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Maryse glared as she witnessed what was going on in the ring.

The match had originally been Ted DiBiase, Jr. versus Goldust. Ted put up ten thousand dollars cash on the line, while Goldust had bet ten thousand dollars worth of gold. Winner takes all.

Just after Ted hit Goldust with Dream Street, he went for the pin. However, it was mercilessly broken up by four members of Nexus who had jumped out of the crowd. The leader, Wade Barrett, followed suit, leaping over the barrier from a seat behind Jerry "The King" Lawler and Michael Cole.

Goldust rolled out of the ring and grabbed his bag of gold that was on a table stationed next to the General Manager's computer. With his free hand, he also took as many bundles of money he could with one try. To escape the chaos, he ran up the ramp and backstage.

Back in the ring, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Michael Tarver, and David Otunga were giving Ted DiBiase a bigger beatdown than DX ever did in his Legacy days. Each man gave him their finishing move while Wade Barrett watched with a satisfied look on his face. Once Ted was beaten, battered, and bruised, Wade picked up his unconscious body and slung him over his shoulders before slamming him down to the ground with brute force.

Maryse was frozen to the spot. No, she didn't care that her boyfriend had just gotten the life out of him. What was concerning Maryse more was that Goldust had taken some of the money. Since the match was called to a no-contest instead of a disqualification, Maryse figured that everyone would get their money back, and since Ted had the money put aside anyway, he could spend it on her for the night instead. Of course, that was the worst case scenario since she knew Ted would win and get even more money.

She never would have guessed this would have happened. Normally, the Nexus aims for more popular Superstars: John Cena, Edge, Randy Orton. What did they want with Ted? What purpose would that serve.

Instead of going to Ted's side after Nexus had left the ring, Maryse went to the table and tried to collect as much money as she could, stuffing it down the top of her dress. She acted quick and didn't bother to reach down for anything that had fallen off of the table.

She didn't hear the footsteps behind her.

It all went black.

"Where am I?" Maryse groaned as she came to, noticing that she had a heavy headache. She was strapped down to a chair. Thick rope tied her limbs to the arms and legs of the chair, while another rope was secured around her waist.

A hand behind her reached up and pulled the black cloth sack off of her head so she could see. When her sight was given back to her, her eyes were met with those of Wade Barrett, who was bent forward in front of her so his face was at her seated level.

"Welcome to hell, sweetheart."