A Secret

The train ride was long and tedious now that Lavi remained out in the real world rather then retreating into his head and as much as he wanted to do such the evil looks Tryde was giving him told him that the previous escapade with such was not quite forgiven yet.

Lavi sighed and turned his attention out the window the sugar cube he had been bouncing about on a fork had fallen apart from the abuse and no longer served as entertainment. He didn't remember the trip to the North American base taking this long but at the same time it had been a long time since he had been to that particular base and it had been with different company.

His one visible eye took a long slow blink for no known reason at the time but upon finishing its elongated blink something of what some might call a vision appeared to Lavi. He never thought he was susceptible to visions nor did he really think they would ever happen but this couldn't possibly be real life, and he never fell asleep so it couldn't be a dream.

In this vision the train had stopped, no not stopped it had crashed, parts of it were scrunched up like an accordion would be when squeezed and pieces of metal that had been ripped off lay scattered about the front half of the train lay sprawled across the farmland it had crashed into broken glass lay everywhere making it like a minefield not a single window remained. Lavi didn't know how he knew what the rest of the train looked like when he still remained in his seat but he didn't have anyone to ask the question to, he could however see everything in the car around him and for some reason he wished he hadn't. The other passengers were all dead at least from what he could see, many of the seats were no longer attached to the floor of the car and one was even halfway through the side wall whoever had been sitting there no longer visible. Luckily his own booth hadn't been ripped apart by the crash but it was only then that his attention moved to there, he saw Miranda and Crowley standing over Tryde. They looked different, demented almost it wasn't right and Tryde...his eyes were gouged out and blood streamed down his face, Crowley's claws were wrist deep in the Noah's chest.

"Tryde!" his cry was warped and sounded like it had been thrown into a dubstep video, Crowley looked at him with a smile to big for his face and with uncharacteristic ease tossed the now lifeless Noah to Lavi who with stumbling hands caught him.

Lavi couldn't bare to look at the blank face of his dead friend so he looked at the two former exorcists confused, "what are you doing?" The only answer he got was a cackle from Miranda, right before she embedded the blackened claws that were now her fingers into his abdomen, Lavi choked too startled by such an attack from Miranda of all people to say much of anything.

Miranda leans in close her blood soaked lips nearly touching his ear as she whispers to him, "It's all over, it's always been over, the war can never be won, everyone is already dead."

Unable to form a coherent response Lavi merely sits there confused and baffled as she draws back pulling her claws out. They both tower over the red head so unlike themselves, they begin to laugh it isn't a normal laugh, and it isn't like Kanda's his has a joy in it a joy he finds in the suffering of the exorcists, but theirs holds nothing its like a recording of a laugh that long sense lost purpose put on repeat. Their laughing continues as all the color drains from them and their forms begin to swirl together in a vortex till there's no defining features or shape and the vortex shrinks and disappears completely the laughing however continues.

The strange threat gone Lavi turns to the lifeless Noah in his grasp refusing to believe he died so easily, he starts shaking him increasing in velocity as he gets more desperate calling out the Noah's name hoping for a response.

Until he feels a vicious sting in his right cheek and startled finds himself in the real world the train moving just fine, the passengers all alive and continuing the idle chatter and the former exorcist talking quietly in their own booth a wave of Miranda's hand as she explained something showing no claws.

Turning back to the source of the slap he sees his fingers curled in a death grip in Tryde's coat, Tryde himself looking at him with a rather confused and annoyed look, just the barest hint of worry also hidden in the farthest reaches of his gaze.

"What the hell are you doing Lavi?" Tryde asks quietly as Lavi loosens his grip and slowly lets go sliding back over the table between them and back in his seat. "You were shouting my name and demanding I wake up a frenzied look in your eye, no matter what I said you didn't stop shaking me until I hit you. What happened?"

Lavi shook his head not really sure of anything himself and just trying to get over the fact that none of this was real, that everything was fine, "I...I don't know..."

Tryde sat back realizing he wasn't going to get much more of an answer and deciding there was no real danger or issue, "Fine, but try to keep your wild imagination under control, I'd rather not get kicked off this train," Lavi could only nod in agreement.

About an hour after the strange incident Lavi had calmed down enough to go back to gazing out the window when the train finally reached its destination and slowed to a stop, the conductor's voice speaks out over the entire train doing its usual scripted speech that few really listened to anymore. Many were standing and stretching or grabbing their bags, talking about their plans and whatnot, but the rest of them didn't matter only the former exorcists unknowingly leading them to their base mattered at this moment.

Patiently Lavi and Tryde waited allowing the other passengers to get off before them including the exorcists letting them continue to think there was no threat. When their car was almost completely empty they calmly got up and got out, with expert weaving through the crowd they darted into an alley way and took off at a run following their targets unseen; upon catching up they reduced their speed to a stealthy stalk.

