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Winds of Change

By nightdragon0


The glowing light surrounded Jade and Firestorm. I shielded my eyes for a moment, but I made out a human shape falling to the ground.

I ran over and pulled him back towards the rest of our group, who'd gathered behind us. It was Jade, back as a human once more. He was dressed in a completely white shirt and pants. He stirred as I moved him.

"Jade?" I asked.

"Yeah, I think so." He lifted his hands and looked at them. "I'm…human!"

"How bout Storm?" Luminair asked.

"Don't worry." Jade pointed towards the glowing light, which quickly disappeared, leaving a Charizard-like form hovering in its place. "He's back to his old self too."

"Storm?" Nightslice gasped.

The Charizard's form had become clad in a silvery set of armor. His face was completely covered by a helmet with just enough space to open his jaws. Two holes served as his means of vision. Going down was the main body plate that covered his entire chest, decorated by a dragon engraved onto its center. Lower body armor went down all the way to the bottom of his feet. His wings and arms were left unaltered, save the glowing light around him.

Literally a dragon in shinning armor.

"My light shines upon your darkness. To the burning hells, vile creature!" Firestorm raised a hand and a sword of brilliant light formed in it.

With the weapon held high, he lowered his wings and charged.

"Never!" Kaiser declared. "My darkness will conquer all!"

Nightslice rammed the evil dragon from the side, intending to distract him. Unfortunately, the attack was miscalculated and unintentionally knocked Kaiser out of Firestorm's sword's path…but not his tail's. And Storm gave him a hard smack.

Kaiser roared as he hit the ground. The dark dragon pulled himself up and threw off several fireballs, striking Firestorm and Nightslice. The pair hit the ground, however Kaiser never got the chance to attack.

Luminair and Ehrgeiz shocked him with their Lightning attacks. Kaiser stumbled back to take Riot's Hyper Beam in his face. Hazuki and Nala were standing behind the Aerodactyl, clenching their fists.

Dracia's Dragon Breath move came out of pure fury, but still got its job done.

Syndrea was leaning unsteadily against the wall, but still managed to contribute a Psychic, stunning the dragon further.

Once again, Firestorm took to the sky. Only this time, he raised his sword of light to the sky like a paladin. Golden energy charged up around the shinning blade. Roaring, Kaiser fired a series of energy bursts. Firestorm did his best to dodge the assault as he folded his wings and descended towards his target.

"You will never defeat…rrrraaaarrrrgghhhh!"

Nightslice had leapt up and ran his blade through Kaiser from behind. At that moment, Firestorm had reached him and drove his shinning sword home as well.

Multi colored lights flashed as the energies clashed. All three roared in pain and energy crackled over their bodies. A small explosion threw Storm to the ground, his new armor fading away. However, Nightslice remained up there.

I pulled myself to my feet and got off running. There were multiple yells from everyone telling me not to go. But this was something I had to do. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted Syndrea raising her hands.

Letting off a furious scream, I threw myself into the midst of the swirling energies, caught Nightslice, and brought him back down. Nightslice, back to his normal Scizor body.

We hit the ground hard, but I managed to look up into the clashing lights. Kaiser's body was breaking up, being engulfed by the golden spectrum. However, for a brief moment, I saw an image of the Knight Blazer, standing firmly.

The next instant, my world disappeared in a flash of light.


"Ughh…" I moaned, opening my eyes.

"You all right?" Nala was suddenly standing over me.

"Yeah…but the others?"

"Don't worry." Nala pulled me up.

We were standing in a wide, open grass field, quite different from the base we'd last been it. Looking around, I saw the others. Riot and Dracia were nearby, Luminair and Ehrgeiz beside them. Firestorm, Kris and Jade, the last of the three being in his human form again.

"Kyle…" I sighed sadly, remembering what he'd done during those final chaotic moments. "Serac…Syndrea…they're gone too."

Nala patted my shoulder.

"I think Syndrea was the one who teleported us out of there before the explosion." Nala said. "But I don't know what happened to her after that."

"This doesn't look good." Firestorm muttered. The Charizard was kneeling, with his eyes closed and a claw on Nightslice's forehead.

Everyone ran over and formed a circle around Nightslice, lying on his back and breathing heavily.

"What's happened to him?" Jade asked.

