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Title: Take My Life
Rating: M
Warnings: Language, training, manipulation

Jeff kicked Matt out of the house, telling him he was welcome to come back for dinner. Matt accepted, and Jeff went about the arrangements for adding Adam's print for the vault door. The security company walked them through the process over the phone, and soon Adam had complete access to all of the things the Hardys held dearest. It gave him kind of a warm fuzzy feeling to think that since he lived in the vault, he could be counted as among them. Once that business was done, Master and pet adjourned to the dungeon.

Jeff gave Adam some time in his kennel while he changed and meditated. Soon, he called to his pup, pointing to the middle of the floor where he'd laid out a thin mat, and Adam knelt there in First Position.

"Today," Jeff said, taking up the riding crop and approaching, "you learn Second Position, and how to transition. Straighten your feet back, sit on your heels, hands on thighs."

In First, Adam's feet had to be perfectly vertical, toes pointed uncomfortably forward. Now he curled his toes back, flattening the tops of his feet against the floor. He wobbled a little before he sat back and placed his hands on his thighs.

"Watch your balance. You'll need to be smoother than that," Jeff said, adjusting his hand placement until his palms were high up on his legs, fingers pointing inwards, elbows stuck out to the sides. "Try again, and wait for the signal this time. Okay, up." Adam stood, head lowered, until he felt the tap on his shoulder. "Puppy." He dropped down to First and held it for a moment, then felt a tap on the top of his head. That must be the signal. He went to Second, a little more smoothly, but still not well. His shoulder was tapped again. "First." Adam rose back up to First, having a some trouble getting his toes under him. "Okay, up."

As they went through the positions, Jeff explained that a simple tap meant to go to the next position in numerical order, but to listen carefully in case he called for one out of order. He circled his pet, tapping and calling poses, and if Adam went into the wrong one or stumbled too badly he'd get a sharp smack on his ass with the crop. Jeff considered it almost unfortunate when Adam started to get the hang of it and didn't have to have the crop swipe at his plump behind as often. Adam became more accustomed to the positions and transitions, but as the afternoon wore on he was feeling the burn in his legs, the tension in his spine and shoulders, and he began to falter. He fought through the discomfort, determined not to make Jeff use the tip of the crop for little adjustments to his posture, but he swore he could hear the creak of his tendons every time he rose. He concentrated on regulating his breathing, trying not to pant as sweat trickled down his back.

After settling into Second Position for what seemed like the thousandth time, Adam's butt slipped off his heels and he almost fell over. He righted himself quickly, closing his eyes and bracing himself for the crop. He jumped when he felt Jeff's fingers on his shoulder. "Okay, puppy." Adam exhaled and slumped, his hands slipping to the floor to hold himself up.

"How you doing?"

"Tired, Sire," Adam panted. "Sore."


"Yes, Sire."

"Okay," Jeff said, helping his pet to his feet. "You got fifteen minutes in your kennel, then I'll start dinner."

Adam nodded and wobbled off to get in the shower while Jeff changed back into his every day clothes. He was so proud of his Adds. Jeff had been hoping to use the stones today, but that could wait until tomorrow. His pup was exhausted and deserved a break. He wandered over to Adam's sink, leaning back against it and watching his pet turn his face up to the hot spray, lips parted and pushing his hair back with his hands. Adam hummed and sighed as he lathered his body, obviously ignoring his half-swollen dick as he washed. As he turned to let the steaming water beat on his back, he caught Jeff out of the corner of his eye and started.

"Don't mind me," Jeff said when Adam shook his head at him, a grin tugging at the corner of his mouth and making his dimples appear. "Just enjoying the view."

Adam finished his shower and stepped out of the cubicle, ignoring the towel Jeff held out to him and grabbing his Sire in a dripping wet bear hug. "Adam!" Jeff screeched, trying to pull away. Adam shook his head and thick clumps of soaking hair slapped across Jeff's face.

"Aw, don't wanna cuddle with me?" Adam pouted.

"Get off me, you brute," Jeff said, giggling as Adam took the towel and dried off. Adam was fastening his restraints when Jeff took off his shirt and wiped his face with the dry side, and when Adam whistled he got a face full of damp cotton. The puppy was playful but drained, and gave a tired chuckle as he locked the cock cage in place, ready to go upstairs.

Once upstairs, Jeff led Adam to the couch and had him lie down, his head on a fluffy throw pillow. It felt good to lie on his side after the harsh treatment his knees and ass had gotten, and he snuggled down, yawning. Jeff squatted next to him, stroking his hair back.

"Wanna watch TV?" Jeff asked, and Adam nodded. "What do you want to watch?" Adam bit his lip, his eyes shifting to the DVD player, and Jeff laughed. "You want to watch your show, don't you? Okay. You lie here and veg, baby. Did so good today. I'm proud of you."

"Thank you, Sire," Adam whispered, and Jeff kissed his cheek. He pulled the blanket off the back of the couch and covered Adam's naked body, tucking him in before starting the Desperate Housewives DVD and going to make dinner.


Adam gasped, jerking up and swinging blindly at his attacker.