As they continued Lavi noticed that rather then leaving the city and going to a secluded area as was the general location protocol for exorcist associated buildings they were heading deeper into the city which didn't make much sense at all.

"It's odd isn't it?" Tryde comments as he darts around another corner and conceals himself in the shadowed doorstep of a vacant building.

Lavi nods, "Yeah, odd, and bold," he pauses as he changes location to the opposite side of the building, "It's almost like the exorcists are using the condensed mass of people gathered here as a living shield."

Tryde's expression darkens slightly at the thought, "Just how desperate are they, to go that low?"

"We're about to find out." They continued the trek in silence each lost in their own thoughts about what they would find at this base while searching for Timcampy. After another few minutes of sneaking around Tryde scales a building to the roof rather then darting around giving a silent signal of arrival, Lavi follows suit having grown accustom to the Noah's signal infused way of communication.

Both are taken aback by the sight they behold at the very heart of the city; the building itself closely resembles that of a castle, large and looming with an almost ominous feel about it, because unlike most castles that are opened wide to give an air of invitation of welcoming this one is completely closed off. Not a single window lays open, the gate is tightly closed and locked and the doors barred, even the very stones seem to be compacting themselves together to block any visitors. It's like a turtle who pulled the entirety of itself in it's shell then put reinforced steel walls in place of all openings and refused to ever come back out.

They both watched as Miranda and Crowley crept into the building through a small door on the side of the main gate which then slammed closed after both disappeared inside.

Lavi shuddered looking in the place, "This place is so gloomy."

Tryde meanwhile was deep in thought, "Lavi do you know all the members in all branches of the exorcist organization?" Lavi looked at him a bit confused but nodded, "Have any of the central branch or this branch been sent out to fight us or the akuma?" Lavi paused and thought back going through the many data banks that was his bookman mind and then slowly shook his head realizing at that moment what Tryde was getting at. "They're barricading themselves in keeping all the higher ups and their stronger members locked up here and I think gathering data using the other branches members like guinea pigs. It seems Master Earl was correct in that they are planning something big, a new turning point in this war is coming up fast." At Tryde's words Lavi's thoughts travel back to the vision on the train, the destruction, the demented exorcist things that attacked,

"It's all over, it's always been over, the war can never be won, everyone is already dead..."

"Lavi?" startled Lavi refocused back on Tryde and realized the Noah had asked him what he had thought about the matter.

"Oh, uh if that's the case then the retrieval of Timcampy would be top priority now, no more messing around." Tryde nodded agreeing with him as th red head continued looking back at the medieval castle like base, "From what I can tell I think our best bet to getting inside would be that window in the far tower, from previous visits if I remember correctly that tower is no longer used."

"If that's the case though Lavi it's possible it now houses the remaining members of Black Order which would mean Timcampy is even closer to our grasp."

"Exactly, as cliche as it sounds we should wait till nightfall before trying to break in."

"That hurt it was so cliche,"

"Oh shut up Judgment."

"You sound like my mother."

During the time they waited for night to fall they did some more independent recon throughout the city and besides empty watch towers at the corners of the town the North American base seemed to care little for the people around them and that bugged Lavi greatly, he had always thought the exorcists' top job was protecting the people.

Eventually night fell and they met back at their original point to find not much had changed with the base itself, still standing like an ominous silent watch dog. "Ready?" Tryde asked to which Lavi nodded and silent as shadows their mission began.

Easily they both crept into the base avoiding any alarms or traps the exorcists could have left for them and both finding their way to the entry point they had agreed on earlier; upon meeting there that glass was carved out of its frame and slid down the floor quietly on the inside and they both entered. As they had guessed the Black Order now lived in this tower, their sleeping forms easily seen from the hallway through open doors. A gesture was made and they split up creeping around the tower searching for the little golden golem that they required.

Eventually Lavi reached another open door that light poured out of and heard whispering voices risking a peek inside he spotted Timcampy resting on Komui's shoulder a few more of the science department with him, as Lavi tried to figure out a way to get the golem he begun to listen to their whispered conversation.

"I don't like it here Boss its strange the scientists all act like they have something to hide," one of them was murmuring.

"Yeah, yeah and while I was inspecting some of their equipment I swore I heard some sort of animal scream, like they were tormenting it!"

Komui was doing his best to calm them down but it was obvious he trusted them way less then even his comrades did, "Now, now they're our allies remember? We can trust them."

Lavi must have leaned a bit too much when he was listening because the little golem suddenly sat upright and looked in the direction of the door, the proceeded to unfold its wings and fly over and out to stop right in front of Lavi as if startled to find him there or just startled to find anyone there. Before the golem could do more Lavi snatched it out of the air and stuffed it in a little pouch and crept away from the conflicted scientists almost bumping into Tryde.

