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Start from the start that's what mom used to say. In this case the start is Saskue, don't ask us why, it just is. We were going to tell you all about the epic battle between Naruto and Saskue in great detail but seeing as how we're on a tight schedule we'll just tell you that parts that aren't incredibly depressing and angst filled, cause lets face it, that's not what you came here to read. Let's see…

First there was…

Then there was…

And finally there was…Hmm, I guess the whole battle was incredibly depressing and angst filled. Anyway, Saskue was back in Konoha and thanks to a little mind wipe jutsu that erased his memory up until the point where he overheard the jonin talking about Itatchi, Saskue was quite content to stay in the village. Although some things had to be explained to him like why all the other genin had suddenly become three years older, why his new wardrobe suspiciously resembled Orochimaru's and why he could speak to snakes all of a sudden (needless to say, that was an interesting therapy session). So to answer these questions Kakashi did what any other sensible and responsible sensei would have done...he told him that he'd been in coma then changed the subject.

"Well it looks like you are perfectly healthy" the medic said looking at the clipboard in his hands. "You free to go" he smiled. The Uchiha just gave small nod and followed Kakashi out of the hospital.

"Hey Saskue!" Naruto grinned as he and Sakura watched there former teammate walk out with the familiar 'I hate the world' expression on his face.

"Naruto, Sakura" Saskue said with a nod, merely acknowledging there presences.

"Well I see that mind wi...I mean coma didn't change you much" Sakura said quickly with a smile.

"Nice save" Kakashi mumbled from behind the two. Saskue gave her a curious look for a minuet, shrugged and slowly turned around and started walking away.

"Hey! Where you going?" Sakura called after him.

"Home, where else?"

"Well, you just woke up from a coma about a day ago. Don't you wanna...you know? Hang out?" Naruto asked.

"What happened while I was asleep?" Saskue asked quickly "You two are acting way different from when I last saw you. There's something you're not telling me" Naruto and Sakura looked at each other nervously before Naruto spoke up.

"Well you see Saskue, you really went crazy, ran away to learn from Orochimaru, then killed him after three years, joined the Akatutski and tried to help Madara Uchiha take over the world before you were captured and had you're memory wiped"

"You're a sick man Naruto" Saskue said before turning around again and resuming his walk.

"You asked" Naruto shrugged.

"Hey girls" Sakura sighed walking up to the other Konoha kunochis.

"So how's he doing?" Ino asked immediately while Tenten and Hinata simply waved a hello a resumed there own conversation.

"About how I expected him to act. Silent, cold and brooding" She said with a dismissive wave of her hand.

"So do you still get that jittery feeling around him?" Ino continued eagerly.

"No not really," Sakura shrugged "I guess after all this time...I'm just glad to have him back"

"Right" Ino said sarcastically.

"So what about you Tenten?" Sakura said quickly changing the subject.

"Uh what about me?" the weapons mistress asked.

"Oh come on" Ino smirked, nearly forgetting all about Sakura and Saskue. "We all know you've got a 'thing' for Neji"

"What?" Tenten said trying her best to sound offended, unaware of the slight blush that was appearing on her cheeks. "Neji and I are just teammates"

"It's okay, you can say it" Ino said in a sickly sweet voice as Hinata giggled beside her.

"Say what?" Tenten demanded with a raised eyebrow.

"That your in love with Neji" Sakura and Ino practically sang.

"I am not in love with Neji" the blush now fully visible on her cheeks "Right Hinata?"

"W-well um, I noticed you've been doing quite a few extra training sessions lately and...w-what about the time..." Hinata began getting Sakura and Ino's full attention.

"Hinata" Tenten growled holding up a cinnamon roll. "You see the cinnamon roll?" Hinata quickly nodded as Tenten moved the roll around in the air. "You want the cinnamon roll? You want it?" Hinata nodded faster. "Well you can't have it"

"But...I like the cinnamon roll" Hinata said, her eyes resembling huge watery balls.

"Then go get it" Tenten said reaching back and throwing it as far as she could. Faster than thought humanly possible, Hinata disappeared quicker than the entire Hyuga clan does when it's Hanabi's night to cook.

"Tenten" Sakura and Ino whined.

"Look it's okay to say that you're in love with a guy. I mean what's not to like about Neji, he's great guy, with fantastic hair, and you probably know about his body..." Sakura said with a smirk.

"I'm am not listening to Sakura" Tenten said lifting up a hand while her face was starting to look a lot likes Hinata's when Naruto came within one foot.

"Aww," the two other girls smiled looking at her face.

"Bye!" Tenten smirked walking off. When reaching a safe distance where she was sure no one could she her she gave a sigh of relief.

"She's so into him" Ino said shaking her head.

"She just needs little push" Sakura grinned.

"Think we can help them out with that?" Ino asked smugly.

"Definitely, her and Shikamaru and Temari"

"Righ...wait Shikamaru with Temari?" Ino asked suddenly.

"Yeah didn't you hear, Gaara's here to meet with Lady Tsunade and Shikamaru's been showing Temari around" Sakura said innocently.

"Oh gee, that's nice, wow look at the time I gotta go, bye see ya" Ino said quickly taking off and almost but not quite braking Hinata's cinnamon chasing record.

"Um...okay...bye?" Sakura said watching her friend run off. She sighed, it was probably time for her to get going as well. About a minute after her departure Hinata returned with a half eaten cinnamon roll. She looked around, shrugged and resumed eating.

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