New Chances


Shilo sighed as she looked up at the ceiling of her room. She was waiting for her father's return from the GeneCo building. He was attempting to find a city for them to move to, to get away from their past in Sanitarium Island, where the Largo's images were everywhere, and where Mag and Marni's memory were around every corner.

Shilo still couldn't believe her luck, her father just barely surviving the gunshot wound because of the quick deal with Amber Sweet, his survival for GeneCo. Shilo said she didn't want any part of the company, and her father was saved. It only took a week for him to fully recover, and then he was home, an uneasy truce between father and daughter.

Shilo wasn't exactly sure when she had forgiven him, or how long before she realized that she was in love with her father. She wasn't even sure when she had told him, when he took her into his arms before kissing her and taking her to his bed. She knew it was wrong by the old standards, before the Organ Epidemic and GeneCo, it wasn't wrong now, he knew it was morally wrong, but it felt so right as he hugged her to his chest, thrusting into her as was kissing her neck before coming after her.

Shilo smiled as she put her hand to her throat, feeling the bite mark from their lovemaking the night before. She heard the front door open and shut and she shot to her feet, fixing her wig as she ran out of her room down the hall to the staircase, and looked down at her father expectantly. He gave her a small smile, but his eyes were sad. Shilo stepped down the stairs next to him and put her hand on his arm.

"What's wrong?" He swallowed, looking at the folder in his hand.

"There is a place, but to go, we can't bring much, whatever we can carry." He mumbled. Shilo's face fell for a second, and then brightened.

"That's okay! We don't need anything; we're starting a new life together!" Nathan smiled, not as guilty anymore. He looked at the portrait of Marni above the fireplace.

"The next shuttle out is tonight. Would you be ready by then?" He looked down at her. Her head was tilted; she was looking at him quizzically. His left eyebrow went up as he looked back down at her. She suddenly smiled at him, hugging him around the waist, putting her head on his chest.

"I love you daddy. I'll be ready." She pulled away, and ran up the stairs back to her room. Nathan stood at the foot of the stairs, looking up at the hall then smiling before heading towards the fireplace. He had a few things to retrieve before leaving.

Shilo stood in before the front door with her messenger bag with her scarce belongings that she was bringing, hanging over her head and shoulder. She made sure to bring what medicine she could. Her father had already weaned her off of the poisoned stuff, but she still needed the pill if her blood pressure spiked. That was natural.

Her father came down the stairs with a duffel bag slung over his shoulder. He wore his trench coat, she noticed, probably to carry his knives. She pressed her lips together, but she knew it was only for her protection. As he reached her she leaned up and kissed him.

He smiled down at her and stole a kiss. She closed her eyes, sighing happily. He closed his eyes, hugging her to him. The silence of the room enveloped them as they accepted the closing of their past. All of a sudden a roaring noise filled their ears. They opened their eyes and Nathan had to quickly grab Shilo's body as she fainted and he heard,

'blood pressure warning, blood pressure warning.'

A/N Yes, I should be writing Innocent Upbringings Part II, but this has been sitting on my HDD and i figured that it was a good one to throw out. Please R/R!