She-cat. Pale brown. Apprentice: None. Mate: None.



Mistshadow- She-cat. Grey. Kits: Rainkit, Sagekit, Redkit. Mate: Hawkbelly.


Rainkit- She-kit. Blue-ish gray with amber eyes. Mother: Mistshadow.

Sagekit- She-kit. White with dark blue eyes. Mother: Mistshadow.

Redkit- Tom. Orange tabby with light green eyes. Mother: Mistshadow.


Deathfoot- Tom. Large and black with a twisted paw.

Other cats:

William- Tom. Dark grey with greenish yellow eyes.

Black- Tom. Completely black cat. Cannot see other features because he is always so far away.

Softfoot- She-cat. Gray tabby.

Spade- She-cat. Looks a lot like Ravenstar...coincidence?