"With the removal of the Knight Blazer, that part of Kaiser's spirit, from him, his Forbidden Powers are gone. And his life force is fading rapidly." Firestorm explained. He was probably reading it from Nightslice's mind. "He doesn't have much time left…"

"No!" I cried, causing everyone to look towards me. "We've lost too many friends already! There has to be something we can do!"

"But what?" Jade asked.

"Nightslice's life force was tied to that part of Kaiser's spirit." Firestorm said. "So if we could bind it to something else…"

"He could be saved, right?" Luminair asked.

"I volunteer." Kris spoke. "But can you do it?"

"If I use all the energies of my Sacred Powers, yes." Firestorm replied. "I'll lose the use of them, but I'm willing to sacrifice it for his sake. However, it's you I'm more worried about Kris. This bond will bind your two in life and in death. It will be impossible to break."

"How did you learn all this stuff?" Jade wondered.

"Zian's telling me." The Charizard replied. His eyes had been closed the whole time. "When it comes to Planeswalking, he knows how to find me."

"Let's do it then." Kris declared.

"You're absolutely sure?" Storm asked for one final time.

"Yes." She replied immediately.

In a flash of golden light, it was over.


The sun was setting as we finally approached Blackthorn City. We'd met up with Riptide along the way, but no one was really in much of a talking mood. We'd all lost someone, and some were taking it harder than others.

I lay back against the grassy hill and glanced over my Scyther body.

Guess this is me for good now…

With bits and pieces of information from the others, I gathered that Nightslice needed his Forbidden Powers to restore my human self. And now that he'd lost them, I was…


I started, jumping up. It was Nightslice, in human form, with a backpack slung over his shoulder.

"Kris, I really want to thank you for saving me."

"You would've done the same for me." I put on as best a smile as I could. "I made such a mess of things. We lost so many friends…I couldn't bear to lose you too."

"It wasn't your fault Kris." Nightslice sat down beside me. "It wasn't anybody's fault for what happened. Everyone believed, and fought for what their hearts told them. That's what counts."

"Yeah…I guess."

"By the way, I have a little something for you." He reached out and touched my head.

An odd feeling ran through my body. My head spun and I passed out for a few moments. When I came to, I felt very different. I felt my…hands?

I sprang up and looked over myself. I was back to my human self! I found myself dressed in black jeans and a blue T-shirt. Over it was a black jacket and on my hands a pair of fingerless gloves.

Nightslice stood over to the side, grinning at my delight.

"How?" I staggered. "I thought you lost your powers!"

"I lost my Forbidden Powers, but I realized I had one more residing in me. The power Euphoria used to turn me into a human. I just passed that power into you, through our soul bond."

"Then, you're…"

"Oh, this?" Nightslice tapped his chest. "It'll last till morning at least. After that, I'm back to a Scizor. Anyway, while we have this time, how about a night out?"

He pointed down to the town below.

"Sounds great!" I replied.

"And before I forget, here I think you'll like this." He handed me his sword in a sheath. "Koga gave this to me, but since I won't need it anymore, I think it can replace the one I broke all that time ago."

Tears came to my eyes as I took it. I ran forward and hugged him.

Of course, Nightslice returned it.

Several weeks later…


I lay back against the sand and felt the waves running over my legs.


I'd wanted to show him how beautiful the open sea could be. He'd spent so long cooped up in enclosed places that he deserved it. I hadn't admitted it then, but I really…really cared for him.

Now, it was too late. I'd never get the chance again. Life just seemed so…so short.

I hear a high-pitched cry and turned towards the sea. A school of Lapras were swimming in the distance. I wanted to imagine my friend out there, but I knew it would only be deluding myself. I still had our memories, no matter how short they were.

We'd spent quite some time settling down and searching around any places of importance we'd come across during our travels.

Alugard's hidden base at Mount Silver had been completely abandoned, leaving it but an empty shadow of its former self. Syndrea too was no where to be found and if she'd survived or not was yet another question.

I closed my eyes and tried to relax a little. I was supposed to be getting my mind off these things.

There was a sudden splash practically next to me, causing me to jump up. I glanced around…and spotted a shadow darting off into the water.

"Hey! Wait!" I splashed into the sea till I was waist deep and realized the mysterious shadow was no where to be seen.

Either it had simply been a fragment of my imagination…or it had disappeared into the water without a trace.

Shaking my head, I passed it off as the former.


"Well, guess I made a pretty crappy Charizard." Jade was saying.

