Rating: M just to be safe XD

Pairing: Roy/Ed

Word Count: 315

Warnings: language, kinks, sexual themes, dialog-drabble

Summary: Roy makes a suggestion before thinking about how it might turn out…

Author's Note: I wrote this after winds_of_water wrote me a pm yesterday that she is bored to cheer her up. Guess it worked :P

Also: This will be the first of maybe more drabbles to come^^


"You want me to what?"

"Well, you said last night that you would like to try some new things. I've heard before that this is supposed to add some spice in the bedroom."

"You gotta be fucking kidding me! If you want me to punch you I'll do that anyway - but not in bed! Let's go spar, I'm sure I'll get lots of opportunities to kick your ass there if you want it so much."

"That so isn't the point. I never said I wanted you to kick my ass either. I just suggested that, because you complained we 'are always doing doing the same boring stuff' - your words, not mine - we might add something to our bedroom habits that will liven things up a bit. And since you're unlikely to offer that I'll spank you, I thought I would offer. See? I'm only looking out for your best interests."

"Damn right I wouldn't agree! Why the hell should I let you hit me? You remember the rules? You get to be the boss in the office, but I rule in the bedroom. We agreed on that ever since we first started fucking. Don't get any damn ideas now!"

"*sighs* I wasn't getting any 'ideas'. I just explained why I offered you to spank me. If you don't like that idea - fine. But don't complain again about how everything we do is boring."


"You really were serious about that."

"I was."

"Well... if you really were... I guess trying it out for once wouldn't hurt... well, at least not me, can't make any promises about you though. ' Guess I should leave the automail out of the game too, huh? Probably can't pull the punches enough to not do some serious damage..."

... *heavy silence*


"I think I'll rethink the whole thing again. What do you think of bondage?"


Hope you all enjoyed 3