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Damon's words… her words haunted her as she went into the house and up to her room.

'Friends don't manipulate friends….'

She needed to relax; she'd been laying down on her bed trying to wind down.

She was startled when he entered her room. The last person she expected.

"You have got to quit doing that, coming here like this."

"Elena , I changed my mind. I didn't want to leave things like that."

"Get out Damon…"

"There are a few things I have to know and I'll leave you alone. I won't bother you or Stefan.
You say I have lost you forever…"

"I did say that."

"If there's no hope… why didn't you let Bonnie kill me, burn me away. You could've taken that arrow I took in the back for you today and stabbed my heart, though you may doubt I have one. You might as well have brought an end to me or let it come. It would be easy I won't even put up a fight; here I'll even give you a stake to do it with. Jeremy made this. " Damon held out a sharpened piece of wood to her and put it to his chest.

"Damon don't be silly."

"Silly Elena? DO IT! I'm being serious, if you can't look past what I've done… what's the point."

Damon moved closer towards Elena and grabbed one of her hands and put it on the stake, for emphasis he leaned in putting more of his weight on the stake.
Elena felt the force against her hand.

Damon whispered pleadingly, "Forgive me Elena, if Jeremy can… why can't you?"

"Jeremy forgave you for what you did to him?" Elena asked.

"We talked… it didn't go badly. We're good now. I actually respect your brother's bravery.
He's a lot stronger than you give him credit for, than I gave him credit for. I'm thinking
stubbornness runs in your family"

"Yes it does."

"I can be just as stubborn. I won't give up when it means something to me."

"I know. Put the stake away Damon." Elena moved her hand and his away from his chest.

"You're being a little dramatic aren't you? Besides, it's not like I want you dead, well more dead… "

"Why not? If you hate me."

"Because…" Elena started.

"And don't give me all the … it won't solve anything. I don't want me or anyone else to be dark, evil heartedly ruthless like you. Or you're Stefan's brother; it would hurt him… you know those reasons aren't good enough. Because it would be simpler… Stefan's life would be, your friends and your family would have it easier if I weren't around. That's not why…"

Elena was surprised by the logic of his words.

"Maybe everyone would be safer Elena. Or maybe you don't necessarily care about safe…
maybe it bores you. "

Damon could really exasperate her… Elena always found herself with a headache after talking with him… somehow he always left her thoughts in a jumble.

"You want an answer? I don't know okay. I just don't want you to die… I don't know why really."
Elena admitted.

"Maybe Elena deep down somewhere you still think I'm worth saving."

"Damon… don't push it. I don't know how I feel about you."

"That's my point Elena, maybe you shouldn't make any rash decisions until you do know. I don't want you to regret anything, I don't want to regret anything.
And when you do decide I'll respect your decision. "

"Fair enough Damon."

"And I promise I won't ever do anything like that again. I will make it up to you. I'll protect you and your family; I'll do whatever it takes."

"Thanks for saying you won't make me go through that again."

"Never again." He stated.

And with that he was gone. He vanished quicker than her eyes could watch him leave.

Elena could begin to feel her head already throbbing.

'Darn you Damon.'