Summary: Conclusion. Damian has everything he needs to perform the ritual that will bring Hell to Earth. The Winchesters and Sunny, along with their dads and Shacona, prepare for the big show while watching their backs for Damian's latest attempt to stall them. What does the future hold for all of humanity?

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Chapter 11

"The Bloody Show"

Sunny woke up in an empty bed. Her head was pounding and she felt sick to her stomach. Not a good start. She yawned and rubbed her eye as she sat up, kicking the sheets off her leg that had somehow wrapped itself around her. Dragging herself off the bed, she groaned at the pain throbbing in her temples. She stumbled into the front room and made her way past the guys as they sat at the table drinking coffee.

"Mornin', Sunshine." Dean greeted, lifting his cup to his mouth to drink.

She grumbled under her breath in response and stepped into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her. She leaned against the sink, her hands planted at both sides and sighed. Why did Dean have to be right all the time? She felt simply awful and the booze from last night was to blame. The booze and stupidity of her father for lying to her. Oh, yeah, she had forgiven him for that. She turned the faucet on and watched the water run until it turned cold, then lowered her face down to drink from it. After splashing her face with water and emptying her full bladder, she exited the bathroom and sat at the table with Sam and Dean.

"Feel better?" Sam asked, giving her a small smile.

She nodded slowly. "No." she said, then looked around the motel.

"Where's Shaki?" she asked.

The guys both shrugged and simultaneously sipped their coffee. She suddenly remembered that she hadn't seen Shacona since she and Dean left for the bar last night. When they came back, she wasn't in the room with John, Gage and Sam. She didn't even realize she was gone or even thought maybe she was sleeping. She didn't remember looking in the living room area so maybe she had been sleeping there. Other than that, Sunny hadn't really given it that much thought.

"Well, was she here when you woke up or did she leave while we were asleep?" she pressed, becoming worried.

"She wasn't here when we woke up. She didn't leave a note or anything." Sam said, shaking his head and shrugging.

"And you guys didn't think that was strange?" she asked, standing up.

Dean swallowed his coffee, squinting at her in confusion.

"What's the problem? So, she went out... she'll be back. Probably went out to get some food or something." he suggested.

"But- We're supposed to stay together! Especially now that we know Damian's sending something evil our way." she protested. "Something could happen to her...something awful."

She looked at Dean with big, scared eyes, making him squirm uncomfortably and sigh in exasperation.

"Fine. Let's go look for her." he said, setting his cup down on the table and going for his jacket.

She smiled and stepped in front of him before he could walk past her, then threw her arms around his neck and hugged him. He pulled her against him, his hands gripping her hips, and kissed her lightly before she pulled away to fetch her hoodie.

They drove around the city for two hours with no luck in finding Shacona. Sunny became more and more worried, fearing Damian had done something to her.

"What if she got attacked and she's hurt...Oh, God, what if she's dead?" she freaked.

"Sunny, you should calm down. You don't know if anything like that happened to her." Sam tried assuring her but she knew something was wrong.

"She's not answering her phone, she won't text me back- Something is wrong." she insisted.

"Look, let's just go back to the hotel. Maybe we missed her and she's waiting for us." Sam suggested.

Sunny nodded in agreement but knew she wouldn't be there. Shacona was missing and she knew Damian had something to do with it.

They entered the hotel room and knew right away she wasn't there. The lights and TV were off, their coffee cups were still sitting on the table, unmoved, and Shacona's stuff was nowhere to be found. Sunny felt a sense of dread wash over her and horrible thoughts filled her head. Thoughts of her cousin being dead and alone in a ditch or basement somewhere. Thoughts of her being tortured and used for entertainment while the demons wait for the big night.

"She's not here, what do we do?" she asked, panicked, tugging at Dean's sleeve as he searched the room.

He sighed heavily, not knowing what to say or do. He wanted to assure her Shacona was fine and comfort her with promises that she'll show up. He almost suggested that she had gone with their fathers but they would never allow her to go with them. They all knew that.

"I don't know." was all he could say.

He glanced at Sam for some kind of back-up but got an uneasy look instead. He took her in his arms and sighed again. It was obvious something had happened to Shacona but how? When?

"When was the last time you saw her?" he asked Sam. "She was here when we left last night...what happened when dad and Gage came back with the demon?"

"She was here when dad came back but things got a little weird when Gage started using borrowed power to torture the demon. I didn't notice whether or not she was still standing next to me..." Sam shrugged. "I didn't even give it a thought when she wasn't there anymore."

"Oh, God!" Sunny exclaimed, pulling her face out of Dean's jacket. "My aunt will never forgive me...she'll KILL me!" she realized, gripping the opening of his jacket and shaking him.

"Hey! We still don't know anything bad has happened to her." Dean reminded her, taking her face in his hands.

He stared into her eyes and knew nothing he could say would help her feel better about this situation. Time was running out and Damian would be starting the ritual soon, this was the worst time for Sunny to be distracted. Not to mention she was hung-over.

"I hate to say it but if she isn't back before the ritual, we're going to have to fight without her." Sam said, regretfully.

Sunny shot him a look, squinting at him in annoyance.

"If she's not here before the ritual, it means she's probably dead, you jerk!" she snapped, jerking away from Dean.

