Hi all, I wrote a de-aged fic around a month ago it was called Bedtime Story and some people asked if I would write some more I never actually considered it but lately I have been in a bit of a serious downer, been sick and working too much plus personal life is somewhat of a mess and I needed some serious cheering up so I just wrote some more little Dean fics, warning there is no real plot to them, the stories take place in the month of Dean's curse, there are six parts to the story and I will share them during the week if anyone is interested in reading the rest like I said I need some cheering up, therapy is too expensive and so are pills! So instead I wrote some schmoop I loved writing it, it made me smile. And I hope it does the same for you.

I edited where I could and if you run into any mistakes do me a favor and turn the other way!

Take care.

Bedtime Story

"Dean it's bedtime." Sam whispered in the quietest softest voice you've ever heard coming from him. And Sam wanted bedtime too it had been an exhausting day.

Dean had pissed off a witch days ago, which wasn't exactly ground breaking news that would make the world stop turning, he was always pissing off someone he just needed a person and place to work his magic that's all. And this time the person in question was a witch and she had some kind of a twisted sense of humor and Sam had thought at the time she was kinda nice, for a witch at least, Dean had called him an idiot for that.

Dean hated witches what with there bodily fluids always flying around which you have to agree was just plain bloody nasty and uncalled for, Sam however still believed Esperanzia was nice just maybe a little bit misunderstood, Dean called him idiot again when he said that, it was a pity though that she had proved Sam wrong as she turned out to be as crazy as a bat and there was also now the minor technical detail that couldn't be over looked, she had in her mad fury turned Dean into a three year old. Yeah, that was kinda the deal breaker for Sam the witch as it turned out wasn't so nice after all. She said that Dean would be his old self in a month like that was supposed to make things all better. Dumb witches.

Dean was right about every single one of them. They were all dicks.

"Bobby have you seen Dean?" Thank god for Bobby, Sam thought, the man had opened his home once again to them without even having to think twice about it when asked. Only problem was Bobby's home as Sam discovered was practically a death trap, well maybe that was a bit on the melodramatic side but the home wasn't child proof at all. There was the copious amount of towering books standing around that Dean just needed to climb, there was the staircase Dean wanted to run down and the crazy Rottweiler outside which Dean had called a puppy with joy when he first laid eyes on him.

Puppy my ass Sam thought, cause the puppy looked like it could have Dean for lunch and then have room for dessert. Then there was the junkyard itself rows upon rows of broken down cars and Sam spent his days following Dean around on his excursions making sure he didn't end up being flattened by books or eaten by the enormous puppy. Shouting all the time Dean get off from that, don't do this, don't do that. Don't, don't, don't, don't, Sam was starting to sound like someone's father.

"Nope I haven't seen him." Bobby replied face behind the day's newspaper Sam sighed three year old Dean had brought out the inner child of Bobby Singer as well and who even knew the man had one to begin with.

"Bobby." Sam warned. Bobby dropped the paper and stared at Sam.

"Bottom kitchen cupboard ya spoilsport." Sam turned around and went to the kitchen.

You couldn't even hear Dean this was the most quiet he had been all day.

"Bobby have you seen Dean I've been looking for him everywhere." Sam said out loud bending down in front of the bottom kitchen cupboard. Sam heard movement from behind the small door.

"Haven't seen him either, think maybe he took the car for a ride?" Bobby said playing along and from behind the door came a burst of laugher at the suggestion of driving a car.

"I'm getting really worried about him maybe we should call the police." Sam said and the door sprung open and it got Sam every single time even now ten days into Dean's curse, the sight of Dean so small with those big green eyes and open wide smile that seemed to cover his entire face it's this smile that makes Sam forget what a really long day it's been taking care of the child.

"Here I am!" Dean threw himself into Sam's arms.

"There you are." Dean wrapped his tiny arms around Sam's neck as Sam got up from the ground holding his brother.

