Chapter 7, last chapter! Thanks to everyone who ever reviewed, favorited, or put this on there alert list. I know I've said this before but thanks a ton! Now, I'm wrapping this story up, it may seem a little unexpected but I never really intended for the story to go any farther than this. Amazing, huh? So, here it is. Hope you enjoy!

"What's going on?" Ino asked walking up to Hinata and Sakura who were standing outside Tenten's door.

"I saw N-Neji leave the manor last night and h-he said s-something about Tenten. N-Neji has been acting rather s-strangely as of l-late so I decided to investigate." Hinata stuttered.

"And then she found this," Sakura sighed knocking gently on Tenten's door. "Tenten, could you please open…"

"No," Tenten's voice almost immediately came from inside.

"How long as she been like this?" Ino asked with a frown.

"Hinata dropped by at about one a.m, then she called me over about half an hour later, we've been here ever since then and is that…Itachi?" Sakura asked pointing at the dog by Ino's feet.

"Yeah, Kiba gave him to me yesterday," Ino smiled.

"Aww, that was sweet of him," Sakura said scratching the dog behind the ears.

"I know. I never knew Kiba could…" Hinata pushed him hands in front of the two girls faces and snapped her fingers before pointing towards the door. "Right," Ino said snapping back to attention. "So why'd you call me over?"

"We thought y-you might have s-some idea as to what Neji is up to and what made T-Tenten so u-upset?" Hinata asked. Ino just shrugged.

"Well we're going to find out pretty soon." Temari said walking up to the group looking supremely pissed.

"Hey, Temari, uh you feelin okay?" Sakura asked.

"No!" Temari yelled back "Because you called me at seven a.m in my hotel while I was sleeping!"

"I thought the sun rises earlier in Suna that it does here," Ino pointed out.

"That's why I was looking forward to sleeping in!" Temari yelled. "Tenten, last chance!"

"I don't feel like coming out so please just go away." The weapons mistress responded.

"Have it your way," Temari growled bashing the door down with her fan.

"Remind me never to get on your bad side," Sakura mumbled as the group entered.

"Good morning, Lee, back from your mission with Gai Sensei?" Neji asked greeting his teammate.

"Yes! Gai Sensei and I returned earlier this morning from capturing those rogue ninja! You are unusually cheerful this morning Neji! Usually, I am the one who must initiate a conversation which usually results in you pushing me into a nearby lake, river, stream or conveniently located source of water!" Lee yelled enthusiastically striking a good guy pose. Neji suddenly remembered why he never initiated conversations with Lee.

"I was wondering if you were up for some sparring this morning," Neji said quickly.

"Of course my eternal rival!" Lee yelled back. "But weren't you scheduled to spar with Tenten today?"

"Yes Lee, I was" Neji frowned.

"Well then you probably should not keep our youthful flower waiting!"

"I decided to stop training with her for awhile," Neji said simply.

"No! Neji, you did not do such a horrible thing!" Lee yelled in shock. "That must have been extremely painful for her to hear! Did you not remember Gai Sensei's lesson on sparring partners?"

"Yes I…"

"Then why do you not train with her? It is always does you good to train with Tenten! You know how Tenten is about training! How could you abandon her like that?"

"It's not that bad…I hope," Neji finished guiltily.

"I don't know what went wrong," Tenten sniffed as Hinata patted her on the back. "What did I do to scare him away like that? I thought he might actually like me and now…" Tenten broke down, put her hands over her eyes and tried to keep herself from crying. Hinata pulled her into a hug and held up a rice ball. "Thank you," Tenten mumbled taking the snack and cramming it into her mouth.

"I don't get it. Tenten never cries, like, never." Ino said. "Neji just said he wanted to train with other people, what's wrong with that?" Sakura nodded in agreement.

"Think about it," Temari yawned from where she stood in the doorway half asleep. "Tenten's an orphan, she's never had any real family or friends and her only relationships are the ones with her teammates. Basically since she trained with Neji all the time when he asked to stop training with her it was like breaking up with a boyfriend of five…"

"Six years, five months, two weeks and nineteen days," Tenten sniffed her mouth full of Hinata's rice ball.

