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Misa couldn't help grinning to herself as she exited the room where she'd left her blushing boyfriend. He's so cute when he blushes, she thought. In the few months they'd been together, Misa couldn't recall one time where she'd made him blush. It was always vice versa – he always found some way to flirt and tease her. But, this time, Misa had been the one to tease him.

Beyond, on the other hand, couldn't believe it. He was completely unaccustomed to losing to Misa in anything, especially something like this. Considering the methods he had used on his victims before meeting Misa (though he'd never tell her about this), he shouldn't have been so easily affected by her obvious attempt at embarrassing him. And yet, there he was, blushing bright red when Misa had her back turned.

Damn her, using her beauty to her advantage... he thought. Grinning, though, he quickly added, Well, then, if that's how she wants to play it, I'll gladly oblige her. This is, after all, the sin of lust.

"Misa!" Beyond yelled, the blush having left his face.

"Yeah?" Misa called out, her blonde head poking into the room. She wore a semi-devilish grin, causing Beyond's own smirk to widen.

"I want to take you out tonight," he said.


"To dinner."

Misa's face immediately lit up at the prospect of a date. "Really?"

"Of course, Love." he replied, pressing a swift kiss to her forehead. When her face went aflame at the affectionate gesture, he made sure to lean forward and whisper in her ear, "Anything for you." The hushed words caused Misa's face to light up again, and B gave a small chuckle as he walked toward the closet, removed his clothes for the evening, and then moved out the door. "Dress quickly, Love."

Misa waited until she was sure that B had gone. Once she was, she allowed the emotion of nervous embarrassment to further expose itself. Dammit! Misa screamed in her mind, a hand moving up to touch the spot on her head that had been graced by Beyond's lips. He really wants to beat me – the punishment for losing must be really bad! ...no, calm down. I can't let him get to me. That's what he wants. Grinning, she made her way over to the closet to select her attire for that night's event. If it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get.

Beyond was feeling extra confident after seeing Misa grow flushed at his kiss – it meant that he still had some sort of advantage against her. That sort of affection was her enemy. Her form of affection was his. But I'll win this, he thought, his hand reaching into the pocket of his suit in order to run his finger along the metal object hidden inside. I will.

With that thought in mind, he walked into the bathroom and shut the door as he changed out of his sweater and jeans. When his eyes fell upon the scars on his chest, he frowned deeply. These scars won't heal... he thought, running his hand along the most prominent one, on his chest. I suppose the scars make my face look less hideous, though. He glanced up at the mirror, frowning at his exceptionally pale skin and red eyes. I'm not handsome. Not at all. How could Misa ever want me?

Sighing to himself, he moved to slip on the crimson shirt he'd grabbed from the closet. Well, I may as well use her inexplicable attraction to me to my advantage. He proceeded to slip on his pants and the suit's jacket, and even made a (futile) attempt to brush his hair out. After giving up, he gave a worried glance at the mirror, and decided that he looked decent. Not handsome, he told himself, but decent.

He exited the bathroom, and walked toward their bedroom door. "Are you ready, Misa?" he called into the room.

"Yep!" she replied. "Just gotta put my shoes on!"

Beyond pushed the door open, and gave a small gasp of surprise. Misa apparently wanted to win just as badly as him, because she'd decided to wear a black dress that, while being short and extremely frilly, looked positively adorable on Misa. Her eyes were also a deep crimson color – occasionally, she would activate her Shinigami eyes for the sole purpose of having her eyes turn scarlet – and she had been slipping on a pair of black high heels when Beyond walked in.

She gave an excited smile when he appeared in the room. "I love your suit!" she exclaimed, pressing her rouge lips against his cheek.

"Thank you," he replied, blushing lightly at the compliment. "You look beautiful, as well."

Misa giggled, a blush making its way onto her face as well. "Thanks!" she said, taking her gloved hand in his. (The glove was black and lacy, no less.) "Now, where are you taking me, Beyond?"

"To a nice restaurant. It's within walking distance." B explained. "So, we can walk, or I can call a taxi. What do you want to do?"

"Let's walk!" Misa replied. B nodded in agreement, and wrapped an arm around Misa's shoulders as he led her out the door. Misa giggled, moving closer to him.

They walked in silence, with Beyond occasionally pressing a kiss to Misa's head and Misa giving a soft giggle as she kissed his cheek in response. By the time they arrived at the restaurant, Beyond's cheek had a dark red mark on it.

"Good evening." the man standing by the door said, giving a polite smile. "Do you have a reservation?"

