like glitter and gold

-life was a canvas; they were the paint.-

Spring- [full circle]

Kamitsure pulled her short blonde hair in a low ponytail, tying her hair together with a bright blue ribbon. She wore her usual outfit, black leather jeans, a white and black tank top, a yellow vest, and her favorite pair of heels. She was fit for a picnic, or a party; she felt like she was going to a funeral.

It's been one year, two months, fourteen days, twenty-seven hours, ten minutes, and five, six, seven seconds that since Kamitsure last talked to her best friend, Arti.
Was he still her best friend? Kamitsure didn't know, because she left the region, fled Isshu, the day after their…their…kiss.

She was a coward. She left him, all alone, in the streets of Hiun City. He didn't deserve to be treated like she treated him. She treated him like a plaything, something expendable, like these past seven years didn't mean a thing.

Spring was the time for new relationships, or for the renewals of old flames. What ever happened today was going to decide what happened in Kamitsure's future.
The blonde grabbed her purse from her bathroom counter and exited the room, her Emonga and Zeburaika following fast. Kamitsure picked up her headphones from the ratty old sofa that occupied her living room, and flew out the front door, not even bothering to close it behind her. Kamitsure was running as fast as she could, her yellow heels kicking up gravel and dirt, as the gym leader of Raimon City made her way to the local subway station, hoping to catch the train to Hiun City before it was too late.

Whispers were inevitable, as the common passerby pointed and tried their best to inconspicuously follow the most influential person in Raimon City.

"Where do you think she's headed?"

"She's going to the train station!"

"But where, though? She visited Sinnoh a while back; do you think she's going back?"

"I doubt it. If she was to go to Sinnoh, she would…eh; she would take the subway to Hiun, huh?"

"Or to Fukiyose for a direct flight; I doubt Miss Kamitsure likes boat rides."

"That's a valid argument."

Kamitsure didn't even know people were talking about, her music was pounding on her brain, the headphones flashing red and blue, changing color to the beat of her choice of music. She kept running, and running, until she slipped through the glass doors that let her inside the subway station. She quickly flashed her rider's pass and boarded the subway, her faithful Pokémon returning to their Pokéballs as soon as she crossed the train's threshold. Kamitsure took a seat, crossing her legs at the knee, and tapped her manicured black fingers against the leather subway seat, her heart racing and her pulse quickening. Was this even a good idea? She hasn't seen Arti is forever and a half and expects to waltz in and make everything better?

Well, if she was Kamitsure, she wouldn't back down now. She was famous for her stunts, and the public would probably think this was another publicity stint. She wouldn't blame them; after all, she just came back from Sinnoh a couple weeks ago. Oh, Sinnoh.

She didn't want to think about the man she met over there. The man she was completely in love with.

Kamitsure clenched her fists and closed her azure eyes, hoping for the train ride to end soon.

Outside of Hiun City's art museum, Arti sat, drawing furiously in one of his tattered sketchbooks. The pages were worn out, faded, but the professionally inscribed ink and kohl still remained a reminder of what kind of person Arti used to be. He used to be so carefree, so jovial, and so…friendly.
At least, that was all in past-tense. As in, one year, two months, fourteen days, twenty-seven hours, ten minutes, and eight, nine, ten seconds ago. His green eyes were focused on the pages of his book, and shook his head in disgust, throwing the book to the ground, its pages flying around in the spring time breeze.
He hated his skill; his skill was being wasted on a ghost girl. Every page in that tattered old notebook was her face, her blue eyes, her blonde hair, and her serious expression or her favorite sarcastic smirk.

Her voice was still ringing in his ears, and he felt like such a fraud; he hated her so much, but he loved her, by the gods, he loved her.
He never got to tell her that. She left as soon as his lips left hers, and she blushed, and took the last flight to Sinnoh, disappearing without a trace.
Arti ran a hand through his brunet waves, letting out a sigh. He brushed off his green boat neck sweater, and then his striped jeans. He picked up his sketchbooks and started the walk back to the subway station, hoping to catch the train back to his gym. Hiun City was a sprawling, large city, where everyone went places by train. If you didn't, you were a loser.
(At least that's what she had said many years ago.)

As Arti walked towards Hiun City Central Subway Station, Kamitsure was arriving, making her way out of the metal contraption, carefully sidestepping the other passengers, hoping not to hurt them or something of the sort. The blonde young woman paid her fare, and her Emonga escaped from its Pokéball, flying to Kamitsure's head and resting there, its claws securing themselves in the girl's blonde hair.

"Emonga…" Kamitsure let out an irritated sigh, and decided to leave her comment up in the air, not even having the energy to argue with her partner Pokémon. Kamitsure of Raimon City maneuvered herself through the crowds, slipping in and out, through and fro, hoping to find the exit that led to the rest of Hiun City, before…
Before what?

Before nothing, Kamitsure simply needed to find Arti.

Speak of the devil.

Arti fumbled his way through the crowds, accidently stepping on toes, bumping into other Hiun citizens, mumbling apologies as needed. His arms were occupied with sketchbooks, as his Kurumayu crawled loyally behind his owner.

The two twenty something year olds, destined by fate, crashed into each other. Sketchbooks were thrown into the air, tumbling as pages flew and were stepped on by random Hiun City denizens. The blonde's Emonga hissed, and scratched blindly, causing the brunet's Kurumayu to attack in defense.
Kamitsure was on top of Arti, their gazes locked, Arti's accusing and Kamitsure's ashamed.