"A boyfriend of six years, five months, two weeks and nineteen days," Temari finished.

"Tenten," Ino said putting an arm around the girl, "I know this is has got to be hard for you but there are plenty of other…sparring partners. It's going to be okay."

"No, it's not." Tenten cried "Neji has been my best friend ever since the academy! He was the only other kid who actually 'got' me. Neither of us had any parents and I guess he knew how I felt. He would always smile at me once every day, he'd always let me sit by him and I'd stop by the manor every morning and we'd walk together to class…" Tenten stopped and looked at the floor.

"It's going to be okay Tenten, you just need some time," Sakura tried.

"It's not going to be okay!" Tenten yelled jumping up off the couch. "Don't you understand? I'm in love with the guy okay! What you always teased me about, the thing you always wanted me to admit! Well here it is, I am in love with Neji Hyuga! Hopelessly in love okay! And now, what difference does it make? He dumped me!" the other kunochi fell silent.

"Not to ruin the mood," Temari said "But, where's Hinata?" The others looked around. Where was Hinata?

"Oh no," Ion breathed.

"We may have a situation," Sakura said nervously.

When Temari's pissed the most you can do is find a good hiding place and pray that she doesn't break too many of your bones. When Saskue is pissed you (especially if you have the misfortune of being Danzo) probably want to run as far and as fast as you can and spend the rest of your life in Antarctica. When Hinata is pissed, well then you might as well just hope that the very fabric of time and space isn't torn apart by the sheer rage and anger that is about to be unleashed. (Survival tip 9, Never take Hinata's cinnamon buns, nothing good can ever come of it.) Because when all that anger and frustration that Hinata keeps so well under control is unleashed…well it's not pretty. Right now Lee had brought in Naruto and Kiba to drill some more on Neji for ditching his sparring partner when suddenly, the four felt a disturbance.

"Neji!" Hinata shouted charging towards her cousin ready to pull him apart limb by limb. Yeah, there was a disturbance all right.

"Crap!" Naruto shouted jumping off to one side.

"Gasp!" Kiba err…gasped following suit and leaping out of Hinata's way.

"Go Hinata! Feel the power of youth explode!" Lee shouted.

"Lee!" the three other guys shouted as Hinata began her merciless assault.

"What are you doing Hinata?" Neji asked trying to defend himself before getting nailed in the shoulder by one of Hinata's Jyuken strikes.

"The question is! What are you doing?" Hinata yelled back pressing her attack.

"What are you talking about?" Neji shouted stepping backwards.

"You broke up with Tenten! You know she thinks of you as more than a friend and you just had to take all her dreams and crushed them under your heel didn't you?" Hinata screamed grabbing him the scuff of his neck.

"More than a friend? Wait…" Neji never got any farther as Hinata picked him up and threw him halfway across Konoha.

"So she's your future girlfriend huh?" Kiba asked watched the Hyuga Jonin fly through the air.

"Um, yeah?" Naruto said.

"Niiiiiiceeee," Kiba grinned as the two fist bumped.

"Hurry friends! We must find Neji and save him from his cousin's lethal yet youthful wrath!" Rock Lee shouted running off towards the Hyuga's general direction.

"Shikamaru!" Temari yelled now fully awake.

"Here is comes," the lazy ninja sighed.

"Do you know what you've done?" Temari screamed at him. "You just made Neji dump Tenten and now she's having a breakdown and the other girls call me at seven in the morning to try and comfort her and come down to get you to come up with a solution! And…IT'S…ALL…YOUR…FAULT."

"What do you want me to do about it," he wined.

"Fix it!" Temari yelled.

"Fine, fine, crazy wo…"

"Finish that sentence and they'll be picking you off of the street with a shovel." Temari growled as Shikamaru sweat dropped and went into his thinking position. A few seconds later he got back up.

"Well?" Temari asked.

"I say we wait it out," Shikamaru yawned lazily.

"Why you!" Temari screamed launching herself at him. Now Shikamaru figured he had two choices. A) Stay where he was and become Temari shoe goo or B) Run for his life. Ah, decisions, decision. Needless to say, he chose option B.