Tryde gave him a questioning look which Lavi replied in pointing to the now slightly squirming pouch, Tryde nodded and turned halfway to head back, Lavi however stopped him.

Inside the Bookman's head he relayed his plan to Deak and sent the personality over to Tryde's head to inform him once Deak came back and confirmed everything was good they headed down stairs.

Carefully they snuck through the base avoiding any other living soul and arriving at the science wing, even more carefully they tred here fearing being caught in a place they could not escape from and would surely die in. However upon finding the first experimentation room all thought of not being caught and escape was erased from their minds.

In the room an unconscious female Noah was strapped to an upright table a large number of strange machines were hooked up to her the main one seeming to drain her dark matter essence and transferring it to a large feral dog, as the last bits of energy were transferred the Noah looked close to death. The dog's eyes became gold and it's fur black and it begun to pace barking and howling angrily, at that moment what looked to be a general entered the room from the other side and joined the scientists, "Why are we using the Noah?"

One of the scientist's turned to him adjusting his glasses as he did so, "The data would prove much more conclusive if we used the Noah in the test yes however the girl's condition is not stable at the moment and we fear if we damage her with anything she would die." The exorcist snorted annoyed but made no move to argue and attention was returned back to the dark matter hound, "Begin the test of the altered innocence weapon!"

The exorcist activated his innocence a deadly looking scythe and with a practiced almost bored swing he stabbed the hound and a yelp followed swiftly however rather then dissipating like dark matter is supposed to the scythe still embedded in the creature's side began to absorb the dark matter.

The creature's pained whining turned into high pitched shrieking as it was drained dry of all dark matter, as the last bits left it's body, its skin shrink wrapped itself to the bones nothing internal left inside.

The scythe however changed morphing into a even deadly weapon emitting its own aura and its wielder laughed, "Is that what it will do to a Noah? Wonderful! They're regret the day they stood against us!" The scientists meanwhile were furiously recording data as fast as their pencils could go, the exorcist turned away from the skeletal corpse of the hound and to the Noah barely alive nearby.

Lavi could tell Tryde wanted to bust in there and stop the exorcist from murdering the Noah they only just found out was alive, but at this point they had a very slim chance to escape from this place with just the two of them much less an unconscious third; he hated to admit it but all they could do was watch.

With a single swing the Noah's life was ended what little was left of it after the experiment was now pouring out of the gaping slash in her neck, the exorcist's laugh the only sound in the room. Having seen quite enough Lavi grabbed Tryde's arm and pulled him away from the experiment room and led him back up to the far tower and back out the window, they didn't stop until they were a good safe distance from the base.

For awhile they just sat there catching their breath and milling over what they saw until finally Lavi had to ask, "I've never seen that Noah before, who is she?"

Tryde was silent for a long time it was obvious this affected him greatly, "That was Luna, the Noah of Love...she would have been the turning point in this war, because she...she would have been able to make the exorcists understand, understand that what they did, what they're doing is wrong."

Lavi tilted his head a bit confused the way Tryde was talking he made it sound like there was more to this war then destruction of Akuma and collection of innocence, "What do you mean?" but Tryde just shook his head refusing to answer any questions regarding the exorcists. "What about Luna then? Did you know she was alive?"

Tryde shook his head slowly, "They're lucky that Destruction is no longer with us anymore, it happened so long ago but I remember it very clearly. The central branch of the exorcist forces laid siege to a previous arc it was an attack we never saw coming and it was brutal, we lost many of our own but the one that hit us the hardest was the loss of Love, she was fatally wounded and while the battle came to an end around her she died in the arms of her older brother Destruction. He couldn't handle it, he blamed himself for his sister's death and completely lost it eventually laying siege to the central branch by himself. By the time we managed to make it there the place was destroyed bodies lay everywhere and in the center of the base is where we found his body. The loss of them was a harsh one, we knew it would be a long time before either of them would be reborn, Bonds took it the hardest though Destruction was his brother too and that was when he disappeared for awhile and came back as two people the Jasdero and David that you know today; it was an effort to fill the void that had been created when their siblings died."


"Earl got a notion a couple years back that is a signal when a Noah is reborn and we knew it was Love, but regardless of how much we searched we could not find her we had feared that after falling unconscious from the force of the awakening that exorcists had killed her. None of us could of guess that she ended up here..."

"What about Destruction will he come back? I mean if Luna came back then he should as well!"

Tryde shook his head, "The time gap between when he dies and when he is reborn has been recorded as 100 years, it has been almost 500 years since that battle and it has been recorded that he has permenantly passed on."

