After gathering the first 3 warriors, one more warrior had to be awakened. This one in New Jersey and is female. Regardless of gender, she will soon prove herself worry of being a warrior.

She had long straight black hair with the bangs dyed blue, had on blue lipstick and a lipring. If looks can kill, you'd die looking at this metal/punk guitarist princess, known as Alexa Araya.

She wore a big Gir hoodie/jacket, black netted gloves, a black/red "Pantera" form fitting t-shirt under it, a red/yellow/black plaid skirt that went to her knees and a huge black boots that went to the middle of her legs.

She had been working on setting up a stage for a gig she had a bar there when she heard him. "You have been chosen…"

Alexa looked around confused, she seen a person around her, but he yelling at another guy not looking at her. She looked around before going backstage. "Time for you to learn…" The voice said making Alexa look around.

"Okay, who the hell is saying that?" She asked in New York accent as she's from New York City. Above her, a sandbag's rope broke and it fell on her head, knocking her out.

After a while, Alexa woke up, her head pounding. "Oh man, what did I drink?" She muttered to herself as she had a headache. She then noticed where she was. She was on a stage, just not the one she expected. It looked like something out of a metal cover as it looked like she was in a cavern with many torches lighting up the joint, there was even what Alexa presumed a fake skeleton dressed up as the Grim Reaper hanging over the crowd.

Speaking of the crowd, looked like a basic metal concert crowd, which sorta made her feel better. Only one thing then rang though Alexa's mind. "Where the hell am i?"

"Well certainly not what you humans call hell." A familiar voice said making Alexa look around.

"All right, what the fuck man? I need to do a set soon!"

"You shall, I am the Demigod of Rocky. You have been transported here. Look behind you." The Demigod's voice said making Alexa turn around, she saw band members, a female singer, a drummer and bassist ready to play. She also saw a Black/pink B.C. Rich Kerry King V, ready to be used.

Alexa looked up above. "So you want me to play a four song set?"

"Yes, show them the power of rock, however you please, then you'll know the truth…" The Demigod said before Alexa walked over to the guitar and got it set up.

"So these guys will know what I would want to play?" She asked.


"Okay, might be going crazy, but whatever." Alexa said to herself before looking over to the band mates, they knew what song she was thinking of, and then they started up playing 45 Grave's "Partytime! (Zombie Version)", with Alexa playing the guitar like an expert as the singer sang.

"Very young, getting kicks

Crusin' around 56

Drinking beer, driving fast

This party is their last

They'll dance on the graves

The lost souls, Satan's slaves

They don't know the acid rain

Is coming down to make them insane

Do you wanna party, it's partytime

We got to party, It's Partytime

They Never Had The Chance!

Shifting gears, wasting gas

This party is their last

Paid their wage of sin today

That's life but the dead say

Do you wanna party, it's partytime

We got to party, It's Partytime"

There Alexa does the solo of the song like an expert before playing normal.

"Do you wanna party, it's partytime

We got to party, It's Partytime (3x)

It's Partytime! (4x)"

The band and Alexa finished the song and the crowd was loving it. Alexa smiled and raised her fist, knowing she did an epic job. "Excellent job Alexa, 3 more to go…" The Demigod said.

"You got it Demigod." Alexa smirked, then the band, now with a male singer then played Stone Sour's "30-30-150", Judas Priest's "Breaking The Law" and Black Label Society's "Parade Of The Dead". When the last song was done, Alexa had her devil horns up.

"Excellent Alexa, I shall give you the truth." The Demigod said before the images of his battle with the Beast went in her head, when it was done, she was shocked. "Will you become a warrior?..."

"Yeah." Alexa said before hearing something try to move above her, looking up, she saw the hanging grim reaper move, and then it broke free. It then came at Alexa before turning into a mist and started to engulf her, after a bit, it went away, but something happened.

Alexa wasn't the same, she was now as pale as snow, her lips and eyes were now pure black., had black horizontal lines around her lips She wore a stitched up hooded robe/dress that went down to the middle of her thigh. She also now had bone like wings. She laughed and smiled at her new form, she was now a literal angel of death! She's now Warrior Alexa!

