"Where all his life had fallen into ruin"

It's all over now, master,
And I don't know if I can bear it.
To see you there –
So pure,
So still –
I thought I would like to join you.
But to spill my blood on your still form,
Well, It would be wrong.
It would darken your light, if you take my meaning.
I just want to hold you dear,
Just like yesterday,
Hold you forever.
And your laughter –
When you laughed the rocks listened.
But I listened too.
I still listen.
Just one laugh!
But no – never again.
I look back at you in a blur –
A bright blur –
And all I have with me is a ring –
A clear ring –
A cursèd ring.
That shining blur is your life –
A blur of happiness.
You were the kind master,
I the happy servant.
Yesterday, it was different.
We weren't separated,
We were friends.
That's what you called me, sir –
"Friend of friends."
What pain those words bring!
Yet what exquisite joy!
Friends for a few weeks!
Were it not for the quest we would have been apart,
Always man and master.
Now it is worse.
The gulf is too wide.
Oh! WHY did it have to be me!
I would have stayed with you master, dear,
If it were not for this circle –
The infinity of my misery.
Your life is over.
My life is over.
Forgive your Sam.
But he WILL come back to you!
Here my life has been ruined
Yet here, dead or no,
My life lies.