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Chapter 1/Part 1


"Great." Sunshine Thornhart sighed as her car came to s stop. She squinted at the gas meter. Full. Must be the engine. She thought and exited the piece of crap her friend had insisted she take and "...ran like a dream.". She slammed the car door shut and popped the hood.

Smoke rose up in a thick cloud causing her to swat at her face and cough. She walked away from it and pulled her cell-phone out of her front pocket. "Awesome." she muttered as the words 'No Signal" blinked on the screen.

Well, at least the next state is just a couple miles away. She thought. She grabbed her duffel bags from the back seat and began walking as the sun rose behind her. She had been driving all night. She stopped once she spotted the sign welcoming her to Arizona. "You better be here, Winchesters." she said and continued walking.


In a nearby diner, Sam and Dean Winchester discussed their latest potential job. They were brothers, Dean being the oldest. They were raised to be hunters and to fight the supernatural. Demons, ghosts, vampires, monsters of all kinds hid in the shadows of the world, killing, haunting and possessing innocent people and it was their job to exterminate them.

"So, what have we got today, Sammy?" Dean asked, his mouth full of scrambled eggs. Sam read the newspaper everyday in search of any strange activity that may be linked to anything paranormal. An article caught his attention and he read it aloud. "The body of Alan Richardson was found dead in an alley last night, his eyes, ears and...tongue missing from his person." he shuddered. Dean choked on his eggs and forced them down with his coffee.

"Well," he said, sliding his plate aside. "I'm done eating. Forever." Sam continued reading. "It says he's the third victim to suffer this 'gruesome fate'." he looked at his brother. Dean shrugged. "You think somethin' spooky is killing people and taking their, uh, body parts?" he asked. "Maybe. Paper says the other two victims were also found in allies. Nothing left behind, no finger or footprints, no dna, no evidence." Sam sipped his coffee. "Sounds spooky to me."

Dean nodded in agreement. "Alright then, let's do it." he looked at his plate and shrugged a shoulder. "Maybe just one more bite."


Sunny finally made it to the town a couple hours after her car broke down. She sighed in relief and searched for a nearby diner to get a coffee. She pulled her cell-phone out and saw she had a signal so she called her friend. She left a message when she got the voicemail. "Hey, douche-bomb, guess what? Your car died on me. Good luck finding that shit in the desert, where I had to walk through to get to where I am now. I suggest you take this time to prepare because when I see you, I'm gonna kick your ass!" she ended the call and spotted a small diner. She made her way across the busy street and made it to the parking area of the diner.

As she headed for the entrance, she caught sight of the most beautiful car, a jet-black 1967 Chevy Impala. "You are gorgeous." she whispered to it and proceeded to the entrance. Just as she was reaching for the door handle, the door swung open and the Winchesters walked out. "Oh, excuse us. Sorry." Sam smiled, politely. Dean stopped in his tracks upon seeing her and leaned against the doorway.

"Well, hello there." he smiled. A cocky smile. A smile that enables a man to flirt without actually having to speak. His famous heart melter smile that took no effect on her. She smiled back, mockingly. She knew his kind all too well. The same old horny-jerk who nicknames himself 'the lady's man'. Please. She tried to walk by him but he blocked her path. "I'm Dean, thanks for asking." Couldn't he take a hint? Great she thought. He's one of the consistent ones. She placed her hands on her hips and shifted her weight to her right leg. "That's funny, I didn't ask." His hazel eyes looked her up and down.

She rolled her eyes and went to maneuver around him but he just leaned to the other side. He couldn't let this girl go without getting her number, she was too smoking hot. She had dark brown, pin-straight hair that had a tint of dark red in direct sunlight. A chunk of peroxide blonde ran down the left side and her bangs fell over her thickly lined, steel gray eyes. She had two silver barbells in her left eyebrow, one in the right. Her lips had perfect fullness with a diamond stud in the left side. Her complexion was soft and clear, her skin was sunkissed tan.

