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"The fruit never bothered me anyway." -Kirihara Akaya

An Apple A Day Keeps the Trouble Away

Rikkaidai University, the school of victory and glory. They managed to get the championship for two consecutive years in the Junior Men's Tennis Club, and they're looking forward to get it again for a grand slam.

Rikkaidai has what they called 'three demons' and there's an ambitious kohai who dreams to defeat the three. The ambitious dreamer's name is Kirihara Akaya, a fair skinned guy with curly seaweed hair, emerald eyes, about 168 cm and 61 kg. And this seaweed guy has no one to compare his undefeatable motivation to beat his three seniors since the beginning of time.

Classes were on-going in Rikkaidai University and the tennis regulars were busy with their own academics. Aside from tennis, they used to give importance in their life as a university high school student. School subjects are also as important as tennis. However, Kirihara was sleeping on his worst class, English. Even if the heaviest book hit him in the head, there has to be no other way that he would risk an effort to wake up. That's the reason why his teacher used to tell him not to leave the room, give him a long piece of paper and let him write "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." back when he was in first year.

Nonetheless, this year wasn't just a plain sentence. His new English teacher has its own version of the popular statement which turned out to be: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But if the doctor is cute, forget the fruit". After Kirihara finished the task, he excitedly rushed to the tennis court. As expected, his beloved fuckubuchou, Sanada Genichirou was patiently waiting for him from the outside gate of the court. As what he always used to do, arms were crossed over his chest to make him look more strict and fierce.

"Akaya! You're late! Ten laps around the court!" Sanada yelled even though his kohai hasn't even stepped on the court's ground.

"But fukubuchou…." the seaweed boy complained. He thought that maybe, it's that day of the month just to consider the rudeness of his vice captain.

Sanada gave him a glare which was sharper than any two edged sword that could instantly kill someone whenever he wants to. "Tarundoru!" he exclaimed.

"How lame." Marui commented grinning as he passed by the gate wearing his tennis uniform, trying to tease his kohai as his bubblegum popped on his face.

Before the Junior Ace reacts from what Marui has said, Niou continued the teasing.

"Hey Akaya, you shouldn't sleep during your English class so you won't get late in our practice." As if he's too good to give an advice.

"How'd you know about that, Niou-senpai?" the seaweed boy asked, merely puzzled.

"Let's just say, I saw you while your teacher hit you with a heavy book on your head while you're asleep." Niou replied and chuckled.

"I pity you. You even write 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But if the doc-'." Marui was interrupted when Kirihara covered his mouth.

"Don't even mention it again, Marui-senpai." the seaweed headed kohai said, slightly embarrassed.

"Hey!" the red head exclaimed as he removed his kohai's hand.

"Akaya." Niou said symphatizing as he placed his right hand on his kohai's shoulder, trying to comfort him from the instant 10 laps that Sanada ordered him.

"Niou-senpai." Kirihara sheepishly said. As if Niou was the last and only person who could understand him and would defend him from their vice-captain's wrath.

"Just run." Niou continued which made Kirihara's sweat dropped. And so, he started his laps quite annoyed.

'Where is justice?' he asked himself.

He was thinking of so many things while doing the laps. Well, ten would be easy, it's somehow like a warm-up exercise. Yes, he was interested to win the practice match with the Rikkaidai Tennis Regulars today but at the back of his mind, he was planning to go somewhere much more interesting.

After the practice, he immediately went outside the tennis court running and left Rikkaidai University.

"Why is Akaya in a hurry?" Jackal asked the others as he fixed his school uniform.

They were still in the Tennis Club Locker.

"The Arcade." Marui replied confidently, as if he knew every place that Kirihara used to hang out with.

"I assumed that he's about to fail his English subject." Niou assumed, trying to sound like Renji.

"And the probability that it will happen is 79.8%. Arcade and tennis is always on his mind, but not his academics." Renji calculated.

"Hmm, how about buying an apple today?" Marui suggested out of the blue.

"What's with the apple?" they asked in synchrony with question marks that filled the entire room.

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away, Akaya's English teacher once told him." the red head replied grinning. Niou joined his absurd suggestion for the reason that he suddenly missed eating apple. Sudden craving, you know.

"I want an apple pie. Oh, and by the way…" Marui continued. "It's Jackal's treat today." the red-haired guy said.

"Eh? Me again?" the half-Brazilian guy complained.

Meanwhile in the parallel universe, I mean, the Arcade…

"Why do birds suddenly appear?!" Akaya angrily said as he almost punched the screen of the monitor while playing Flappy Bird™, it's the trending game these past few weeks.

Marui's prediction was right, Kirihara went straight to the arcade after their practice. But since the flappy bird wasn't on the mood to flap today, he lost his patience and angrily left the place. Upset like an angry bird, he took a tour along the side walk with his hands on both pockets. When all of a sudden, he remembered something very important.

