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Chapter 1: Envy

Misa was irritated today.

She didn't know why, but she felt as though the entire world had made it their mission to pester her all day. She would have snapped, had it not been for her lover being able to calm her down with his kindness.

Beyond Birthday was very affectionate – to her –, but Misa couldn't help but wonder what he did while he was gone. He was a murderer, and she knew that, but she couldn't get him to stop for her sake. And, since her love for him was stronger than her disdain for his obsession, she stayed with him despite it. He would leave for hours at a time, and return home covered in blood – though the way it blended into his clothes made it look like paint, thus the reason he was never stopped – and grinning wildly. But then he'd take a shower, and he'd kiss her, and everything would be okay again.

However, Misa had been in some bad relationships in the past, and most of them ended with the man she was with cheating on her. Misa had grown very self-conscious because of this, and she almost didn't trust Beyond to be gone so long as a result.

Today was the day that Beyond had planned to go slice open one of the poor, tortured souls he had locked in his lab. But today was also the day that the world decided it was going to be Misa's tormentor. In short – Beyond chose the wrong day to go out.

"Hmph. Why do you always go away so long?" Misa asked when Beyond told her that he was going to "experiment".

"It takes quite a while to detain a specimen," B explained. "and even longer to examine them thoroughly."

"What does that mean?" Misa inquired. She didn't like the sound of the word "examine".

"Well, I do enjoy learning about human anatomy with visual aids." he said, snickering lightly. "In order to do so, I must cut the person open carefully, so that I do not damage any of the organs."

"But do you ever experiment on girls?"

"Of course."

"Then who knows what you're doing to them before you kill them? Or what you do to them after you kill them?" she exclaimed. "And, for all I know, you're actually going to see a girl and you're lying to m-"

"Envy." Beyond muttered.

"Huh?" Misa said, ceasing her rant.

"Envy is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, my dear. And the one you are demonstrating at the moment."

Misa sucked her teeth, and placed her hands on her hips. "Are you implying that I've been taken over by the seven deadly sins?"

"I wouldn't go that far." B replied. "I'd say that it's more that you exemplify traits that make up these sins." He smirked. "I am certain that I could find all of the other sins in your personality as well."

"It's not like you practice the seven virtues, my murderous boyfriend." Misa told him, relishing in the defeated look that crossed his face. Then, she added, "I bet you've committed more of the sins than I have!"

"Is that a bet?" B asked.

"Yes, it is." she informed him. "Or, rather, a contest. Whichever one of us finds the most deadly sins in the other wins, and gets a prize."

"Then, I've already got one point." he said. "Envy. You are as envious as they come, Love."

"Why do you think that I'm envious? All girls act like me!" Misa said. Then, she shook her head, and proclaimed, "I'll beat you!"

"Is that so?" he asked, the smirk widening.

"Yes, it is so. I never lose a bet." Misa informed him.

"Then I will take great pleasure in breaking that streak for you, my dear."

"Hmph. You're so mean." Misa's lips form a pout as she crossed her arms. Beyond chuckled and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"And you're cute when you're angry." he told her, kissing her neck lightly.

Misa blushed as his lips trailed up her neck. Of all the times to be affectionate! After regaining her voice, she stuttered, "Y-you're supposed to be working against me, not kissing me!"

Beyond was slightly upset by her one-track mind. He didn't know that Misa would be so into the contest as to not allowed any affection. His lips reached the bottom of Misa's ear, and he whispered, "I do a lot of things I'm not supposed to do, Misa. And, besides, you're too cute to resist."

"You resisted me before, when you tried to kill me."

"I did not expect to fall in love with you, Miss Amane. That is why I resisted."

"D...does that mean that you always liked me?"

"Yes, Misa. And I believe that if I compliment you enough, I will come to find yet another sin that lies within you."

Misa's face turned bright red as she came to understand what he meant. She had no clue he could be such a pervert! "Tch." she said, removing his arms from her waist and standing before him proudly. "Don't get too cocky, Love. I'll have you beat by the time this contest is over!"

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