Suddenly, Castiel appeared in the middle of the kitchen-area. The three hunters looked at him, expecting him to spill some more bad news.

"What's wrong?" he asked, feeling the tension in the room.

"My cousin is missing...Hey, you're an angel can't you, like, I don't know, find her somehow?" Sunny asked, hopefully.

"I can. Give me a minute." he replied, then tried to teleport.

A puzzled expression fell over his face as he tried to figure out why he could teleport to where Shacona was.

"What? What happened, why are you still here?" Sunny asked, worriedly.

"I can't go to her...she won't let me. Does she have a hex bag, by chance?" the angel wondered.

"Uh, yeah, actually. Our dad's came by last night and gave us some. She must have hers on her." Sam said.

"Well, as long as she has the hex bag I can't go to her. It's very rare, but some hex bags work on angels as well as demons." Castiel informed.

Sunny sighed in exasperation then made her way to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water. Dean glanced at the clock hanging on the wall, 12 pm exactly.

"I hope you're ready for tonight's battle. Not only are the people of Earth counting on you but Heaven is too. Remember, Earth is just a stepping stone to Damian, his real destination is located a little higher." Castiel forewarned.

Sunny took a long sip of water and sat at the table. She felt dizzy and sick again, hating herself for drinking herself silly the night before. At that moment the door swung open and Shacona waltz in, happy as a pig in shit.

"What's up, gang?" she chirped, ignoring the mix of gaping mouths and angry glares.

Sunny jumped up and hugged her, relieved that her cousin was okay and alive. Suddenly, a loud smack echoed off the walls as she slapped her.

"What the fuck, Shaki? Who takes off all day and doesn't answer their goddamn phone?" Sunny cried.

"Is it normal to hit a family member when they've gone missing and then return?" Castiel asked the guys.

"Yes." both brothers said in unison.

Shacona rubbed her burning cheek and burrowed her eyebrows as if she had no idea what she was talking about.

"What do you mean? You didn't call me. 'Sides I just wanted to take a walk, what's so wrong with that? Jeez, Sunny, did you have to hit me so hard?" she complained.

"She thought you were dead, dude." Sam informed her, perking an eyebrow.

Shacona smiled at Sunny and lightly slugged her shoulder while pouting.

"Aw, cuz, you don't have to worry about me." she laughed. "I can take care of myself."

She turned to start walking over to the television but Sunny grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

"Where were you?" she asked, seriously.

Somehow, Sunny still felt something was wrong. Was Shacona hiding something? Was it even Shacona? She couldn't place it but that dread feeling wouldn't go away.

"W...what?" Shacona chuckled.

Sunny let go of her and stepped backwards until she reached her bag, then pulled out a flask. She handed it to Shacona and told her to drink. Shacona hesitated, eying the flask warily.

"What, you think I'm a demon or something?" she scoffed, grabbing the flask.

"R'somethin'." Sunny nodded.

Shacona scoffed again, rolling her eyes as she unscrewed the cap and downed the Holy water with no complication. She gulped and handed the flask back to her, tilting her head and raising her eyebrows.

"Satisfied?" she asked.

Sunny looked her down and up then glanced at Dean and Sam. They nodded their approval, which was enough for her.

"Yeah...glad you're okay." she said, quietly, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"We should get out of here. Damian knows where we are now so we should get another room somewhere else." Sam suggested.

"Or go somewhere hidden, in case he has more spies." Dean added.

"I must go back now, I'm needed at home. We must...prepare for the worst. Good luck." Castiel said before disappearing.

Sunny grabbed her bag, she only left it when they went to search for Shacona in case she had come back while they were gone. She didn't want her to think they left her. They left the hotel in silence and piled into the Impala, ready to leave the place behind. They'd text their father's to let them know where they are...when they get there. Wherever there was.

Nightfall came all but too quickly for the gang, as they hid out in an empty house for sale in the city. John and Gage showed up just like they said and together they waited for midnight, when the ritual would begin. They had to time their arrival precisely for if they showed up too soon, Damian could send his demons to fight the hunters off and they couldn't risk being knocked out or killed before the ritual even began. The whole situation had them all a nervous wreck and they didn't talk much. Nothing more than a "What time is it now?" every ten minutes and deep sighs of anticipation. None of them wanted to go out there and fight, they simply had to. It was their responsibilities as hunters to protect the innocent from evil and demons and crap.

"God! Are we the only hunters in the freaken world?" Sunny panicked. "I mean, we can't be the only hunters who know about this...can we?"

"I'm sure other hunters are...aware of the situation." Sam assured.

"Yeah, maybe some of them will be there to help fight." Shacona added.

"Somehow I doubt that." Sunny scoffed.

"Don't worry, sweetheart, we'll get through it." her father smiled, placing a hand on her shoulder.

The four young hunters sat on the couch, anxiously waiting. Each had their protective hex bags and weapons, loaded and ready to be used. Sunny fiddled and tossed her blades in the air, gracefully catching them by the handle as they came back down, her way of relaxing. Dean smirked as he watched her, he swore no matter what happened he would protect her. He may not have been able to before as promised, but this time he'd make sure Damian wouldn't hurt her. Sam tossed his hex bag from one hand to the other, deep in thought and wondering what the night had planned for them. Would they all make it out alive? Was someone going to die tonight? Just the thought of losing his brother terrified him.

