After 4 hours of Naruto trying to escape Ai who would instantly appear where he was if he got to far away, including the time he appeared above the womens hotsprings before disappearing again causing Ai to appear above the springs and fall in getting soaked, Naruto finally appeared in his bedroom.

When Ai appeared her cloths were still damp and she was sitting indian style tapping her finger against her arm and said "Are you done yet." in a scolding tone.

Naruto said "Yeap, your stuck with me. That's one for you Shikamaru but your going to face the wrath of the prankmaster from HELL." (pun intended)

Ai said "Good." before a frying pan slammed upside Naruto skull knocking him out.

Kitsu walked into Naruto bedroom hearing a ringing sound and blinked and asked "Where did you get the frying pan."

Ai said "The restuarant he appeared in trying to lose me causing me to nearly fall onto the hot stove. Since then I've held onto this baby just waiting for him to finally stop."

Kitsu nods and Ai said "So what are you up to."

Kitsu smirked and said "Moving in with Shika-kun. I'm stuck to him like you are to Naruto. That means that you and Naruto-kun are going to be living all alone."

Ai blushed as she saw Kitsu wiggle her eyebrows when she said the word alone.

Kitsu stood up a little straighter and said "Ai...I can't help you and right now I wish I could what you feel is right."

Ai said "But what if I my feelings won't tell me what to do."

Kitsu said "Take a deep breath, count to 10, clean out your ears and listen again. Your feelings are never wrong, it's your head that doesn't understand." as she turned and started to walk out of the room.

Ai said "I thought you couldn't help me."

Kitsu said "I was talking to myself, just because you over heard what I said doesn't mean I was helping you."

Ai eyes widen and Kitsu said "Loopholes are the reason miracles happen." as she walked out of the room.

Moments later Ai heard Shikamaru say "troublesome." before the door to the apartment closed.

Ai looked at Naruto and sighed to herself before picking him up and putting him on the bed before laying down beside him and laying her chest on his head and thought "I'll only rest my eyes while I wait for him to wake back up."

Several hours later Naruto awoke and found Ai with her arms wrapped around him and her head resting on his shoulder. Sighing to himself he thought "Maybe I can enjoy this...if only a little bit." before he closed his eyes and went back to sleep.

The next morning Naruto woke up and found Ai kept disappearing in a puff of smoke before reappearing and Naruto frowned and sat up and said "What are you doing Ai."

"It's not me. I think grandma...Kami is trying to...summon me heaven...but as I disappear...I reappear...back here." Ai said each time she appeared.

Naruto eyebrow rose a little and said "Really. So right now Kami is probably getting upset, right."

Ai reappeared and said "Could you repeat...that, I didn't...hear all of...that."

Naruto put his finger to his chin and looked at Ai vanishing act a moment before he said "Oh Shika you naughty boy. I could almost kiss you for this." before he got out of bed and started to get dressed.

Naruto quickly put his hand together and a kagebunshin appeared of him and he said "You know what to do." to the clone before he turned and waited a moment before he grab Ai hand and the next moment both her and Naruto disappeared leaving the clone behind.

When they both appeared Naruto found himself in a what appeared to be a white thrown room and Naruto thought "It looks like grandma's place but white."

The next moment Naruto felt a KI blast being sent in his and Ai direction and a voice both Ai and Naruto recognised as Gabriel said "Heathen, what are you doing here."

Naruto turned and looked at where the voice came from and said "Hello you ugly bitch. Still as disgusting as the last time I saw you. How's Michael, still being a pussy."

Gabriel growled and a voice said "ENOUGH...What are you doing here mortal."

Naruto turned to the direction of the new voice and said "Let me guess, your Kami."

Ai who was scared because of her mothers KI turned to the new speaker and bowed quickly and said "Grandmother..."

Kami raised her hand and Ai silenced herself seeing this and Kami said "Your the child of prophecy, Naruto Uzumaki, right."

Naruto said "What was your first guess. The fact I look like the bastard who donated his sperm to the bitch who gave birth to me or the fact that Ai whose suppose to be a gift to me won't let go of my hand."

Kami said "I know you were raised in hell but I will not forgive you for your language if you keep talking with such disrespect in my..."

Naruto waved his hand and said "Yeah, yeah, did Michael give you my message."

Gabriel tensed and Kami raised and eyebrow and said "What message."

Naruto smirked and looked at Gabriel and said "So, you haven't told your mother that I've discovered the soul her and grandma Yami have been waiting for."

Kami's eyes widen and turned to Gabriel and said "What is he talking about daughter."

Gabriel said "I don't know what he's talking about mother."

Naruto said "Really, so you deny the fact that you sent Michael to assassinate me after I defended Ai from you when you were torturing her which is what happened to your voice."