She wore a black tank top that hugged her so tight, her cleavage swelled with every annoyed sigh she directed at him. Through the shirt he could see her flat stomach was toned and she may have had another piercing. His knees fell weak when he saw her thighs. They had just the right amount of thickness and the dark blue denim jeans only accentuate them, making him imagine how her equally voluptuous ass would feel if he grabbed it. She was short and petite but had all the right curves in the right places.

"Dean, get out of her way, you're being an ass." Sam said sternly, snapping Dean out of his dirty thoughts. She turned to him. "Thank you." she smiled and looked back at Dean with her eyebrows raised. "Not until I get your name, sweetheart." he teased. She paused for a second, then chuckled. "Okay." she stepped closer to him, biting her lip and ran her hand up the entrance doorway towards his. She slipped a little half-smile and whispered seductively. "My name is..." she leaned in closer and grazed his hand with hers. He inhaled deeply, catching her scent. "Get the hell out of my way, douche!" she screamed in his ear. He yelled out in shock as she grabbed his hand, twisted his arm behind his back and pinned him up against the doorway.

Sam stood speechless, a small open-mouthed smirk on his face. "Alright, alright! Just let me go, dammit!" he demanded in a husky tone. She released him and he stepped aside. She laughed a little. "I'm sorry I had to do that but I deal with guys hittn' on me every damn day and today...isn't a good one for me. I hope you understand." she apologized, and entered the diner. "Geez." Dean groaned, rubbing his wrist. "Friggin super bitch!" Sam laughed as they walked towards their car. "Maybe next time you'll think twice before hitting on a random chick." he said. "Yeah, yeah, real funny." Dean mumbled, bruised and defeated. "At least we'll never have to see her again."

Sunny made her way through the diner and sat at the booth the Winchesters were just sitting at. She looked out the window and saw the men entering the same car she had complimented. "Figures that beautiful machine would belong to an air-head jerk like him." she scoffed. She looked down at the newspaper that was still open to article about Alan Richardson. She scanned through it then looked back at the guys. "No way." she said slowly. As he reversed out of the parking space, Dean looked directly at Sunny. He stared back, shocked at the realization that they were the hunters she had been sent there to find.

She blinked and he drove away, as if they had been in a staring contest and he had won. She turned her gaze back to the article. "Dammit!" she yelled, banging the bottom of her palm on the table. People around her stared in shock and some shook their heads is aggravation. She sighed and waved to a waitress, impatiently. "Can I get a freaken coffee please?"

After finishing her coffee, she exited the diner and stood outside the entrance. She knew she had to take that job in order to meet up with the Winchesters again. Although she dreaded it, she had made a promise and she always kept them. No matter how arrogant, clueless and annoying Dean was, she was obligated to do what she said she'd do. "But first," she said out loud. "I need some wheels."


The Winchesters spent the day interviewing and questioning family and friends of the victims. Sunny searched the web and libraries for any info about rituals that included ears, eyes and tongues as ingredients. Urban myths and folklore. She asked senior townspeople if there were any ghost stories or old myths linking to old houses, factories or woodland and lakes. While the brothers used social methods of figuring things out, Sunny preferred research and finding things out herself. Questioning was a last resort for her.

After a long day of questions and running around, the guys finally got a lead on a house that was supposedly abandoned. People who lived on the street claimed they would hear strange noises and voices coming from inside, late at night. Some even swear they had seen monster-like shadows in the windows. They had to check it out. Dean pulled up across the street from the alleged haunted house and parked the Impala. "What do you think, Sam? Could it be another pissed of spirit?" Dean asked. "I'm not sure. I mean, no one's ever died in this house, that we know of anyway. There's no reports of anyone ever going missing while living here...but who knows, there could be a number of reasons why this house is being haunted." Sam replied. After a few minutes of waiting they finally heard noises coming from inside. They got out of the car and Dean popped the trunk so they could get their weapons. They each grabbed their share of salt, Holy water and a gun loaded with rock salt shells. They cocked their guns and nodded to each other, signaling they were ready.