"Sunny, can I talk to you for a minute?" Shacona asked, breaking Sunny's concentration and causing her to fumble the blade.

"Uh, yeah, sure." she said, picking it up from the floor and following her cousin into the kitchen.

"Sunny, are you really sure you want to fight Damian?" Shacona asked, quietly.

"What- Of course, we have to." Sunny replied, stunned she was even asking that.

"But, aren't you scared of, you know, dying?"

Sunny couldn't believe she talking like that. Usually Shacona was all for hunting and fighting evil, always excited and eager to kill monsters. Now she was trying to back out, or at least get Sunny to.

"Well, yeah...but we can't let that stop us from trying, Shaki. I mean, if you want to back out-" she offered, shrugging.

", of course not...I'm just scared, Sun." Shacona confessed.

Sunny turned away from her cousin, she didn't blame her for being scared. She was terrified herself. Shacona wouldn't even be in this mess if it weren't for her. Even if she was willing to go, Sunny should've warned her before dragging her away from her family. She began feeling guilty when she suddenly heard Dean shout for her to watch herself. She quickly turned to see Shacona aiming her pistol at her. She dodged the shot just in time and kicked the gun from Shacona's hand.

"Shaki, what the hell?" Sunny cried, now pointing the gun at her.

Shacona smiled menacingly, making Sunny and the others very uncomfortable.

"You wanna know what happened last night?" she whispered, her voice was hoarse.

"Damian came to my dreams. He told me I was gonna die if I chose to fight alongside you. You know me, Sunny, I enjoy living very much." she explained.

She wasn't a demon or monster of any kind, she was human. She had been taken over by something very powerful; fear.

"He made me a deal, you see. He says he'll let me live-"

"If you kill us." Sunny finished.

Shacona shrugged as tears filled her eyes.

"I wasn't gonna kill you, Sunny...just keep you busy long enough for Damian to finish the ritual. I just...I don't want to die." she whimpered.

"I left today because I needed to think about it. I didn't just decide to do this...I needed time." she added.

Sunny shook her head and lowered the gun, she didn't know if she was disgusted with her or if she just pitied her but she wasn't going to let Shacona distract her anymore. She asked Sam and Dean to tie her to one of the sturdier kitchen table chairs so she wouldn't get in the way of their fight.

"Sunny, you can't just leave me here...what if you don't win?" Shacona asked, struggling under her restraints.

"Well, then I guess if you don't burn to death, you'll either get eaten by scavenger demons or starve to death." Sunny joked.

She and the guys chuckled, making Shacona glare angrily at them.

"Relax, we're not gonna lose." Sunny said, seriously. "We'll come back and untie you when it's over." she assured.

"C'mon! So I had a little mental moment, can't we move past that? I'm sorry, I promise I won't try to kill you anymore." Shacona promised, smiling widely.

"Oh, I know you won't, you're all 'tied up'" Sunny punned, chuckling.

"I hate to interrupt your little family squabble, but it's time." John announced, tapping his wrist watch.

The smiles faded instantly, joke time was over. The fate of humanity depended on this group of hunters, there was no more time for jokes, distractions or mistakes. Damian would be expecting them, so stealthiness was key in their plan to sabotage the ritual. They left Shacona tied to the chair in the empty house and hopped into the Impala. Sam and Dean took their usual spots up front while Sunny sat between her father and theirs in the backseat. John gave Dean specific directions to Death Valley, as to not be seen by any of the demons that would be standing guard at the site. When they were close enough, Dean parked the Impala and they walked the rest of the way, making sure to watch each other's backs and stay alert. After about ten minutes of walking, they reached Death Valley and saw the bright, orange glow of a bonfire burning in the sand. Five young women and five young men stood around it, blindfolded and bound at the wrists and ankles that connect them to each other. To the side, they saw Roxie being held against her will by a demon. There were no actual demon guards but there were quite a few of them standing around.

"Does anyone see Damian?" Sunny whispered, searching the area for the power-hungry demon.

"Not yet, he must be around here somewhere- It's almost midnight." Sam replied.

They hid behind a cluster of trees about 30 yards away from the underground cemetery. There wasn't that many hiding places since they were in the desert. Aside from the trees along the road, the only other cover they had were small cacti and dried out bushes. Not very stealthy.

"There he is." Dean said, motioning his head in the demon's direction.

He was conversing with a fellow demon, who was carrying the blade needed to complete the summoning, Heaven's Diamond. They couldn't hear what they were saying but at that point, it wasn't important.

"We're going to sneak around this way and break the hostages free." Gage informed, pointing to the right of the trees.

"You guys need to keep Damian and the others distracted so they don't catch us." John added.

The young hunters nodded as if they knew exactly how they were going to do that, even though they had no idea.

"Wait, you want us to just...walk up to them? And do what?" Sam asked.

"Whatever it takes to keep the focus on you. Just be careful." John replied. "They don't know we're here so they won't expect us."

The men circled around the trees, quickly and quietly while the trio circled around the other side. They weren't noticed until they reached Roxie and the demon guarding her.

"Sunny! Sam...Dean!" Damian greeted, cheerily, startling them.