'Sh*t! How in the world did I forget that?' he told himself as he stopped and turned his back to where he came from.

He forgot his racket on the tennis club's locker because he was so excited to leave and play. When he was about to cross the street, he didn't noticed that the traffic light turned red and a fast moving car was coming right in front of him.



"I'm not going with you today, you jerk! Go by yourself!" an angry Hyoutei girl exclaimed over the phone. "Wait, I think something happened over here. Bye."

She ended the call and asked the driver.

"It feels weird. I think we hit something."

"Y-yes, Ayame-sama." the driver replied nervously.

"Is he dead?" the Hyoutei girl named Ayame asked sarcastically and got out of the car to check the situation. The accident caused traffic on the street.

"Ayame-sama!" the driver called worriedly.

"Excuse me, are you still there?" Ayame asked the Rikkaidai student who is currently lying on the road. She was trying to confirm if the victim was still conscious. However, by standers started to get curious about the incident though they're useless and aren't willing to help.

"Y-yes! I'm alive!" Kirihara shouted though he couldn't move a muscle.

"I can see it though." the Hyoutei girl told him and crossed her arms. She started to think of what would she do with him.

'What's with her?' the seaweed boy said at the back of his mind while looking at her.

The girl was wearing a Hyoutei uniform which slightly complemented with her bleached white hair tied in a blue ribbon. She was relatively short, about 154cm, and has a normal physique. Kirihara quickly scanned her physical appearance from head to shoes, then back to her head. He doesn't like her. First impression would be a sarcastic one. Something of a Hyouteian aura was coming out of her soul.

Enduring the pain, the Junior Ace of Rikkaidai tried to get up with his feet from his uncomfortable position. He was shaking and particles of sweat started to form on his forehead.

"I think I have to bring you to-"

"No need to do that. I'm fine!" the Rikkaidai boy exclaimed as he interrupted the girl from speaking. He's trying to stand by his manly pride.

The girl looked doubting and arched an eyebrow. "Oh? Are you sure?" she asked, grinning like Niou.

"Y-yes, I'm… fine." Kirihara replied with a sudden decrease of his tone.

Pretending to be alright, he stood up with all his might. He almost used all his packed strength and energy. He even risked blood and sweat just to prove to the girl that he's alright.

'I know I can walk with the help of no one. This girl is a waste of time.' He told himself for self-encouragement. He bit his lower lip and was totally annoyed with his condition. He really couldn't walk but he still hold on with his pride.

"And the fact is that you're a great pretender. I can see it through my insight."

'Insight? Is she Atobe-san's something of a relative or the president of his fans club or... Tch. I don't care.' Kirihara told himself. And he replied, "I told you I'm fine! Are you deaf?"

"I am not." Ayame answered and snapped her fingers.

To Kirihara's surprise, the driver carried him at the back of his clothes and threw him inside the car. He has no way to escape so he just swallowed his indestructible, manly pride.

"I demand justice." He whispered.

When they arrived at the hospital...

"It hurts!" Kirihara shouted and was nearly to his bloodshot mode because of what the doctor did.

"Your leg was badly injured. You did not break a leg, it's just more of a mild strain. Sorry to say but you have some limitations for your activities as of now. It would be better if you take a rest." the doctor said.

"What?!" Kirihara exclaimed.

"After three days." The doctor answered, "You'll be able to go back to your activities after three days of resting your lower limbs." he added.

"Three days? Are you kidding me?' the seaweed boy said at the back of his mind. "What? But we have a practice match tomorrow in the tennis club! And we also have exam in English!" he said hesitantly.

"You can still go to school but outdoor game like tennis is not recommended until your condition is stable." the doctor replied.

'Oh no! It's bad. I'll treat the whole team again if I wouldn't attend the practice.'

For sure, three-day punishment is an equivalent of several number of absences on practices in the tennis club. He once treated the regulars with snacks, run 500 laps and cleaned the court alone because of his absenteeism. However, his teacher would be willing to kill him if he didn't take the English exam tomorrow. He always sleeps in class and if he didn't take the exam, he would fail with no second chance of remedial. And the worst thing would be the possibility that he'll be kicked out from the regulars if he got failing grades. He urked in fear.

When he got outside the hospital…

"Hey Miss! I can take care of myself from here. Bye." The Demon Ace of Rikkaidai sure was on his ego now.

"Don't call me a miss, I have a name." the girl said slightly annoyed.

"I don't care." Kirihara said.

"Whatever." The Hyoutei girl replied and went inside the car. "By the way, an apple a day keeps the trouble away." She added. "Let's go now." She then told her driver.