"You are now a warrior, embrace your power and show them what you got..." The Demigod of Rock's voice said to which Alexa gave a sexy smirk and picked up her guitar, now looking like it's made of bones. "You got it baby." She said in a dark hush-like tone.

Then the band, who went through a similar transformation got ready as did Alexa and then they started to play In Flames "Alias" and Alexa was getting into the mood as the singer sang.

"The serpent knows

When the curtain falls

With denial's blindfold

He greets another day

Don't believe the mask

It adapts to any lie

A perfect ten

When reality caves in

Don't tell me

Tell my ghost

Cause I blame him

For all I don't want to know

I found secrets about life's undertow

Life's wrapped in a riddle

Easier said than done

Hate to play the victim

Rather run and hide

Don't believe the mask

It adapts to any lie

A perfect ten

When reality caves in

Don't tell me

Tell my ghost

Cause I blame him

For all I don't want to know

I found secrets about life's undertow

Let them take me far away"

There Alexa did the slow solo of the song for a while and did it perfect, then she played another riff as the singer sang.

"Crawl back in place

It's easier to cope behind the curtain

Wipe the worries away

No thought about the consequence"

Then the band got back to the normal pace and riff and played on.

"Don't believe the mask

It adapts to any lie

A perfect ten

When reality caves in

Don't tell me

Tell my ghost

Cause I blame him

For all I don't want to know

I found secrets about life's undertow

Let them take me far away"

The song ended and everyone was cheering in excitement. Alexa smiled and laughed at this. "Well done warrior, I shall transport you to a secret locale where the other 3 warriors are, as now you are ready, do you except?"

Alexa smiled and nodded her head. "Bring the pain." Then lights shined on her and she was sent to another realm.

Now in this different realm, it was like a field of grass, yet the skys were red. Zakk, Donnie and Rogen, all three in their warrior forms were waiting for the final warrior.

"So…" Zakk said in his robotic echoish voice while checking out his new bio-mechanism form before looking at Donnie. "You're Donnie, the drummer?"

"Damn straight man." Donnie growled as he looked at Zakk with his one good eye, thanks to his new Confederate zombie form, then both looked at Rogen, who weezed, thanks to his new demonic fisherman fish form.

"And you're Rogen, the bassist and co-vocalist?"

Rogen nodded his head to which Donnie noted. "Weird, he sings, yet he's mostly silent."

Rogen shrugged as Zakk crossed his arms. "I know…" He then looked around. "And I'm the other co-vocalist and guitarist. But I was told 4 warriors were to be together."

"Yeah, were the hell is the other guitarist, shouldn't he be here by now?" Donnie asked looking around as did Rogen.

"Right here boys." Alexa's voice said before the four noticed Alexa teleport in front of them. "And I'm a girl." She said to Donnie.

Donnie and Zakk were both surprised at her. Rogen was too and was somewhat captivated by Alexa, but thanks to his masking his emotions, plus being a demonic fisherman fish guy also helped out.

"So, who you guys?" Alexa asked to which Zakk nodded his head and shake Alexa's hand.

"Zakk Blythe, co-guitarist and co-vocalist." Donnie then grabed and lightly kissed Alexa's hand.

"Donnie Miskovsky, drummer." He said with a charm to which Alexa smiled a bit.

"Charming…" She said before noticing Rogen. She looked at him close and wondered. "And who might you be?" Rogen didn't say anything, but she kept looking at him.

"Ro… Gen… Nico… Tero…" He was able to weeze out to which Alexa smiled.

"Rogen, by the way you looked, picture you the silent type." Alexa smirked.

"Well he is, but rarely speaks." Donnie noted.

"Also happens to be the bassist and co-vocalist, which is ironic." Zakk also added in to which Alexa turned back and smirked at Rogen.

"Well I bet you're a great singer." Alexa said to which if he could, Rogen would blush. She then turned around to look around. "I'm Alexa, co-guitarist. Nice to meet you all."

"You four have met…" The Demigod of Rock's voice rang to which the four heard and looked up. "Good, now I shall give you your next task…"