"Uhhh..." Sunny started, nervously. "Hey! We're here for the big show!" she joked.

"Glad you could make it to my little...homecoming party." he out-stretched his arms.

The gang froze, their weapons drawn. Each of them pointing at a different demon. Dean glared at him as he made his way towards them. So far, the plan was working, every demon kept their attention on the young hunters.

"I saved you all front row seats, hope you don't mind getting a little wet. It's gonna be like Sea World once I get started with the cutting." the boss demon winked.

Sunny kept her pistols aimed at him while Sam pointed his at the demon holding on to Roxie and Dean aimed for the demon behind Damian, who tried to use his powers to smack the guns away. When they wouldn't budge he realized they had found some way to repel them.

"Huh. You three are just chock-full of surprises, aren't you? Clever little mortals." he hissed.

He leaned forward towards Sunny and smiled.

"Where's your little cousin, Sunshine? Did you have to kill her?" he taunted.

Sunny cocked her pistols, refusing to play his mind-games. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see John and her father cutting the rope that bound the young people together and leading them one by one to safety. She tried not to look directly at them and blow their cover.

"I have to say that was a good one, convincing my cousin to kill me...I never would've seen that comin'." she mused.

Damian smirked and looked her over, his head tilting slightly and his tongue stuck in his cheek.

"Yeah, I thought so too...but...I'm glad she didn't after-all. I'd have so much fun killing you myself." he retorted.

"Heh, what happened to making me your little queen, eh? Have I become that much of a threat?" she asked, smiling.

He chuckled at the comment, then somehow moved fast enough to blur in front of her and grab her by the neck. She immediately dropped her guns to use her hands to break free but she couldn't pry his fingers off. He squeezed harder, causing her joints to crack. Dean quickly fired a round into the demons back, causing him to drop her and twirl around. He stepped in front of the hunter and went to slash at him with his sharp nails when Sam shot him in the chest. The demon flew backward from the impact and mixture of salt and Holy water but hovered right back up again. By this time, the ten hostages were gone. John and Gage were probably driving them somewhere safe so Damian couldn't get them back. One of his henchmen came running up to him and informed him of their disappearance but he just scoffed.

"Figures they'd be the first thing you go for." he panted, smiling.

He tore off his bloody shirt and wiped the blood from his chin with it. Sunny glanced at Dean in confusion then looked back at Damian.

"Like I actually needed ten virgins for the hunters are so stupid!" he laughed.

He casually walked over to Roxie, taking her face with his hand and stroking her cheek with his thumb.

"This is all I ever needed. This and, of course, the blade. I can't cut her with just any blade, y'know." he added.

"What?" Dean gasped.

They couldn't believe how crafty this fucker was! He just kept pulling these things out of a never-ending box of shit-tricks and they kept falling for them! They should've known it sounded weird that Damian needed ten virgins. Ten, really?

"But Castiel told us about the virgins..." Sam started.

"Yeah, only because he's a terrible eavesdropper." Damian cackled.

These hunters were looking stupider and stupider.

"Now, with your daddies out of the way..." he trailed off and snapped his fingers.

At the sound of his snap, Sam and Dean found themselves being restrained from behind by Damian's henchmen. With no time to react, their guns were shaken from their hands and they were dragged towards the bonfire. Damian took Sunny by her arm and pulled her along with him. He motioned with his free hand for the demon holding Roxie to bring her forth while the demon holding Heaven's Diamond followed suit. While being tied up and held down, the trio watched as Damian tied Roxie to a thick post in front of the fire. At her feet, the demon lackeys drew up a series of symbols in the cursed sand then dug a shallow, moat around the fire.

"What the hell are we supposed to do now?" Dean growled under his breath.

Sunny could only shrug as she watched her friend be prepared. A strange looking man in long, black robes suddenly appeared in front of her, holding a small, wooden bowl filled with black liquid. He dipped his thumb in it then drew a cross on Roxie's forehead. Sunny struggled with the rope wrapped around her wrists and realized they didn't check for her wrist blades. She quickly used them to cut at the rope so she could free herself. Just then, Damian was handed the blade. He hovered it over Roxie's wrists, making sure he cut the right spots.

"First, the bleeding." he whispered, then looked at her. "Don't worry, it'll be fast and painful." he promised.

Roxie pleaded with the demon, unsuccessfully. Tears filled her eyes and blinded her until they streamed down her face. She cried out in pain as he made the first clean cut across her right wrist. Then, again when he slid the blade over her left wrist. Blood poured from the incisions and fell into the moat, meant to be filled with her blood and become the opening to Hell.

"Come on..." Sunny rushed herself, as she cut through the last string and broke free.

She, then, turned around and kicked the demon's knees in, crippling him instantly. An injury even a demon couldn't heal. She tossed a blade to each brother before running towards Damian to stop him from hurting Roxie any further. He had cut her a fourth time when she managed to tackle the demon to the ground and knock the blade from his grasp. Sam and Dean were able to cut themselves free without trouble since the demons who were guarding them ran after Sunny. When they realized the hunters were free they circled back and ran towards them. Neither brother ran, instead they traded blows and kicks with the demons, making sure they stayed away from Sunny.

