a/n: Before I get the internet hounds on me, I would like to say that this is not a romantic story.

It's going to get worse as the story progresses. Okay, not really, but yeah. It mostly focuses on the friendship-and eventually SPOILER rejection of Arti by Kamitsure.

Depressing, but I love it. There's going to be about five to six chapters, each of them with a season motif.

So, that said...

Pairing: None. A serving of friendshippy Arti/Kamitsure

Rating: K+ - T



like glitter and gold

-life was a canvas; they were the paint.-


Growing up in Hiun City's rowdy crowds and mile-high skyscrapers wasn't as easy as it looked. Kamitsure, a blonde haired and blue eyed beauty, could tell you all the reasons she hated Hiun City, without batting an eyelash. She could point out all the flaws that the city hid, and could exploit them with a simple sigh. She was raised in a battlefield, where opinions clashed and music was her only company. Her parents were always gone, working on their newest project: the building of Raimon City's Musical Hall.

Kamitsure had no siblings or friends. She didn't need them.

She didn't need anyone.

…but, there was a boy she met when she was fifteen that made her change her mind.

It was springtime when Kamitsure had moved into Hiun City. Her place of birth had been Raimon City, a drive away from her current home. The event that had caused her arrival to Hiun wasn't complicated: her parents wanted her to attend school in one of Hiun City's prestigious academies. Her parents were always 'looking out' for her education, for her social connections, and for her appearance. The fifteen year old couldn't even have a strand of blonde hair sticking out, unless she wanted to face the wrath of her mother.

So, young Kamitsure hated her first days in Hiun; she wasn't allowed to roam the streets, because she would be 'mugged' or 'kidnapped' or some other stupidity that her maid told her. The only time she was allowed out of her mansion turned prison was when she was at school.

Kamitsure loved school for some demented reason. School for her was freedom; she was a slacker and made sure that she transferred into classes that didn't require her brain to think much. She could have been in honors whatever, but the blonde girl decided that she didn't give a care about her future.

After all, it was already planned out for her. Kamitsure would finishing her schooling, become a trainer, and receive the Raimon City Pokémon Gym. That was how it would go; she had no say in what was to come.

That said, Kamitsure enjoyed the little freedom she had left.

A week after she had started school, the fifteen year old blonde was doodling in her Art class- a requirement if she wanted to get into Photography- and was startled by a door slamming. Taking off her headphones, the girl's blue eyes looked up.

Waiting at the door was a boy, a boy she had never seen before. He wore the regular uniform, a white oxford shirt, khaki slacks, and a v-neck sweater with the Hiun City Academy emblem on the left front pocket. His hair was a mess of copper waves, framing his face and accenting his green eyes.

He was so awfully pretty that Kamitsure cracked a smile. The stranger seemed like a typical 'pretty boy'. He was probably axe-crazy, or a jerk.

Maybe both, Kamitsure frankly didn't care.

Their art teacher immediately pounced on the brunet, flailing and then taking a second to regain her composure.

"Hello! Class attention, if you please!" Kamitsure put her headphones back on; making sure her music player was still alive. The teacher glared at her laziest student and continued her spiel. "Today, we welcome a brand new student! He's a transfer from the famous Academy of Art in downtown Hiun; why don't you introduce yourself, dear?"

The boy looked down, his hands clutching a tattered sketchbook close to his chest. His lips moved and the students-even those without headphones- strained to hear the uttered words.

"Speak up, so that everyone can hear you." The teacher urged, and the boy lifted his head up, his dark green eyes making contact with Kamitsure's blue.

The blonde flinched at the stare and looked back at her unfinished doodle. The drawing had morphed from music notes to sketchbooks and artist easels. Kamitsure didn't even think about the new pictures; she was too busy fiddling with her mp3.

"I'm Arti. Hi." With a wave, he took long strides towards the middle of the room, taking the desk behind the blonde girl's.

Kamitsure tried to ignore the presence of the male and scrapped her doodle. She then cranked the volume up, so she could drown out the teacher's lecture and the other students' whispers about the new boy from art school.

Class ended just as quickly as it started. Kamitsure packed up her art supplies dumped them into her army-patterned, ragged satchel, and made her way towards the door.

Only to be stopped by her annoying new classmate.

"Excuse me, I have a question." Arti tapped the girl's shoulder, and Kamitsure fought the urge to snap at him and walk off. So, she stopped and turned around, her short, khaki-colored, pleated skirt swished, and she crossed her arms as she faced her interrogator.

"Yes?" Kamitsure drawled, while arching a blonde eyebrow, partly hidden by her blunt, razor-cut bangs.

Arti's lips twitched in the corners, as if he was trying to not smile.

"I just wanted to know where the Chemistry classroom was. Mind telling me?"

Kamitsure blinked, once, twice. Then she managed to dissect the question at hand. This random person had Chemistry right after Art class…meaning…

Oh Arceus, NO.

"…yeah." Kamitsure muttered. She then turned around, not before making sure her knee-high socks were disheveled enough to keep the image of 'slacker' in everyone's minds. "Follow me."

And with that, Kamitsure led her future best friend-not that she knew at the time- to Chemistry, a class that they would share for the next two years. (Being that they both completely failed it.)

It was because of the idiot named Arti that Kamitsure began to expand her horizons and allow others in.

Okay, not really.