"Whoa whoa, Adam. Cool it, man. It's just me." Adam blinked and looked up into dark onyx eyes. Matt? "You were having a bad dream," Matt told him, rubbing his shoulder.

Adam rubbed his hands over his face and sat up. "Fuck yeah, I was."

"Jeff's about done with... dinner..." Matt trailed off, eyes widening as he looked down. Adam followed his gaze and saw that his cock cage was exposed. He flushed and grabbed the blanket to cover himself.

"Not a fucking word," Adam growled.

Matt raised his hands in a show of innocence. "Not making fun. I've just never seen anything like that before. Is there, like, a purpose to it? Or is it just show?"

Adam narrowed his eyes, lips puckering as he scrutinized Matt's face. He'd asked with honest curiosity, not a hint of ridicule in his voice. After a second, he replied, "It prevents erections. He's teaching me control."

Matt snorted. "You grapple with oiled up men in tights for a living. I'd think you'd have the hang of that."

"Staving off random wood in the ring is a bit different than trying to stay soft while licking your Sire's cum from his belly button," Adam said, suppressing a grin. It had always been fun to make Matt twitch. "Hey, man. You asked."

"Aw, fuck!" Matt cried, cringing. "Next time, remind me not to! Yargh!"

"Come eat!" Jeff called from the kitchen, and Matt grimaced.

"Shit, I'm not sure I'll ever be hungry again after that image."

Adam laughed. And laughed. And kept laughing. He tried to get it under control, but he kept picturing Matt's grimace and was just set off again. The laughter exploded from him, tears starting to stream from his eyes. Matt gave a little chuckle at Adam's mirth.

"It wasn't that funny."

"I know... I know... I just... cum eat!" Adam gasped, holding the blanket to his mouth and guffawing until his face was red. Jeff came in to see what the fuss was and his gaze darted between the two men on the couch.

"What did you do to my pet?"

"I think I broke him," Matt giggled, poking Adam's side and making him laugh harder. He snorted loudly and Matt & Jeff laughed too, puzzled and amused. Jeff sat next to his pet and put his arms around him, and Adam clung to him. Eventually he pulled himself together, wiping his eyes and hiccuping.

"Oh, my god. I think I needed that. Sorry."

"Are you kidding?" Jeff chuckled. "That was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. It's good to hear."

"If you're done laughing at my emotional distress, our dinner's getting cold," Matt said wryly.

"Oh god, I dunno. My stomach hurts," Adam said, laying his head on Jeff's shoulder and taking a few deep breaths. Then he giggled again. "Cum eat."


Adam knelt at his Sire's feet in his blue robe, nibbling bits of tortilla and spicy beef from Jeff's fingers. Enchiladas were messy to eat this way, and Adam suspected that's why Jeff made them. He liked to feel his pet's tongue lapping at his fingertips and sucking off the sauce. He did so quickly. Now that he'd gotten over his giggle-fit, he was starving and his Sire couldn't feed him fast enough.

"Is this how you always eat?" Matt asked, and Adam shrugged between bites.

"So far. Unless I'm bad and he just leaves food in the kennel for me. I prefer this."

"Me too, pup," Jeff agreed. "And you were very good today."

"Tell that to my ass," Adam replied, hiding a smirk. He knew he should stop teasing Matt like that, but it was too easy not to.

"Eating here!"

"Nothing like that," Jeff assured. "We were working on kneeling positions today. We'll work more on transitions tomorrow, you're not as smooth as I want yet."

"I was wondering," Adam said. "How many positions are there?"

"Four," Jeff answered. "We'll only work on the first two this week. That and your self control."

"You're really not fucking around, are you?" Matt asked, looking awed. Jeff shook his head.

"Nope. I want him ready to present to the community before I go back to work. Fully trained and bonded."

"And a good cook," Adam put in, and Jeff huffed.

"That might be the most difficult part," he muttered.

"Why do you want to be a good cook?" Matt asked. He was completely weirded out by the whole feeding thing, but then, what wasn't weird about the last two weeks? Jeff had asked him to try to act like it was normal, so that's what he was gonna do.

"I don't really want to say yet," Adam said before licking a black olive off of Jeff's finger.

"He won't tell me, either," Jeff said, shrugging. "But, that's what he wants."

"Why don't you just order him to tell you?" Matt asked. "I mean, he'd have to obey, right? Isn't that the rules here?"

"I could, but why? It's not a harmful secret. He's still a human being, gotta have some privacy."

Adam couldn't fully express how much he appreciated that show of respect with words, so when Jeff handed down the next bite he took his Sire's fingers into his mouth, suckling on them long after the food was gone.

After dinner Adam loaded the dishwasher as Matt and Jeff talked.

"So, what did Jay have to say?" Jeff asked.

"Not much," Matt answered. "He just came up to me in the airport and told me he'd booked the seat next to me. He asked a few questions during the flight, but once I told him that I didn't know if Adam was still here or not, he clammed up. You think he's up to something?"