Damian threw Sunny off of him, sending her up in the air then back down into the sand. She landed flat on her back, pain spread throughout her muscles. She groaned as she stumbled to her feet. The blade laid in the sand just a few feet away from both of them and they both eyed it alertly. She remembered she had to be the one who stabbed him with it if the ritual was to start and she knew he knew it too. He started for the blade first but before he could grab it, Sunny kicked him in the face and sent him rolling away from it. When she reached for it, he grabbed her leg and tripped her. She kicked at him trying to break his hold on both her legs but he clung to her, refusing to release her.

Sam and Dean fought side by side as the demons attacking them swung and clawed at them. Using Sunny's blades, they managed to block their sharp claws from reaching their skin. Getting sick of enduring sucker punches and being thrown on the ground and kicked, Dean grabbed the demon by his hair and used the blade to cut off his head. Sam copied the notion and did the same after being kicked in the face and scrambling to his feet. By that time, the last two demons had made it to them and began attacking.

Sunny managed to shake one of her legs free and kicked Damian in the face again. He released her other foot as he growled in pain and frustration and covered his face with his hands. He quickly recovered just as Sunny lifted the blade off the ground. He rushed over to her and kicked her in the side, making her drop the blade and topple over. She rolled onto her other side and went to stand but froze as she watched Damian pick up the blade and point in at her.

"I've had enough of these foolish games!" he roared, angrily.

"Not such a kidder anymore, are ya?" Sunny asked, her voice strained.

Still on the ground, the backed away from him as he stepped closer, using all the strength in her arms to drag herself farther from him.

The Winchester brother started to become tired, their muscles ached from constant punching and kicking, their wounds itched from being scratched and poked. Even their eyes began to sting from the sand when they'd get knocked down. Finally, the demons had them down on their backs and were ready to finish them off when out of nowhere, their heads toppled to the ground and their bodies crumpled down with them. From where the demon's were, stood John and Gage, who helped the guys back on their feet.

Damian took one last step towards Sunny before raising the blade over his head.

"Sunny!" Dean called to her.

She looked over and saw him throw her blades her way. She quickly snatched them and just as Damian's blade came down, she caught it with hers, stopping it just before it split her face in half. At that moment, she kicked his shin and scrambled to her feet as he came down. Before he could react, Sunny used her blade to amputate his hand. As his hand fell, she scooped up the blade and pointed it at him as he cried out wildly in agony.

Sam rushed over to Roxie and cut her loose. She slumped weakly into his arms and looked at him with hooded, heavy eyes. She had bled half to death into the moat which was almost full. He carried her away from the fire thinking he rescued her just in time but it was, in fact, too late. The blood had connect on both sides of the circle, activating the portal.

Suddenly, a strong gust of wind whipped around the hunters, blowing up sand and almost knocking them over. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Damian jumped up and grabbed Dean from behind. The portal began releasing a thick fog and in seconds the whole area was covered in it. Sunny found herself surrounded by layers and layers of thick mist, unable to see anything past the white clouds consuming her. She started to panic, worrying that Damian was hurting Dean and she couldn't stop it.

It was quiet for a moment and she felt as if she were all alone. The blade quivered in her hands as she nervously twirled and looked around. She almost dropped it when suddenly heard Dean cry out in what sounded like pain. She whimpered at the sounds, fear-stricken and immobilized. She became more petrified when his cries stopped and all she could hear now was the sounds of her trying to catch her breath and the echoes that followed. Reminding her of how scared she was. She, then, decided she wasn't going to let Damian hurt Dean anymore. She swallowed hard and took a deep breath.

"Damian!" she called, her echoes over-lapping each other like a broken record.

She waited for an answer but heard nothing in response.

"Damian, let him go! You let him go and take me!" she yelled into the fog.

"I'm the one you want! Come and get me!"

Finally, the fog began to evaporate and slowly her vision came into focus. She squinted through the mist and saw Sam and Roxie kneeling in the sand, John and her father weren't far from them. She looked in the other directions but couldn't find Damian or Dean. She went to take a step back and bumped into something solid. She gasped in surprise and spun around to find herself face to face with Damian. She dropped the blade in shock as she stared into the angry, blood-red eyes of her enemy. They almost hypnotized her, they were so bright and evil. She finally broke her gaze from his and noticed Dean was still in his grasp. He had generated a new hand after having his original cut off. This new hand was bigger, hairier, grosser and had huge, skinny, sharp, black nails.

"Let him go." she repeated, quietly.

She spotted blood dripping from Dean's neck and assumed he used those disgustingly creepy nails to cut him. She could also tell he had been strangled again by the bruises forming on top of the old ones. She winced at the long, boney fingers that were wrapped around his neck, he looked awful and she wanted his suffering to stop. Damian shoved Dean away and stepped closer to her, ready to wrap those gross fingers around her neck now. The demon smiled, evilly and panted as he reached for. Sunny squeezed her eyes shut and flinched, hoping it'd all be over soon.

Suddenly, she heard him gasp hard. She opened her eyes and saw that Dean had stuck Heaven's Diamond right through Damian's back, piercing his heart. The blade began to glow bright white and the gems glowed various colors as Damian's power was sucked from his vessel. He shrieked in both pain and anger as his plans to rule humanity were sucked away. Dean gripped the blade tightly and pushed Damian towards the portal until he was right in front of it. He, then, pulled the blade out and took Sunny's hand, pulling her over to him to finish the job.

