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Harry smacked at Logan yelling at him while the older man laughed.

"I can't believe you would play that mean joke on me after we just had that beautiful moment! You're such an asshole! See if you get any sex for the next YEAR!" Harry shouted. Logan smiled and held his angry husband to his chest tight before kissing him deeply.

"I'm sorry love. It was too tempting; of COURSE I didn't forget the condom. You just had a baby and I don't want to risk your health. And NO it didn't break." Logan took it off and threw it in the trash. Harry huffed but settled into the warm chest feeling tired.

Logan settled into the blankets with his young husband and they fell into a peaceful sleep.


Sirius almost fell over laughing when Harry told them all what Logan had done. Harry's eye twitched as he fed Arabella and Sirius continued laughing.

"I'm sorry but that is funny!" Sirius yelled knuckle bumping Logan. Remus smacked Sirius's shoulder and Harry punched Logan's arm. Sirius looked at Remus trying to look innocent while Logan hugged Harry and Arabella close.

"So the ministry and the Diggorys will be here tomorrow. Will you be alright?" Remus asked in worry. Harry looked down at the wide wake Arabella in his arms and looked sad.

"She can't be here when they come. Knowing the ministry they will try to take her right from under our noses." Harry said. Namira chose that perfect moment to pop up on the table in front of Harry.

"I'll watch her! Kurt and I are heading out for the day anyways to go shopping. You won't believe the kind of clothes the people in this house wear! Plus I haven't spent any money in years the bank probably thinks I'm dead again." She shouted and danced around the counter before running off to be her hyper self somewhere else.

"So it's settled. Namira will take Arabella with Kurt out shopping while we deal with the idiots." Sirius said sipping some coffee. Everyone nodded and Logan popped his knuckles.

"So I get to punch this Cedric guy right?" he asked. Sirius grinned.

"Ok but I get to bite his leg" Harry and Remus rolled their eyes leaving to go do something more productive while their husbands thought of ways to kill Cedric slowly and painfully.

"Men" Harry huffed. Remus laughed and patted his back as they headed outside.

"We're men" he pointed out. Harry smiled up at him.

"But we're not THAT kind of man. We're smart and use our brain more than our cocks and muscles." Harry stated matter-of-factly. Remus just laughed and shook his head.

"You grew up too fast Harry… 15 and married with a child…" Remus murmured sadly. Harry looked down at Arabella and a peaceful smile graced his lips.

"I don't mind anymore. I'm married to a good man and I have wonderful godparents. Not to mention the most beautiful girl on the planet." He said kissing Arabella's chubby cheek.

"Are you going to be ok with seeing Cedric tomorrow?" Remus asked. Harry shrugged.

"I know that if he tries anything you, Logan, and Sirius are just waiting to beat the shit out of him." Harry said smiling. Remus returned the smile before pulling Harry close in a tight hug.

"I love you Harry." Harry returned the hug with one arm and smiled.

"Love you too Remus."

Remus smiled and pat Harry's head and they continued their peaceful walk in the huge back yard of the school. They froze and started snickering when they came across a funny sight. Draco was straddling Archangel's hips while the two were locked in a passionate kiss. Warren was leaning back against the tree holding Draco's hips tight. Harry snickered making both boys jump away quickly looking very guilty.

"Not a word Potter!" Draco yelled. Harry just grinned innocently and walked away from the two with Remus. As soon as they were out of sight Warren jumped on to Draco pinning him down and started sucking the teen's milky neck. Harry popped from behind the tree and tossed a condom at them.

"Don't need another baby in the house!" Harry yelled before running off laughing as Draco yelled and cursed from behind him.


Harry fettled with his hands feeling the nervous butterflies start buzzing around in his stomach. The time had gone by way too fast for Harry's taste and by the time Namira and Kurt had left the house it was time for the ministry to arrive.

"Harry don't worry they can't do a thing. You're married and Logan legally adopted Arabella." Remus assured. Harry held his hand tight nodding. Logan took his other hand while Sirius sat on the other side of Remus. Lucius walked in followed by three elderly looking men.

