Macavity rose to his feet, glaring at Shima.

"So, you remember who you are," He hissed. Shima gave a bitter smile.

"Yes," Shima's blue eyes flashed to Munkustrap and Admetus, both were still lying on the ground. Tugger, Pounce, Cori and Jerrie appeared by Shima's sides. Plato was murmuring to Skimble, looking sad and guilty. He kept stealing worried glances in Admetus's direction. Macavity inched closer to Munkustrap and Admetus; he leapt away in shock as part of the wall behind him suddenly exploded.

"Stay away from my daddy and my brother!" Shima warned him.

"I'd listen to her, Macavity," Cori said smugly, arms folded across his chest. "She's pissed," Macavity hissed at Cori. Cori just raised an eyebrow. Macavity suddenly leapt at Munkustrap. Coricopat met him half way. They both fell to the floor, fighting, clawing and biting at each other as they snarled. Shima quickly ran in, looking at Munkustrap. Plato ran in, going to Admetus's side. Admetus looked at him.

"I'm so sorry," Plato whispered. Admetus slipped his paw around the back of Plato's neck, pulling Plato in close to him. Admetus rested his head against Plato's.

"I know," Admetus murmured. Plato sighed, and rubbed his head against Admetus's. Munkustrap looked up at Shima as Cori and Macavity continued to roll around, fighting each other. Pouncival crept into the room as the others remained outside. A loud yowl suddenly sounded and the door slammed shut, locking the other Jellicles outside. Pouncival leapt so he was standing beside Shima and the fallen Munkustrap. Macavity stood up as Cori weakly struggled on the floor. Munkustrap, Cori, Shima, Pouncival, Plato and Admetus were left locked in the room, facing Macavity as the other Jellicles, which were Tugger, Tumble, Jerrie, Skimble and Bomba, tried to get in the room. Macavity looked at Cori, who struggled by his feet. Shima slowly rose to her feet, her blue eyes fixated on her uncle. Macavity finally made a move, swooping forward and grabbing the bloodied Coricopat, yanking him up from the floor and wrapping his arm around Cori's throat as he forced Cori's back against his chest. Cori stared at the other Jellicles, dazed. Macavity glared at the Jellicles as they hissed at him.

"Let him go," Shima ordered him. Macavity laughed, nuzzling Coricopat, making him shudder.

"I'd rather not," Macavity laughed. "I think Cori is going to stay right here with me," Shima glared at Macavity. Cori swayed in Macavity's hold. Pouncival helped Munkustrap up as Plato helped Admetus up, arm wrapping around Admetus's waist. Admetus leaned against Plato.

Shima stepped forward, looking at Cori and Macavity. Macavity tightened his grip around Cori's throat. Cori choked as he found himself unable to breathe. Shima stepped back and Macavity relaxed his grip. Cori slumped slightly, his head rolling back to rest against Macavity's shoulder. Macavity squeezed Cori's throat, making him gasp for breath.

"Nah uh uh, don't black out on me," Macavity teased Coricopat.

"Let him go," Shima whispered. Macavity shook his head.

"Coricopat has threatened me one too many times," Cori winced. "I'm thinking of taking him and teaching him a lesson,"

"You killed his sister, my mother and Munkustrap's mate…of course he's gonna threaten you!" Shima snarled. Pouncival glanced at Munkustrap. Macavity ran his free claw across Cori's chest, opening up more wounds. Shima growled as she watched Macavity hurt her uncle. Macavity waved his free paw, the door burst open, sending the other Jellicles falling onto the floor. Macavity slipped from the room, dragging Macavity. Shima ran after him.

"Shima!" Pounce yelled as she ran off after Macavity.

"Ohh, little Shima has come along," She could hear Macavity's taunting voice and followed it around the hallways, until she followed it into a room. She walked in and found Macavity still holding onto Coricopat. Macavity waved his paw and the door slammed shut and locked. Shima just walked further into the room.

"S-Shim…run," Cori slurred. Shima shook her head.

"I'm not leaving you," She told him. Cori blinked, his dark green eyes focusing on her. Macavity threw Coricopat aside. Cori landed hard on the stone floor and groaned. Shima looked at Cori, shocked, before she looked at Macavity and glared at him.

"Tut, tut, Shima…I thought you were smarter than this," Macavity leered at her. "Than following me…alone, into a room," Shima shrugged, glancing back at Cori as he struggled to get up from the floor. Macavity noticed Cori's weak attempts to get up, because he walked over and kicked him hard in the side. Cori fell back down onto the floor.

"Stay," Macavity spat at Cori. "Me and our beautiful niece have something to discuss," Cori's eyes rolled around to look at Shima. Shima was staring at Macavity.

"Shima, where are you?"