"Only you can kill him." he reminded.

She nodded up at him, speechless, then faced the gasping demon. She had prayed for this moment since the night he took Mike away from her. She resented him for using his vessel to torment her, for using his memory to weaken her. Then, using and hurting Dean trying to get to her her. She hated this monster more than she could possibly hate anything. She pushed the blade into his chest, sliding it farther and farther in His bright red eyes then faded back to blue and for just a second he was Mike again. She then realized Mike was never dead at all, and now he was staring into her eyes, unaware of what was going on.

"Sunny? What?" he gasped, looking down at his stab-wound.

She exhaled sharply, tears ran down her face as she stepped closer to him and gently kissed him on the lips. She leaned towards his ear and sighed, preparing to do what she had to.

"I'm sorry." she whispered, sniffling.

She, then, pushed him into the hell portal, causing it to close, making sure to pull the blade out as he fell so she could return it to Castiel. The fog completely disappeared, as did the fire and blood moat. She fell to her knees and sobbed. This whole time Mike was alive in there and Damian made her think he was dead and that she had killed him. She was so confused, she knew she had killed him, she cut his freaking head off. So how? Dean knelt beside her and took her hand.

Sunny looked over at Sam and Roxie and realized they needed to bring her to the hospital before she'd die. She made it to the hospital and had to have a blood transfusion but she made a full recovery. Later, they returned to the empty house and released Shacona.

"What do I do now?" Shacona asked.

"You go home." Sunny simply said, and walked away, leaving her once-best friend, behind.

Before getting a hotel for the night, Gage and John said their goodbyes and went their separate ways.

"When will I see you again?" Sunny asked, her eyes welling up as she hugged her father.

"Soon, honey. Real soon." he replied, a tear gliding down his cheek as he returned the hug. "You were so great out there...I'm so proud of you." he added.

"Take care of each other." John told his boys as he got in his car.

"Yes, sir." the boys said in unison.

They hated that their father would rather hunt alone but they didn't have it in them to argue about it. They stood together as John and Gage drove away, Sunny resting her head on Dean's shoulder. Her eyes felt heavy and her muscles were weak, she was exhausted. They rented themselves a room and got ready for bed, not caring who slept where.

Castiel appeared minutes after Sam passed out, he saw that Sunny had the blade and thanked her and Dean for saving the world and Heaven.

"You succeeded in killing Damian and retrieving Heaven's Diamond, we thank you." he simply said, his appreciation evident.

Sunny handed him the blade and smiled.

"Forget about it. We're's our job to kill demons." she replied.

Castiel nodded, a small smile spread on his face, then he disappeared. Sunny sighed and turned to Dean.

"Dean...we need to talk." she said.

"'Bout that?" he asked, eying her suspiciously.

"I's time for me to go, too." she whispered.

At that, Dean stood up, a confused expression drawn on his face.

"What? Why?" he demanded.

"I just have to...You've gotten hurt so many times because of me, I can't keep doing that to you." she replied, shaking her head.

He burrowed his eyebrows and grabbed her by the shoulders.

"It's over now, nothing's gonna hurt me...or you, we're fine!" he insisted.

Sunny shook her head again and scoffed softly. She knew he wouldn't understand.

"Dean, there's always going to be another 'boss' demon or super monster that wants to kill us and take over the world." she said, calmly.

"And we'll never survive it if we keep letting our feelings for each other get in the way." she added.

"We survived this." he reminded her.

"We got lucky, Dean. It's best if we learn from this and move on." she countered.

She turned and walked into the bedroom, Dean close behind her.

"You don't know what you're doing, Sunny." he declared, angrily.

She saw the hurt in his eyes and felt terrible, she didn't want to leave him. She wanted him to be safe and wanted him to be able to focus on himself during a hunt. If he's too focused on how she's doing while fighting a demon and he gets hurt, she'd never forgive herself.

"Dean, don't fight with me on this, I'm not gonna change my mind." she insisted.

She grabbed her bag and exited the bedroom, getting ready to leave, when he rushed in front of her.

"Dean, don't make this harder than it has to be." she sighed, looking up at him. "I know we connected and I appreciate you helping me get over Mike and teaching me that it's okay to care about someone again...but I was only sent to help you fight the apocalypse."

He squinted at her in frustration. How could she say that? That her only purpose for sticking around was to stop Damian and now that he's dead she would just take off? Like she wasn't leaving someone behind and breaking his heart. Like they never meant anything at all. It was then he realized how he really felt about her. His body trembled and felt himself start to get emotional.

"Sunny, please." he begged, gripping her shoulders with shaky, clammy hands.

"I can't stick around and risk you getting hurt or worse because of how you feel about me...and I'm sure you don't want to see me get hurt either." she argued.

She turned away and faced the door, her hand reached out and grabbed the doorknob.

"If you think leaving is going to make my feelings go away, you're wrong." he blurted, angrily, making her hesitate.

"If you leave right now, I'm going to worry about you everyday for the rest of my life. I'm going to spend my life wondering where you are and if you're okay. During hunts, I'll wonder if you're hunting too and I'll wonder what you're hunting and who you're hunting with." he added.

