Chapter 1: Good Morning

The rays of the sun shined upon the face of our favorite golden retriever, Hunter. Before opening his eyes he yawned and stretched his body until he was nice and limber. As he arm returned to its resting spot it fell upon the body of his beautiful wife, Colleen. Hunter smiled as he gazed upon her. She had her arms wrapped around him while her head was resting on his chest. A sigh of joy escaped his mouth at the sight in front of him; he loved waking up like this, having his wife right next to him when he woke up. The sight of her beautiful face was enough to get him up for the day.

The next thing he noticed was her growing belly, their first child. He had been surprised on how quick the time went by since she first told him of her pregnancy and she was due any day now. During those times she would get tired easily and have to take a nap, something that he didn't mind since he always joined her. He would always help her when she needed it and found it so heartwarming that everyone else helped out also. Everyone else helped out by buying things for the baby for them. Ariel and Axel had bought a crib, Shadow and Sierra had given them some baby clothes, Blitz and Krystal bought a few toys, and Exile and Jenna got them the baby food. They were both grateful for the help and knew that they were ready for when the baby arrived.

The professor explain to them that since they're part canine the pregnancy would be shorter, that came as a surprise for the both of them. Just thinking of having both Colleen and his child together was enough to make tears flow from his eyes. Putting his mouth next to Colleen's ear Hunter began to hum a soft tune into her ear, in hopes to wake her up gently. After a minute of humming she began to stir, and then she sat up and yawned. Once she opened her eyes she smiled as the sight of her husband came into view. "Morning Huntie," She said.

Hunter smiled as he leaned in and kissed her on her lips, "Morning Colleen, you sleep well?"

"Always when you're next to me."

Hunter gently placed his hand on her stomach, "And how is our child doing?"

She too placed her hand on her stomach, right on top of Hunter's, "Just fine."

"I just can believe it…any day now and we'll have a family," he said as a small tear rolled down his eye.

Colleen wiped the tear away but couldn't stop the one coming from her eye, "I know I can't wait to find out what the gender is." They both had agreed to wait to find out what the gender is because they wanted it to be a surprise.

They ended up hugging each other, not caring about their tears of joy, "Any day now…any day now," Hunter said. They stayed like that for a few minutes before they recomposed themselves then broke apart. "Come on lets get ready for the day." Colleen nodded as they started getting out of bed. Hunter was first and then walked over to Colleen's side and helped her up. She thanked him for that as they both made their way to their bathroom.

Inside Axel and Ariel's room they both were starting to stir. Ariel was rolling in bed trying to get comfortable be she rose. Once she found her spot she opened her eyes and was surprised to find Axel looking right at her. She smiled as they both look upon one another, "Good morning," Axel said.

"Good morning to you too, how long have you been up?" Ariel said back

"Just a few minutes but I couldn't help to stop myself from looking at your beautiful face."

She laughed a bit at the comment, "You're so sweet." They both leaned in and gave each other a quick kiss.

They both sat up in their bed, Ariel was getting ready to get out but stopped when she felt her husbands arms wrap around her waist while his head rested on her shoulder. Both let out a sigh of joy just for the close contact the two had. "You don't know how much I love waking up to your beautiful face, being with you is the best thing that happened to me."

She smiled at the comment he made, "And I also love being with you, having my one true love with me everyday is something out of a dream. A dream I don't want to wake up from."

Axel laughed a bit as he spoke, "We're starting to act like Hunter and Colleen."

She started to realize this also, "I guess their love and dedication is starting to rub off on us."

"That's great, it'll just bring us closer just like they are." They both smiled as they nuzzled each other and got out of bed to get ready for the day.

Inside Shadow and Sierra's room both were still asleep. Sierra began to stir and once she opened her eyes Shadow's sleeping face was the first thing she saw. She smiled as she looked at her sleeping husband, so peaceful and handsome. Slowly she leaned in and kissed him on his lips. She laughed a bit as she saw him gently moved his head while mumbling something. She leaned in to do it again but then Shadow moved forward and kissed her first. Sierra was caught off guard and held the kiss with Shadow until they needed air. Once they broke apart they were smiling at each other. "Good morning," Shadow said.

"Moring to you too," Sierra said back. "Were you awake the whole time?"

"I might have, or maybe your first kiss was enough to wake me up."

"Would it matter at this point?" She asked but Shadow answered by giving her another kiss. They both got out of bed once they broke apart. Sierra went to the nearby mirror and started to brush her hair. Shadow approached behind her and began making little conversation with her. "So how is Colleen doing?"

"She and Hunter are doing fine, although she's starting to feel tired more. Both of them can't wait till their child is born."

He smiled at the comment, "I know, plus it's so kind for everyone to help out." He faced changed as he looked at her reflection and saw some tears falling from his wife's eyes. He embraced her as he asked, "What's wrong?"

