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REC Chapter 1

Waking up at 7 in the morning was one of the hardest tasks for me, but I had to wake up and I had to go look for a Job. I have been unemployed for some time and I really needed to do something about it. I turned to my Alarm and felt tempted for a moment to push the snooze button. Jasper was already up. I could hear him in the kitchen and I knew he would be knocking on my door very soon; there was no use in prolonging this.

I stood up and shuffled to the bathroom. I took a quick shower and brushed my teeth before I finally joined Jasper in the kitchen. Jasper and I had been friends since we were little kids and after we finished College we decided to share an apartment out of economical reasons. He was the kind of guy you could feel safe with and depend on. I laughed at the memory of the incredulous crush I had on him in 8th grade. I was over him and frankly I was happy we never got intimate together, because Jasper is the best friend a girl could have.

"Morning, Jasper." He was already sitting at the breakfast table with a cup of coffee in front of him.

Jasper looked up from his newspaper and smiled at me. "Morning, sunshine. I am glad you woke up on your own today. I was just thinking of fetching a glass of water and shower you awake in your bed," he chuckled.

"In this case, I think I'll be locking my door from now on." I took a cup of the coffee he had already prepared. Like I mentioned before, Jasper was the best friend you could ever have.

"What are your plans for today, sunshine?" He folded the paper and looked genuinely interested. Jasper behaved as if he was responsible for me. I had no Idea why but I liked it somehow. He was like the big brother I never had.

"I have an Interview at eleven. Maybe I will leave earlier and go by the job center; they might have some new vacancies. Umm...I might have lunch at the Central Park. I'll be around there." I shrugged.

I didn't plan my days and Jasper knew it. It didn't mean he stopped asking me every morning about my plans for the day. I guess he hoped I would organize myself better.

"Of course you'll have lunch at the Central Park. You go there every day, sunshine, even if you are not around," he said. "Where is the interview?"

"They are looking for an Assistant at Cullen's Inc. I called yesterday and they gave me an appointment for today. Looks like they need someone desperately."

"An assistant? You are selling yourself short Bella."

"I know but at least it's a job in a renowned Firm. Maybe once I prove myself and make some connections I get something better. It's not like the companies are knocking my doors down for me to come work for them Jazz," I grumbled. I have studied to become a publisher. I loved books and I could spend hours in a book forgetting the world around me.

"I wish you all the best and hope it's your last interview. I'll be at work. Call me when you are finished." He stood up to leave the kitchen.

He's been working as a journalist since we graduated. He was a good writer and I liked his articles a lot, especially his short stories. I advised him many times to get them published.

In the living room Jasper was gathering his stuff and I joined him to see him off. Some people might have thought we were a married couple the way we had our rituals, but truth was we were more like a family.

He turned around before he opened the door and briefed me with a smug smile on his face,

"By the way, Renee called last night when you were out. She asked me to remind you of the dinner tomorrow."

"Oh no! Is a month over already?" My mom was a really cool mom, except for the part where she tried to set me up with strange men I had never met before. She insisted I came for dinner monthly and every month she had a new guy for me. She used to hope me and Jasper would end up as a couple -or 'kick it off' like Renee says- but after we moved in together and were still only friends she gave up on this Idea and started inviting strangers to our dinners. Sometimes I thought she swept them right off the street. I am sure Phil-my mom's new husband- didn't know all this men, as my mom tried to convince me.

"Jasper...please?" I gave him the puppy look. "Come with me please. You know Rene loves you and maybe if I tell her you are coming too, she won't invite any suitors."

"No way, sunshine! She would probably invite a date for me, too, rather than disinvite whoever she's got for you this month." He laughed out loudly and opened the door. Leaning over to me he placed a kiss on my cheek. "I love my single life too much to give it up. You are on your own in this." I closed the door after Jasper and scowled.

Fine, I will find a solution for this problem. I am not going to sit through another awkward dinner with my mom trying to sell me out like I 'm a spinster.

After getting dressed I made my way to the job center. I hated going there, but sometimes they had real good offers. Not today. It was just nine and I had nothing to do till my Interview at eleven. I decided to go to the Central Park. It was my favorite place in NY. I liked watching the people there and I loved the green surrounding. I wouldn't have been far from Cullen's Publishing either. I took the subway to the Central park and made my way slowly to my destination. Since I was there every day, I had a spot I liked near the carousel which I was hoping no one was occupying.

I was lucky. I sat down and took my book out of my bag. Looking around I took my surrounding in and saw some of the usual crowd. Being there daily was not only my thing. Many people came regularly and I recognized some faces; one in particular.