"These are the lawyers I promised. Ruthless and willing to do anything I say." Lucius said. The men shook their hands before taking a seat at the long rectangle table. The fire place came alive and the Diggorys, three ministry officials, and two lawyers stepped into the room taking their seats. Harry tightened his grip on Logan's hand when he saw a smiling Cedric sit across from him.

"Where is my daughter?" Cedric asked. Harry glared.

"She isn't here. I had to make sure that you couldn't get to her." Harry spat out. Cedric glared but his father stopped him from saying anything else. One of the ministry officials finally spoke up.

"Harry Potter…"

"It's Harry Howlett now. I was married two weeks ago." Harry said showing off his wedding ring. Cedric scowled at him and Logan growled causing Cedric to scoot back a little in fear.

"Don't threaten my son!" Elder Diggory yelled. Logan just smiled.

"I don't remember threatening him." Logan said wrapping his arm around Harry's shoulder.

"Shall we get down to business?" the second ministry official asked "We're here concerning the wellbeing of Cedric Diggory's daughter Arabella Lily Potter-Diggory."

"It's just Potter." Harry said coldly. The official ignored him as the lawyers started talking while they spoke.

"We were looking through your birth records and we found something interesting mister… Howlett."

"And what would that be?" Sirius started looking nervous.

"Harry just ignore them. What does your birth have to do what's at hand?" Sirius said quickly. Remus looked sad.

"Harry we need to talk. What they are going to tell you should be told by us not them." Remus said throwing up a sheet between them and the Diggorys and threw up a silencing spell. Sirius was clenching his hands and shaking. Harry looked at him worried.

"Sirius… what were they going to tell me…" Harry whispered. Remus held Sirius's hand tightly and finally stopped shaking.

"When your father and Lily where first married they suffered a miscarriage… James came over drunk and we had an affair…" Sirius said unconvincingly. Remus held him close whispering.

"No more lies Sirius. Tell him the truth." Remus said heart breakingly. Sirius closed his eyes and Harry was shocked to see tears running down his face.

"James was so depressed after Lily miscarried that he got really drunk and came over. Remus was out getting some supplies from Diagon Ally when James floo'ed in stumbling around. I was taking a nap but was able to wake up and catch him in time… He was talking crazy about how sexy I was and how he had always liked me. I blew it off and tried to get him up the stairs to get him to bed so that I could fire call Lily and have her come get him.

James pushed me down when we got to the stairs and I hit my head. All I remember was being really dizzy and suddenly being in pain in my lower half… when Remus got back James was passed out pant less at the bottom of the stairs and I was bleeding from my head and… you can guess where else. Nine months later… you popped out. I couldn't keep you. I was so afraid that I would look at you and see nothing but pain so I gave you to James and Lily to rise. I still loved them and they deserved you much more than I did…" Sirius sobbed out. Harry felt dizzy and held onto Logan.

"You're… You're my mother…?" Harry asked shakily. Sirius closed his eyes tight letting more tears fall.

"My grandmother had forest green eyes. That's where you get them from." Sirius whispered.

"We didn't want to cause any problems by telling you…" Remus said. Harry started sobbing and hugged Logan tight. Hearing that your father was a rapist and that you were born from rape after 15 years of believing you were born from love was very tough and Harry didn't know what to think or do.

"I'm so sorry Harry." Sirius sobbed. Harry reached over and hugged his god- no his mother tightly.

"It's ok… I forgive you…it's just… a shocker…" Harry said. Sirius held Harry tight and smiled softly.

"Let's get back to the matter at hand" Logan said smiling. Everyone nodded and Remus took off the silencing spell and made the sheet disappear showing an annoyed Cedric Diggory.

"The lawyers have settled it… There is nothing we can do to take the child from you it seems." One of the officials said. "But if you were kind you'd allow Cedric to get to know his daughter"

"Like he was kind enough to stop when I begged him to stop over and over again when he was raping me? No, he will never see my daughter." Harry said coldly. Cedric stood up.

"You can't keep me from my daughter!" Cedric yelled before pointing his wand at Harry. Logan jumped into action and in a flash Cedric was on the ground holding his bloody nose.

"You broke my nose you bastard!" Cedric cried. Logan just glared at him.

"Don't try to touch my husband again." Logan said threateningly. Cedric glared up at him shaking in anger.