Gabriel frowned and Kami said "This is a joyous occasion. It means that..."

Naruto said "Not so fast Kami. You seem to have forgotten the little fact that YOU don't know who the soul is or where to find it. I on the other hand have an ace up my sleave because I can or have informed my grandmother where to find the soul and she could be already showing her gift to him and you have no way of knowing until I tell you where to find him."

Kami frowned and said "That would be cheating and..."

Naruto interupted her and said "As you pointed out, I was raised in hell. Whose to say my morals aren't low enough that I would cheat to help the woman I see as family win...Of coarse I might also be up for bribary to help you as well. I am a mortal human after all."

Kami narrowed her eyes and said "I are a greedy individual...what is it you are wanting."

Naruto smirked and said "I am even more sure now then I was a few moment ago that Gabriel hasn't told you anything about what has been going on, after all, she wouldn't want you to turn on her for defying you or causing you to be put in a position of losing your little bet."

Kami turned her gaze to Gabriel and said "What is he talking about daughter." hissing the last part.

Gabriel glared at Naruto and said "The mortal is lying mother and is trying to trick you into returning him to hell to be with your sister and spring."

Naruto said "You seem to forget something. Mortals have the ability of free will. As you already know, Kyuubi went back with me to the mortal world but she wasn't sealed in me. I may have been a Jinchuuriki for a short while and I did come to heaven but you see, I happen to know that in less then an hour, the gates of heaven are going to be broken wide open and all the souls that have come to heaven since Konoha was founded will be taken from here and sent back to the mortal world along with both Ai soul and my own." as a smirk appeared.

Everyone's eyes widen and Kami said "YOUR LYING."

The next moment a screeching sound was heard and everyone's eyes turned to the sound and saw the gates of heaven began to bend and groan and Naruto said "Woah, that was even quicker then I thought it would be."

Gabriel said "Impossible. This can't be happening." as the gates burst open and a huge suction of wind began to blow toward the gates and Naruto grab Ai hand and said "See you both on the flip side BITCHES." before his wings shot out of his back and both Ai and he began to fly out the gates as the souls of several people began to fly pass Kami and Gabriel.

Kami tried to use her powers to stop what was happening but went wide eyed and said "Impossible, my powers...thier gone."

Ai who was shocked closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around Naruto chest as tears began to flow down her face and Naruto thought "Yeah Shika, your getting a kiss. I wonder what I'll have to pay Kitsu to kiss him for me." as they both passed through the gates of heaven.

In Konoha the sky above the village began to darken as the gates of heaven appeard in the sky above the village and opened wide as the ground in the village began to shake and the gates of hell began to rise out of the ground.

As the gates of hell opened a giant 3 headed dog appeared and Naruto who shot out of the gates of heaven saw the dog and quickly flew toward it and said "Hey Cerberus, boy. Whose a good boy, Whose a good boy." as he landed on the center head of Cerberus.

The dogs became excited and began to bark and the 2 on the side tried to lick Naruto who patted thier tongues and said "Down boys, down."

The dogs sat down but thier shared tail was wagging as souls began to fly out of hell and heaven.

It wasn't but a few moments before Yami appeared at the entrance to the gates of heaven and looked around and saw her grandson sitting on Cerberus head and said "NARUTO. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE."

Naruto cringed and a voice from the air said "That is what I want to know as well sister." as standing at the gates of heaven was Kami.

Naruto smirked and said "To bad both of you can't step outside that gate but to answer your question, a few moments ago I signed a contract with the council of Konoha who agreed to let me use any ninja of Konoha or ally for a demonstration of something I was offering...they never said it had to be an active, retired, or living Konoha ninja and since at one time every nation was allied with another who later was allied with Konoha, every ninja of every ninja village since Konoha was founded has been brought back to life and according to the contract, no force of heaven or hell can break this contract. That means you are both powerless to stop it."

Both Yami and Kami frowned and Naruto said "But now here's the fun part. YO SAKUMO, YOU HERE."

Gabriel paled when the figure of Sakumo Hatake appeared and said "I'm here Naruto."

Kami narrowed her eyes and said "YOU, HOW DARE YOU APPEAR IN MY PRESENCE YOU."

Sakumo said "I'M THE FISHERMAN." causing both Kami and Yami eyes to widen and pale.


Yami turned and said "You knew." in an angry tone.

Naruto said "Not until I came here and read about Konoha White Fang, the man who had white chakra which was the signal to identify him from other souls to you both.

Kami started to open her mouth as did Yami and Sakumo said "SAVE IT. I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY TO EITHER OF YOU RIGHT NOW." as he began to walk toward Cerberus and looked at Naruto and Ai and said "Hello my daughter."

Ai couldn't believe what she was seeing and hearing said in a questioning tone " that really you."

