He's Gone Away


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At one point, this story becomes a "choose your own adventure" story. This is against the wishes of ffnet administrators. It's only one chapter that splits into three possibilities. If this REALLY bugs you, please let me know, and I'll alter the story so it's not choose your own adventure. Please don't flag me or report me. I just think it would be a fun way to shake things up a bit.

This story has yaoi (man-man romantic coupling) in it, as well as some cursing and content not good for young children. If you are a young child, you will probably not enjoy this story. If you are 16-17-18 or older, I hope you do.

There is violence, drugs, alcohol, cursing, and mean parents in this story.

Reviews are great. This story was written in a few sittings. As such, the tense (present or past) changes. This is a weakness of mine, and I'm not going back to smooth it all over now. Please forgive.

Plot Summary: Ventus is kicked out of his house, because "he's gay." But is he really? He finds refuge with a couple college students. Starring Ventus, Terra, and Demyx. Zexion is there, of course. And a REALLY out-of-character Aqua. I made her a bad guy. Sorry, Aqua fans. Guest appearances: Roxas, Anastasia and Drizella, Xion, Soriku, Clack (Cloud/Zack,) others, doubtlessly.

We had a big family. Resources were always pinched…well, they became a lot tighter in recent years. We had two older siblings, and three younger ones. Larxene and Cloud were in high school at the time. Sora and Pence were still in middle school, and little Nami was in fourth grade.

I say "we" because it was always a "we." Myself and Roxas. The twins. Technically, I was the elder, born thirteen minutes ahead of Roxas. Somehow, that translated into our personalities. I was always slight more confident. People always said that I was more outgoing, while Roxas was more subdued. I just think that he thought about things a little more thoroughly than I did, and this, in turn, caused him to take negative reactions to anything he did, or anything around him, to heart. But we were always together, and whenever one of us would get hurt, the other would be there, to comfort, to calm. We shared a bed, in the same room with Cloud and Sora, who had bunk beds. I remember whispering with Roxas several hours into the night, over Sora's (as to be expected) boisterous snores.

I was always around them. That's why this hurts so much. I am alone now. Totally alone. Three days of being totally alone. They are looking for me, even if they are not searching for me, I know Roxas is looking for me each day from the school bus as it speeds across town. Two and a half years. Then we'll be eighteen, and I'll find him. I won't have to hide anymore, and neither will he, in his own way. That's how this all started. Even if I'm here, I'm glad I could protect my brother. I'm glad it's me here and not him.

I stare at the dirty alleyway. I shiver lightly. I'll have to find somewhere warmer to sleep when the temperature drops. I've been on the streets for three days, but it feels like a lifetime, I pull my knees closer to my chest, and lean against the trashcan and the wall, hidden from view in this makeshift corner. A group of giggling women pass by the entrance of the alleyway. Why is everyone around here after dark drunk?

Think about more positive things. Think about Roxas. Roxas had drawn into himself when we got to middle school. He still did things with his friends, but he seemed to fake every smile. And our secret look, was full of knowing. Then he met Axel. I didn't like the beanpole redhead at first. Roxas didn't blame me, and simply said 'don't judge a book by its cover.' The longer he and Roxas dated, light slowly came back into Roxas's eyes. His smiles became more genuine. I was envious that it was Axel that could have such an effect on my little twin, but grateful all the same. Then I began to hang out with them on occasion, and I liked Axel even more. He seemed like a mix of Larxene and Sora: hard as nails additude, but eternally happy and contented.

Last week Roxas whispered to me, "I'm coming out to mom and dad."

"Does Axel know?" I whispered back, interlacing our fingers like we did when we were little.

"No, I want it to be my two year anniversary present to him. I don't have anything else to give."

"That's not the main reason, right?" I stared at his eyes, which were the same hue as my own, but if you looked closely, you could see the design in the irises were different.

"No," Roxas said slowly, "It will be a relief."

"Yeah," I ran my thumb over the back of his hand. "When?"

"Tuesday after school?"

"Yeah." We stared at each other for a long time.

"I don't know how they will react," Roxas whispered quietly, maybe forty-five minutes later.

"I have no idea either, Rox."

As they day came approached, we slept closer and closer. The night before we were wrapped up in each other, like we sometimes did when winter approached and our parents didn't want to put on the heat yet or get out the electric blankets.

A drunk stumbles into the alleyway. I try to make myself smaller against the wall. My stomach inopportunely rumbles, and I feel the color drain from my face. The drunk is mumbling to himself as he staggers, kicking a few pieces of trash. Great, a belligerent one, I think to myself. The second night on the street I had to run quickly away from a belligerent drunk. I didn't want to deal with it again. If I'm lucky, he won't notice me. If I'm really lucky, he'll leave. He mumbles, "Fucking bitch," and tries to kick a can but falls down instead. I hear his labored breathing. He's not passed out, but just down momentarily. If I got up and made a run for it, I wouldn't have to worry about him, but I like this alleyway. Not many people come into it, and it smells like rotten food and stale water, but not like urine and vomit. It's protected from the wind and one of the restaurants has a steam exhaust near the back, keeping it slightly warmer. There's also the outlet of a small Laundromat, which puts out hot air from the driers, giving one corner of the alleyway a dryer sheet smell, which is a nice reprieve at times.

The drunk mumbles again, and then snores lightly. My memories flood me again.

Roxas and I were sitting at the dining room table. Hands held underneath, like we did during family meals on special occasions. Roxas' hand was trembling.

"Well, we don't have all day. What's worth the theatrics, Roxas?" Mom asked.

Mom and Dad were sitting across from us, and had made time for "Roxas's announcement."

"Mom, Dad," he started. Then there were the flashes. I knew, I knew in that moment they were going to react badly. I didn't know how badly, I just felt it. So I did what I always did, I protected Roxas, because it would tear him apart. Because he just got his smile back, even though they never noticed it was gone. Because I can roll with the punches better than he can. But most of all because I was afraid. I was afraid of seeing him get hurt.

"I'm gay," I gushed. Our parents were shocked. There was no emotion on their faces. I thought that was a good sign to keep going. "I've been dating a guy for, like, three years. We're…um…really serious. I want you to meet him. He's a gre—"

That when I saw it: the color change. Dad's face went bright red, like it did when Cloud told him the family car was side swiped by another car while he was driving Namine to preschool. Mom's face paled, like it did when Sora broke her fine china platter two Thanksgivings ago. Roxas's hand stopped shaking, and simply rested in mine. I looked at him, his face was empty, like it was three years ago. I was nervous, for us.

"Asshole! Stupid," the drunk was awake again, and trying to stand up. After a few floundering attempts, he staggered out of the alleyway. I breathed deeply, not realizing I had been holding my breath since he got here. I shifted against the trashcan, extending one leg, and curling against the wall.

"You are no son of mine." My father's voice was grave.

"Disgusting," was my mother's two cents.

"Get out, before you infect the rest of them," my father looked at me in the eyes. I saw nothing but fury there. Dark intent.

"Don't show your face to any of our sweet children again," Mom added. That shocked Roxas, and all of a sudden, he was squeezing the life out of my hand. "Get out!" she screamed.

My father's hand was on the collar of my shift and he pulled me quickly from the table. The fabric tightened around my throat. He had thrown out a dog that Sora had once, like this. I stumbled trying to keep up with his huge steps. He half dragged me to the front door. I looked behind me to see Mom holding Roxas like a vice. His face showed his heart breaking into a million pieces.


I was thrown out the front door. I heard my father yell, "Don't ever dare come back here again!" But my eyes were locked with Roxas'.

Before the door slammed I hear his small voice call for me, "Ven."