"I'm just happy to know I'm going to be here to see my first grandchild. When Hunter was taken from me I though I'd never get the chance to. But now I am."

Shadow then smiled again as he realized this, "I never really thought of that…makes me glad also and can't for Axel and Ariel to have one of their own."

Sierra turned and hugged him, "It seems like yesterday when Hunter was just a pup, now he's grown up and starting a family of his own."

He continued to hold her as he began to stroke her hair, "It warms my knowing the same thing. The best thing is that we get to be apart of their lives. Now let's hurry and go check on them, I still think there's more things they want to ask."

For the past few days Hunter and Colleen were asking parenting advice from them and they were happy enough to answer. "You're right, let's hurry then," She said as they both went back to getting dressed.

Blitz opened his eyes as the morning rays hit him. He sat up in his bed as he started to stretch his arms. He felt a presence next to him and looked, only to smile as he looked upon his wife, Krystal, still asleep. It was still hard for him to believe that it has only been a few months since they have been married. It was weird having someone next to him, since he always slept alone, but he loved it. Knowing that his one true love safe and sound next to him brought peace to his mind. His eyes then draped over to his left hand as he looked at his wedding ring. The sight of the gold band brought back memories of the wedding. They had a double wedding since both of the couples wanted to marry as soon as possible and they wanted everyone to be present at the time. The sight of Krystal as she walked down the aisle stunned him to the point that Krystal had to say something to snap him out of his trance. After they said their vows and kissed the rest of the wedding was nothing but heaven.

Being able to look at Krystal's sleeping form every morning was an experience that he loved. He then gently placed his hands on her shoulders and began to massage them. The pleasant feeling began to stir Krystal, knowing it was her husband's touch; she sat up and turned to her with a smile. She laughed a bit as she spoke, "Morning Blitz."

He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer, "Morning my love." They got closer and kissed each other. This was another thing he enjoyed about being married, having the chance to hold his love like this everyday. Both were more happy and were more in love then ever. "How's my beautiful wife this morning?"

She then rested her head on his chest, enjoying his presence, "Just the same as you my loving husband." Krystal on the other hand loved how much more loving that Blitz has become. Always there for her and protected her when she needed it. She turned to get out of bed only to have Blitz's arms wrap around her again, he then started to plant kisses on her neck. Krystal laughed as she tried to speak, "Come on Blitz everyone is going to be waiting."

He stopped as he rested his head on her shoulder, "I know, but I just can't stop loving you."

"Me too, that's why I married you."

"And I'm glad for It," They both then got out of bed but then Krystal was hoisted off the ground and into Blitz's arms. This was another thing she loved about him, the way he always help her in his arms always made her feel safe. They both laughed a bit as they shared a kiss as Blitz walked them both to their bathroom.

Exile felt a wonderful feeling, a pleasant feeling of someone scratching behind his ear. A smile was on his face as he opened his eye, only to found out it was Jenna scratching his ear. She stopped and giggled as he looked at her. "Good morning my handsome husky," She said.

Exile's arms was wrapped around her so he pulled her close and rubbed both their noses together, something they both loved. "You always know how to give great wake up call." They both showed more love as they gave each other a long kiss.

Once they broke apart Jenna smiled, "You're such a wonderful husband."

"And you are such a beautiful wife." Married life for Exile and Jenna couldn't be greater. Their wedding photo hung above their bed, which showed them both embracing and kissing each other. They still couldn't get that memory out of their heads; it was the best day of their lives. Having Exile's warm body next to her was the best feeling she could ever have. As for Exile it felt wonderful not to sleep alone, having his wife next to him was a wonderful feeling. "That's a word I never tire of, my beautiful wife," He spoke again as he hugged and nuzzled her.

Jenna laughed again at her husband's affection. She loved his touch on her; it made her feel warm and loved. Once he was finished they both sat up but then Exile felt Jenna's hands massaging his shoulders. He sighed in happiness at the wonderful feeling, "Not what is this for?"

"For the all the affection you've given me."

Exile then motioned for her to stop, "Hold up." He then sat up and walked over to the radio in the room. He turned it on as a slow song started to play; he then walked back to Jenna and held out his hand, "Care to dance?"

She smiled as she took his hand, "I'd love to." They held each other close as they slowly started to move to the rhythm. As they kept dancing the memory of their first dance drifted into their minds. Being the only ones dancing and enjoying the close contact of each other. Before they even knew it the song ended as did they with a long kiss.

Once they broke apart they both smiled at each other, "Just like our wedding," Exile said.

"I know, it was so wonderful," She said as she rested her head on his chest. "Care for another one?

Exile then started to stroke her hair, "I think we can squeeze it in."

They both then started to dance once again as another slow song began to play. Today was planning to be a great day.

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