Sakumo nods and said "I've dreamed of seeing you every day since I found out your mother was pregnant with you...Hello Kakashi, my son." as he looked to the side and saw Kakashi standing there with a shocked look on his face.

Kakashi started to open his mouth and Naruto said "Sakumo, I know that you want to speak with both your children right now but the world is currently erupting into armagedon. Right now neither Kami or Yami can touch you and you could choose one over the other where odds are you and your children will be smited and tortured for all eternity by the loser of the 2."

Sakumo frowned and said "What do you suggest then."

Naruto looked at Kami and Yami and said "Right now, my soul belongs to Yami and her followers and Ai soul belongs to Kami and her followers. No matter what happens both Ai and I will be tortured since we care for each other and yet won't be able to see each other. As long as the bet exist then we can never be free and even if you choose one over the other Ai and I would still lose."

Sakumo frowned and Kami said "Don't listen to that boy. He's..."

Sakumo said "Shut up Kami. That boy has protected and saved my daughter from her abusive mother. I trust him more then I trust either you or Yami...I assume that you have a reason for creating armagedon." as he saw fighting and chaos spreading around the village as dead enemies attacked the living for one reason or another.

Naruto nods and said "Souls that are sent to hell are punished for eternity even after they have forgotten what ever thier crimes they commited were originally and are repented. The souls sent to heaven eventually forget what noble and good deed they did to get there and become arrogant with thier way of life there. Gabriel is a perfect example of what I mean. What I prepose is that your proclaim that both Yami and Kami both have to continue what they have been doing but once a soul in heaven becomes arrogant they are sent to limbo to be reborn and when a soul in hell has been redeemed then they are also sent to limbo to be reborn."

Both Yami and Kami eyes widen. Gabriel glared and Shinigami had a proud look on her face as they all watched this and Sakumo said "But how would that protect you and Ai."

Naruto said "Someone has to decide when a soul has been redeemed in hell or corrupted in heaven. I prepose that Ai and I both become the angels of salvation and damnation and we judge when a soul has been redeemed or corrupted after death."

Sakumo nods his head as he thought about the words and Gabriel said "You can't do that. Your only getting special treatment because of a stupid bet and all you get to decide is if mom or Yami wins and..."

A chuckle was heard causing everyone to look at Sakumo who said in a voice that made both Yami and Kami freeze "Silly little girl. So prideful and full of yourself you can't even tell when you have been decieved."

Yami said "Father, is that you."

Kami said "Dad. It can't be."

Sakumo said "You both have become foolish since I left you both to give you time to spread your wings my daughters."

Gabriel looked shock as she heard her mother and aunts words as well as Sakumo and said "What is going on here."

Sakumo said "When Sakumo Hatake was born he was moments away from dying. Because of the chakra marker your mother and aunt placed on the fishermans soul it was killing him and would have ended his life. His parents begged for a miracle and I decided to help by allowing myself to hide inside Sakumo soul because I wanted to see what my daughters had done without them knowing I was there. When I went to heaven I was impressed until I met you and saw how conceated you were Gabriel and how prideful my daughter Kami had become. I was deeply troubled by it to the point I nearly smited you myself. That was why I had Sakumo treat you like a bitch in heat when you told him he either sired a child with you or he would be banished from heaven. In hell I met my other grand child Shinigami and saw Yami and I gave both a small gift of compassion in thier hearts and that simple action screwed Kami plan by letting Shinigami decide to wait a few extra moments before taking Minato soul and sealing Kyuubi into Naruto. That gift is what brings us to this point."

Sakumo turned his head toward Naruto and Ai and said "Naruto and Ai...I have many names and I do not look like this but you are unable to see what I trully look like as is even my daughters...but for now, both of you can call me great grandfather and I am sorry for the pain you both have felt from the actions our families have caused...I am proud of both of you in ways that you can't possibly fathom. I know you both care for each other even if you try to deny it...I hearby decree both your souls are free and I do agree that over time the souls in heaven and hell should be sent to limbo to be reborn. Kami, you shall stay in heaven and Yami shall stay in hell...but you both shall not become the angel of redemption and damnation. Those are titles your mothers respectively own...but shall spend time in hell as punishment for your crimes and your son michael shall take over for you while you are being punished. Michael, you are on paroll for now. Your actions are also something I do not like. I will give you a chance to redeem youself without your mothers influence which is why you will take over her for a while." as he turned his head at the ones he was speaking to.

Sakumo then turned back to Naruto and Ai and said "I am giving you both the title of guardian angels. You both shall be allowed in all realms. You will be able to be in mortal form or spirit form at choice so that you can interact however you please to fulfill the needs of those you find are worthy of devine help. Yami and Kami are not allowed direct influence into the lifes of mortals. Shinigami and Gabriel are only allowed to interfere with mortals after they die. You both shall be the only ones who can interact with the mortals to help them in thier time of need if you feel they need help. With both of your empathies toward those who are in pain both physically and emotionally you both will be able to understand the needs of the people of the world better. Do you both understand what I am giving you."