"Hey, don't say that. You did beat me, remember?" The female replied.

"Sort of, I suppose." Jade muttered, scratching his blond hair.

We were back in the Charisific Valley and Jade was talking to the female Charizard who had been pretty…close to him during his time here as one of them. Jade had actually gone back to his old outfit: green jeans, black shirt and a green vest over that.

The spirit of the Fire Dragon had been within him since the volcano incident. Neither of us was able to contact the Dragon currently, so he'd either disappeared or was lying dormant again. For how long, no one could tell.

Thinking about it, things hadn't really worked out for Dracia and me. She'd distanced herself from the rest of our group since the great battle.

I shot a glance over to Lisa, standing over by the side with Charla. I rubbed the left side of my face, the part I'd once needed to cover up because of old injuries from my Rocket days. Being human had apparently removed the scars all together.

"I'm sure you'll be able to find another nice guy to spend your time with. But for me…" Jade formed a flame at his hand and tossed it around. Some part of his Charizard side had remained, pretty much making him a Chimera.

"I have a whole new aspect of myself to discover." He smiled. "Kind of cool seeing what I can do if I don't hold back."

"Excuse me." I cut in, taking the female Charizard's claw. "Now that you're done with him…I'm single, available and free this Saturday night. How bout a date?"


"Ow…" I moaned.

"Needless to say, she's not too happy about that." Lisa commented.

"Heh, you could always try asking Charla." Jade laughed.

"Hey cool! How about it Charla? Dinner tonight?"

(Everyone faints.)



"I admit, your friend is a very interesting study." Blaine admitted.

"Really? I'm honored." Riot grinned.

"Guess you science people would jump at the chance to study an extinct Pokemon." I agreed.

"I'll take that as a compliment then." Blaine replied. "By the way, how's my nephew been doing?"

"Oh Jade? Well, the others say he's back to normal. What counts as him being normal at least." I told him. "I heard he's still got some Pyrokinetic powers."

"Yes, he nearly burnt down my lab the last time." Blaine sighed.

"It pretty much makes him a Charizard Chimera." I said. "A Chimera, like the rest of us. Even Kris is now a Scyther Chimera. They're not actual Chimeras like Hazuki and me, but they closely reassemble one in terms of genetic makeup."

"That can be good or bad, depending." Riot commented.

"Well, we have to get going Riot. We're supposed to meet up with the others later, remember?"


"How you all doing?" I asked, kneeling down as Luminair, Riptide and Ehrgeiz came running to greet us.

We were at Koga's Gym in Fuchsia City, where I'd sent the three for some additional training.

It had taken a while, but eventually I'd gotten used to being human again after so long. Only difference was that my eyes retained the blue tint and somewhat Scyther-like appearance. And I'd been told by everyone that I was now considered a Scyther Chimera. I'd missed out on a lot too.

Everyone had different ways of coping with our losses, and mine was to go out and practice with my Katana. I'd needed a lot of time to myself, but Nightslice had always insisted on coming with me.

He always stood silently by my side, as he was now.

"We're great Kris." Luminair replied, licking my hand. "This is a real cool place! But how about the others?"

"Dracia in particular?" Ehrgeiz cut in. "She still feeling…about…Mirage?"

"She's not taking it too well I'm afraid." Nightslice said softly. "The scars may have healed, but the soul will take time to recover."

"I'm sorry about that." Riptide put a webbed hand on the Electabuzz's shoulder. "I know you really cared about Mirage."

"I'll be all right." Ehrgeiz replied. "Everyone's always saying how things happen for a reason. And I believe that too."

"Words of wisdom." Riptide nodded.

"Guys, do you mind staying here longer?" I asked. "I just…"

"Hey, you don't need to lie to us." Luminair barked. "We know you just don't want us to get into any more trouble after all that."


"We understand too." Riptide continued. "Just take care of yourself, Kris."

"And you too Nightslice." Ehrgeiz finished.

"Thanks." I smiled, giving each one a hug. "I'll see you around."

Nightslice too gave each on the Pokemon equivalent of a handshake.

We left the three running about in the field and walked back into the Gym. Koga was standing in the doorway with his arms folded, waiting patiently.

I gestured with my eyes towards the other Pokemon.

"I understand." The Gym Leader nodded. "They're in good hands. Just take care of yourselves."

"I know." I replied, tapping the sword strapped by my side.