Macavity and Shima ignored the yells as they circled one another, glaring at each other. Cori watched weakly from where he was lying on the floor. Shima leapt to the left, as Macavity lunged at her. They grabbed onto each other, glaring at each other before Macavity swiped at her and they began to fight. They rolled, claw and bit at each other. Shima rolled out of the way just in time as Macavity shot a lightening bolt in her direction. Shima rolled and went to throw some sort of power surge at him when she froze. Macavity was standing by Cori again, sparking claw pointing at his head. Shima slowly lowered her paw and placed it on the floor. Macavity grinned at Shima as she stopped trying to fight.

"Good kitten," He laughed, claw still aimed at Cori's head.

"Shima…keep fighting," Cori croaked, pleading with her. Shima shook her head.

"I can't…" She whispered. Macavity moved towards Shima, kicking her across the face. Shima skidded across the floor and stopped, dazed.

She could dimly hear pounding at the door.

She could barely hear Pouncival screaming her name from outside the room.

She could just hear Macavity laughing evilly as he stalked towards her.

She didn't want to give up…but it was either her or Cori, and she couldn't live with the fact that she let Cori be killed, she just couldn't live with it. Shima looked up at Macavity as he knelt beside her, running his paw down the side of her face and down her side. He absently scratched at her side, Shima couldn't stop the weak purr that escaped her.

"Such a waste," Macavity sighed, running his paw down Shima's striped side once more. "Such a waste to kill a cat as powerful as you…it's a pity, really," He murmured. "If only you submitted to me," Macavity raised his claw and Shima closed her eyes. The image of Pouncival and Milo playing, her love and her kitten. Tears filled Shima's eyes. She hoped Pouncival would look after Milo, she hoped that he would love him. Shima heard a choked noise and opened her eyes. Macavity's body was lying beside her, his red eyes opened wide with shock…but they were unseeing. Blood pooled around him…blood from his slit throat. Shima slowly raised her eyes, seeing Cori standing beside her, claws bloodied.

"I told you I would get you," Cori whispered to Macavity, before he turned to Shima and helped her up. Shima slammed into his chest, wrapping her arms tightly around him. Cori hugged her back, resting his head against hers and sighing.

"It's over, kitten, it's over," Shima smiled, happy tears filling her eyes.

They walked back to the junkyard, Plato and Admetus taking up the rear. Plato was nervous, he had betrayed the Jellicles…and he was scared.

"Plato!" The Jellicles looked around in surprise as Milo bounded forward, attaching himself to Plato's leg. Plato stared down at the kitten, a small blush appearing in his cheeks. Munkustrap looked at Plato, waiting for an explanation.

"I never hurt him, Munkustrap," Plato said, rubbing Milo's head. "I could never hurt you…how could I hurt a kitten?" Munkustrap smiled and inclined his head before walking over to Plato and placing a paw on his shoulder. Plato broke down them.

"I'm so sorry, I'm so so sorry," He sobbed, collapsing to his knees. The others looked at him, unsure of what to think. Shima walked over to him, patting his head.

"It's alright, Plato…" Shima told him. "Macavity has a way with playing with our emotions," Plato looked at her through tear filled eyes and nodded. Shima picked up her kitten and wrapped her arm around Pouncival's waist. Pounce purred and nuzzled her head. Admetus slowly dropped to his knees beside Plato and hugged him. Plato turned his head into Admetus's shoulder, sobbing.

"I'm so sorry, Addie…can you ever forgive me?" Plato sobbed, muffled. Admetus gave a small smile.

"Of course, Plato,"

Tugger stood beside Misto as Bomba ran at Cori, hugging him tightly. Cori blinked in surprise before hugging her back. Skimble hugged Jenny, Tumble took Jemima's paw. Electra stood to the side, smiling. Alonzo stood beside Demeter, her paw clasped in his. Rumpleteazer was perched on her brother's back, watching the scene as everyone went with the one they loved, holding them close.

"Bad Cat gone!" Milo announced, making everyone laugh. Macavity was dead…they were safe now, safe to move on with their lives.

"Um, Shima?" Pouncival asked nervously. Shima looked at him, passing Milo to Munkustrap. Munkustrap held his grandson close.

"Will you…" Pouncival's face went red.

"Oh just ask her already!" Tugger yelled at him. Pouncival went even redder. Shima tilted her head.

"Will you…will you do me the honour of becoming my mate?" Pouncival asked, taking both of Shima's paws in his own. Shima's blue eyes widened and she looked at Munk, Cori, Tugger and Misto, they all nodded. Shima looked back at Pouncival, a large smile growing on her face.

"Of course!" She gasped, throwing her arms around Pouncival's neck and kissing him fiercely. Pouncival smiled against her lips, wrapping his arms around the small of her back. They finally broke apart to the sound of wolf-whistles and cat-calls.

"I'll look after both you and Milo…I promise," Pouncival whispered, resting his head against Shima's. Shima smiled.

"I love you, Shima,"

"I love you too, Pounce…always," Shima whispered. She rested her head against his chest, feeling elated. She was finally allowed to be happy, she was going to be with Pouncival, Milo and her family and friends…and nothing could change how happy she was at that moment.



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