A young man with his guitar. I saw him there often lately. He was usually lost in his playing; only sometimes he looked up and when he did this time our eyes met and I nodded at him. I thought he recognized me too, because he smiled wryly and continued playing his guitar. Listening to him playing and reading kept me busy for some time. After what felt like an hour my cell phone rang.

"Swan. Hi, Jasper." He was calling to ask me how it went at the job office. "They didn't have any new vacancies. I'm waiting in Central Park until it's time for my Interview at eleven."

"Don't be late, sunshine, it's almost ten. Did you call Renee yet?" Jasper asked and I could hear a smirk in his tone.

"No, I didn't. I'm thinking of finding a good reason to cancel on her." I snapped at him.

"You know delaying it won't help much. She would probably call the guy and postpone the dinner with him, too." His amusement was annoying.

"Really? Then what do you suggest, Jazz? Leave the country maybe?" I was talking louder now...I glanced around me noticing the guitar-guy who stopped playing and was looking at me curiously. Great, I love audience while I am on the phone. I glared at him hoping he might get embarrassed and look away, but he just kept staring at me.

"No, leaving the country won't help either, Bella, I bet Renee would send the guy after you. Your only solution is to find a boyfriend till tomorrow." Jasper joked. "I think Renee would only stop your blind dates if you introduce a boyfriend to her."

"Thanks for nothing, Jazz. You are not helping. Did you call to make fun of me or did you actually need something?" I retorted at him.

"Nope, I had a few minutes to pass so I thought I should check on you." I was immediately pacified, I just couldn't stay angry with him when he said something nice like that.

"I am fine, thanks for asking. I will be on my way soon to Cullen's Inc.. Can I call you once I am finished?" I was still very much aware of guitar-guy watching me.

"Of course you can call me. I want to know how it was. Laters, sunshine, I got to go."

Jasper hung up and I looked again at guitar guy, who was still observing my every move. It was really unnerving and distracting... I couldn't even go back to reading anymore. When he didn't stop goggling at me I went deliberately over to him.

"You know, it's not polite to listen in on people's phone calls." I was totally taken aback when he lifted his head and raised an eyebrow at me. I was never near enough to notice his beautiful green eyes. A mesmerizing, enchanting green. I had noticed before that he was a good looking man but I never realized just how good. I was lost and I couldn't remember what it was I wanted to say to him. I think my mouth fell open and I was gaping, catching flies.

"Excuse me?" Oh my God. How can a man be so completely perfect? His voice was like velvet and he had the appearance of a Greek God. He examined me with a smile playing around his lips, when I didn't reply. "Are you OK, Miss?" His smile turned into an open grin and I noticed I stopped breathing altogether. I felt dizzy.

"Bella, my name is Bella." I breathed.

"Is anything wrong, Bella?" He emphasized my name and I struggled with my breathing again.

Oh please, get a grip, Bella. You wanted to rebuke him for watching you and listening to your call, not drool over him!

"Umm...I think it's inappropriate to watch someone the way you did while I was talking on the phone." I stammered.

"So I have been told." His grin widened and I could see wonderful white teeth well enough for a tooth-paste ad.

"Excuse me?" It was my turn to raise an eyebrow at him. "Won't you at least say you're sorry?"

"What for? I don't feel sorry, so why should I apologize."

I couldn't believe his audacity. Every dazzling feeling I had evaporated in an instance and I glowered at him. "You are unbelievable!"

He just shrugged and went back to playing his guitar. He was starting to irritate me and I kept scowling at him until he looked up again.

"If you want to listen to my playing sit down," he mused.


"Sit down if you want to listen to me or else go back to reading your book. Either way you standing here is disturbing my concentration."

What a freak! I never met someone so ill-mannered like him. Ughh...I should have ignored this idiot. I turned on my heels without saying anything else to him.

I made an effort to concentrate on my book again, but I was fuming. A few minutes passed before I heard the melody cut off and rude-guy calling over to me,

"Hey, Bella, didn't you say you have an interview at eleven?"

What the hell? I looked angrily at him and he laughed at my expression.

"I just wanted to remind you. You'll be late if you don't get moving. Cullen's Inc. is about ten minutes from here. If you go now you can still make it on time."

"You are..." I struggled for words

"Helpful? Supportive? I know, no need to thank me," he finished my sentence for me.

"I don't even know why I am talking to you." I gathered my stuff and marched away, but I felt so angry I needed to say anything to irritate him the same way he did me.

"You should look for a Job instead of listening on peoples"

"Edward. Thanks for the advice, but I'll pass. You make sure you catch your job opportunity." He winked at me and resumed his play without looking at me again while I left hastily to catch my appointment.

Edward...what a wonderful name, for such a jerk!

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