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Rose Weasley sat on the corner of the bed, crying and watching her Mother, Hermione, hastily throw clothes into bags. Hermione looked around the room for anything she missed, picking up toys she knew the children would want and putting them in the bags. Then she turned to her daughter.

"Rose sweetie, I need you to be quiet for me. Can you be quiet for mummy?" Rose nodded and slowly lessened her sobs, only silent tears fell, "we don't want to wake up Hugo do we?"

They both looked at the sleeping boy next to Rose and she shook her head, "or Daddy," she whispered.

"Or Daddy," Hermione confirmed. She grabbed the bags and made her way to the door, "now I need you to stay here for a few minutes OK?"

Rose got off the bad as silently as she could and ran to Hermione, grabbing her hand, "no."

Hermione knelt down in front of her, "I need to take these to car then I'm gonna come straight back and get you and Hugo, OK? Mummy will be straight back. I need you to stay with Hugo," Rose nodded her head and slowly let go of her hand. Hermione picked up the bags again and quietly went down the stairs. She picked up the car keys and opened the door slowly, so not to make any noise.

Hermione put the bags in the boot of the car and ran back inside, leaving the door open a fraction so her and the children could get out quickly.

And she takes another step
Slowly she opens the door
Check that he is sleeping
Pick up all the broken glass and furniture on the floor
Been up half the night screaming now it's time to get away
Pack up the kids in the car
Another bruise to try and hide
Another alibi to write

Hermione stopped in front of the living room door when she heard him move and debated whether or not to go in and check but decided to when she thought about what would happen if he came out while they were leaving.

She slowly opened the door and stepped inside. Hermione silently breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that her husband, Ron Weasley, was still asleep on the couch. She looked around the room to see the mess that had been caused from their latest fight. Smashed glasses and vases covered the floor and the coffee table had been turned over. Hermione knew she couldn't leave the room like this even if she was leaving. Hermione took out her wand and quickly fixed as much of the room as she could without waking him before shutting the door again and going upstairs.

She walked back into Hugo's room and picked him slowly so she didn't wake him, "come on sweetie," she whispered. Hermione came back down the stairs, Rose following close behind, and led them out the door. She put Hugo into his car seat and helped Rose into hers. Then she went back to the house and silently shut the door. She pulled her arm back painfully when she moved her wrist to fast and looked to see a bruise forming. Hermione quickly covered it with a glamour charm. Then she got in the car.

Hermione put her hand into her pocket and pulled out a piece of paper; there was an address on it. A house just outside of London. It was two days drive and that was where she was going. Harry had given her the address saying it would be the safest place for her and the kids to go and they both knew it was true. He wouldn't find them there. Hermione put the paper back into her pocket and started the car. She turned out of the drive and left her house and her husband.


Another ditch in the road
You keep movingAnother stop sign
You keep moving on
And the years go by so fast
Wonder how I ever made it through

Hermione drove all night and all day, not thinking about what she did or what she was doing now. She thought about her life and what had happened for it to go so wrong. She didn't regret how her life had gone; it gave her Rose and Hugo. But that didn't stop her from hating what had happened in her life, her children's lives, and wondering what would have happened if she had chosen a different path. She finally stopped at a hotel. They would stay here tonight and carry on their journey tomorrow.

And there are children to think of
Baby's asleep in the backseat
Wonder how they'll ever make it through this living nightmare
But the mind is an amazing thing
Full of candy dreams and new toys and another cheap hotel
Two beds and a coffee machine
But there are groceries to buy
And she knows she'll have to go home

Hermione turned in her seat to Rose and Hugo, fast asleep in their seats. She wondered how they would get through this, if they could ever get through this. She regrettably woke up Rose, picked up Hugo and walked into the hotel. She paid for a room for a night with the money Harry had given to her. It was a nice room; two beds, one for her, one for the children and a coffee machine for her in the morning. But she knew that it didn't matter how nice it was, they couldn't stay here.

They hadn't eaten since the night they had left and the kids were hungry. She would call room service tonight and buy something on her way to the 'safe' house tomorrow. She hoped going there was a good idea, if this plan failed she would have to go home and she couldn't have that. Even if she didn't then everywhere she went, Ron would be able to find them and she would still end up at home. Hermione couldn't let that happen.


Another ditch in the road
You keep moving
Another stop sign
You keep moving on
And the years go by so fast
Wonder how I ever made it through

Hermione sat Hugo on the bed and helped him with his coat, "where are we going?" he whispered.

"We're going to a friend's house honey," Hermione replied, "if we're very lucky, we might be able to stay there for a while."

"Where's Daddy?" he whispered again.

"Not coming," Rose told him.

"Daddy can't come with us, sweetheart," Hermione told him, "but we're gonna have fun aren't we Rose?" she turned to her daughter, who nodded to her brother, "me and you and Rosie are going to have a great time."

"With your friend," he answered. Hermione only nodded. She picked up their bags and got them back in the car.


Another bruise to try and hide
Another alibi to write
Another lonely highway in the black of night
But there's hope in the darkness
You know you're going to make it

Hermione stopped at a petrol station a few hours into their journey, filled the car and, for the first time, bought Rose and Hugo anything they wanted. It would make them happy right now, even though it was only a small thing. She noticed the man at the till staring at her arm and looked down. The glamour charm was fading and her sleeve had come up. Hermione quickly pulled it down and gave him a small smile, paid and left.


Another ditch in the road
Keep moving
Another stop sign
You keep moving on
And the years go by so fast
Silent fortress built to last
Wonder how I ever made it

It was getting dark again and the kids had fallen asleep. Hermione hoped it wasn't long now. Her wish came true and she saw the street she needed. Hermione drove until she saw the house number then parked in front of it.

She sat there in the car, wondering whether or not this was a good idea. But it was too late, she couldn't back out now. Hermione slowly got out of the car and got their bags then, again, woke up Rose and picked up Hugo. She walked to the door and knocked.

It seemed like forever before the door opened but it did eventually. She could tell that the man standing in front of her wasn't expecting her to be there; why would he?

"Yes?" he asked, hesitantly.

"I know I'm the last person you expected me to see at your door but I didn't know where else to go. It's a long story and I promise I will explain it to you but I really need somewhere to stay and you were the only person I could go to," she took a deep breath and looked him straight in the eye, "I need your help, Malfoy."

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