"Swing me." Dean said. Three year old Dean has discovered something very valuable his brother Sam was like an all access theme park and there was no queuing, Sam could throw him in the air to dizzying heights and always catch him safely, Sam could swing him around by his arms till he cried and begged for him to stop and then just carry on a minute later, he could ride on Sam's shoulders and see practically the whole entire world, Sam could also double as a jumping castle Sam didn't really like being jumped on but he never said that to Dean.

"It's bedtime."

"I hate bedtime."

"Yeah I kinda noticed come say goodnight to uncle Bobby." Sam lowered Dean down to Bobby and the child without any hesitation embraced the man.

"Night uncle Bobby." He whispered head buried in Bobby's neck and he stayed there a little longer than expected.

"Night boy." Sam tried to ignore the way Bobby's voice had cracked.

"Come on let's go." Sam pulling Dean up onto his shoulders.

"I wanna say goodnight to puppy too." Dean said running his small hands through Sam's long hair.

"Puppy's fast asleep already, we'll see puppy in the morning okay." Sam said patiently he waited for an argument from Dean the infamous tantrum when the child didn't get his way to erupt.

"Okay." Dean said instead and Sam sighed, thank god.

He carried Dean to there room and put him down on the bed.

"Tell me a story." Dean ordered.

"What story? And I'm only reading the story once dude." Sam said and he already knew the answer. Sam had bought a few books at the local store to occupy Dean but there was one that was turning out to be the child's firm favorite.

"Your book." Dean said reaching for Green eggs and ham by Dr. Seuss. The real reason Dean loved the book so much was because the character's name in it was Sam and that tickled Dean every single time he heard it.

Sam opened the book sitting down beside Dean on the bed and Dean curled himself up against Sam.

"I am Sam, I am Sam, Sam I am." Sam read from the book and Dean laughed, it never got old its like he was hearing it for the very first time every time.

"Your Sam like in the book." Dean said pointing at Sam.

"Yeah that's right." And he read from the book again. "That Sam-I-am, that-Sam-I-am, I do not like that Sam-I-am. Do you like green eggs and ham?" Sam asked Dean who shook his head.

"I do not like them, Sam-I-am I do not like green eggs and ham." Dean knew the words by heart already. Sam turned the page over.

"Would you like them here or there?" Sam asked Bobby looked in on the boys and smiled then retired to his room.

"I would not like them here or there." Dean shouted with a laugh. "I would not like them anywhere. I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them Sam-I-am."

Sam yawned and Dean looked up at him with concern.

"You tired Sammy?" he asked.


"I read you the rest of the story you go sleep your tired." Dean said pulling the book out of Sam's hands.

"That's not how this works." Sam said.

"Ssshhhh lay back." Dean ordered.

"Dean it's late and…"

"Sssshhh it's bedtime." Dean pointed a finger at Sam. "Quiet." He put the finger over Sam's lips and Sam laughed.

"Quiet!" Dean warned and Sam tried to wipe the grin off from his face.

"Okay, okay geez you were always bossy weren't you." Sam laid back against the pillows and Dean crawled up beside him.

"Only going to read it once dude." Dean said and Sam stifled a laugh it was what he told Dean every single night. "Then you go sleep."

"You're the boss."

"Would you like them in a house?" Dean continued with the story.

"The book is upside down smart guy." Sam said running his fingers through Dean's hair.

"Stop interrupting!" Dean demanded but swung the book the right way up in any case.

"Would you like them with a mouse? I do not like them in a house. I do not like them with a mouse…" Dean went on and on. And Sam felt himself actually fall asleep listening to the child voice as it lulled him off to some deserved sleep. When Dean heard his brother's soft snoring he closed the book and smiled, mission accomplished. He pulled a blanket over both of them and snuggled up beside Sam. Kissing Sam on his cheek whispering,

"Night, night Sammy." Before he went to sleep himself.

A/N The extracts from the wonderful children's book Green eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss was used of course without any kind of permission. Hope I don't get into trouble for that! If you have any little people in your life you would be doing them a great service by introducing this book to them. It's a truly fun read.

And if you had half as much fun reading this as I had writing this we are both pretty well off. Take care and be good to one another.