Happy Holidays to all.

Enjoy the update ;)

We all left the New Year's party in happy spirits. I had changed back into my man's outfit to conceal my secret identity! As we rode back home on our horses Billy couldn't keep his diamond eyes off me and he smiled real big at me, I got all butterflies swooping in my stomach! OMG we were really in love!

So we were riding back and then one of the other boys saw a big fat turkey up ahead!

"OMG!" Chavez said excited. "I love a roast dinner nommy!" He set off after the bird and all the other boys went with him.

"Billy wait!" I called as Billy was about to shoot off and go kill some bird (humanely of course, he's so caring like that! One bullet to the head, then the turkey don't have no head to feel pain, isn't he sweet! He really loves animals just like me!) "We should stay with John I have a funny feeling in my toes."

"It's ok Sparkle, John says we can go."

"You did?" I asked turning to John.

"Yes, I said it but you weren't listening."

"Oh ok." I crunched my eyebrows together. "No, you go Billy I don't feel like I should leave John." My Spider sense was totally tingling! I knew something bad was going to happen, if only Billy would listen to me, he knows I'm always right!

Billy rode away to kill turkeys (humanely!) and I stayed with John. I glanced at the old man, I didn't really have much to say to him, our age gaps were so large yet still I felt a bond to him, something strong and unknown... as of yet!

"John, you've been like a Father to me since I came here!" I laughed. "I want to thank you, I'll make you a great meal when we get home."

"Oh Sparkle, you are like a daughter to me too!"

My jaw literally hit the floor. "Whaaaaa? What you talking about Tunstall?"

"Oh I knew you were a girl the moment I saw you, it was something about your face, I know who you are Sparkle Pretty, I know you are a woman!" He looked at me all totally meaningful. "You see there is something I must tell you Sparkle, something I have wanted to tell you for so long!"

"What?" I felt majorly wigged out, this was far too like my scene with Billy in the last chapter. "You aren't going to reveal you're really a woman with tinkling hair right?"

"No, no nothing like that. Sparkle." He said seriously and totally stern. "Your parents never told you what happened to your real Father did they?"

I looked shocked and crazy. "What, no... yes, you killed my father!"

"No" John said shoutingly. "I am your Father!"

"Noooooooooooooooooooo, it's not TRUE!" I screamed. "Oh no, wait sorry wrong fandom. So you are my Father?"

"Yes." John said fatherly. "I had to abandon you as a baby because you were so beautiful everyone was trying to steal you and say you were their baby! Plus I knew you would grow up to have OMFG shooting skills and Murphy that evil son of a snakey wanted you for himself, I had to protect you! Please forgive me Sparkle, my wonderful, beautiful, talented daughter."

"Oh father." I shooted rushing into his arms. "I love you, I knew I was missing something from my life and now it is complete, I'm SO happy!"

We totally cried and held each other for ages. "Now, we must reveal your true nature to the other boys and you must marry Billy! It would be my lifelong dream to walk you down the aisle!"

"Oh father, I am so happy, I would love that, my dream too would be fulfilled!" I smiled and felt super duper happy. "Now we can live peacefully forever and ever!"

"Yes! Come let us tell the boys this great news!"

We made to start riding but suddenly we were ambushed! DUM DUM DUNNNNNNNNNNN!

The Murphy boys were all around us surrounding us, there was no escape.

"Oh no father, what do we do?" I asked sacredly.

"Do not fear Sparkle, I will protect you my daughter."

But it was too late the Murphy boys had drawn their guns and I was so shocked I couldn't use my super awesomely fast gun skills. They shot John and he was totally dying.

"FATHERRRRRRRRRR!" I screamed in angry pain. "I will kill them!" I started shooting madly and crazily, I took loads of them out easily and they fell down dead like the dog pigs they were! The rest of the Murphy boys had gotten scared and run away, waving their arms in the air and screaming.

"Father! Father!" I cried getting off my horse and going to where my father lay. "Oh Father, what shall I do, where shall I go?"

"Oh Sparkle." John was gargling blood. "Do not fear, for tomorrow is another day!"

"Yes, that is a great quote, but we only just met Father, I only just found you, oh the sorrow, the anger, the agony!"

"My beautiful daughter, do no cry, I love you and leave you all my money and belongings."

"What about the boys?"

"Sod the boys Sparkle, you are the only thing that matters to me now... suddenly!"

"Oh Father!" I wailed. "How will I live without you!"

"You must LIVE, live for me and your dear mother, live for Billy and remember me with you as you get married, I will be with you in spirit, like Kenobi was for Luke, my dear daughter. Use your anger as vengeance and kill all of Murphy for me!"

"Oh Father, I will, I will I promise."

"Ugh!" John said and died.

I cried and cried and cried but suddenly Billy was back with me. He'd seen what had happened and was really angry that they had killed my father! He held me close and was very romantic and heroic in my hour of need!

"Sparkle, we have to go the Murphy boys are coming back!"

"Yes!" I said my tears were gone and now I felt nothing but anger and vengeance for my father! I was Sparkle Pretty KickAss Gunslinger Girl Tunstall and now I understood my name fully! Vengeance would be mineee!

We both jumped on our horses and rode for safety!