Immortal Light

Dedicated to Ravyn Skye

One sword to protect.

One sword to resurrect.

Not one to save her from her fate.

She was sleeping, the small girl child wrapped in his pelt. Slipping from around his finger, a lock of raven hair floated into his downy fur. Frail in her humanity, yet strong of heart. Young in appearance, yet wise beyond years. Dark eyes. Bright smile.

Epitome of life.

Destined to become dust.

Never would he, the great Sesshoumaru, allow such a sight to greet his eyes. Sword or no, nothing would defeat him. The Goddess of Time would relent or face her death. Time itself would stand still. For her. His child. His Rin.

Time would bow in his daughters' presence.

He would make it so.

While fingers continued their play through raven hair, the moon maintained its endless course. A star slipped and fell from the heavens as darkness gave way to light. Another night lost to time. His precious little treasure slept unaware of its passage, unaware of his fight for her life.

Through the endless nights and endless days, with her, he would never wander in the dark. The sun could have its forever day. The moon could have its forever night.

He would have her forever radiant light.


Inuyasha and all associated characters are owned by Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Yomiuri TV, Sunrise, and Viz—not me. I make no profit from this story, nor do I intend to.

My only goal is to occupy my demented mind with delusions of actually owning a life-sized, anatomically correct Sesshoumaru.