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Chapter 6: A Child Is Born

Hunter wore a smile on his face as he brought the sub rover back to their home. Once they were back inside the hanger he shut all the controls down and proceeded to the main hatch, followed by everyone else. As he and the others got out and walked towards the exit Hunter was suddenly embraced by Colleen, Which took him by surprise. Once he knew who it was he returned the embrace. "I missed you," Colleen spoke.

"I missed you too," he said with a smile.

Just then Marcus walked up to the couple, "Hey there long time no see."

Colleen turned her head and her eyes widen, "Marcus!" She then in tern hugged him, "It's been so long since I last saw you."

He nodded at the comment, "I know, and I can see your little miracle," He said refereeing to her pregnant stomach.

"I know, Huntie and I were blessed."

"Congratulations then," He said with a smile.

Just then Shadow and Sierra came into the room and noticed Marcus also. "Well hello again," Sierra said.

"What are you doing here?" Shadow asked.

Marcus then proceeded to tell the three on how he found the others and how they completed their mission together. "…So I called Persia and they're going to pick me up here later."

"That's good to hear," Colleen said.

He nodded, "Yeah gives us a chance to hang out for a bit."

"I know, now let's go debrief so we can relax," Hunter said, as everyone agreed, and started walking out of the hanger

Once they entered the briefing room the Master was sting there with a smile on his face, "It's good to see you again Marcus and I thank you for saving the team."

"It was the least I could do," he responded.

He nodded as he continued, "You all did a good job Rovers, even though the leader got away you still destroyed the machine making the robots and that is more than enough. And for that the world thanks you. You're good dog's rovers….good, good, dogs.

Hunter then addressed everyone in the room, "To The Power Of The Pack!"

Everyone, including Marcus all howled in unison, "AAAAHHHHRRRROOOO!"

Once the debriefing was over all the Rovers went to the rec room and talked to catch up with each other. Marcus told them about the life him and his friends were having with the space Rovers. Their training with their powers was going good; they liked working with their fellow rovers and how they generally loved their new life. "It's great to hear all the progress you all are making," Hunter stated.

Marcus nodded at the remark, "Yeah, it's good that we made such progress in such little time. We're really dedicated to helping out when the time comes."

"You will," Colleen said. "Just give it more time and it'll come."

He was about to respond when his comm. Started to flash, signaling him. "Oh they're here," He stated as he stood up. "Come on I think they would like to see you all again." Knowing what he meant everyone stood up from and started walking out to the beach.

Once out there they already saw one of the space Rovers ships already landing. A minute after landing the door opened and two figures could be seen, a Black Labrador and an English Shepard. "Jason, Carmen!" Hunter yelled out."

"Hey, it's great to see you all again!" Jason responded as the two of them walked towards the group.

"Great to see comrades again," Exile said.

"Yes its been too long," Carmen said. "Thanks for looking out for our friend."

"No problem, he was a big help," Hunter responded.

They started a small conversation for only a few minutes, and noticed Colleen and her pregnancy. They were happy for the two and wished them the best for when they became parents. But sadly they had to cut their conversation short, cause the three had to leave. "Well it was good see you all again but we need to go," Jason said.

"Yeah but it was good to see you all again," Carmen said.

The two walked back to the ship but Marcus looked back at everyone else, "Thanks again for the help, hope to see you all again soon." With that he entered the ship and everyone watched as the door closed and the ship takes off into the air and was soon out of sight.

After it was out of sight everyone decided to call it a night and went back inside. But once they were inside Colleen clutched her stomach, squeezed her eyes shut and let out a small scream. Hunter immediately caught her, "Colleen what's wrong!"

It took a few seconds before she could respond, "Huntie…it's…time."

Hunter's eyes widened as he knew what she meant. He looked over towards the others, "Someone go and tell Professor Hubert what's happening, Axel help me!" Jenna automatically ran to go tell the professor while Axel and Hunter helped Colleen to the med bay. Hunter could tell his wife was in pain so he started whispering comforting words into her ear. It took them a few minutes but they finally made it to the med bay, where the Professor was ready and waiting for them. They carefully laid her down on the bed and was soon changed into a gown. Axel then left them so they could do their work.

After a few minutes Colleen's breathing started to quicken. Hunter, who was by her side holding her hand, knelt down and started talking in order to calm her down. "You're doing great Colleen, keep it up and you'll be able to hold our child in your arms," he finished with a smile.

Colleen couldn't respond as she squeezed her eyes shut, gritted her teeth, and squeezed Hunter's hand. Hunter could feel the pain in his hand but put it out of his mind, his wife needed him and nothing was going to distract him. Once she relaxed she turned her head and spoke, "Thank you Huntie." But then she screamed in pain as it continued.

An hour passed as the rest of the team, and the Master waited. The sounds they could hear were Colleen's screams, but then it all died down as they all raised their head, wondering if it was over. A few minutes later they heard footsteps followed by the doors opening reveling Hunter, who had tears falling from his eyes. Everyone looked at him, waiting for him to say something. "I have a son," was all he said as he walked back into the room. Taking that as a cue everyone rushed inside and the first thing they saw was Colleen holding the baby in a blue blanket. They all got closer and soon saw the child. The boy looked a lot like Hunter, except he had Colleen blue eyes and his fur was a mixture of both making it a golden brown. There wasn't a single dry eye in the room as they saw the little bundle in his mother's arms.

The Master was the first one to break the silence that filled the room, "Hunter, Colleen I congratulate the both of you for your son."

"Thank you Master," they both said.

Everyone watched as Hunter took his son into his arms and held him. The look on his face was nothing the others had seen before. Tears of joy fell from his face as he rocked his son in his arms. No one else spoke as the scene unfolded, but after a few minutes Shadow spoke, "What's his name?"

They both looked at the others and Colleen spoke first, "We thought about it and we decided on Christian, Chris for short."

"That's a good name," Exile said.

"Well we had a hard time choosing at first," Hunter said. "But I'm glad we thought of it."

Silence once again filled the room as everyone watched the new family and their child. Soon Colleen was cleared to go back to her room, with Hunter's help. They made their way to their room, with Axel, Ariel, Shadow and Sierra behind them. Once they were inside Hunter then laid his son, who was sleeping, into the crib. For a couple of minutes the six of them watched as the child slept, all with smiles on their faces. Axel and Ariel congratulated them once more before they said their goodnights and left. Leaving the two couples left in the room. Shadow then help Colleen to the bed as Sierra spoke to her son, "Hunter you made me a proud grandmother."

"Thanks mom," he said as he hugged her.

Shadow was the next one to speak, "I know he'll take after the both of you in the future."

"Thanks dad," They both said.

They both stayed for a few more minutes before leaving. After feeding the baby and laying him down Hunter and Colleen both got ready for bed. When they both were sitting in bed Hunter spoke, "Colleen thank you for giving me a wonderful son. I know for sure you'll be a great mother," he said as another tear fell from his eye.

She smiled as she spoke, "As you'll be a great father."

They both hugged each other for a minute before laying down. Hunter then wrapped his arms around his wife and pulled her closed. They soon fell asleep with smiles on their faces, both not long ago were just husband and wife but were now mother and father.


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