She quickly regained her composure and stood up, brushing off her jeans like nothing had happened, and Arti was trembling as he returned to his feet. His green gaze never left Kamitsure's blue, and the blonde found herself fending off accusation after accusation, silent they may be, but those accusations, the accusation in his eyes hurt.

"Look who crawled out of the whole she's been hiding in." His voice was acidic, bitter and Kamitsure flinched, losing her ice queen poise for a nanosecond. She didn't have an answer, because it was true.

"What, finally back to apologize? Laugh in my face? What, Kamitsure?"

He even called her by her full name. Long gone was the Arti that called her 'Kami'.

Kamitsure snapped. "What do you want me to say? That I'm sorry when we both know it will never be enough?"

Onlookers began to shuffle, trying to eavesdrop on what may be the conversation of the year. They stopped in their tracks and tried to be as nonchalant as possible, but the duo's Pokémon warded off pesky people.

"You should at least try; maybe we'll see how it goes from there." Arti's voice was dripping with sarcasm, and Kamitsure simply glared, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Oh please, you act like you're so innocent. Like it wasn't your fault I left in the first place."

"So it was my fault for your cowardice?"

Kamitsure turned her head to the side, hoping not to make eye-contact, because if she did, something very bad was going to happen. She fought the urge to slap her ex-best friend in the face, as he laughed, dark and humorlessly.

"I've left Kamitsure speechless. Wow, this should go into an awards book or something."

Kamitsure whipped around, and pushed Arti, causing him to lose his balance and fall to the floor.

"YOU LITTLE ASSHOLE, LISTEN TO ME; THIS IS ALL YOU FAULT." Kamitsure was screaming and she didn't care who the hell was watching. "IT'S YOUR FAULT BECAUSE YOU NEVER TOLD ME HOW YOU FELT. YOU DUG YOUR OWN GRAVE."

Arti immediately shot up, and shook his head, disgust flashing in his eyes. "MY FAULT? YOU LED ME ON, KAMITSURE."



Their screams echoed in Hiun City's subway station, the building had grown as silent as death.
Kamitsure was on the verge of tears, crying in indignation and in complete despair. She was losing him; she was losing the only person that she ever let into her life. She was losing her best friend and gods she didn't want to lose him. She didn't want to lose him like this.


Arti scoffed, and the closed his eyes, titling his head up, causing his brown bangs to cover his eyes, tears streaming down his cheeks.

"I don't know Kamitsure. You leave for a year, don't ever call? Tcht…you don't know all the pain this relationship's caused me. Want to hear me say it? I love you. I've always loved you and I always will. Kamitsure, I fell in love with you the moment I walked into that art room seven years ago. And what?"

Kamitsure finally let herself cry and shook her head, burying her face in her hands, while mumbling incoherencies. "No, no, no. You can't love me. Don't be ridiculous. You can't love me Arti, because…because…"

Arti wrapped his arms around the sobbing woman, his best friend, his maybe-more than best friend, as he patted her shoulder, she cried even harder, her Emonga staring in concern.

Everyone else decided it was best to leave and give the duo their moment, because even the most gossip-hungry person wouldn't dare intrude on this moment.

"I don't love you, Arti. Not like you love me and I'm so sorry." Kamitsure whispered, and Arti felt the world come down, and the two star-crossed lovers from Hiun City and Raimon City, wept in each other's eyes.

They didn't know what to say after that. Kamitsure's confession echoed in Arti's mind, like a broken CD player. Arti's anguished declaration of love mocked Kamitsure, mocked her for being an inhumane person who couldn't love, and was too busy pining for a blond military man an ocean away.

But to everybody else, they glittered like gold, their tear streaked faces haunting those who watched, as they left hand in hand, leaving a myriad of unanswered questions in their wake. Kamitsure and Arti disappeared, melting into the Hiun City afternoon crowd, losing themselves in the mass of people, but never leaving each other's sides. They were inseparable, the sun and moon, rich and poor, black and white, best friends.

They couldn't live with or without each other. It was going to be a long road for each of them, to figure out their now dark futures; Arti was going to eventually move on from the blonde girl (hopefully) and Kamitsure was going to fall in love with somebody who wasn't already in love with somebody else.

The future held so many possibilities for them, but they were the ones that had to make the choice.

They were the paint, and they were going to paint a new picture, start a new novel in their lives.


Kamitsure's walking down an aisle, wearing a simple, clean cut light blue dress, holding a bouquet of flowers. Her steps are confident, and the smile on her face in completely mesmerizing. Arti sits in a pew, his green eyes following every move she made, until she reached the altar.

She walked to the side, letting the actual bride get to the place of her marriage. Furou of Fukiyose City was getting married today, to some foreign man from Sinnoh, with a lanky build and fire-engine red hair. The ceremony went on without a hitch- except the little mess-up caused by the groom; he kissed his bride a bit too early- and the happy party celebrated in the public gardens of Hiun City. The gardens were decorated in sunny yellows and beautiful blues, a perfect clash of complimented colors, and the children of the party chased each other around, only one of the noticing the Maid of Honor's sudden disappearance…

Kamitsure was sitting alone, on one of the wrought-iron benches, her headphones still firmly in place. There was a rustle, and she lazily turned around, her lips turning up into a smile, as Arti sat down next to her. Silence consumed the conversation, as the cherry blossoms of spring float and flutter in the air.

"It's been a while since we just sat together." Kamitsure murmured, her blue eyes wavering towards her companion.

"Yeah." Arti replies quietly, his green eyes staring at the grass.

Their conversations are always short; the brunet male takes the blonde's hand, and for once, Kamitsure let him keep it there.

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