Long legged man all dressed in white

Setting a thousand galaxies spinning

Stars in your eyes; it's all starting over again


Shiny red car, invitation to ride

Just look at that brand new upholstery

Hiding all the stains from the last time

(The assorted sordid stains from the last time)

See all his pale princely luxury


Long legged man all dressed in white

Don't look too long or you'll be blinded

The thorns will take your eyes

But maybe pain will make you wise

More likely not


There's a road that leads to the ends of the world

And soon enough you're on it

And he's sitting there beside you

Shirt flapping in the wind as you go

And nobody's driving, nobody's driving

Nobody's driving this car

God alone knows where it is you're headed


At the end of the road you see things clearly

(But you really see nothing at all

A nothing that made a prince fall

Plug your ears and you'll hear it call)

Pay no heed to the screaming

It's only the wheels on the pavement


Wake up, now you're home again

(Or close to home as you've ever been)

And you know what you've got to do

It's the only thing that you can do

Take up your sword and strike true

(The roses are beautiful this time of year)


Only now you understand

Your cup was always empty

So fill it with blood and roses

(Always with the blood of roses)

A straight road before you like a narrow blade

Follow it, follow it, don't go astray

(But tell me, who's driving this car?)


Long legged man all dressed in white

His car whizzing by you, sending up dust

And here you are on the side of the road

(You always were here, on the side of the road

Just waiting, holding out your thumb)