Takes place a little after "King For A Day Pt 2", sort of related to "Child Soldiers", but you don't have to read it to understand this. Power Rangers belongs to Haim Saban and Nickelodeon. I only own the plot. References to "Calamity Kimberly" and "Green With Evil Part 2: Jason's Battle".

Zordon looked through the viewing globe to see Tommy and Jason talking quietly. No doubt they were discussing what had happened. Then, Rocky came up to them, and they turned to their friend with a smile, hiding the seriousness that they had just worn on their faces. Zordon frowned. It hurt to see his Rangers hurting like this, hiding their battle scars. Battle scars. Every Ranger had them. A few were physical, but most were emotional. Tommy and Jason knew this better than any of the other Rangers. Both boys had been through so much: the loss of the Green Ranger Powers, fighting in the Dark Dimension on their own, experiencing major defeats…the list could go on. But they prevailed. They prevailed like the strong soldiers that they were. Yes, soldiers. They fought against insurmountable evil, nearly sacrificing their very lives numerous times. And yet, they were still children. They had nightmares and fears, and hopes and dreams about going to college just like everybody else. Their happy facades often hid their battle scars from the world, but try as they might, they could never hide them from each other…especially when it came to Tommy and Jason. Jason always seemed to know when Tommy had had a nightmare and vice-versa. It was probably due to the fact that Jason had wielded Tommy's powers for a short time, causing the two to become even more connected. Yes, every Ranger had battle scars. Those two just happened to have more than their fare share. Most of Tommy's were emotional, though he had a faint scar at the base of his forehead stemming from the time he tried to save Kimberly from the Samurai Fan Man. Jason had more physical scars due to the fact that he often pushed himself past his limits when it came to rescuing his friends. However, the few scars that they never talked about were the three, singular, small cuts on the three middle fingers of his right hand which he had gotten when he had been trapped in the Dark Dimension with Goldar. Yes, his Rangers had battle scars, but the world would never know it.