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"Surely, you must be joking," Wade nervously chuckled. "I won NXT. I let you guys follow me on my mission. I made you. All of you would be on the Future Endeavored list if it weren't for me."

"Give us the belt."

Wade looked up and stared into the eyes of Justin Gabriel, who had been the member of Nexus to speak. "I fathom that you should shut your mouth before I put a bruise on that pretty little face of yours, Gabriel. Always so quiet, aren't you? But you always have something to say when you know someone is behind you, watching your back. You're a one trick pony. Evan Bourne called. He wants his gimmick back."

"Give him the belt before I unleash the hounds," David Otunga demanded, nodding towards Michael Tarver, who was growling. Wade thought he may have been drooling, but he was wearing the bandana and his hypothesis could not be proven to be a fact.

"Your wife will sell one album. And do you know who will be the buyer? You," Wade stated with a hint of rage in his eyes. "And you, Tarver!" he shouted, pointing to his stable member. "Did you get your rabies shot? I'm afraid you're going to contaminate the entire locker room."

"Belt. Now," Heath Slater stated.

Wade looked Heath up and down. Instead of insulting him like he did with the rest of the Nexus, Wade simply let out a hearty, "Ha."

The four Nexus boys simultaneously took one step away from Maryse and towards Wade.

"Alright, I'm waving the white flag," Wade sighed, extending the belt to Justin Gabriel, who instantly snatched it from his leader's grasp.

After a few moments of extremely awkward silence, David Otunga spoke. "You're coming with us, oh righteous leader. You can either cooperate and stay Nexus, or you can be against us. Take your pick. Boys, get him."

Michael Tarver and Heath Slater each grabbed Wade Barrett by an arm. "And where in the bloody hell are you blokes taking me?"

"Don't worry about it," Otunga answered as he was overseeing the untying of Maryse by Justin Gabriel.

Justin took the handkerchief out of Maryse's mouth. "Oh, I knew it would work!" she squealed, glaring at Wade Barrett. Once she was freed, she stood up and sauntered up to Wade, getting in his face. "You thought you were going to use me to get a bit of chump change from my boyfriend? Guess what? It's not going to work, buddy boy. You underestimated little old me."

"And you underestimated me," Wade Barrett laughed, shaking Tarver and Slater off of him with ease.

"What?" Maryse asked in horror.

Otunga let out an amused huff as he reached into his pocket and grabbed a black silk bag and covered Maryse's head with it. Her screams were slightly muffled in the fabric.

"Shut up!" Wade yelled, pulling at his hair. "Dear god, if DiBiase starts getting grey hair soon, I'll know why. Hell, I'll be shocked if I don't start turning grey in the next five seconds."

Maryse let out a few more stifled pleas for help before silencing herself and relaxing her body.

"Did you really think that if my men were to turn against me, I would surrender so easily? Men are not as submissive as you believe them to be, m'lady. Well, at least the Nexus aren't. I knew you were going to pull a ruse such as this, and I instructed my men to pretend to go along with it. It was the only way to attempt to get you out of this location in any sort of silence, and you fell for my trap perfectly. Now, you will be quiet. Otunga is physically dealing with you instead of Tarver to give you some sort of comfort. However, if you become unruly, I will order Tarver to take over the wench handling duties. Until then, he will assume the position of navigator. We are relocating ourselves to the location I left in the note for DiBiase. He gives us ten thousand, he gets the belt. Nexus, move!" Wade ordered, opening the door to the room and ushering the men out.

Tarver played lookout as Wade had ordered. He led the group throughout the arena, scouting for anybody who may wonder just exactly why five men were parading around an empty arena with someone else's championship and carrying a girl with a black sack over her head. He motioned when the coast was clear, and Nexus followed him. Justin continued protecting the Million Dollar Championship belt, followed closely by Heath Slater. Wade Barrett was uncharacteristically at the end of the Nexus train. He took wide strides and walked with his head held high and a smile on his face, happily surveying what he had accomplished.