They quickly scurried across the street then slowly crept up the crumbling cement stairs. They could hear a voice speaking in a foreign language, it's voice deep and guttural. Definitely not human. Dean stood at one side of the door, Sam at the other. A second voice sounded, this one was soft and sounded human, possibly female and was crying. Dean signaled that he was going to kick in the door. Sam nodded and aimed his gun at it. Just as Dean lifted his leg to kick, the female voice screamed. He kicked the door open, lifted his gun and entered the house, Sam right behind him.

Inside, four horrible monsters stood in a circle, surrounding a human girl. They were at least seven feet tall and were covered in slimey green scaled. They were equipped with long claws and dripping razor-sharp fangs. Their eyes were swollen and black with two horns above each one. They had no noses but gaping holes that pulsated as they breathed and glistened wetly in the dim candle light. They angrily lunged at the hunters and without a second thought they shot the creatures in their chests.

The monsters stopped and examined their wounds before lifting their glares back to the men. "Uuuh, Sammy? I don't think that worked." Dean said, backing away but the monsters were too fast. They each backhanded a brother, sending them in opposite directions. They both landed on their backs and rolled on their sides. Before they could get back up, one monster grabbed Dean by his shirt collar and lifted him over its head while the other kicked Sam while he was down. The other two monsters watched their friends and made sure the girl didn't escape.

Just as the monster went to chomp on Dean's throat and the other lifted its leg to stomp on Sam, gunshots rang through the house, taking their attention off the hunters and to the door. "Of course it didn't work, silly. Rock salt bullets only work on ghosts and demon spirits. These...are demons in their true form." a familiar voice said from the doorway. The two demons collapsed to the floor, dead. Green, oozing blood seeped from bullet holes in their foreheads. "Plus, you gotta aim for the brain." she added. The hostage crawled to a corner and whimpered. "Please, help me!" Dean looked towards the door. "You? What the hell are you doing here?" he exclaimed. The demon dropped Dean and stomped over to the hunter who had killed his friends, Sunny. The other demon walked away from Sam and stood behind the first one.

Sunny reloaded her pistols but before she could shoot, the demon smacked them out of her hands. The other demon swung at her but she ducked and kicked its knees in. It fell to the ground, shrieking in pain. She flicked her wrist and out from under her arm-warmers came a dagger for each hand, which she dug into both sides of its head, killing it instantly. She quickly stood up and the last demon charged at her. She dodged it and knelt down to pull a bowie knife out of her knee-high boot.

As the demon turned to charge at her again, she ran up to it and jumped on it, causing it to fall backwards. She then pinned its arms down with her knees, raised the knife over her head and plunged it into its forehead- full forced. It let out a weak, gurgling growl before it died. She exhaled and pulled the knife out of its skull. Sam and Dean had watched from where the demons left them, their mouths hung open in shock. Sunny got up and walked over to the other demon to recover her twin blades. She pulled out a rag from her pocket and wiped the green gooze off of her blades.

"So, you're the Winchesters, eh?" she scoffed. The guys stood up and dusted themselves off. "How do you know us?" Sam asked, confused but still in awe. "Yeah, and who the hell are you?" Dean panted. He pointed at one of the demons. "...and what the fuck was that?" Sunny bit her lower lip and tilted her head to the side. "I was hoping you'd be tougher." she said, faking sadness. "Just answer the damn questions." he demanded. She sighed. "I don't know you nor do I know anything about you." she said and walked towards the crying girl, holding herself in the corner. She squatted down and asked softly, "Are you hurt?" The girl shook her head. "N-no, I don't th-think so." she whimpered.

"You should call somebody for a ride to the hospital, just in case." Sunny suggested, pulling out her phone and handing it to the girl. "Just don't tell anyone what you saw here..." she added. The girl looked at her with confusion. "No one will believe you." She stood and turned back to the guys. "As for you, I've been asked to join you and help you out with killing stuff." she informed. She walked up to them and stood before them, hands on her hips. Dean scoffed. "Asked by who?" Sam asked. She hesitated for a second, she was warned how they'd react if she mentioned his name. Dean smiled, mockingly and crossed his arms in front of his broad chest. He couldn't wait to hear this. "Your father." she said.

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