"Come on!" Sakura shouted to Ino, Tenten and Itachi. "We need to find Neji before Hinata does!"

"To late" Tenten said seeing the ninja fly past them.

Neji hit the ground hard. He quickly got his bearing and flipped backwards to avoid the blow that Hinata landed in the spot he'd been moments before. At the same time Shikamaru jumped onto the scene and landed at Neji's side quickly followed by Temari.

"Women!" Shikamaru shouted in aggravation.

"Oh yeah," Neji responded as the two leapt away from there respective attackers. Ten seconds later Naruto, Rock Lee and Kiba arrived and started watching the scene from beside the three girls.

"So why did you do it Neji? Were you just that determined to break her heart?" Hinata shouted.

"Of course not!" Neji shouted "But she distracts me! She's all I think about now!"

"That's no excuse for doing what you did," Hinata glared. "How do you think she feels?"

"I know it was horrible but I have no clue what I'm feeling here! I can't get her off of my mind, it's driving me crazy. I look at her, train with her, talk with her! She's just so…so…I don't know!" he shouted in aggravation. Hinata stopped and slapped a hand on her forehead.

"You're in love with her you idiot!" Neji dropped his guard and came out of his fighting stance with a dazed look on his face. He looked at his hands…for some odd reason. Everyone fell silent, even Temari stopped chasing Shikamaru.

"I…I…"he stuttered.

"What'd I tell ya?"

'Not you again' Neji groaned as his inner popped back in. He looked around first at Hinata then at Tenten.

"Yes, me again, I told you that you were in love didn't I?"

'How did you know?'

"I'm Neji Hyuga's inner, what do I not know?"

'So what did you come here for? To gloat?'

"No, I came here to tell you not to walk away from this!" Neji snapped out of his trance and realized that he had indeed been walking away from the group. "You love the girl, and you've been running away from that fact for a little to long now"

'For once,' Neji thought 'We agree on something.' Neji stopped and spun around before running towards looked on as the weapons mistress ran towards him. Neji looked at her with a sorrowful look in his eyes before immediately embracing her.

"I love you Neji!" Tenten shouted as Neji clutched her in his arms tightly..

"I'm sorry," he whispered.

"Don't be," Tenten responded. She opened her mouth to say something else but was promptly cut off as Neji gently placed his mouth over hers. Of course, everyone watching had to follow it with an 'awwww.'

"I love you to Tenten," he whispered in her ear. "I am…in love…with you" he whispered slowly.

"That was amazing Hinata!" Naruto grinned placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Oh? Um, t-thank you Naruto-kun it was n-nothing r-really," Hinata blushed.

"Are you kidding me?" Naruto smiled "Anyway, I've been dying to ask you, would you like to go out with me sometime?" Shikamaru and Temari grinned.

"Put a faith, belief or a relationship through the fire and throw every challenge you can at it. If it is true, it will come out stronger than ever." Shikamaru sighed as he watched Hinata struggle to stay on her feet.

"Wait," Temari said glancing at him with a raised eyebrow. "Tenten's depression, Hinata going berserk and getting Neji to realize his feelings, was that all part of your plan?"

"Maybe," Shikamaru continued grinning.

"Ugh! You insufferable little know it all, why do you have to be so…oh don't give me that" she said as Shikamaru's grin turned into a smile "Would you quite giving me that hot bastard smile you….you" Temari stopped short, grabbed Shikamaru by the scruff of the neck and brought him into a rough kissed him. "Now come on," she grinned looking at the stunned look on his face.

"Uh, where are we going?" Shikamaru asked.

"Don't ask," Temari responded with a smirk. Ino looked at Temari dragging Shikamaru off and started to follow the two.

"Hey…Ino?" Kiba said hesitantly. Ino quickly stopped and looked over at Kiba. "I was wondering, you wanna, maybe catch a movie or something?" he asked. Ino looked at Shikamaru and Temari then back at Kiba. She sighed and smiled.

"Sure, why not?" Ino shrugged taking Kiba by surprise and grabbing his hand.

"All well that ends well I guess," Neji sighed looking into Tenten's eyes.

"In love anyway," Tenten smiled as Neji's lips gently brushed hers again.

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