Tears filled her eyes because she knew he was right. They streamed down her face one at a time and her body began to shake, nervously. She knew how she felt about him, she knew she wanted to be with him more than she ever wanted anything. She knew she, too, would worry about him no matter where she ended up or who she ended up with, doubting she would let herself fall for another man.

"And you know damn well you're going to do the same. If you ask me, that's more dangerous than us being together and having our feelings get in the way. At least together, we can protect each other and we know we're both safe." he whispered, harshly.

She slowly turned back around to face him, her face moist from tears, and released her grip on the doorknob. Her heart pounded against her chest as Dean took her hand and pulled her close to him. A tear slid down his face as he took hers in his hand and pressed his forehead against hers. Closing his eyes, he exhaled, shakily and deep then sniffled.

"Sunny, I- I don't want to lose you..." he whispered, softly, sweeping her bangs away from her eyes and moving closer to her lips. There wasn't even an inch of space between their lips when he said it. The words that made her weak in the knees and her heart skip a beat. The words that made her feel like cat sized butterflies were flapping around in her stomach.

"I love you."

She let out a soft, trembling sigh upon hearing the whispered words. Chills ran up her spine and she could've sworn her heart was spinning. He looked into her eyes, his arms wrapped around her lower back and his lips hovering in front of hers.

"Dean." she started, more tears came gliding down as her breathing became slightly labored.

She knew he cared about her a lot but she didn't expect him to be in love with her, not this soon.

"Please, don't leave me." he pleaded in the softest, cutest whimper she'd ever heard.

She stared into his eyes for what seemed like hours but was only a moment. Finally, she dropped her bags then wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, passionately. There was no way she could leave him. She knew she would regret it for the rest of her life if she had. She'd end up living out her life miserable and empty, missing him and needing him with her always. She would never forgive herself if something horrible were to happen to him and she wasn't there to prevent it or help him. She was sent to help him fight evil, not just the one apocalypse, but every apocalypse that may threaten the world. She had made a promise to take care of him and Sam, if need be. Sunshine Alysha Thornhart always kept her promises, no ifs, ands or buts. No exceptions, no take-backs, no excuses. She decided to stay with him and go through every and anything with him and only him. She was in love with him and she was an idiot for ever deciding to leave him.

"I love you, Dean." she breathed as soon as they parted. Her breathing was fast and hard.

He smiled happily at her words and pulled her back in to kiss her again, sliding his tongue into her mouth and burying his hands into her hair. A small moan escaped her throat and traveled into his mouth as he lifted her up by her thighs and carried her into the hotel bedroom. She wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed him hungrily, clawing at his shirted back. He used his heel to shut the door and flopped onto the bed, still kissing and now on top of her. They writhed and grinded against each other in pure lust and stripped each other of their clothing, starting with their shirts.

She tore his button up shirt open, buttons flew off and bounced off the floor with soft clacks and rolling sounds. Her hands explored his body, starting at his pelvic area to unbutton his jeans, then up his stomach and chest, kissing a trail after them. He sighed, deeply, and squeezed her outer-thighs in anticipation as his eyes rolled back. He growled softly as he snuggled his face in the crook of her neck and kissed it, alternating with sucking and nibbling. She gasped quietly at the pleasure he was giving her, grinding herself against his hardness behind the jeans.

He pulled of her tank top, revealing her black and pink laced corset, and gaped at her gorgeous breasts. The tight undergarment, pushed her breasts up and together, they swelled with each breath she took. He hovered above her and slid his hand down her chest and abs, stopping at her pants, for just a second. He pulled the button loose and kissed her gently, his tongue traced her bottom lip tenderly before plunging in. She, then, arched her back and popped open her eyes as she felt him wiggle his fingers inside of her. He moaned softly into her mouth, as she grabbed his hair and pulled his face impossibly closer to hers. They gasped for air after parting and looked at each other with lust-filled eyes.

Sunny, then, pulled down her pants and proceeded to kick them all the way off as he did the same. She hooked two fingers in the front of his boxers and pulled them down, releasing the solid cock inside, whilst still gazing into his eyes. He pulled his fingers out of her and replaced them with his hard-on, thrusting hard and deep. She moaned loudly as his thickness completely filled her, slightly stretching her inner-walls. He sunk into her wet heat, his tip sliding over her g-spot repeatedly and turning her deep moans into urgent whimpers.

Without warning, she pushed him on his back and began grinding on top of him, her stomach rolling in rhythmical waves. He was stunned by her unexpected maneuver but moaned in approval as she thrusted slowly and deeply, back and forth. His breathing became fast and short as she picked up the pace. She leaned forward and kissed him hard, lifting her waist up so only his head remained inside her, then quickly lowered to consume him again. It only took a couple of moments of that to send him close to his climax, her passionate moaning and whimpers of pleasure also played a part in that.

Suddenly, he grabbed hold of her thighs, gripping tightly and began shaking her hard against his pelvis, back and forth. Sunny cried out in surprise as he continuously rubbed over her weak spot, causing her to orgasm almost immediately. As he neared his, he clawed at the lace strings in the front of her corset, in an attempt to untie them and loosen the grip on her breasts. As he pulled the pink strings out, her boobs lowered to their natural place and slightly separated. The force of his thrusting made them bounce and jiggle, he just had to squeeze them. Just seconds away from their climax, he grabbed both breasts and squeezed slightly, making her whimper and bite back a loud moan.

