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A Short Introduction

The first time Mason Lockwood ever met Jenna Sommers, she was a small, squirming, slimy baby with a mess of short blond curls. He himself was only three years old to her two, but still he remembered that day. She had on a pink frilly dress with bows. He wore an itchy black suit, which, as soon as the Founder's Day pictures were taken, he stripped it right off and ran around in his underwear. He remembers his older brother, Richard, chasing him around carrying his pants, trying to get him to put them back on, laughing as he looked back at his frustrated brother. He remembers running into and falling on top of Little Jenna (a name that he'd called her for the rest of her life) and her bursting into tears.

Things after that are a little blurry, but that's not the only moment he has of her in his life. There have been many times where Mason and Jenna were thrown together because of their families. Mason's father, Gregory, was close friends with Drew Gilbert. His son, Grayson, was a friend of Mason's brother, Richard. Grayson's brother, John, was friends with Mason. A month before Richard married Carol, Grayson married Miranda Sommers-Jenna's older sister. Their families were close, so obviously Jenna and Mason had to at least try to tolerate each other.

And they did. Tolerate each other, that is. One might even say they were friends…

Then (Age 11 and 12)

Mason was twelve years old when his nephew was born. The day before Tyler Gregory Lockwood was born, Elena Gilbert was born to Jenna's sister and brother-in-law, so eleven year old Jenna was in the hospital at the same time. While it wasn't awkward to sit next to her in the waiting room, it was kind of strange. They didn't talk at school, and weren't really even friends, but somehow Mason found himself holding her hand as they went to look at the babies. Tyler was screaming, red-faced and thrashing around, while Elena slept quietly, undisturbed by Tyler's antics.

"I think my nephew's crazy." Mason said loudly. Jenna poked him.

"No he's not. He's probably tired. Or maybe hungry."

"Yeah, well. I hope he doesn't scream all the time."

"He will at first." Jenna said, swinging their clasped hands. "But he won't after he gets used to it."

Mason looked at her, confused. 'How do you know so much about babies?"

Jenna shrugged. "Miranda left her baby information book in my room. I thought it was a hint or something."

Mason shook his head. "Maybe your sister's crazy."

Jenna nodded. "Yes. She is. And look!" she said excitedly. "Tyler's stopped screaming!"

"Awesome." Mason said.

Neither of the kids saw the two adults behind them. Richard and Grayson, the proud fathers, watched their younger siblings trying not to laugh.

"Do you think I'm gonna be a good uncle?" Mason asked seriously.

"Yep." Jenna said immediately. "Do-never mind."

"I think you're going to be a great aunt. In case you were going to ask." Jenna kissed his cheek.


Today In the Grocery Store

Jenna flopped the frozen vegetables into her cart violently, and practically attacked the Hot Pocket section. She shoved her cart past the annoying lady who always tried to talked to much, and rushed to the counter, to only have her cart hit by another, causing her to trip and land on her butt.

"Jesus! What is this, annoy Jenna Day? God!" She growled in frustration. A low chuckle came from above her, and she looked up to see a hand in her face. She took it gratefully.

"Look, I'm sorry, I'm just-"

"Having a bad day, Little Jenna?" the person said, clearly amused. Her head snapped up.


"Hey, babe." He was smirking now, looking her up and down in that slow way that men confident in their sexual appeal do.

"Don't call me that." she snapped, went to grad her cart, only to realize that he was still holding her hand. When she tried to tug it away, he still held on.

"You didn't used to mind it. In fact, you liked it pretty well."

"Like what? And would you let me go? Now? I have somewhere to be." He ignored her, and moved closer, so that she was backed against the cart.

Leaning in, he whispered, "You used to like it when I called you babe."

Then (ages 16 and 17)

"Jenna! Jenna! Jenna!" Elena screamed happily from the daycare center's playground.

"Hey Elena!" Jenna waved as she walked past, headed to her biology class. She wasn't watching where she was going, so naturally she collided with someone.



"I am so sorry, I wasn't watching were I was going, and I-"

"Save it LJ." the person said mockingly. She sighed.

"I'm really sorry Mason. I was saying hi to Elena, and I got distracted." He laughed, placing his hands in her hips.

"Really?" he asked, looking over at the playground. "Is Tyler out there?" It was no secret amongst their families that Mason adored Tyler, who in turn worshipped Mason.

"No, he's in a different class."

"Ah, well, I'll catch him after school." He leaned down and gave her a soft kiss, before walking on. "See ya later babe."

Heart melting, she walked on to class. Her boyfriend was so sweet.


"If you are referring to when we were sixteen, no, I didn't, because it was flattering back then. Now, it's practically an insult for you to call me that." she said honestly. Something flashed in his eyes, something that looked like regret, but it was gone quickly, and replaced with another smirk.

"Whatever you say, beautiful." she rolled her eyes and pushed him back gently. He pushed away his empty cart and rocked back on his heels.

"Go away Mason. I'm busy." She turned back to push her cart up in line, and he came up behind her, resting his hands beside hers on they handle bar. His breath tickled her ear.

"So you said. Got a hot date with your boyfriend? Husband, maybe?" she turned her head to look at him, faces close.

"Yes. Go away." He laughed.

"No you don't. You can't lie to me LJ."

"And how do you know that?" Wincing at the nickname, Jenna whirled around, catching him off guard. He fell back a few steps.

"Maybe I talked to Tyler. Maybe I talked to Carol. I might've even talked to Jeremy and Elena. Take your pick. They all seem very willing to share news."


"So, they all seem to be on my side."

"What, we have sides now?" she gaped.

"Yep. Carol, Tyler, and Jeremy are Team Mason. Elena, however, is still on the fence. she thinks Tyler and I are to much alike, and that is apparently a bad thing."

Promising she'd think about this 'Team Mason' thing later, as well as give Jeremy and Elena a lecture about giving out her personal information to known ex-boyfriends, Jenna glared at him and scoffed.

"No, you're not the same person. Tyler isa good kid. You, however, are a dick." She turned on her heel and managed to get in line before Mrs. What's-her-name, cutting off her contact with Mason.

To Be Continued...

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