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Linbh a Athrú

The war ended. In other words, something that his young mind had constantly had problems fathoming, suddenly ended abruptly, before he could really figure out everything that happened around him. Because of this abrupt end, he couldn't help but still try and figure out in his young mind what had always bothered him so much.

The dark recesses of the Malfoy Manor were a complete mess. On one side, there was the chandelier that Dobby happened to have broken, still scattered across the front entry way. There was also a slight build up of dust when the family came home. The biggest mess though lay in their own lives, something that could not easily be fixed.

Lucius headed off to his own study. He had things to do after all of this, which included insuring the family reputation, insuring that the Malfoy family held a dominance in not just the Wizarding society, but the Pureblood society as well. He had dealt with repercussions of the previous war long before, however, he knew that this time around, he would have a harder time. There was no claiming that he was under a spell this time.

Narcissa herself wandered back and forth, fretting over some of the smallest things, even if they particularly weren't something that needed to be fretted over. Yet, despite this, she didn't give any commands to the new House-Elf to effectively clean up the mess that was around her. Instead, she paced outside her sons room.

Which was where Draco had subsequently locked himself up. For two weeks after losing the war, he remained in his room, not speaking to anyone. The food that the House-Elf brought was barely touched, much to his mother's dismay. From what they told her, he simply lay on his bed, staring up at the green canopy.

After two weeks of this, she decided that it was time to take some drastic measures into hand. She found her self pacing in a new place, the parlor where guests flu powdered into. She waited patently, suddenly seeing a flash of light, then a rather handsome young man stepping out. He reached out and brandished a kiss on her hand.

"How are you this afternoon, Mrs. Narcissa Black-Malfoy," the dark skinned male swooned. "My companion shall be here shortly."

There was another poof, and a rather bulky young man stepped through. He happened to not have the most pleasant of faces, yet not to the point of ugliness. As he stepped, he slightly stumbled, not to mention his clothing seemed to attract soot to his suit. He made no response to her, however... her gladly took the seat she indicated for each of the young males.

"What seems to be the problem that you wished for us to help with?" Blaise Zabini chortled out, using his charm to calm the pale blond haired woman.

"It's Draco. He hasn't moved from his room ever since the battle at Hogwarts," the woman stated. "Lucius was never like this..."

"I would say this has to do with the fact that Draco Malfoy is more of a Black, then he has ever been a Malfoy," the young man commented, crossing his legs pleasantly. Narcissa opened her mouth only to have him hold up a finger.

He continued, a smirk on his smooth face."Yes, you have a sister who was heavier into the dark arts then Professor Snape or your husband combined. Yet... we can chock that up to her being insane and not right of mind since birth. Plus, we must take into factor that he has taken more after his beautiful mother, then his father."

"Zabini is flirting with Malfoy's mother," the other young man stated firmly, a laugh coming out of his mouth, not to mention a snort.

"Mr. Goyal. I completely understand that Mr. Zabini has turned on the charm here. However, he and I know that I won't be falling for it. There is a major difference between when he tries to woo a girl to receive a sexual favor, and when he is wooing them to simply be polite and set himself in good standing."

At that, Blaise's lips suddenly set tight and his cheeks flushed. He stated rather dully. "Why... thank you Mrs. Malfoy..."

"I know you inherited it from your mother. She could have found that one someone, and she still deserved too, yet she prefers too..." Narcissa paused, closing her eyes. "I apologize. That was out of place, and I highly expect you to say something to your mother about that. You are her son, and I know if Draco did what you did, I would worry."

"Yes... but if Draco did what I do or supposidly do," Blaise commented, "...you wouldn't have called us here to talk to him, would you have?"

"No... possibly only you," the female stated, her hands coming to rest in her lap. "I need you two to talk to him."

"Why?" Goyal snorted, his tone turning dark.

"Because you two are friends of his from Hogwarts," the mother stated firmly.

Goyal's face twisted up in anger, only to have Blaise hold up his hand. "I speak for myself when I say, Draco and I were never friends. Mr. Goyal here certainly thought Draco was his friend, but truth of the matter was, he simply used him and Crabbe. Then again, I doubt Draco knows what it means to have a relationship with anyone, be it friendship, romance, family."

"You two are the closest thing he has to friends." Mrs. Malfoy sighed, then suddenly smirk. "Plus, I know your mother raised you to be no ones friend, but everyone's ally. Truth of the matter, despite acting Pureblood, you prefer to remain neutral on things, unless it is for your best interest."

"Well, that is a good question. How would this be in the best interest of myself... or Goyal for that matter?" the young man stated.

"How about I not tell your mother what you've been up too," the woman smirked.

"But I haven't been up too anything, and you know that." However, realization dawned on his face. "You would lie to her?"

"Well, don't you think that she would believe her old friend about her son?" Narcissa stated firmly. "My son may not understand how to treat people right, even his friends, but I do know, he knows he considers you both friends."

"We're not..." Blaise closed his eyes.

"Explain why it is that you know my son better then anyone else Zabini? I know you were the one person who ever told him off in Slytherin. Despite the fact that he never listened to you." Narcissa gave the young man a smile, turning on her own charm.