"She's in good hands too." Nightslice grinned. "Claws at least."

That got the three of us laughing.


I glanced out across the ocean, fingering the pendant around my neck. I'd spent much of my time alone, pushing myself away from the others. However, there was one I couldn't escape from.

Stop blaming yourself Dracia. You can't go on like this.

"Serac…" I muttered. "What can I do? I got Mirage killed. And I got you killed too."

I'm not actually dead at least. My soul is in here, with you. You still saved me…

"No, it was the pendant. I messed up."

My friend, your soul is still tormented. Please, let me into it. The soul can be healed with time, should you choose for it to.

"Perhaps, sometime later..."

The others had been pretty shocked when they found out about Serac and me, but no one had been able to come up with a reasonable explanation for it. Serac was quite most of the time and it was easy to forget she was in there.

"Hey, Dracia!" Nala was on Riot's back, descending towards me.

Say hi to her if you don't mind.

"Serac says hi." I repeated.

Nala did her best to put on a smile, despite my troubled face.

"Anyway, everyone's meeting up in a while. Are you coming?"


Dracia, for once, why don't you go?

"I'll consider it Nala. Thank you for your concern." I decided.

"I understand Dracia." Nala replied. "We're not forcing you anyway. Well, see you around!"

I watched the pair depart and turned back to the ocean. Perhaps I could go out there, across the endless oceans. Perhaps I could find some peace…way out there.

I'll always be here for you. As sure as the setting sun.



"So, what was it you wanted to show us Kris?" Jade asked.

This was the first gathering we'd had since the battle with Kaiser. Jade and Firestorm stood to one side, Hazuki, Nala and Riot beside them.

We'd chosen a Cliffside overlooking the sea as our gathering place. It was a beautiful view too, watching the sun setting across the Olivine Coast.

"Nightslice and Storm should remember this." Kris said, pulling a large book out of her backpack.

"Wasn't that the book where we first read about the legend of the Dragon Gods?" Firestorm gasped.

"Yes, the Prophet's Book." Kris replied. "Remember how its pages filled up as you two got your Sacred and Forbidden Techniques? Well, I thought of taking a look now, but I wanted to wait for everybody first.

"We're all here, so can we get onto this?" Hazuki asked excitedly.

"Haha, all right." Kris sat down and reached for the first page. "Here we go…"


"YARGH!" Everyone nearly jumped out of their skin "or scales" as a green dragon whelp teleported into the middle of our circle.

Unfortunately, it had also given Kris such a scare that she had unintentionally thrown the book. Our party stared as it landed with a loud splash in the sea.

"Zian!" Firestorm screamed, recognizing the legendary psychic dragon.

"Oops, did I scare you lot?"

"YES!" Everybody yelled.

"Great going Zian." I growled. "Now we're never going to find out what was written in there!"

"Anyway, you weren't supposed to be peeking at the end." Zian laughed. "So, ready for your next big adventure?"

"You say it as if it were so easy." Firestorm sighed.

"Well, it would be…IF…a certain pair of Pokemon hadn't TOTALLY lost OUR Sacred and Forbidden Powers!"

(Firestorm and Nightslice sweatdrop.)

"But why should you worry about it chap?" Riot asked.


(Everyone faints.)

"Anyway, I'm here to tell you that your next battle is about to begin." Zian said.

"Man, don't we get a break?" I muttered.

"Sorry, I have orders from the great, white arrow in the sky."

"Huh?" All heads turned up.

"Nevermind." Zian sighed. "Can't you people get a joke when you hear one?"

"I don't think I want to know." Nala replied.

Zian then turned his head away from us.

"They'll be all right." He said out loud. He didn't look like he was addressing us and I was about to ask why when I remembered he was telepathic.

"Sorry, Old Grix is getting worked up again." The Psychic Dragon got back to us. "Anyway, I can give you a little lift, but that's it. You'll have to figure the rest out on your own."

"Well guys?" Kris asked.

No words were exchanged, but the grins and nods were universal.

It was time to begin the next frontier.

The winds of change had come and passed…for now. Somehow, I felt this would be the first of many. Life is one long learning journey.

And we all must keep walking on…

Author's notes:

And so, season 2 is at its end. Once again, I'd like to extend my word of thanks you for reading and for all your support.

The Dragon Riders will be back again sometime, through under a different name – Dragon Realms.

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