A short piece of post game fluff with hints of Colloyd and Sheelos.

Dedication: to Minnie, a slightly belated birthday fic. I hope that you like it.

Disclaimer: I don't own Tales of Symphonia. I believe that it belongs to Namco.

Sheena smiled as she watched Lloyd and Colette walking hand in hand along the beach. It was, she thought, sweet that they still held each others hand after all of these years. She wouldn't have been surprised to find it had been something they had done ever since they'd met each other as it looked so natural, so right.

She frowned a little and allowed a soft, quiet sigh to escape from her lips. It was one of Mizuho's cultural customs that couples didn't indulge in public displays of affection, even chaste ones such as simply holding hands. It was a habit so ingrained into her that outside of Mizuho she still occasionally sometimes found herself feeling surprised at seeing couples openly passionately kissing in public before processing the thought that some places had very different customs about expressing affection.

She could see why, say, a couple indulging in a long, passionate kissing session involving tongues in a busy, public place where they were difficult to avoid was frowned upon. That was something that could obviously make people feel uncomfortable. It seemed sad, though, to think that a gesture such as holding hands was put into the same category of unacceptable behaviour. It wasn't something that could be so uncomfortable to see that it would put people off their lunch for example, far from it. It was, she decided, a simple yet meaningful and sweet gesture.

She looked over at Zelos and decided that, as chief of Mizuho, she had a little power with which she could change things. Smiling happily she took his hand and entwined her fingers with his. He looked down at their hands with a puzzled expression, surprised at her sudden change in attitude, although he didn't seem uncomfortable. Feeling brave Sheena leaned up to place a quick kiss on his cheek before continuing to walk along the beach with him, her smile having now become a grin as she decided that, as hard work as it was, being chief of Mizuho did occasionally have some perks.