The car left Kirihara by the side walk alone. He blankly paused there for about 30 seconds. What does the girl just said? It suddenly reminded him of what Marui was saying in the court earlier. Then, he looked at his strained leg and furrowed his eyebrows.

"Tsk. Fukubuchou will definitely get mad at me." he said under his breath, angsty.

The next day...

"What happened to you?" Marui asked and threw Kirihara's racket unto him. The seaweed boy caught it as he sat comfortably on his chair.

"Please! Stop asking me."

"According to my data, someone stupid crossed the road when the traffic light turned red. It was yesterday and for further information, it's a Rikkaidai student." Renji explained.

"How embarrassing. He must be a slacker." Niou added.

"Hm, and to remind you Kirihara-kun, bid goodbye before you leave the court." Yagyuu said while adjusting his glasses.

"Fine, fine." Kirihara answered irritated.

They were in their kohai's classroom purposely to tease him. They just used his racket as a passes. They're lucky enough because their kohai wasn't turning into an Albino Rabbit, I mean the bloodshot mode. Few minutes later, the teacher came so they left.

Kirihara sighed. He's not ready for the exam. He doesn't even well memorized the meaning and uses of noun, pronoun, adverb, verb, adjective, preposition, conjunction, interjection, not even the parts of speech. He was lacking knowledge about it. He just opened his lecture notebook last night, scanned the lecture for about thirty seconds, then watched Terminator 2. Everyone in class was very nervous because if they don't get any correct answer from half of the exam, they would surely fail to make it 'til the finals.

"Well then class, let's start." their English teacher said.

Here comes the test paper in front of Kirihara. That was the moment of truth, he read it before answering but he doesn't know what to write and when to start. That movie: Terminator 2 was still running on his mind. Well, Kirihara wasn't so much of a moron. He tried to answer it but he's not sure though. One of his classmates was cheating and asked him,

"Hey Kirihira-kun, what's the answer in number 8?" he whispered.

"I have nothing on my mind to answer and you dare to ask me." Kirihara replied sarcastically.

"Please, you will just tell the letter."

"Sensei, someone's cheating and asking me the answer." the seaweed head yelled.

The whole class laughed at what he had said. Who could believe that someone was copying and asking him the answer? To him who always sleeps in class? He went outside the room annoyed after he finished his exam. It's true that people was avoiding him so he did the same thing to avoid fights. He went to the cafeteria because he was hungry. He walked too slowly from his classroom to the cafeteria, balancing every step he was making so he won't stumble.

He suddenly got hungry when he used his photographic memory but then when he was about to enter, he saw Marui eating an apple pie with Niou, Yagyuu, Renji and Jackal so he decided not to go inside even though his stomach wanted to be satiated.

"Never mind. They'll just request for a treat if they see me." he told himself.

After all his class that day, he asked the permission of his captain Yukimura for his three-day absence. The Rikkaidai Tennis captain allowed him to take a rest for three days and even gave him a paper bag of red and green apples.

"What's this for?" Kirihara asked.

"It's from Marui and Niou." Yukimura answered.

"Eh? Really?" the seaweed boy asked in disbelief.

"Your Niou-senpai wants to tell you that, 'An apple a day keeps the trouble away. But if the girl is cute, forget the fruit.' Something like that, or maybe I'm wrong. Wait, let me think of it first." Yukimura said and placed his hands under his chin, trying to remember the right statement that Niou told him.

"Forget it, Buchou. The fruit never bothered me anyway." Kirihara said while carrying the paper bag of apples and walked out of the hallway with his strained leg, leaving his captain alone.

Yukimura blinked. "Did I say something wrong?" He blinked again. "I guess I have to ask Niou if I've said the right statement." The Rikkaidai captain told himself.

Yukimura wasn't that evil to force his kohai with its condition. He was also concerned about Kirihara's injury because if they forced him to join the practice match, he'll just end up badly injured. Worst case scenario, he won't be able to play in the real match, or even in the championship. Another thing was that Kirihara even showed him a medical certificate for a proof. He's still a kid afterall.

But since they have the 'rules', Kirihara just prepared himself for the punishment. However, the seaweed boy was walking slowly on the street when he eyed a familiar thing.

'Huh? Isn't that Atobe's car?' he asked himself in wander as his emerald eyes caught a sign of something Atobe-ish presence.

The seaweed boy was currently walking by the side walk near the buildings and shops. As his eyes followed Atobe's car, he saw the Hyoutei girl from yesterday came out of it together with the Hyoutei Tennis captain, Atobe Keigo.

"H-huh? The girl yesterday!" Kirihara almost want to puke to what he saw. All of a sudden, a thought came in his photographic memory about the insight that the girl told him yesterday.

"Wait, what the heck! Is she Atobe's girlfriend?!"

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