There is nothing sensual, to Kakashi, about helping Sakura wind wrappings around her ankles and one of her upper thighs. To another man, perhaps, one who had not lost so much, this might have been a time for last-minute affections and affirmations, but not Kakashi. When they help one another prep to leave the compound, they are strictly professional. There can be nothing in his touch which could cause her to lose focus later on when she's unwrapping and wrapping these bandages herself on her mission. Losing focus on missions, especially these ones being run against Danzou's tyranny of the countryside in Fire, can easily prove fatal. Both Kakashi and Sakura—to Kakashi's great dismay—knew this fact far too intimately now.

When she gets home to him and the snug hammock they've elected to share, he will sit her on the hanging contraption and stand in front of her and help her out of her mission gear. He will be glad she's returned to him alive, but for now he will absolutely not allow himself to indirectly cause her death. Save for the few comrades—less than a hundred—who escaped the village and Naruto, she is all he has left.