"I don't know. I just don't want to trust anyone until Vickie's out of the way," Jeff said, noting how Adam's spine stiffened at the sound of her name. That was his only reaction, though, and Jeff was pleased at his progress. "Adam wants to tell Jay everything, and I said we would. I just wish I knew what was on his mind. I mean, he thought I was holding Adam hostage. I thought he knew me better than that."

"You know he's been screwed up lately," Matt said. "Adam turning up missing probably just sent him into overdrive. I bet once he knows what's going on he'll be fine. He's always been Swiss about Adam's relationships. If I can accept it, he can."

"Swiss?" Adam asked.

"Neutral," Jeff clarified, then sighed. "That was when Adam was a dog. I'm not sure how Jay'll react to him being a puppy. You know he won't trust me to take care of him"

"You want me to talk to him?" Matt asked. "I could say I know where Adam is, see if he can keep and open mind and let me explain. I'll ask if he's been talking to Vickie, too. Although I don't know why he would."

"Really? If your best friend disappeared, your first call wouldn't be to his wife?"

"Huh. Good point."

"Sire? The dishes are done," Adam said from behind Jeff. He was glad to interrupt this train of thought.

"Good," Jeff said, reaching back to take Adam's hand an pull him to his side. "Me and Matt are gonna talk for a while. Do you mind if he knows a little more of what happened?" If Matt understood how evil she really was, he might not be so slow to help them. Adam looked at the floor.

"Tell him what you need to, Sire. But... Matt, whatever you think of me... just... please..."

"It's okay, pup. I know," Jeff soothed, running a soothing hand over Adam's side. "I want you to go practice your meditation, you'll need it tomorrow. I'll come and say goodnight in a bit." He tugged on Adam's arm to draw him in for a kiss. Adam was grateful he didn't have to hear the rest of the conversation. He put all his gratitude into the kiss, and he would daresay he left Jeff a bit breathless. Good. Adam thought he might need a little distraction tonight. He leaned in to whisper in Jeff's ear.

"You said I was a good puppy today, but my poor ass is so sore. Maybe when you come down to say goodnight, you could love on it some? Check to see if I have any new... bruises?" He said this last in a purr, nipping at Jeff's earlobe.

Matt couldn't hear what Adam was saying, but he saw the slow smile cross Jeff's lips, Adam's hips shift as he spoke to make his butt sway. Jeff's face flushed as Adam made a small noise and pulled away, his teeth clicking together when Jeff's ear slipped through them.

"Ooh, you little slut," Jeff hissed. "Keep it up, we'll see how good you really are. Kennel up, now." He swatted at Adam's rear as he turned to leave, and Adam giggled.

"Night, Matt," he called over his shoulder, closing the basement door behind him.

"I need a beer," Matt said, and went to the fridge. He was never going to get used to that.

"You're gonna need two for this story," Jeff sighed. "Get me a couple, too."

Matt brought the bottles to the table, and the Hardy brothers sat down to talk.


Jay sipped his own beer, sitting at a different table across the country, having a talk of his own. "I don't know. He said he's better than he has been in a long time."

"You also said he was cutting a promo," Vickie pointed out. "Think about it. If Jeff has him drugged up, he very well might feel better than he has in a long time. He... he's an addict, Jay," she said, forcing the words out as if they were razors that cut her throat to say. "I can't deny it anymore. I did for so long, pretending... oh, I wish I hadn't turned a blind eye to that..." She put a hand over her mouth, and Jay put a comforting arm around her shoulders.

"No, don't cry. We'll get him back, I promise. But... man, I've known Jeff forever. You don't really think he'd hurt him?"

"You said yourself he sounded terrified to even say Jeff's name," she said. Okay, she'd exaggerated Jay's words a bit, but it sounded kind of accurate. Now that Jay thought about it, terrified might be more appropriate than nervous and scared. "And yes, you know Jeff. You know he's strange."

"Oh, he's eccentric, sure," Jay said. "But dangerous?"

"He's unstable! Add drugs into that, and who knows what he's into now? You know drugs can do funny things to people. Jeff might even be brain-damaged from all those crazy bumps and just snapped. You've seen it happen, we all have," Vickie said, and Jay winced. That was true, and something no one liked to bring up. "Jeff sought Adam out when he was weak. God, he might even have Stockholm syndrome by now! He can be so easily manipulated when he thinks someone cares."

She was right. Adam craved love, needed it. "Dammit. Why didn't I pay more attention to him?" Jay muttered.

Vickie looked up at him, her eyes shining. "It wasn't your fault. Heartbreak is tough. You deserved better." She patted his hand and he placed the other over hers. He'd had no idea how caring Vickie was. That must have been why Adam had fallen for her, unbeknownst to everyone else. "The past can't be helped now. We just need to focus on rescuing our Adam from that psycho."

"Right," Jay said. "I'll get the first flight out Wednesday morning."

"Are you sure I can't come with you?" she asked.

"No. I don't want you getting in the middle if Jeff finds me and puts up a fight."

"If you insist," Vickie said with a sigh and a hidden grin. She'd made him think that was his idea, too. "But you have to come to my office at the arena tomorrow. I'll arrange for backup."

Jay agreed.