Silence fell between them as Tryde finished speaking and Lavi shelved away the new knowledge of the Noahs, he remembered the huge thick binded book that the Earl had when he had read off Kanda's title as a Noah and he knew that only 16 Noahs to date were still alive, it made him wonder how many were waiting to return to life and how many never would.

He heard the sound a second too late and Tryde a second later then him which made it so all he could was watch the brilliant green arrow embed itself in Tryde's shoulder the force of it carrying him back to the wall in which three more arrows followed each hitting the target and going far enough into the flesh to embed in the concrete beyond.

The archer landed on the roof of the building across from them having been shooting from the watch tower at the edge, "Well well well what do we have here, a Noah spy and a reject exorcist how interesting." Lavi growled under his breath but said nothing, Tryde merely glared a burning hatred directed at the exorcist, "Oh such hateful looks, is it by chance that you saw our little guinea pig?"

At that Tryde could no longer hold back his rage and with a inhuman roar he summoned his judgment sword and swung down unleashing a wave that melted through the building the man was standing on a second too late as the archer landed on the street in front of them and looking back at the now ruined building and whistling.

"Well can't have that happening again now can we," cocking another arrow in the notch and releasing it. Immediately Lavi jumped in the way his hammer growing with the intent to block the arrows only to watch them vanish right before hitting the hammer head and hearing them hit Tryde behind him instead immobilizing his friend completely, "How?" Lavi murmured confused.

The exorcist archer laughed genuinely amused by how helpless Lavi felt right now, "Oh you're an idiot you know that? I mea seriously did you really think you'd be of any kind of use to the Noahs? Not that you were much use to the exorcists but hey the Black Order was a huge push over branch. At least if you had stayed on our side you'd be celebrated for killing a Noah but no you just couldn't bring yourself to kill the man you once called your friend even though he is now you're worst enemy! Ah You're a pathetic excuse for an exorcist and a pathetic excuse for an enemy."

"Shut up..."

"Eh? What was that brat?"

"Shut up."

"Still can't hear moron,"

"Shut up!"

"Oh so the red head has got some fire! How nice, but that ain't gonna do much."

Without saying another word Lavi changed his stance and lowered his hammer his seals appearing around him, his one green eye gave a death glare, "Let me show exactly what I think of you exorcists, Shadow Seal! Army of Darkness!" his hammer hits the designated seal and smashes into the ground and a wave of shadow engulfs the area plunging everyone into darkness for a brief amount of time. However the shadow recedes to different points forming into what looks to be ninjas made of shadow, the clones draw blades and while as black as they are the blades glint just as maliciously as any existing blade. Lavi raises his left hand the two behind him sheathe their blades and creep backwards to Tryde where they begin to carefully remove the arrows.

Lavi then lowers his hammer till the point above the head touches the ground, "Second stage, hunt the weak," the three shadow clones in front of him change form once becoming blobs of shadow then reforming into large vicious dogs. On an unseen command the dogs lunge forward their footsteps silent and only their barking and growling could be heard. The exorcist smirks finding the traitor's efforts amusing and goes to leap up onto a nearby roof but finds himself stopped in midair and brought crashing back down one of the dogs' jaws clamped tightly around his ankle, saliva slipping out of the corners of its mouth as it tightened it's grip, it's teeth no less real for being wrought of shadows and darkness.

"Blasted mongrel!" The archer cursed cocking another arrow, however his arrow was never loosed as the second dog leaped through the air yanking the bow out of his hands, it landed and with a flick of Lavi's wrist it closed its jaws smashing the bow in half. Before the exorcist can react the third and final dog clamps its jaws around his wrist forcing him further to the ground and preventing any kind of escape.

The exorcist's gaze goes back to Lavi knowing the inevitable will happen anytime, Lavi's gaze narrows ever so slightly and the sound a blade cutting air is heard, "Silent kill," the blade of the shadow clone slicing through the exorcist's exposed throat ending the battle before the real threat could ever be detected.

Lavi let out a breath he hadn't realized he had been holding and lowered his hammer the clones disappeared and the body of the exorcist fell to the ground no longer held up by teeth of shadow.

Now freed Tryde walks up to Lavi, "Thank you Lavi, that may have ended badly if you had not been here, but your victory is short lived, we need to return to base and inform Master Earl of what we have discovered here."

Alrighty, this has taken forever and I feel terrible for taking so long to update but now that I'm back things are better then ever and I personally feel that this story has taken on a new level of depth with the new ideas developing for it. Minor note, I only ever watched the anime of -man so if things don't coordinate I'm sorry, I might could possibly be going off of the made up facts of a role play I once did with my cousin. Either way it works, so enjoy the newest chapter and the next shall soon follow, may be a bit with work but I will try my best.