She had to remember Sam was in the next room and the walls were not soundproof. She seemed to have a habit of forgetting about him and letting Dean hit her as hard and deep as he wanted, causing the loudness. She could feel Dean's cock stiffen as it prepared to release inside her just as her walls surrounding him began to tighten. Biting her lip, she arched her back and tried to hold her moans in but failed when she belted a loud squeal at the ceiling during her orgasm. Dean didn't seem to mind the loudness at all, as he allowed himself a half a moan and half grunt as he came.

Panting and shallow breathing filled the room as they laid cuddled up together afterward. Sunny kissed Dean's shoulder up to his neck and suckled on him gently, sweat moistened their bodies. She reached under his boxers, when she saw he was still hard, and stroked him, deciding she wasn't done with him. He exhaled sharply as she rubbed his over-sensitive tip with her thumb then moved down his shaft, gripping him snuggly. He whimpered in her ear, biting his lip and breathing hard as her hand made its way up and down his member. She, then, kissed him, her tongue explored his mouth then made its way down his neck, chest and stomache.

By this time, he was panting from anticipation, as she slowly made her way down his body, leaving a trail of hot, wet kisses and saliva tracks. He let out a small moan as she alternated kissing and licking down his happy trail. His body quivered excitedly, he hadn't yet experienced a blow-job from Sunny so this was a big night for him. They usually had sex once then went to sleep but tonight was special. Not only did they kill Damian and save Roxie, the hostages and the world- They also declared their love for each other and admitted they'd be miserable without one another. That was definitely reason to celebrate and go all out.

She pulled his cock back out and teased him with a little tongue-play. He grunted softly as she flicked her tongue against the tip, her tongue ring gently grazing the sensitive parts. He sighed deeply before suddenly twitching beneath her and grabbing her hair from the back. His legs wiggled back and forth, anxiously. She smiled tauntingly, then dragged her tongue down his shaft, his member entering her mouth but she wouldn't close it on him. The ball of her barbel rubbed against the underside of his hard-on, making him moan.

"Oh, my God, the myth is true." he whispered, shakily.

Sunny was also the first girl he's ever been with who had a tongue piercing, surprising enough. So he knew he was definitely in for a wild night.

Finally, she took him in her mouth, fitting him completely in. He grunted loudly, thrusting upward to get in deeper. She took the base of him by her hand and rubbed her thumb against it, while sucking at his head and swirling her tongue around it.

"Oh- Holy God!" he choked, arching his back and tilting his head with eyes rolling up.

That fucken tongue-ring! That sweet piece of metal sent from sex heaven. God, it made blow-jobs feel 10x more awesome. He couldn't wait to bust a nut in her mouth and at this rate, it'd be really fuckin' soon!

He gripped her hair and directed how deep he wanted to thrust and how fast he wanted her to go, only because she let him. She moaned softly as he slid in deeper, hinting that he wanted her to deep-throat him. She indulged him and did so, she could hear him whimpering quietly as she practically swallowed his cock, her tongue still swirling against his shaft. He started panting again and Sunny felt him stiffen in her mouth as he got ready to come. He bit his lip and shivered as that awesome tongue of hers explored every inch of his member, working its way to his head where it was most senstive.

Then, for some reason, he changed his mind about coming in her mouth and forced her back up to him where he threw her down onto her back and shoved himself inside her. She moaned sharply, as he thrusted hard, deep and fast. She threw her arms around him and pressed her forehead against his, her moans and whimpers consistant with his plunges. He felt her tighten around his cock again as he stiffened inside her, seconds away from another simultaneous orgasm. He kissed her neck then her mouth where they exchanged muffled moans and grunts, whimpers and sharp breaths. Sweat dampened their hair and skin, their hearts pounded against each other as they writhed against one another, so close. Too close.

While still kissing, they both came, emitting helpless cries of pleasure into each others lungs. Sunny squeezed Dean tight, her breasts pressed against him comfortably, sopping wet with sweat. The lace of her corset was soaked, as were his boxers. She ran her fingers through his damp hair as she tilted her head back and belted out one last moan of satisfaction. Dean pumped the last of his come into her then slumped atop of her, exhausted. Both breathing heavily and contently, they decided to just fall asleep that way, with him on top of her, because neither one of them could move they were so tired.

Dean kissed Sunny good-night on her forehead and she looked at him happily. She snuggled him in her arms and sighed.

"I'm glad your dad sent me to you..." she whispered.

"Me too." he agreed, stroking her hair with his thumb.

"You're the best thing that's ever happened to me and I acted so stupid...especially tonight." she admitted.

"It doesn't matter." he simply said. "We're here now, together. Alive. Everything is great." he smiled.

"You're great." she retorted, smiling.

He smiled back and kissed her gently on the lips before lifting himself off of her and laying beside her so she could cuddle up to him. He wrapped his arm around her and held her close, their heads resting against each other.

"I love you, Sunshine." he whispered.

She chuckled softly and slid her arm across his torso, making herself comfortable. She closed her eyes and sighed contently, her breath hot against his neck.

"I love you, Winchester." she breathed, and within minutes they were sound asleep, wrapped in each other's arms.

The End

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