Misa opened her mouth to say "no", but B beat her to it. "Yes, we do, under Amane." he stated. As the man searched through the computer, Misa hissed, "You made the reservation under my name?"

"I had to," he explained. "Otherwise, it would have been under 'Beyond'."

Misa pouted, wondering if that was even his real name. "Ah, here you are." the waiter said, grabbing two menus and stepping away from the podium-like stand where the computer was. "Right this way."

Beyond's arm moved from its place around Misa's shoulders in order to take her hand in his. "Come on," he said, pulling her along as he followed the waiter. The man brought them to a table in a quiet spot, hidden away from everyone else. He apologized for the inconvenient spot, and explained that it was the only free table at the moment, but Misa interjected to say, "No, it's quite alright."

Once they were situated, Misa glanced at Beyond, and gave a smooth smile. "So, how do you intend to use this to your advantage?" she asked.

Beyond gave a smirk. "I'm sure I don't know what you mean." he said.

"I know what you're doing," Misa stated, grinning, "and it won't work."

"Oh, is that so?" B asked, curiously. "Well then, enlighten me. What am I doing, Misa?"

"You're going to try and seduce me after this meal, aren't you?" she inquired, her grin widening. "I can assure you now, though, that it won't work on me."

Almost immediately, B's smirk was wiped off of his face. She really doesn't think I'm handsome. he thought. She really doesn't want me. "Don't worry, Amane." he said, looking away from her. "I won't try that on you."

Misa blinked, surprised at the way his tone had changed. What did I say? she wondered. And why did he call me "Amane"? He hadn't done that since before they'd begun dating. Immediately, the playful mood between them turned somber, and both of them ran out of things to say.

Dinner, although very delicious, was highly uneventful. Beyond had planned to order a large plate of spaghetti for the two of them (the end result was fairly obvious), but had changed his mind and chosen a different meal by the time the waiter returned.

Misa spent the duration of the meal wondering what she'd done or said to upset Beyond – she hadn't meant to hurt him. Maybe it's because he really doesn't want to do anything like that with me... Misa frowned a bit. I guess I'm not that pretty after all.

They finished eating in record time, both of them wanting to go home so that they could sleep off the awkward tension. Once the waiter brought the check, Beyond pulled the required amount from his (stolen) wallet, and placed it inside the checkbook. "Let's go, Misa," he said. Misa blinked in surprise at hearing him speak again, but gave a nod of agreement as she took his hand in hers, and twined their fingers together. B couldn't resist smiling at her as he led them out of the restaurant.

Beyond occasionally glanced down at the blonde, who kept her eyes fixated straight ahead. It was a bit unnerving to him. She really doesn't want to look at me, does she? he thought. Now that I think about it, I don't think she's ever complimented my looks before...

By the time they arrived back at their apartment, all Beyond wanted to do was change out of his uncomfortable suit and go to bed. He decided to change in the bathroom, and, snagging some clothes off of his bed, went to do so. He quickly removed all pieces of his formal attire – shirt, jacket, pants, everything – and replaced his dress pants with the sweatpants he'd taken from their bedroom. In his rush to change, though, he realized that he'd forgotten to grab a shirt. Dammit, he thought, stepping out of the bathroom to grab a shirt from his room.

"Misa, I'm coming in." he said as he pushed the door open. Had he given Misa a second to respond, he would have received a, "Wait! I'm not dressed yet!" Instead, he had come face to face with the barely dressed girl – she was left in nothing but her underwear, as she'd just taken off her dress, and was moving to put it in the closet. When she noticed Beyond, though, her face went aflame.

"O-oh! I'm sorry, I just came to get a sh-shirt..." B stuttered, covering his eyes with his hand as he moved to grab a shirt from the closet.

"Wait," Misa said, walking over to him and grabbing his wrist to move his hand away from his eyes. "What are these, Beyond?"

"What is wh-what?" he questioned. Misa motioned to his chest, and B suddenly felt very self-conscious. He'd gone into the room without his shirt on. Misa could now see his scars. The ones he'd been trying so hard to hide...

"These scars. Where did they come from? Who hurt you?" The questions were fairly innocent, but B could make out the increasing anger in her voice.

"They're m-my fault." he stuttered, moving to hide the most profound one. "During my murder spree in LA...I-I tried to burn myself to death, but I was stopped..."

Misa's grip on his wrist tightened. "Don't you try to do anything like that again. Got it?"

"Y-yeah." he whispered, trying to cover the rest of the scars.

"Why are you doing that?"

"Doing wh-what?"

"Covering your scars."

