Authors Note: This was written for the PYOP Challenge on Chit Chat on Author's Corner. Many thanks to my fabulous co-author, beta and friend, tonnie2001969.

I'm Moving On

Her eyes tearfully sketched the nearly empty room around her.

While incredibly happy with her new life, saying goodbye to her tiny condo felt like she was losing a good friend. This place had been her oasis, her sanctuary away from the daily horrors she was faced with on a regular basis.

And now it was time to leave.

The boxes had been precisely packed and labeled, stacked around her in neat piles, awaiting their new destinations. Some would follow her on her journey into a new life. Some, by mutual consent, were headed for storage, her soft heart not quite ready to part with some of the memories contained in those boxes around her. And a very few were dumpster bound, the contents not worth the time she'd invested in packing them.

Swallowing hard as her eyes filled with tears, she heard him enter the tiny abode, his footsteps echoing against the polished hardwood planks.

"Jen?" he called out, his deep voice resonating against the now bare walls, echoing in the now empty room.

"In here," she called back, quickly wiping her watering eyes as his solid form filled the doorway.

"Hey," he chided, tilting his head to the side, "This is a happy day, remember?"

"I'm happy," JJ replied weakly, shooting her lover a mostly genuine smile as she sniffled.

"Really?" he snorted, touching her damp cheek, his fingertip slipping through the tears. "This doesn't look like joy to me, Bella," David Rossi muttered under his breath.

"They're good tears," JJ smiled, leaning her head against his chest as she looked around the room. "It's the end of an era for me though, Dave. This place has so many happy memories for me." Pausing she drew in a shaky breath. "We made love for the first time right there," she said, pointing to the wall on the opposite side of the room where her couch had once resided. "And you asked me to marry you right over there," she said, gesturing to where the kitchen table had been.

"Hey, you're taking the memories with you," Dave whispered against her cheek, pulling her closer. "And think of all the wonderful new memories we're going to make together out the new house," he reminded her, pressing a kiss to the column of her neck.

"I know," JJ sighed, leaning back against him, his strength a welcome warmth. "And I suppose moving into our new house is the least I can do after making you part with half your book collection..."

"...and my recliner," Dave added quickly.

"Dave, it had a broken spring that threatened to puncture my ass every time I sat down on it...and it was plaid...Plaid, Dave."

"It was the seventies, babe," Dave grinned, capturing her lips in a slow, thorough kiss that left them both slightly breathless. "That chair had seen things," he said, lifting his head to stare down at her with twinkling eyes.

"Yeah," JJ snorted, rolling her eyes. "Things like three former wives. It wasn't coming to my new house."

"You're the only woman on the planet that I would have given up my Lazy Boy for, JJ," Dave pointed out, squeezing her gently as he spoke, reveling in the sheer joy of touching her.

"We're moving on," JJ nodded against his chest, gazing at the boxes stacked around them. Glancing at him over her shoulder as he dropped his chin to her shoulder, JJ smiled. "Care to make one last memory with me before we call it a day here?" she asked on a wicked whisper.

"That," Dave murmured, his eyes gleaming, "I believe would be the perfect ending to an amazing era."

And it was.


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