Lester's Notes

Chapter 1

JE owns them and graciously allows us to share them with her


To all employees - a weekly inventory of first aid kits in company

Vehicles revealed several items that are not on the inventory list.

In the future, if an item is in short supply or a new type of first aid

Item is needed please report it to Bobby. Do not add any items to the kit

Without authorization!


"Hey Bomber, how are you feeling today?"

"A little better Bobby, but I have a really bad headache."

"I knew you would, just remember that you and Mary Lou aren't 16 anymore and leave the cheerleading stunts to those that are. However, I will say that you looked hot in your cheerleading uniform. I always loved to watch the cheerleaders." He handed her a McD's bag with the cure.

"Thanks, it's nice to know it still fits. Mary Lou will probably be popping out baby number four in nine months. Lenny was looking at her like he did when he was on the football team and she was a cheerleader. Now she doesn't have to use the look but don't touch mantra so he probably got really lucky last night. It was a great barbeque I just wished I hadn't had so much to drink."

"Steph, can you give me a hand this morning?"

"For you anything Bobby, but I would never say that to Lester." she said laughing.

"I have to do the weekly inventory of the first aid kits in the company vehicles. It's really easy, I will give you a list of what's supposed to be in the kit and the amount. Your write down the number of the vehicle, inventory what's on the list and then we will go back and add the missing items."

"Well, that sounds easy enough I can't think of anyway I can mess that up."

I was really glad Steph had agreed to help me. It was a boring but necessary job and with Steph's help we could get it done in half the time and it would be fun. I always love working with her, she just chatters along and it's fun listening to her voice her stream of consciousness thought process.

She may start out talking about the Rangers hockey game, skip to the new scoreboard, then wonder if men had a scoreboard in their minds for rating their dates with women(they do) then onto where the merry men met the women they dated and if you could call it a date, and then she would answer her own question probably in bars(is their any other place), then she would wonder out loud where they took their dates. Then she would blush while she thought and then said the merry men just took their dates to bed (so true). Then she would skip and say I'm tired and I'm hungry, oh I have no food in my apartment should I go to my mother and get leftovers? No, I can't do that because I would have to stay for dinner in that madhouse and I want to be home for the Rangers game.

This was why the guys loved to be around her. It was how we found out that she was short of money and needed to bring in more FTAs, also how we found out about her stalkers, her fights with Morelli, it was also how Tank found out how she got the bruise on her cheek. The next night Morelli was admitted to the hospital for being jumped and mugged by two men (twelve men had volunteered for the assignment but two lucky ones picked the short straws)

As I was listening to her conversation I heard her say "Hmmm…. These aren't on the list. Well, I'll add them to the bottom and ask Bobby later."

She moved to the next vehicle counting the items. "Well, there are none of them in this kit. I'll make a note for Bobby." I have to admit I was getting curious. I was counting out the first aid kit I had opened and I came to an "unauthorized" item. "What the Fuck!"

"Steph! Have you found any extra items in your inventory?"

"Yes I have."

"What did you find?"

"I think you better come over and look for your self"

I looked at her and she was blushing. I walked over to the SUV she was sitting in and looked at the items.

"God dammit! Steph, I'm sorry I had no idea that these would be in the kits. They weren't there last week. I'll take care of the rest of the vehicles and fill the kits and remove the extra items. You go on upstairs and how about I take you to lunch when I am finished."

"That's great just come and get me."

I filled the shortages and removed the extra items. I took them up to Ranger's office and laid them out on his desk. He looked up at me


"These items were added to the first aid kits this week, they weren't there last week"

"Have you looked to see which asshole used all the vehicles in question?"

"Yes- it was…."



Lester's note: Do not leave condoms or lubricants in company first aid kits. These are not considered company emergency first aid supplies."

Appointment on mats with Ranger 0400 and Bobby 0500(if I am still conscious).