"Hah hah!" Goyal started laughing. "Malfoy only ever listened to his parents or the Mudblood."

"What?" Narcissa raised an eyebrow suddenly, a lot of shock written all over her face. "I thought Pansy had him under her thumb?"

"He had her under his thumb, which let her put everyone else under hers," Blaise let out a sigh. "He also listened to Snape and Moody."

"But she was the only girl he's ever listened to?" There was a sour look appearing on her face.

"Why don't we go and talk to Draco," the young man stated, grabbing Goyal and dragging him down the hall to where he knew the young Malfoy's room would be. The first thing he did was tap his knuckles on the door, receiving no response from inside. At that, the dark skinned youth pulled out his wand, aiming it at the door knob, muttering something.

At that, there was a loud bang, not to mention the doors clattered open. The two stepped into the room in time to notice a rather unamused Draco suddenly sitting up and glaring at them, bags under his eyes from lack of sleep. "What the hell are you two doing? The war is over, not to mention the fact that I know I messed up multitudes of times is a mute point! My father will have you for destruction of property!"

"He doesn't scare me," Blaise stated, though Goyal shrunk back a bit. "I think your mother will completely understand, as she's the one who asked us to intervene on your behalf."

"I don't need..." However, the blond haired boy paused, suddenly looking Vincent right in the face. "Do you... do you have nightmares... about that?"

"Nightmares..." Goyal let out a chuckle. "About what?"

"About him dying..." Draco stated, suddenly staring at the foot of his bed. When he received no response, except for Goyal giving a confused look that only the other male in the room could see, he continued. "Do you haven nightmares about Crabbe dying?"

"Why? It wasn't my fault he did," Goyal chortled rather darkly.

"I know... I'm at fault. I should have done something." The young Malfoy continued to stare forward.

"From what I heard, it wasn't your fault. You tried stopping him from using a spell he didn't really know how to use. Both of you here are certainly lucky to be alive," the one boy moved over to sit in a chair by the cold fire. He took his wand and lit the logs. "Malfoy, is that why you've hold yourself up, because you can't sleep."

"It isn't that I just can't sleep. I can't stop thinking about things. I still remember those... them... sitting with each other. Despite all that happened, they could have a smile on their faces. We just sat there and were completely unwelcome. The only reason they didn't say anything was because they were being polite and attempting to prove that they were superior."

"I thought the Mudblood with the Blood Traitor was funny," Goyal laughed suddenly.

Draco's face, which had a look of dullness, suddenly flared up with life. He grabbed a vase that was next to his bed and flung it against the wall in anger. "Those two! They made me the most sick to my stomach!"

Blaise simply glanced at the wall, then flicked his wand, repairing the damage to the vase and surrounding area. Goyal though seemed to pick up on Draco's words and said something. "I know! They all acted like they are superior, when it is us Purebloods that are superior."

"That's a lie..." came the rather shocking reply. "If we really are superior, why did we lose?"

"Dad says it is because Voldemort was really a Half-Blood, not a Pureblood." The one young man stated firmly.

"Then why were we following him in the first place?" The irritation in his voice kept growing.

Blaise simply stood up, brushing off his pants. "Draco, if you don't want to believe in Pureblood Supremacy... don't."

"But..." Vincent had a rather shocked look on his face as he glanced rapidly back and forth.

"I doubt he ever did. I think he was just following along with what his father taught him," Blaise stated firmly. This caused the young Malfoy to gulp suddenly. "Tell him what you think for once Malfoy. If he kicks you out, come stay with my mum and me."

"Aren't you a Pureblood fanatic Zabini?" Draco asked quickly, his whole body limp.

"I am what I want to be, simply because I haven't a clue who my father is." The male let out a stark laugh.

"Wait... I thought your mum married wizards," Vincent had a rather funny face.

"Really? Well, I knew that myself. However, how am I too know if one of her seven husbands was really my father? I do know that if she had an affair, it wasn't with your father Goyal," Blaise chortled, a broad grin on his face, not to mention an evil grin.

"Of course. Dad would never cheat on my mum!" the other young man responded.

"That wasn't how I know." The last statement caused a short, half laugh to come from Draco Malfoy. The Zabini turned towards him. "I'll be here in a few days to check on you. My mum would have my skin if I treated any female with disrespect."

"So... should I tell her that you said something rude about the Weasel?" Draco suddenly chortled. "I know it was some time ago, but I do remember Pansy saying something about how you down talked the red head."

At that, Blaise turned fiercely pale. "Don't tell her that Malfoy. She might not skin me alive, but she would lecture me about treating females decently. Something your mother taught you, but you never were able to get."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Draco stated, only to have the other young man shrug his shoulders and leave, closely followed by Goyal. He found himself alone once again.

Author's note - 'Linbh a athrú' is Irish for 'baby changing. This fanfic is written for a prompt suggested by samanthaluv11 over on LJ. The prompt was "a fic with Lucius de-aged. Maybe like a death eater reform plan or something where he has to change his mind about muggles or something like that? [samanthaluv11] would also like if it had corporal punishment or parental discipline."