Dear DEfamily,

First of all, how are you guys? You ready for Damon/Elena 2017? OF COURSE, YOU ARE. We are legion.

Some lovely readers pointed out there were formatting problems in 44 & 45. I went ahead and fixed them. Thanks for letting me know. ;)

The rest of the chapters of this story are coming soooooon. Rumor has it that Damon/Elena TV endgame is gonna happen on March 10th. I'm 1/2 considering posting my final chapter to this story on that night. But no worries, I don't think I'll wait until March to release all the remaining chapters of this story.

( I've put you guys through the slow burn long enough. )

But isn't this exciting? The end of Damon & Elena on TV. The end of this fic, FINALLY. I grew up with Damon & Elena and writing this story. It's been incredible becoming a woman in this fandom. Can't believe I was 23 when I started this massive venture. I barely remember who I was then. The one thing I've learned from writing this story is anything over 150K words is something I never want to do again. This story will be close to 200K words when the final chap is posted.

In other GREAT news, tons of authors joined my annual Damon & Elena holiday exchange at TVD Mixing. We're 6 years strong! Head over there to read their stories and please leave reviews. These authors only write for their love of this ship. Most of these writers aren't even active anymore. A little appreciation goes a long way.

My contribution to the holiday exchange is posted on my other profile: NerdDamon - have fun reading it!

fanfiction dot net /s/12313178/1/Got-A-Long-List-Of-Ex-Lovers-They-ll-Tell-You-I-m-Insane

PS: There was a wedding in Vegas!

Love Always,