"It's time to go. Maybe Harry will soften his heart in a few years." Cedric's father said pulling his son towards the fire place. Cedric turned and jumped over the table punching Logan hard in the face. Logan grabbed his front slamming him on the table and punching him hard in the face. Mr. Diggory was able to get them separated with the help of the lawyers and ministry officials. They quickly pulled him into the fireplace disappearing in green flames.

Harry sat down and started sobbing in relief. Logan sat down and pulled him close hugging him tight.

"She's finally safe." Harry sobbed out. It had been a rough few hours and it had finally caught up to the young man and he passed out into the strong arms of Logan.

(Since it took me so long to post this chapter I am giving you all a bonus story before going to the epilogue!)

Draco tugged at his collar as he and Warren traveled up the elevator to Warren the 2nd's office. Archangel had told his dad about him dating someone and the elder man wanted to meet the person that made his son so happy.

"So he has no idea I'm a male." Draco said taking Archangel's hand "Or that I can get pregnant" he looked down at the barely noticeable baby bump in his nice suit. Archangel smiled softly and held the 17 year old close kissing his cheek. It had been two years since they met up and both couldn't be happier, but now they had to ask Archangel's father for permission to marry.

"Don't worry, my dad loves me and he will love you too." Archangel said rubbing Draco's tummy with pride. He didn't say it out loud but even if his father didn't accept Draco he would take him and the baby over his father and the company. Besides it wasn't money they were worried about, Lucius and Severus were plenty rich, they just wanted the other grandfather in the picture.

Finally the elevator came to a stop and opened showing a large office with an even larger desk, an old man sat behind the desk chatting on a phone but quickly got off it when he saw his son was here.

"Warren!" he cried happily and stood up hugging the boy tight, careful of his wings. Archangel hugged his father back before pulling back.

"There's someone very special to me that I want you to meet." He said before moving and pulling Draco up. Warren (the 2nd) looked shocked at him before looking at his son.

"Is he your best friend?" he asked. Archangel shook his head.

"He's my fiancé." He said. Warren blinked and looked between them.

"Why didn't you tell me you were gay?" he asked angrily "Me and your mother were hoping for grandchildren!" Archangel stood in front of Draco glaring.

"For your information Draco can get pregnant and he's pregnant with my child right now! And I love him more than anything the world so if you can't accept him then we better just go." Archangel said taking Draco's hand and heading back for the elevator.

"Warren wait!" Warren the 2nd said taking his son's hand. "I'm sorry it's just going to take some getting used to… It's very nice to meet you Draco." He said offering his hand. Draco smiled and took it.

"Archangel?" Draco said softly. Archangel looked at his fiancé and smiled.


"It's not one child. It's three." Two thumps were heard as both Warrens passed out. Draco shrugged and helped himself to some cheeses that were on the desk.


Harry leaned against Logan laughing as two year old Arabella ran around screaming in excitement with her one and a half year old uncle Ted. Remus had surprised everyone when he went into labor, the thin man hadn't even looked pregnant but out popped Ted making Sirius the happiest man alive. Logan ran his hands over Harry's large pregnant belly feeling happy and at peace finally.

"How are they doing?" Logan asked. Harry smiled up at his husband of two years and kissed him.

"They are fine love stop worrying." Harry griped smiling. Logan smiled and nibbled his neck making Harry giggle more. Sirius and Remus walked up settling down with the happy couple.

"How are they doing?" Remus asked. Harry smiled over at Ted and Arabella.

"Being normal active two year olds" Harry said simply picking up a finger sandwich and nibbling it. Sirius smiled and placed a hand on Harry's round belly.

"I think he meant the twins." Sirius said. Harry rolled his eyes.

"Will everyone leave me alone? I passed out once and now you guys are all over me. I'm fine really!" Harry groaned leaning heavily on Logan.

"I'm sorry love." Logan said sucking his ear and smiling. Harry giggled before an alarm made them all look up. Harry looked at him with sad eyes before smiling softly.

"You have another mission" Harry said simply. Logan smiled and nodded before holding him close.

"I'll be back soon." Logan said. Harry just laughed before hugging him tight.

"I know."


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