"...they make me look ugly. Even more than I already am."

Misa gave a frown. "Ugly? You aren't ugly."

"...you...don't think so?"

"Of course not, Beyond. In fact," she muttered, grinning as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed a kiss to his cheek. "I think you're the best-looking man I've ever seen."

Beyond blushed, partially due to the compliment and partially because Misa, who was barely wearing anything, was now pressing against him. He tried not to think about it, but it was fairly difficult without the dress covering her...so he decided to go with it. "You're the best-looking woman I've ever seen," he told Misa, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her closer to him.

Misa's reddened face also darkened when his arms moved around her waist. "Thank you, Beyond. That means a lot coming from you." She lifted her head to smile up at him, but instead gave a small gasp when her eyes met his. Beyond did the same. Almost immediately, they were in a trance, bound by the other's gaze.

They were unsure who moved first, but once their lips touched, it didn't matter. By the time they fell upon the bed, there was only one thought that managed to stay in their minds, amidst the gentle kisses and soft touches: I've lost this game.

Misa could barely remember anything.

She felt as though her mind had been drained of all memories, all thoughts, until all she knew was that she was Misa Amane, pop idol. She rolled onto her side, and gave a small gasp when she felt a pang of pleasure run through her. Just like last night...when we–

"I see you're awake," a voice said, invading her thoughts. She looked up at the man beside her, and blushed when she saw the seductive smirk on his face.

"H-hi." she said sheepishly, causing Beyond to chuckle and press a kiss to her forehead.

"You're so cute, Love." B said, moving his arm around her middle and pressing his bare chest to hers. "Did you enjoy yourself that much?"

"Sh-shut up!" she exclaimed, pressing her face against his chest in order to keep B from seeing the blush that had exploded onto it.

"Ah, I apologize." he muttered, pressing a kiss to her head. "But I'm afraid we have a bit of a dilemma."

"D-dilemma?" Misa mumbled. "What dilemma?"

"We both lost, Misa," Beyond explained, moving to whisper in her ear, "because I know you wanted me just as much as I wanted you."

Misa's face immediately darkened. "I-I did not!"

B chuckled, and ran his hand along Misa's reddened cheek, causing her to whimper lightly. "I beg to differ."

"O-okay, fine, you're right!" she exclaimed when his hand moved down, past her neck. "But what's the d-dilemma?"

"Well, we can do one of two things." he said, his hand continuing down to trace her curves as Misa squirmed away from it, muttering something that sounded like "not right now". "We can either call this a tie, and neither of us gets their reward, or we can both get our reward, as both of us technically beat the other."

"Let's do the latter," Misa suggested. "I was curious as to what your reward for beating me would be."

"Tell me yours, first." B said as he moved away from Misa and rose to his feet. Misa blushed and sat on the side of the bed, facing him.

"M-my reward was that...if I won, you would have to kiss me more often."

B grinned. "Very well." He walked over to her and leaned forward, covering her mouth with his. He nipped lightly at Misa's bottom lip, causing the blonde to let out a small moan. She gave a small sound of approval when she felt his tongue slide into her mouth and swirl around. Misa lifted her arms until her hands reached his shoulders, and forced him closer. B chuckled and pulled away, causing Misa to whimper in disapproval. "There's more where that came from," he whispered in her ear.

Giggling, she asked, "What about you, Beyond? What's your reward?"

Beyond's smile fell, and he quickly slipped a pair of pants on. "I'll be back," he said. Misa watched as he walked into the hallway and entered the bathroom, but couldn't see him after that. He returned a few minutes later, clenching his fists and looking a bit nervous. He stood before Misa, and got down on his knees. Misa blushed and covered herself with a sheet.

"Wh-what's wrong?" she asked. B didn't reply, but instead took one of Misa's hands in his, and pressed something into it. Something small, and circular. When she looked down at her hand, her eyes widened.

It was a ring.

"My reward." he began, clearing his throat. "Misa, as my reward...I'd like for you to marry me."

Misa looked up at Beyond, tears beginning to prick at the corners of her ice blue eyes. "Wh– you want to m-marry me?"


Misa stared at B, silent, and for a moment he feared that he'd be rejected. That fear vanished completely when Misa threw her arms around him, pulling him into a tearful hug. "Yes!" she cried. "Yes, I'll marry y-you!"

Beyond gave a small smile, and took the ring from Misa once she released him. He slipped it onto her finger and pressed a kiss to her hand, mumbling, "Now everyone will know that you belong to me."

Misa giggled. "I wouldn't have it any other way."

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