Naruto who was still holding onto Ai looked at her and she nods at him and Naruto said "Yes."

Sakumo said "Good. If you have need of my council or advice the speak. I may not answer right away or in a way you would anticipate...but I am always listening and to end this foolishness." as he snapped his fingers and everyone who had escaped from heaven and hell was gone.

Sakumo said "The mortals have forgotten everything that has happened since you first both appeared Naruto and Ai...well almost all mortals have. I have allowed Kitsu and Shikamaru to keep thier memories but everything else has been reset. It is now your choice as to what will happen. Yami...Kami...I love you both...but please let my next visit be on a more positive note. Don't make me scold you both...I shall now send your fathers soul back to limbo to be reborn Ai but you will be able to see him when he is reborn. Goodbye." as he disappeared in a beam of light.

Naruto looked at Ai who bit her lip and said "Do you love me."

Naruto smiled softly and said "I have since the first moment I saw you. I just was angry because of what happened with my mother being taken from me and I took it out on you."

Ai leaned up and kissed Naruto on the lips and Shikamaru who had walked up with Kitsu in her fox form said " what do we do now."

Naruto and Ai broke apart and Naruto said "I think Ai and I should spend a little time to get to know each other. There's nothing that says that we have to start right there." as he looked at Ai.

Ai giggled at the look on Naruto face and shook her head and said "I don't think so."

Naruto said "Then how about we spend life with Shikamaru and Kitsu for now."

Kitsu said while in her fox form "But how are we going to explain me being here. If things have been changed then..."

Just then Iruka walked up and said "Shikamaru, Kitsu, both of you are late for class. Just because your both are betrothed to each other doesn't mean that you can skip class."

Everyone blinked and Shikamaru said "What do you mean we are betrothed to each other."

Iruka said "Don't play dumb with me Shikamaru. Kitsu was sent here as part of the peace agreement between the Godaime Mizukage and the Sandaime Hokage when Konoha agreed to aid the bloodline side to end the civil war there. It was decided that she and you would be married and you have been inseperable since you first laid eyes on each come on. It's time to get to class, both of you...and Kitsu, your bloodline is useful for scouting undetected but now is not the time to be using it." as he thumped her on the nose and she was covered in smoke and returned to her human form and Shikamaru blew backwards with a nose bleed as Iruka quickly turned his head and screamed "AND HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU NOT TO CHANGE WITHOUT YOUR CLOTHS."

Kitsu looked at both Ai and Naruto who were looking away and whistling innocently and Shikamaru muttered "Troublesome." causing both guardian angels to laugh as they walked away.

A figure hidden from view shook his head and thought "Best wishes my family." before he disappeared.

In hell Gabriel screamed in rage as she fought in the pit of endurance as Shinigami laughed and thought "This is payback for trying to hurt my son bitch...ouch, that's got to hurt. I doubt she will ever have kids again...or sit agian for that matter, who knew a person foot could actually get stuck there...and why did all the prisoners here target her when they heard that she's here for crimes against Naruto and his mate."

Yami who was standing beside Shinigami said "It's scary. If Naruto wanted he could have taken the thrown from me at any time. The prisoners respect him. They knew he wasn't the one locked up with them but they were the ones locked up with him...but he never used his power or strength to do more then to defeat them. He was honest and fair with them...where did we screw up to teach him those virtues, this is hell for pete sake."

Shinigami said "I have no idea mom, no idea at all...Ouch, that makes my boobs hurt just looking at it."

Yami tilted her head to the side and said "Did...did she just..."

Shinigami blinked and said "Holy shit, she really is a bitch in heat, this isn't hell, this is heaven for her."

Yami said "I think I need to talk to dad about sending her back. She's scaring the murders and rapist."

Shinigami took a step back and said "We never meantion this to Naruto, right."

Yami said "Yeah, he doesn't need any more mental how long do you think it will take for you to become a grandma yourself dear."

Shinigami said "I don't know...but I bet I'll be damned before I let Gabriel near my grandchild."

Yami said "Your already damned dear, it comes with the neighborhood."

Shinigami said "Bless you mother."

Yami said "Don't curse at your mother young lady or...or...or..."

Shinigami said "Or what mother."

Yami said "I'll lock you in the pit with Gabriel and make you watch her having fun."

Shinigami paled and said "You win mother."

Yami said "Damn straight I do."

Just then a scream of pleasure was heard from the pit and both women quickly ran away vowing not to look back.

In heaven Michael shivered and thought "Why do I got the feeling I'm going to be a brother again."